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Full text of "The parliamentary representation of Lancashire, (county and borough), 1258-1885, with biographical and genealogical notices of the members, &c."

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The parliamentary representation of Lane 

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The original of tiiis book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

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Only Eighty Copi^. PrirUeii. (. 


The greater part of the matter contained in the . following 
pages was originally published in the " Leigh Chronicle Scrap 
iook," and subsequently re-issued under the title of "Lancashire 
and Cheshire Genealogical and Historical Notes." But the ear- 
lier portions having been printed before the publication of the 
official Blue Book,* and' consequently compiled without the aid of 
that very valuable, though at the same time in many respects im- 
perfect, and not always accurate document, the present work has 
been subjected to a complete revision throughout, and has been, to 
a large extent, re-printed. 

Wherefver it has, been found possible to supply from other 
trustworthy sources the numerous omissions, and correct the occa- 
sional mis-prints and inaccuracies which detract from the useful- 
ness of the Blue Bobk,th€se additions and amendments have been 
made. The Members for the Lancashire constituencies in the 
Parliament of i'5 7 1— Emitted from the Blue Book — are supplied 
from Browne Willis' " Notitia Parliamentaria," with some correc- 
tions ; and those in the Parliament of 1614 — the official returns to 
which have been irrecoverably lost, and of the composition of 
which no record was, until recently, known or believed to be in 
existences-have been copied from the Kimbolton MSS.,t and are 
here for the first time printed in their .order. In a note at the end 
of the volume are given the Members for the County in the last 
Parliament of Henry VIIL (1545-1547) whose names had also 
been long lost and do not appear in the Blue Bpok. 

'. ! '. I 

' ' ' . 

* Return of Members of Parliament from the earliest period to 1876. Printed 

by prder of the House of Commons. 
+ See the whole MS. in " Palatine Note Book," June, 1883, and in Foster's 

■' Collectanea Genealo^ica, " vol. I. 

In two respects this compilation covers ground which no simi- 
lar publication relating to Lancashire has professed to occupy. An 
attempt has been made to identify the individuals whose names are 
recorded, and to particularize tlie constituencies othei" than those 
in Lanpashire, with. which they halve had a parliamentary con- 
nexion/as well as to ascertain their dates of death and any public 
offices which they may have filled. In some cases, especially in- 
the earlier reigns, the results of the compilers' researches can only 
claim to be regarded as tentative approxihtatipns to absolute cer- 
tainty ; but in the great majority of instances their entire accuracy 
may be relied upon. In addition to these detailiof a genealogical 
or biograplhical character, a very complete list of pbllp during the , 
last two centuries will be found, comprising not a few which have 
never before been collected, and Of which the oiily known -record, 
is contained in the contemporary newspapers from which they have . 
beeii extracted. 

The compilers cannot expect, in a work covering so vride a 
field of genealogical research, and containing on each p^e a large 
number of minute historical facts, to have avoided some errors in 
names, dates, etc., but they believe that such will be.found to bear 
a very smiW proportion to the whole mass of facts recorded, and 
inasmuch as this is the first attempt that has been miade to set 
forth in a single volume the course of the Parliamentary Represen- 
tation of the County and Borough Constituencies of Lancaster 
they hope that it Will be found to merit a favourable reception. 


Ashton-under-Lyne Free Public Library (per W. Naylor, 

Backhouse, Thos. J., Esq., York Cliff, Langho. Blackburn. 
Bacup Co-Operative Society, (per J. L. Wolfenden, Esq., 

Bacup Mechanics' Institution. 
Balfour, The Rt. Hdn. Arthur James, M.P., 4, Carlton Galr- 

dens, London, S.W. . > 

Barnes, Lt. Col. James -Richardson, Brookside, Chirk, N.W. 
Bethel, W., Esq., J.P., kise Park, Hull. 
Bo^se, George Clement, Esq., 36, James Street, Buckingham 

Gate, London, S^W. 
Bostocik, R; C, Esq., Little Langtons, ChislehurSt. 
Brooke, .Thomas, Esq., Armita,ge Bridge, Huddersfield. 
Corbett, John, Esq.,JM.P., Impney, Droitwich. 
Cornish, J. E., Esq., 16, St. Anne's Square, Manchester. 
Crawford apd Balcarres, The Rt. Hon. Earl . of, Haigh 

Hall, Wig?in. 
Crisp, Fred. Arthur, Esq., Groye Pk, Denmark Hill, London. 
Cross, The Rt. Hon. Lord, Eccle Riggs, Broughton in Fur- 

ness. ■ 
Derby, The Rt. Ho^. Earl of, K.G., Knowsley, Prescot. 
Ecroyd, W. Farrer, Esq., Spring Cottage, Burnley. 
Finney, James, Esq., 20, Angle Bank, Bolton. 
Fishwitk, Lt. Col. Henry, F.S.A., The Heights, Rochdale. 
Foljambe, Cecil G.S.,Esq.,M.P., Cockglode,011erton, Notts. 
Foster, Joseph, Esq., 21, Boundary Road, Finchley Road, 

London, N.W. ' . 

Freeman,' W. C, Esq., District Bank, Leigh, Lancashire. 
Galloway, George, Esq., Ashton-upon-Ribble, Preston. 
Gratrix,'. Samuel, Esq., AlportTown, Manchester 
Greenall, Sir Gilbert, Bart., M.P., Walton Hall, Warrington. 
Grundy, Alfred, Esq., Whitefield, Manchester. - 
Guest, W. H., Esq., Arlington Place, 263, Oxford Road, 

Hibbert, The Rt. Hon. John T., M.P , Hampsfield, Grange 

over Sands. 


House of Commons Library (per Messrs. Trubner & Co.) 

Howard, Dr., Altofts, Nortaanton. ~ , \ 

Howell,. Edward, Esq., 26, Church Sfreet, Liverpool 

Jones, James, Esq., Stoneleigh, RossettS.O.,, Denbighshire. 

Knowles, Lets, Esq., Westwood, Pendlebury.. 

Kriowks, James, Esq., Guildhall Chambers, Lloyd Street, 

Leake, Rbt., Esq., M.P., The Dales, Whitefield, Malnchester. 

Leigh, Arthur G., Esq., F.A.S., Mayor of. Chorley, Chor- 
, cliffe House, Chorley. ■ 
.\ Mackie, A , Esq., LL.D , " Guardian Office," Warringtqn. 
' Manchester Free Public Library (per C. W, Sutton, Esq., 

Massey, Herbert, Esq., Fairfield, Withington, Manchester. 

Molineaux, G., feq., 5,' Holland Villas Road, Kensington, 
London, W. , , 

Oldham Free Public Library (per T. W. Hand, Esq., Libra- 

Peace, MasfcelL'W., Esq., Ashfield, Standish, Wigan'. 

Pemberton, R h., Esq., Hawthorn Tower, Seaham Harbour.' 

Prestoh Free Public Library. 

Reiss, Fritz., Esq., Weaste Lodge, Pendleton, Manchester. 

Robinson, Arthur J., Esq., Clitheroe Castle, Glitheroe 

" Rose, Jbsi'ahj Esq., Carson Road, West Dulwich, London. 

Royds, C. M., Esq., Greenhill, Riochdale. " [■ , 

Salisbury, The Most Noble Marquis of, Hatfield House, 
, , Herts. 

St. Helen's Ffee f»ublic Library. 

Smith, Tom C., Esq.; Well Brow, Longridge, Nr. Preston. 
• Swindells, G. H., .iEsq., 7, Cranbourne Road, Heatoii Moor, 
6tockp6rl. , \ 

Threlfall, Wenry S., Esq., 12, London Street, Southport. 

T*bnge, Wra. Asheton, Esq.^ Hurst Lea, Aldeflfey Edge. 

Warburton, Samuel, JEsq., 10, Wilton Polygon, Clieetham 
Hill, Manchester. 

Wigan Free Public Library (per H. T. Folkard, Esq., Libra- 

Wood, John, Esq., J P., Arden, Stockport. 

Wood, Joseph L., Esq., Newton le Willows. 

Wurtrfjurg, J. H.,. Esq., Albion Works, Leeds. 




Pabliambntaby Ebpbbsbntativb History dates 
from the thirteenth century. Whatever of a re- 
presentative element may have existed in the 
Witenagemot and other national organisms of the 
Saxon era, was altogether lost upon the introduc- 
tion of Feudalism at the Norman Conquest. From 
the reign of WUliam I. to that of Henry III. the 
supreme legislative power of the nation was lodged 
in the King and Grea^ Council. This latter as- 
sembly consisted of the chief Barons and heads of 
the Church and military tenants of the Crown, and 
was accustomed to meet at least three times a year 
— usually at Ch^stmas, Easter, and Whitsun. In 
no way was this Council representative in its 
character, or any provision made in its constitution 
for securing the rights of those not personally 
entitled to be present. "The first occasion on 
which the Representatives of the Shires were sum- 
moned to consult with the King and other estates 
is in the 15th of John [1213], when the King by 
Writ, addressed to the Sheriffs, directs that four 


discreet men of each shire shall bq s^nt to liim ' to. 
confer with ns„ oonceniing the business of onr 
kingdom.' " (Stubbs SrkcfChciHers, Introd. p. 40 ) 
On what principal those Kii'gh'iis were summoned 
we have no means of aBcertaiiiijj, for both the 
nature and condition of the first forma of Parl'a- 
meniaiy Eepresentation are enveloped in much 
obscnvily. In tlie following reign —that of Hemy 
III. — we find the Commons clearly recognised as 
participating in the National Councils, although 
only to a limited extent. In the Great Council, 
whichmet at Westminater, April 26) 1254, "Eoui 
chosen Knights fropi eacli County and jrepres^n Na- 
tives of the clergy of each diocese were directed to 
reporj: of the amount of aid which their constitu- 
euts were prepared to grant." (Stubb's Constif-. 
Hist., ii. 68.) The element thus introduced into 
the National Assembly was repeated in several 
after Councils, and was further developed in the 
famous Parliament which met at Westminster 
20 January, 40 Hemy III. [1265], when Simon de 
Mon;^fort, Earl of Leicester, in the King's name 
caused Writs to beissued to the Sheriffs commanding 
them to return two discreet Knights from each 
shire and two Burgesssea from_ every town witljin 
their jurisdiction,, This Parliaiiieut ia usually re-. 
gai;ded as .the oiigin of, national re»re^entati,on, liut, 
aUh^oiish Knighta of the shire^apd, in some few;^ 
iu3'i.aace3, representatiyci of some of the principal, 
towns — continue^ to be summoned, with more or 
less regularity, thirty years elapsed, before the aexli 
full Parliament, was held. To the Parliament 
which met at 'VYestminster, 13 Nov., 23 Edward, I. 
[1295,] were sunimpned two Knights, from each 
B^iire, two Citizens from eaoli city, and two 
Burghers from each borough. From this time for- 
ward the representation of the Commons became 
ansstablishedpart of Parliamentary Constitution, 
and no further obscurity attends its history. 

Th^ County of .Lancasjjer— Wnlike the,, other two. 
Palatines of, Ghfj^te^f,, and D^rhan^— has, returue(J^ 
repre?ej),tfijLivca. to, P^Jjli^tusRt , «?> , origine. Unf ortii- 
natsly the rejiju^-ijs mjidp by thft, Sl^^i^^, prior to, . 
th? 23|;)iwnr^ l-..[)?95]. areno,t,in|exij5t^poe, soth^ '. 
it is impQ,^s^,^o .aso^irtaui who ?^y^, as, Kaights 

of the shire for the Coimty of Lancaster in the 
reign of Henry III., and the early part of that of 
Edward I. To the Parliament of 1 295 the Sheriffs' 
returns for Lancashire were two Knights for the 
shire, and two Burgesses each for'the Boroughs of 
Lancaster, Preston, Wigan, and Liverpool. The 
Sheriff adds to this return, " thgre is no city in the 
County of Lancaster." 

The four Boroughs thus enfranchised did not 
long continue to send representatives'. At this 
time "all the repreijeutatives of the Commons re- 
ceived wages to defray their necessary expenses. 
These were fixed on the ICith of Edward II. at four 
ehillings a day for a Knight and two shillings for a 
Citizen or Burgher, and they were due for the 
whole time of his service, his journey to ai^^ fro, 
and his btay in Pai'liament." (Stubb's Gomiit. Hist. 
ii. 285) The payment of these expenses was felt 
in u?any Boroughs to be a serious tax — amongst 
them in those of Lancashire, — and the inhabitants 
were glad, aa often as could be, to dispense with a 
right wjich was then- regarded more as a burden 
than a privilege. One after another of the Lanoa- 
Ehire Boiowghs was excused, accordhig to the 
Sheriff, " on account of tbe debility and poverty of 
the bui'ges'ies." Wigan and Liverpool were thus 
excused iu the i-eign of Edward I., after making 
but two returns ; Pisiiton, in that o Edward II. ^ 
having made seven return^, and Lancaster, after 
sixteen returns, discontinued early in the reign of 
Edward III. To tbe Writ issued 36 Edward III. 
[l:i(i2.], the bheriff, in his return, writes, "there 
is not any City or Borough in this County from 
which citizens or burgesses ought or are accustomed 
to come as tliis Writ requires." And, still more 
definitely, in 1365, "there is not any City or 
Borough from wliich any citizens or burgesses are 
able or accustomed to come, according to the tenor 
of the Writ, "by reason of their debility ami 
poverty." (Baines' Hist. Lane, vol. i., p. Pli.l 
From the 22nd of Edward III. [1359] until the ls,t 
of Edward VI. [1547]— a period of nearly two 
centuries — no Lancashire Borough sent members to 
Parliament, and the County was represented in the 
Great Council of the nation solely by the two 
Knights of the shire. 

' 8 

In the first Parliament of Edward VI., Nov. 4, 
1547, Writs were re-issued to, and returns again 
made by the Boroughs of Lancaster, Preston, 
Wigan, and Liverpool. To the Parliament which 
met 1st of Elizabeth, Jan. 23, 1559, Clitheroe and 
Newton were added, making, with the County 
members, a total of fourteen representatives from 
Lancashire. With a brief exception — during the 
Commonwi6alth — this continued to be the strength 
of Lancashire Parliamentary Representation until 
the passing of the Reform Act in 1832. 

Under the Commonwealth all small Boroughs 
were deprived of the right of election, the returns 
to Parliament being confined chiefly to the Counties 
and large Towns and Corporations. To the Par- 
liaments of 1654 and 1656, four members were 
returned for the County, and one each for Lancas- 
ter, Preston, Liverpool, Wigan, and Manchester — 
the only time the latter town sent a representative 
to Parliament prior to 1832. But matters returned to 
their former condition in the Parliament Which pre- 
ceded the Restoration. ~ 

By the Reform Act, 2 William IV. [1832], the 
Parliamentary Representation of the County of 
Lancaster <and its Boroughs stood thus : — The 
County to return four knights instead of two, 
namely, two each for the Northern and Southern 
Divisions The Boroughs of Lancaster, Preston, 
Liverpool, and Wigan to send two members each 
as before. Clitheroe one member only, and Newton 
to \>e disfranchised. The following new Boroughs 
were created : — Manchester, Bolton, Blackburn, 
and Oldham, to 5^tu^n two members each ; Ashton- 
under-Lyne, Bury, Rochdale, Salford, and War- 
rington, one member each. Making a, total of 26 
members, or nearly twice the strength of Lanca- 
shire Representation prior to the passing of the 
Act. » 

The changes since then have been as follows :^ 
In 1861, upon the allotment of the seats of the 
disfranchised Boroughs of Sudbury and St. Albans, 
a third member was added to South Lancashire. 
By the Reform Act 31 Victoria, [1867,] the two 
parts of the County were further divided, forming 
the North and North-East, South-East, and South- 

West Divisions," each to return two members. The 
City of Manchester and the Boroughs of Liverpool 
and Salford had each an additional member given, 
the two former returning three members and the 
latter two ; and a new Borough was created at 
Staleybridge to return one member. On the other 
side the ancient Borough of Lancaster was dis- 
franchised for bribery and corrupt practices. These 
alterations brought the total of Lancashire Eepre- 
Bentatives to 32 members, at which number it now 

The right of Election in the Counties from time 
immemorial to 1832 appears to have rested with 
the freeholders at large. In the Cities and Boroughs 
it varied considerably, being governed in part by 
local usage, in part by Charters establishing exclu- 
sive privileges in part by various resolutions, 
of the House of Commons in cases of disputed 
elections. By the Reform Act of 1832 a great ex- 
tension of the elective franchise was established. 
In the Counties, besides the Freeholders as before, 
the right of voting was extended — 1st. To Copy- 
holders having an estate of the yearly value of not 
less than jBIO ; 2ndly. To Leaseholders for a term 
of not less than sixty years, and of the jfearly value 
of not less than jBIO; 3rdly, to Leaseholders for a 
term of not less than twenty years, and with the 
yearly value of not less than ^650 ; and 4thly. To 
every Tenant paying a yearly rent of not less than 
i650. In Cities and Boroughs one uniform fran- 
chise was established in favour of every male 
householder or occupier of premises of the yearly 
value of not less than ^£10. The right of Freemen 
to vote was not continued, unless residing within 
seven miles of the place of polling, and all voter* 
to be registered. By the Act of 1867 the fran- 
chise was further extended thus : — In the Counties 
to every occupier of land of the rateable value of 
not less than .£12. In the Cities and Boroughs — 
Ist. To every male inhabitant householder ; 2ndly. 
To every occupier of lodgings of the yearly value 
of not less than £10 ; and 3rdly. To every owner 
of land or tenements, whether freehold, copyhold, 
or leasehold — the latter to be for an original term 
of not less than ten years — of the yearly value of 


not lesa than £50. But no person to vote for more 
than two candidates in any County or Borough 
represented \ff three members or for more t^an 
three candidates wheie four members are sent. 

The Knights for the Shire of Lano;ister have 
always been chosen from amongst the magnates 
aud great landowners of the County. In the list 
of licp) esentatives the names of some of the best 
known and^most illustrious of Lancashire families 
— both past and present^will be recoguiaed. In 
tlie early Parliaments those of the most frequent 
occurrence are Boteler, Bi'adshaigh, Hoghton, Eail- 
cliff, Nevill, Haydook, Lawrence, Banastre, Pilb- 
ington, Atherton, Harrington, and Stanley. Among 
the later appear those of Stanley, H oghton, Gferard, 
Molyneux, AsahetoUi Kadeliff, Egerton, Shuttle- 
worth, Standish, L'eland, Bold, and Blackburne. 
For the last four hundred years the Stanleys have 
shared largely in the representation of the County. 
Prior to 1832 "the estates and connexions of the 
Earl of Derby, together with his personal influence, 
always enabled him to nom'nate one of the mem- 
bers for the County, the other being selected by 
the old Tory County families." (OldSeld's Repre- 
sentative History, vol. iv., 89.) And, notwith- 
standing the great extension of the franchise by 
the two Reform Acts, the Earl can still invariably 
command a seat for a memher of his family in the 
Northern Division of the County. 

The population of the County, according to the 
various oiEcial censuses since 1801, is as follows : — 
Jm »1801, 673,486 ; in 1811, 828,499 ; in 1821, 
1,052,948; in 1831, 1,336,854; in 1841, 1,667,054; 
in 1851, 2,031,236; in 1861, 2,429,440; in 1871 

— W. D. Pink, Lei^Ji. 





1295. Nov. 27. t MatAbw db Ebdman, 

Westtniuster. y John de Evyas. 

Mathew de Sechnan was returned also in I307. 
M.P. for Cnmberland in 12^. 

John de Evyees was Lord of the Manor of Sarnies- 
bury, in the Parish of Blackburn. Acquired 
that estate by marriage with the daughter and 
co-heir of William de Samilealwry, Hie only son» 
Jfieholag, living in 133S, left a daughter and sole 
heir, who conveyed the Samlesbury Manor in 
marriage to Sir Oilbert de\S<mth%of»rth. 

Bury.^t. Bdmunda. } ^° ^«*««» ^*'™^- 

1297. Oct. 6. > Hbnky db Kbigblxy. 
London, j Henbt de Boteler. 

'Benry de Keighley was returned also In 1298 and 
1301. He was ancestor of Kighley of Inskip, 
Co. Lane, a family which terminated with co- 
heiresses in the reign of Elizabeth. 

Henry le Boteler or Henry Pimcema. eldest son of 
William le Botehr, Baron of Warrington. Died 
before bis father in 1297. His son, WiWam, viYiO 
afterwards inherited the Warrington Barony, 
was summoned to Parliament as a Baron. The 
family of Boteler or Butler acquired the manor 
of Warrington in the thirteenth century by 
marriage with the dangfoter and heiress f)f 
Matthew de VUlarSi Lord of Warrington. It con - 
tinned to flouiish in the (£rect male line until the 
aixteentb century, fiuling with Edmard fiuthr. 


of Warrington and Bewaey, Esq., who died in 
1592, 8. p., leaving as his heiress hia sister, 
Margaret^ wife first of William Basset,- and 
secondly of Robert Mainwaring, of Warton, 
Cheshire. Arms of Boteler : Azure, a bend er, 
between six covered cups of the second. 

1298. May 25, ) Henry de Kbighlby, 

York. \ John Dbnyas. 
Henry de KdgliUy, (See Pari. 1277.) 
John Denyas. Not identified. _ 

1300. March 6. 1 Gilbert db Singleton. 
London. ) Egbert db Haydock. 

Gilbert de Singleton. Returned also in 1302 and 
1307. The Singletons were Lords of the Manors 
of Singleton and Thornton in the Hundred of 
Amounderness, as early as the reign of John. 
The direct line, seated at Shingle Hall, failed in 
the reign of Elizabeth, but a branch survived at 
Staining Hall, in the township of Hardhorn-cum- 
Newton, until the close of the seventeeth century. 
It is now extinct in Lancashire, but descendants 
are said still to exist in Ireland. Arms of 
Singleton : Argent, a chevron sable, between 
three ogresses. 

Robert de Haydock of Haydook in the Parish of 
Winwick. The Haydocks trace their descent 
from Hugh de Haydock, who was Lord of the 
Manor of Haydock early in the thirteenth cen. 
tury. The direct male line failed in 1422 with Sir 
Oilbert de Haydock, whose daughter' and heiress 
married Sir Peter Legh of Lyme, Co. Chester. 
The heir- general of this marriage — Lord lATford 
— also represents Haydock of Haydock. Arms : 
Argent, cross sable in the first quarter, a fleur- 
de lis of the second. 


1301. Jan. 20. ) Henry db Keighlet. 
Lincoln. | Thomas Travbrs. 

Henry de Keighley. (See Pari. 1297.) 

Thomas Travers, of Nateby, in Garstang, High 


Sheriff of Lancashire 1301-2. Coroner for Fur- 
> ness 1292. Died circa 1334. He married Isabel, 
daughter snd fceireas of WUliam Nateby, of 
Nateby, with whom he obtained that estate 
which continued the seat of his_desoendants until 
the seventeenth century. 

1302. Sept. 29 ) William de Clifton. 
London. \ Gilbert db Singleton. 

William de Clifton, of Clifton, ih the Parish ot 
Kirkham. Keturned also in 1305. Died 1329.' 
The family of Clifton held the manor of Clifton 
in the 11th century, and, with the exception of a 
short interval in the 16th and 17th centuries, 
have continued to possess it since. In 1512 it 
passed to Sir William Molyneux of Sefton, by 
marriage with the daughter and heiress of 
Cuthbert Clifton, Esq., and wiin his daughter was 
conveyed to Henry Halsall, of Halsull. But in 
the next, century it returned to the Cliftons by 
the marriage of the elder daughter and co- 
heiress of Sir Cuthbert Halsall, of Halsall arid 
Clifton, with Thomas Clifton, of Westby, the 
heir male of the ancient possessors. The 
late representative of this ancient Lancashire 
family was Thomas Henry Clifton, Esq., o£ 
Clifton and Lytham, was M.P. for North Lanca- 
shire 1874-80. Arms of Clifton ; Sable, on a bend 
argent, three mullets, gvles. 

OiTbert de Singleton. (See Pari 130O. 

1305. Feb. 16. ) William de Clifton, "Miles." 
Westminster, j William Banastee, "Miles." 
Sir WiUiam de Clifton. (See Pari. 1302.) 
Sir WiMam Banastre, of Claghton, in the Hundred 
of Amonndernessi an inheritance he acquired by 
marriage. Died 1323. Tl^e Bitnastres first 
settled, in Lancashire towards the close of the 
eleventh or early in the twelfth century. - The 
senior line, whioji acquired the feudal, Barony of 
Newton ip Makerfieldj terminated with an 
heiress about 1292. Branches . continued at 
Claghton until the fifteenth century, and at Bank 
Hall, in Bretherton, until the seventeenth cen-' 
tury, but their precise connuection with the 


Barona of Newton has not been ascertained. 
Arms of Banastre of C'laghton : Argent, a cross 
ceroele^, sable. 

TestStfr^i^o^— ^-'^- 

1307. Jan, 20. | Gilbert db Singleton. 
Carlisle, j John Tb avers. 

Gilbert de Singleton. (See Pari. 1300. 

John Travers second son of Thomas Travers, M.P., 
in 1301. He was one of ths adherents of Thomas, 
Earl of Lancaster, in 1319. Living 1323. 

Edwaed XL 

1307. Oct. 13. ■J Matthew dk Redman. 

Northampton. ) William lb G-bntil. 
MattJiew de Redman (See Pari. 1295. 
William le Gentil was Lord of the Manor of Poulton 

in the Hundred of Lonsdale. He was High 

Sherififof theUoanty in 1309 and 1328, and sat 

again in the Parliament of 1311. 

1308. March 3. ) 
Westminster. ( 

2fo Returns Extant. 

^Westminster. ] ^° Returns found for Lancashire. 

1311 Aug. 8. ■> William le Gentil. 
London. j Thomas de Bbtham. 

William le Oentil. (See Pari. 1307.) 

Thomas de Betham was, probably the same who 
represented Westmoreland in 1301, 1308, and 
1311, and received a grant of a market in Betham, 
4 Edward II., 1310. His wife, Emma, had dower 
in Betham, 7 Edward III , 1332 His son, Sir 
Robert de Betham, ■was iaiher of Sir Thomas, 
Lord of the Manor of Betham and Jure uxoris of 
Burton in Kendal, whioh last estate continued to 
be held by his descendants until late in the' last 
century. Arms of Betham : Argent, a chief 
dansette sable. 


1312. F«b. 13. 


- No Seturns Extant. 

1312 July 23. ) 

Lincoln. I Henry de Traefokd. 
August 20. I Richard' lb Moltnbux. 
Westminster. ) 

Sir Henry de Trafford, of Traflford, in the parish of 
Eccles. Died 1334. The family of Trafford has 
been possessed of the same'manor from a period, 
it IS believed, anterior to tlie Norman Conquest, 
having enjoyed an uninterrupted male 
Buocession of more than eight centuries. The 
present representative of this ancient Lancashire 
family — eighteenth in descent from the member 
for the county in this Parliament — is Sir Hum- 
phrey de Traford, Bart., of Traflford Park, son 
of the late Sir Thomas Joseph de Trafford, who 
was raised to a Baronetcy in 1841. Arms of 
Trafford : Argent, a griflBn segreant, gules. 

Sir Hichard le Molyneux, of Croshy, in the Hundred 
of West Derby. Died 1363. This family traces 
its descent from William de Molines, one of the 
companions of VS illiam the Conqueror, who 
acquired the Lordship of Sefton, where his des- 
cendants have continued to this day. They have 
been raised successively to the dignities of 
Baronet in 1611 ; Viscount Molyneux in 1628 ; 
Earl of Sefton in 1771. William Philip Molyneux, 
fifth Earl of Sefton, the present representative 
is nineteenth in descent from the above- 
mentioned Sir Richard le Molyneux. Arms of 
Molyneux : Azure, a. cross moline pierced, or. 

313. Mar. 18. "1 Wm. db Bradshaigh. 

IWestminster. j Rdmund de Da^rb. 

William de Bradshaigh, of Haigh, Wigan, second 
son of Sir John Bradsliaw, of Bradshaw. He 
acquired the Haigh estate by marriage with 
il/a6eMt*ie celebrated "Lady Mabel" of tradi- 
tion), daughter and heir of Hugh Norreys, of 
Haigh and Blackrod. Was returned also to the 
Parliaments of 1315, 1325, 1328 1330, and 1331. 
Died s.p. about the year 1335. His brother, 
John, inherited Haigh, and was ancestor of the 


Bradshaighs of Eaigb, Baronets— so created in 
1679, » dignity which became extinct in 1785. 
The present heir-general of the Bradahaighs, of 
Haigh, is the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. 
Arms of Bradshaigh : Argent : two bendlets 
between three martlets, sable. 

Edmund de Daere, of Tatbam andHgysham, Co. 
Lane. His male line failed about' 1419 with 
Thomas Daere, of Heysham, whose only daughter 
married Thomas de Harrington. Arms of Daere : 

' Gules, three escallops, argent. 

1313. July 8. l Ralph de Bickbkstatp. 

Westminster. / William de Slenb. 

Ralph de Biekerstaff, of Bickerstaff, in the parish of 
Ormskirk, of which manor his ancestors were 
possessed from an early period. The male line 
failed about 1350, the heiress marrying Nicholas, 
second son of Sir William. Athertqn, of Atherton, 
whose direct male descendant, Thomas Atherton, 
of Bickerstaffe, died in 1515, leaving a daughter, 
the wife of James Sea/resbreeh, of Scaresbreck. 
The only daiigbter of tiie latter married Peter 
Stantey, a younger son of Sir William Stanly, of 
Hooton, and was mother of Margaret the wife of 
Henry Stanley, of Aughton, whose son Sir 
Edward Stanley, of Bickerstaffe, was created a 
baronet in 1627. He was ancestor of the Earl 
ef Derby, the present representative of the 
ancient family of Bickerstaff. Arms of Bicker- 
staff : Sable, a crosslet, argent. 

William de Slene. Eeturned also in 1314, 1319, 
and 1324. Died 18 Edward 11. [1324-5]. 

1313. Sept. 33. Y Henry DE Feghbrbt. 
Westminster. J Thomas de THORNToif. 

Hehfy deVegherby, n&t ideati&ed. 
Thomas de Thornton was returned also in 1320 
and 1328. ; 

^WestmFnsterV }^° ^«*»''»« ^°'^- 

1314. Sept. 9. 1 Thomas Banastke. 
YorH. jWif-nAw ])B Slene. 


Thomas Banastr-e may have been of t^e Eanastrea 
of BaDlj: Hall, Hh^, «iarly descents of vrhich are 
ol)fleui?e. The male line coutinued until the 
Beventeenth century, terminating with the 
daughters of Christopher Banastre, Esq., of Bank. 
Lord Lilford and Townley Parker, Egq., pf 
Cuerden, M.P. for FrestojB in 1852, represent 
these co-heiresses. Arms of Banastre, of Bank : 
Argent, a cross p^tpgcej sable, 

William de SUvtfi, (Sep Pari. 1313.) 

1316. Jan, 20. 1 Wn. pn Bpadshaiof, "Miles.'' 
Westminster j Adam db Hoghton, "Miles." 
Sir William de Bradshaigh. (See Pari. 1313. 
Sir Adam de Hoghton^ younger son of Adam de 
Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower, in the parish of 
Leyland. He was father of Richard de Hoghton, 
who succeeded to the representation of the fampY 
upon the decease of his p.p,u^iq Richard, irithout 
issue, and was returned for the county in 1322. 
The Hoghtous have been seated at Hoghtpn 
Tower from the reign of Stephen. They were 
among the first tjiat received the honour of a 
Baronetcy upon the institution of the Order in 
1611. The {[resent representative of this ancient 
Lancashire house. Sir Charles de Hoghfov,, 10th 
Bart., is eighteenth in descent frpm the member 
for the county in 1315. Arms of Hoghton : 
Sable, three bars, argent. 

1316. Jan. 27. j John de Lancaster. 
Lincoln | William de Walton. 

John de Lancaster returned also in 1322 and 1330. 
He was eldest son of John de Lancaster, hy Alice 
daughter of Sir Richard Hoghton. By his wife 
Margery, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Richard 
MoUneux of Rainbill, he became possesed of that 
estate, where his descendants were still seated in 
the last century. Arms ol Lancaster : Argent, 
two bars ; gules, on a canton of the seeend, a 
lion passant guardant, or. 
William de Walton, of Walton-on the Hill, Liver- 
pool, a manor held by hig family from the reign 
of John, was returned also in 1319. Died 15 Edw. 
II. [1321-2.] Male line terminated in the fifteenth 


centnry. Oo-heiresBes married respeotlrety into 
the families of Chorley, and Orosse of Crosse 
Hall. Arms of Walton; Aztere, three swans 
close, ca-gent, two and one, beaked and legged, 

Testffiefl No Returns found. 

1316. July 29. 1 RoOBR de Pilkington. 
Lincoln. /John de Pilkingtoit 

Xoger de PilkingUm. The Pilkingtona were seated 
at Pilkington Tower, in the Palish of Frestwioh, 
soon after the Norman Conquest. The early 
descents are not c'ear, but Sir Roger was son of 
Sir Alexander de PUkington, whom he succeeded 
at Pilkington before 1301. He died before 1347, 
having married AUee, sister and heiress of Henry 
de Bwy. His direct male line terminated in 
co-heiresses abeut 1502. A branch of the family 
still flourishes in Yorkshire, where it was raised 
to a Baronetcy in 1635. 

John de Pilkington- Probably a younger brother 
of his colleague. Arms of Pilkington : Argent, 
cross patonce, guleg, voided of the Seld. 

'''Lint?n.''}NoHeWns found. 

1318. Oct. 20. ) Edmund db Nevill. 
York. 5 John db Hobhby. 

Edmvnd de Neville was second soa of Sir John 
Nevill, of Hornby Castle. He was returned also 
in 1322 1324, 1327. 1328, 1333, 1334, 1335, and 
1337. The Kevills, d Hornby, were a branch of 
the great house of Baby, being founded by 
Geoffrey, the grandfather of Sir Edmund, and 
second son of Geoffrey de NeviU, fourth Baron of 
Baby, The estate of Hornby was acquired by 
marriage of Geoffrey with Margaret, daughter 
and heiress of Sir John LongviUesra. The line 
failed in the next century with Sir Thomas Neaill 
whose sister, and ultimate heiress, was the wife 
.of Sir WilUam Harrington, K.G, Arms of Kevill, 
of Hornby: Gules, a saltire, wrgent, a label of 
three points for difference^ 


John de Homhy. Retarned also in 1321, 1325/ 
1328, 1332, 1333, 1336, and 1338. The Hornbys 
were settled in the Fylde country from a remote ' 
period. Down to the fifteenth century their seat 
was at BankQeld. The early descents are un- 
certain, but Edwcud Otoffrey Hornby, Esq., of 
Dalton Hall, appears to be the present represen- 
tative. Arms of Hornby : Or, a chevron between, 
three bngle horns, sMe, 

1319. May 6 I William db Walton. 
York. ) William db Slenb. 

William de Walton. (See Pari. 1316. ) 
WiUiam de Slene. (See Pari. 1313 ) 

1320. Oct. 6 ■) GrILBBRT DB BATDOOK. 

Westminster, j Thomas db Thoknton. 

NoTB.— In the 17 Edward II [1323] an indict- 
ment was preferred by the Grand Jury of the 
W»penta,ke of West Derby, against the Sheriff of 
Lancashire, William le Oeniil, alleging that in the 
Parliament of 1320 he had made a false return of 
two Knights, who had not been duly elected by the 
County, but had in fact been chosen by himself, \ 
The indictment sets forth that when the Writ 
game down for the election of two Knights, who 
were to be elected by the whole county, the Sheriff 
selected Sir Oilbert de Haydock and Sir Thomas de 
Thornton Knights without the assent of the County, 
who, when they were returned from Parliament 
brought with them the Writ for levying their ex- 
penses by which the said Sheriffs bailiffs were 
direeted to levy Twenty Pounds for the expenses 
of the said two Knights, whereas the County of 
their own proper election might have had two suf- 
ficient men to attend the said Parliament for Ten 
Marks or Ten Founds. (Hi»t. Lane, i. 93.) No 
further action seems to have followed this indict- 
Oilbert de Haydock, of Haydock, in the Parish of 

Winwick. He was son of Robert de Haydock, 

who represented the County in 1300, and was 

returned also in 1321 and 1324. 
Thomas de Thornton was returned, also in 1328. . 


1321. J(fly 15. > John de Hoenbt, Janior. 
Westminster. S.Gihert Txa Haypdck, 

John de Hornby. (See Pari. 1318. ) ,< 

Gilbert (fe Haydoch, (See Pari. 1320. 

1322. May ?. > Edmund de Neyill. 
York. > JoEN DB Lancaster. 

Edmini de Nemll. (See Pari. 1318.) 
JoAre de Lancaster. (See Pari. 1316.) 

1322. Nov 14. VErcHARDDE Hoohton. 

Eipon and York, j Gjibbrt de Singleton. 

Skhard de HoghUm, of Hoghton Tower. Eldest 
son of Advm 4e .ffogr/^^oro returned in 1315. Safe 
also in the Parliasapnts of 1327 and 1337. Bied 
in 1340. 

mmert de Sin^Uqn- :fSee Pari 1302.) 

1324. Jan. 20. > Eninmn de Nbtill. 
Westminster j OiitBBRT db Hatdock. 

Thomas de Lathom in place pf 
Sir Gilbert de Hatdock. 
Note. — The names of the two first-mentioned 
Knights appear in the original retarn, but in the 
docket Sir Thomas de Lathom is substituted for Sir 
Gilbert de Haydoeh. The reason for the alteration 
in not known. Sir Gilbert de Haydoeh may have 
been deterred from attending this Parliament by 
reason of sickness. 

Sir Edmund de Nevill. (See Pari. 1318.) 
Sir Gilbert de Haydoeh. (See Pari. 1320.) 
Sir Thomas de Lathom, of Lathom and Knowsley, 
in the Pariah of Ormskirk, of which manors his 
ancestors were possessed in the twelfth century. 
Died 1370. Male line failed in 1383 with Thomas 
de Lathom (the grandson of the member for the 
Oounty in this Parliament), whose sister and 
■eventual heiresa married Sir John Stanley, grand- 
father of the first Lord Stanley, and carried the 
Lathom estate and the representation of the 
family to the Earls of Derby. Arms of Lathom t 
Or, on a chief indented, azv/re, three plates. 

1324. Oct 20. ■) William de Slene. 

Salisbury, j Nicholas db Noerbts. 
WilUamde Slene. (See Pari. 1313.) 


Nicholas de Norreys. Returaed also in 1329, 
. ProbaJiJy a younger soa of Norreys, of Speke, in 
the Parish of Child wall, seated there early in the 
fourteenth century. The direct line failed in 
1726 with Edward Norres, of Speke, Esq., M.P. 
for Liverpool, 1715-22. Arms of Norreys of 
wSpeke : Quarterly, argent and gules, in the second 
and third quarters a fret, or, over all a fess, 

1325. Nov. 18. 1 Wm. db Brabshaioh. 
Westnynster. / John' de Hornby. 
William de Bradsliaigh. (See Pari. 1313.) 
John de Hornby. (See Pari, 1318.) 

1326-7. Dec. 14. j Edmund db Nevill. 

Westminster. \ Richard de Hoghton. 
Edmund de Nevill. (See Pari. 1318.) 
Bicliard de Hoghton. (See Pari. 1322.) 

1327. Sept. 15. ) Miohabl db Haverington. 
Lincoln. j William Lawrence. 

Michael de Haverington. The family of Haver- 
ington or Harrington was originally settled at 
Haverington in Cainber2aad, whence thesurname 
was derived. By the marriage of Robert de 
Harrington with Agnes, daughter and eventually 
heir of Richard de Ganeefield by Alice, sister and 
heir of Michael Fleming, of Aldingham, oo. 
Lancaster, the latter manor came to the Har- 
ringtons, and from the reign of Edward I. was 
their chief seat. John de Harrington, eldest son 
of Robert, was summoned to Parliament as a 
Baron, 18 Edward IlT (1324), a Peerage held by 
his descendants until the death of WilUam, 5th 
Baron, in 1547, when it passed to the heirs of his 
only daughter, Elizabeth, wife of William, Lord 
Bfinvitle. Several members of a distinguished 
branch of this family — the Harringtons of Farleton 
and Hornby — were afterwards returned Knights 
for the shire of Lancaster ; and another line, 
descended irom a younger brother of the second 
lor4 long existed in the eo. Rutland, and is now 
represented by Sir Richard Harrington, 11th 
Baronet of Ridlingtdn, a dignity acquired by his 


ancestor io 1611. The precise identity of Sir 
Michael de Haverington, member ia this.Parlia- 
ment, has not been ascertained, but be may 
havejbeeu a younger brother of the 1st Baron- 
Arms of Harrington : Sable, a fret, argent. 
William Lawrence. Returned also in 1323> Prob- 
ably the same who was Senescallus Domi, or 
steward of- the household to Henry, Earl of 
Lancaster, and father of Edmund Lawrence, 
returned in 1362. The family of Lawrence was 
long seated at Ashton Hall, in the Hundred of 
Lonsdale It failed in the reign of Henry VIII." 
With Sir John Lawrence, whose only daughter 
married Mm Butler, of Eawcliffe, Esq. Arms of 
I awrence : Argent, a cross raguly, gules. 

1327 8 Feb. 7. 1 Wm. db Bbasshaioh. 

York. j Edmund db Nevill. 
William de Bradshaigh. (See Pari. 1313.) 
Edmund de Nevill. (See Pari. [1318.) 

1328. Apl. 24. 1 Thomas de Ihoknton, "Miles." 
Northampton. /John de Hornby, "Miles." 
Sir TkoTnasde Thornton. (See Pari. 1313.) 
&\r John de Hornby. (See Pari 1318.) 

1328, July 31. | William Lawrence. 

York. { Thomas db Thornton. 
William Laiurence. (See Pari. 1327.) 
Thomas de Thornton, i See Pari. 1313.) 

Nicholas de Norrets. 
Henry db Haydock. 

1328 Oct. 16.~| 
Adjourned to 


1329. Feb. 9., 

Westminster. _ 

Nicholas de Norreys. (See Pari. 1334 ) 

Henry de Haydock. Eeturned also in 1329-30, 

1334, 1336, 1337. Chancellor of the Duchy of 

Lancaster upon the institution of the office in 

1360. He was younger son ef Sir Gilbert de 

Haydock, who sat for the county in 1320. 

1329 30. Mar. 11. | William db Saperton. 
Winchester. j Henry de Haydock. 

William de Saperton has not been identified. 

Henry de Haydock. (See Pari. 1328.) 

1330. Nov. 26. ) William db Bradshaioh. 
Westminster. (John db Lancaster. 

William de Bradahaigh. (See Pari. 1313 ) 
John de LaTicast'r. (See Pari. 1316.) 

1331. Sept. 30. 1 William de Bradshaigh. 
WestmiLster. j Oliver de Stansmeld. 

William de Bradshaigh. (See Pari. 1313.) 
Oliver de StansfieU, of Hesandforth, Burnley. 
Younger son of Jordan de Stansfield, of Stansfield, 
in Todmorden, co. York, Constable of Pontefract 
Castle, His line failed in the fourth generation 
with Giles Stamfield, of Hesandforth, whose 
daughter and heiress married Simon Haydock, a. 
younger son of the Haydooks of Haydook. The 
descendants of this marriage continued Lords of 
the manor of Hesandforth until the death of John 
Haydoch, Esq., the last of the line, iu 1745. 
Representatives of the elder line cif the Stansfields 
still exist at Burley Wood and in other parts of 
Yorkshire. Arms of Stansfield, of Hesandforth : 
Sable, three goats trippant, argent. 

Westminster, j Adam Banastre. 
Robert de Dalian, of Bispham, and Dalton Hall, 
CO, Lane. Keturned again in the next Parlia- 
ment, also in that of 1333 Died in 1354. 
Ancestor of the Daltons of Thnrnham, in the 
Parish of Lancaster, a manor acquired by pur- 
chase in the sixteenth century. Male line failed 
towards the close o£ the seventeenth century with 
Robert Dalton, of Tfaurnham, whose daughter, 
Elizabeth, married Willia/m Hoghton, of Park 
Ball, — a branch of the Hoghtons of Hoghton 
Tower. Their eldest son, John Hoghton, of 
Thurnham, took the name of Dalton, and was 
ancestor of the late John Dalton, of Thurnham, 
with whom the line again failed. The repre- 
sentation of this family now vests in Sir Gerald 
Dalton Fitz-Gerald, Barb., of Castle Ishen, co, 
Cork. Arms of Daltoh : A«wre, sem^e of cross- 


crosslets, argent, a, lion rampant-gaardant of 
the last, 
Adam Banastre. Probably the same personage as 
Sir Adam Banagtre, sou aad heir of Sir William^ 
Banastre, ot Claghton, who aat for the county in 
1305. Died 1351. He was father of Sir WilUam 
Banastre, KG., — so created in 1375, — who 
perished in a storm off the coast of Cornwall, 
Dec. 16, 1379. The grand-daughter and heiress 
of the latter, Constance Banastre, became wife to 
William de Balderstone, the oo representation of 
whom eyentually centred in the descendants o^ 
his two grand daughters, Ellen, wife of Thomas 
Radcliff, of Wimmersley, or Winmarleigh, and 
EUzaieth, wife of John. Osbaldeston, of Oobaldes- 
ton. It now vests in the Duke of Hamilton as 
heir of the former, and in the heirs of Alexander 
Osbaldeston, EaqT, who died s. p m, in 1747. 

1332. Sept. 9. ) John db Hornby, Junior. 
Westminster. ( Robert db Balton. 

John de Hornby. (See Pari. 1318) or possibly a son 

of the previous member of the name. 
Robert de Dalton. (See Pari. 1332.) 

1332 3. Jan. 20 \ fioMUND de NeviIiL. 
York. J" John de Hornby, Junior. 

Edmund de Nevill. (^See Pari. 1318.) 
John de Hornby. (See Pari. 1332.) 

1333 4. Feb. 21. 1 Edmund de Nevill. 
York. /Robert de Dalton. 

Edmund de Neville (See Pari. 1318.) 
Robert de Dalton. (See Pari. 1332.) 

1334. Sept 19. 1 Robebt de Radclifjb. 
Westminster, j Henry de Hatdook. 

Robert de RadcUffe. Returned also in 1338 and 
1340. Was probably Robert de RadcUffe of 
Ordshall, Sheriff of Lancaster, 14 Edward III., 
illegitimate^ son of Sir Richard de RadcUffe, of 
Rado)iffe Tower, temp. Edward I. He died s. p. 
before 29 Edward III. The family ot RadcUffe 
was seated at Radcliff Tower, in the Hundred of 
Salford, in the reign of Henry II. It early 
divided into three important branches— those <rf 


Smithilla, Radoliffe Tower, and Ordsall, pro- 
ceediQg from three sons of Sir Sichard de 
Radcliffe. Of these the two first have long been 
extinct in the ma'e Hue, but that of Ordshall 
still survives in the county in the person of 
Charles James Sadcliffe, of Foxdenton Hall, Esq., 
who thus represents this ancient family. Arms 
of Kadclifife, of Eadoliffe : Argent, a bend en- 
grailed, adble. 
Henry de Haydock. , (See Pari. 1328.) 

1335 May 26. ") EobiiRt db Shbebdrnb. 
York. > Edmund de Nbvill, 

Robert de Sherburne. The original seat of the 
Sherburnes appears to have been at Hameldon,' 
in the Parish of Rirkham, a manor acquired by 
Geoffrey, surnamed L'Arbalistrier, the ancestor 
of the family in the reign^of John, The member 
in this Parliament was son and heir of John 
Sherburne, Esq. He married Alicia, daughter 
and CO heiv ot JoJmdeBlaekbume, and was living 11 
Edward III. [1338 9]. (See Pari. 1336.) 

Edmund de Nemll. (See Pari. 1318.) 

1335 6. Mar. 11. 'J John de Sherburne. 
Westminster. ) Hrnrt de Haydock. 

John de Sherburne, son and heir of Sir Robert de 
Sherbv/me, Seneschal of CJitheroe and Blackburn 
shire, temp Edward I., and fifth in descent from 
Oeoffrey L'Arbalistrier, the founder of the family. 
Died 1356. With his son Richard the original 
Sherburne family failed in 1372, the daughter 
and heiress of the latter being wife to John de 
Bayhy, of Aighton, in the Parish of Mitton- 
The eldest son of this marriage, Richard de 
Bayley, assumed the maternal surname,'^ and was 
ancestor of the Sherburnes of Stonyhurst, 
in the Hundred of Blaokburne, a family which 
continued to flourish . until the eighteenth 
century. The last of the line, Nicholas 
Sherburne, of Stonyhurst, Esq., created a 
Baronet in 1686, died in 1717 without mala 
issue. Lord Clifford, of Chudleigh, is the heir of 
the line. Arms of Sherburne of Stonyhurst : 
Argent, a lion rampant guardant, vert. 


Henry de Haydoch. (See Pari. 1328.) 

1336. Sept. 23. "> John db Hornby, Junior. 

Nottingham. > Henry db Haydock. 
John de Hornby. (See Pari. 1332.) 
Heniy de Haydoch (See Pari. 1328.) 

1336-7. Mar. S\ '. 
Westminster. 3 Sir Henry db Haydock. 

Bo btrt de Ireland The founder of this [family, Sir 
John de Hibemia, is said to havfe come over with 
the Conqueror, and in the reign of William 
Rufns was Lord of the Hatte in the parish of 
Child wall. His lineal descendant, Adam Ireland, 
of the Butte, acquired the manor of Hale, in the 
same township, by marriage with Avena, 
daughter and heiress of Sir Robert de HoUomd, 
Sir John Ireland, the eldest son of Adam, was 
father of two sons, David, of the Hutte and 
Hale, who continued the line, and Robert, who 

' founded a branch of the family which long 
flourished in Shrewsbury. This latter is thought 
to be the Robert de Ireland returned knight of 
the shire in this Parliament. The elder line 
continued Lords o' the Butte and Hale until the 
seventeenth century, failing with Sir Oilbert 
Ireland, M.P. for the Coirnty, 1654 1658, and 
afterwards for Liverpool, who died in 1675, s. p., 
leaving two surviving sisters his co-heirs. The 
elder of these is now represented by John Ireland- 
Blaclcbwrne, Esq. , M P. for South west Lancashire 
since 1876. Arms of Ireland : Oules, six fleur-de- 
lis, th;'e^ two and one, argent. 

Sir Henry de Haydock. (See Pari, 1328.) 

1337. Sept. 26. l EroHARD de Hoghton, " Miles.'' 

Westminster j Edmund db Nevill, "Miles!' 
Sir Richard de Hoghton. (See Pari. 1322 ) 
Sir Edrnund de Nevill. (See Pari. 1318.) 

1337 8. feb. ^. I Robert de Billisthorpb. 

Westminster. | Robert de Eadclufe. 
Robert de Billisthorpe. Not identified. 
Robe) t de Radcliffe. (See Pari. 1333-4.) 


1338. July 26. j John db Hobnbt. 

Northampton. | John Bt Cltderhow. 

John de Hornby. (See Pari. 1332.) 

John de Clyderhow. The Clyderhows were Lords 
of the Manor of Olitheroe ia the thirteentli 
century. The member for the county in this 
Parliament was son of William de Clyderhow, 
and closely related to Sir Robert de Clyderhow, 
^ but the precise kinship does not appear. He was 
returned again in 1346. The family failed in the 
next century. (See next Pari.) 

Westminster, j Henbv de Bickbrstafe. 

Robert de Clyderhow, Llord of the Manors of 
Clitheroe and Salesbury, in the Hundred of 
Blackburn. Died circa 1345. His line failed 
with his granddaughter, Johanna, wife of Henry 
de Hoghton, of Legrim, who died circa 1422, s. p , 
leaving as her heiress her cousin, Isabella, 
daughter of Richard, next brother of Sir Robert 
de Clyderhow. This heiress married John Talbot, 
a younger son of Talbot, of Bashall, from whom 
descended the Talbots of Salesbury, whose heir- 
grioeral, Lord de Tdbley, thus represents the 
Clyderhows, of Olitheroe. Arms of Clyderhow : 
Sable, a leopard's head or, jessant a fleur-de lis 

Henry de Bicherstaff, of Bickerstaff. Probably a 
younger son of Ralph de Bickerstaff, returned in 

1339. Oct. 13. ■> Nicholas de Hulme. 

Westminster, j Robert db Pbbscot. 

Nicholas de Hulme. This member has not been 
identified. He may have been. of the family of 
Hulme seated at Hulme Hall, Manchester, soon 
after the Conquest, and new represented by 
Meyrich Banhes, of Winstanley Hall, Wigan, 
Esq. ' ^ 

Robert de Prescot. Has not been identified, but he 
sat again in the Parliament of 1348. 


1339-40. Jan. 20 | John de Radclipfe. 
Westminster. \ Robebt de Kadcliffe. 

John de Radcliffe. Founder of the Oradall branch 
of the Radolifife family. Third son of Richard de 
. Radcliffe, oiB.s.AaWVovier, and brother of his 
colleague. .Died 1358- His direct line continued 
at Ordsall, in the parish of Manchester, until the 
seventeenth' century, failing about 1670 with 
John Radclife, Esq. A younger branch still 
survives, descended irom'lRobert BadcUffe, of 
Withenshaw, Esq. (youngest son of Sir Alexander 
Radctiffe, of Ordsall, K.B , M.P. for the county 
in 1628), and is now represented by Charles 
James Radclife, of Foidenton Hall, Esq. Arms 
of Radolifife, of Ordsall : Argent, two heads 
engrailed sahle, a label of three points, gules. 

Robert de Radcliffe. (See Pari. 1334.) 

340 . Mar. 29. 1 : 

Westminster. ) John de Dalton. 
Robert de Dalton. (See Pari. 1332.) 
John de DaUon. Apparently the eldest son of his 
colleague. Died in 1370. 

^^Westm^n^tir!" }^° Returns found for Lancashire. 
Westminster.' }^° I'^turns found for I anoashire. 


Edward III. 

l343. April 28. l John de Havekington. 
Westminster. /John Ungoun. 

John de Haverington or Harrington. The founder 
of the line of Harrington, of Farleton. Supposed 
younger son of John, first Land Harrington. 
Returned also in 1352 and 1357. Died circa 
1359. His son, Nicholas, knight of the shire in 
1377, was father of Sir William Harrington, 
K.G., the first of the Harringtons, of Hornby, 
<SeeParl. 1327.) 

John Ungoun, Not identified. 


) : 

Westminster, j William de Radcliffb. 

Nicholas le Boteler, of Rawclifife, in the Hundred of 
Amounderness,-the representative of a family 
founded in the thirteenth century by Richard le 
Boteler, said to have been a younger son of the 
Lord of Warrington. His descendants continued 
at Rawcliffe until the eighteenth century, when 
Henry Butler, of Eawdiffe, Esq., together with 
his eldest son, Richard, were attainted and 
deprived of their estates, through adherence to 
the Stuart Eebellion of 1715. Richard Butler 
died in prison in 1717, leaving an only daughter, 
Catherine, the wife of Philip Marhham, Esq., a 
younger son of Markham, of OUerton, co. Notts. 
The latter dying issueless, the representation of 
the Butlers of Bawclifie passed to the descendants 
(if anj) of one of the younger sons of Henry 
Butler, the last of Kawcliffe. Arms of Butler of 
Rawcliffe : Sahle, a chevron between three 
covered cup's, or. 

William de Radcliffe, of Smithills, in the parish of 
Deane. Returned also in 1351, 1361, and 1366. 
He was son of Robert de Radcliffe of Radcliffe 
Tower, temp. Edward I. Pounded the line of 
Radcliffe of Smithills. (See Pari. 1334.) 

1346. Sept 11. 1 John de Cltderhow, 
Westminster, f Adam de BbiiDKIRk. 

John de Olyderhow. (See Pari. 1338 ) 

Adam, de Bredkirh. Has not been identified. An 

Adam de Bradkirk, was living in 139S, when he 

served as Juror on Post M. Inq. 

1347-8. Jan. 14. j Adam de Hoohton. 
Westminster. { Johbt Cokatnb. 

Adam de Hoghton. of Hog'nton Tower. Returned 
also In 1363 and 1365. He was eldest son of 
Sir Richard de Hoghton, who sat in the Parlia- 
ments of 1322, 1326, and 1337. Died in 1386. 

John Gakayn,. High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1348- 


There ia little donbt but that he was the same 
personage as John Gohayn of Ashbourne, co- 
Derby, M.P. for that county 24 Edward III., 
but his connection with Lancashire is not clear- 
Arms of Cockayn : Argent, three cocks 
crested sable. 


Westminster. \ Robert de PBescot. 

Robert de Plesington, of Plesingten, in the pariah of 
Blackburn, of which manor his family were lords 
in the reign of Henry III. Died before 1396. 
The male descent seems to have failed with his 
granddaughter and heiress who carried the manor 
of Plesington in marriage to Adam de Wynckley. 
The daughter and heiress of the last was wife of 
John de Ainaworth, whose descendants continued 
seated at Plesington Hall until the eighteenth 
century. Edward Ainsworth, ef Plesington, 
Ksq., dying in 1779, left as his ultimate heirs his 
two daughters, Sarah, the wife of Richard Chew, 
' of Billington, and Ann, married to Joseph 
Ramsbottom, of Brindle. Arms of Plesington : 
Azure, a cross patonc^ flory, between four 
martlets, argent. 

Robert de Prescot. (See Pari. X339.) 

jfn.^1^9 I ^° I''^*"if°3 found. 

Note. — This Parliament was summoned fo' 
January 19, at Westminster, but owing to the 
prevalence of the plague in London, ,was prorogued 
until April 28. The plague continuing it was 
dissolved apparently without meeting. 

1351. Feb. 9. ^Otho de Halsall. 

Westminster, j William de Radcliffe. 

Otho de Halsall, of Halsall, in the Hundred of 
West Derby. The family of Halsall commenced 
with Hugh de Halsall, in the reign of Henry 
in , and failed in the fourteenth generation with 


Sir Cuthhert de Hahall, of Halsall and Clifton, 
who died early in the seventeenth century, 
lea,ving two daughters his co-heirs, viz.. Arm, 
wife of Thomas Clifton, Esq., of Westby, and 
Bridget, married to Thomas Crompton, Esq. 
Lord Petre is the heir ■ general, and 
Thomas Clifton, Esq., of Lytham, heir male 
of the elder co-heiresses of Halsall. Arms of 
Balaall, of Halsall ; Argent, three dragons' 
heads erased at the necks, aw/re, 
William, de Sadclife. (See Pari. 1344.) 

1351 2. Jan. 13. ) w r. i t , 
Westminster, j ^° ^«'"'°« ^°'"'^- 

1352. Aug. 16.) John de Haveringtoit, 
^ Westminster. } "Chevalier," 

Sir John de Haverington, (See Pari. 1341.) 

Note. — One Knight only summoned from each 
shire. ' 


Note. — One Knight only sumnoued from each 
William Carles was returned also to the next 

Parliament, He has not been identiSed, 

1354. April 28, 1 William Cables. 
Westminster. /Richard Nowell. 

William Carles. (See Pari. 1353.) 

Richard Nowell, of Great Merlay, in the parish of 
Whalley, Fifth in descent from Adam de 
Nowell, who acquired the manor of Great Merlay 
by marriage in the reign of Henry I. His son 
Lawrence exchanged the manor of Merlay for 
that of Read, at wliich place his descendants 
remained for above four centuries, until the death 
of Alexander Nowell, of Read, Esq , in 1772, 
without issue, The male line failed altogether 
in 1842, Tho co-representation of the Nowells 
of Reade appears now to vest in Edward 
Stillingfleet Cayley, of Wydale, co, York, Esq., 


and inthe daughters of tHe. late Seginald Ileber, 
Bishop of Caloutti, as heirs of the two daughters 
(A Roger Nowell oi Bead Hall, who died in 1770. 
Arms o£ Nowell otEead.:; J. rgieni,. throe covered 
cups, sable,. 

12. )L_ 

Westminster., ) Robert de Horhbt. 
Roger de Faringtom Was returned aUo in 1358 

and 1360. Apparently Roger, younger brother 

of William Farrington, of Leyland, who died s. p. 

4 Edward III, and ancestor of the. Earringtons 

of Worden. 
Robert de Hornby. Was returned also in 1358. 
Probably a son of. Sir John de Hornby, who sat 

in several Parliaments between 1318 and 1338. 

1357. Apl. 17. 1 John de Havemngton. 
Westminster. J Eobebt db . Singleton. 
John de Haverington. (See Pari. 1341.) 
Robert de Singleton. Probably a son of Sir Oilhert 
(ie SJMgfeion,,of Si&gleton, who was returned in 

1357-8. Feb. 5. I Roger de Fabinoton. 
Westminster. \ Robert de Hoenbt. 
Roger de Farington. (See Pari. 1355 ) 
Robert de Hornby. (See Pari. 1355.) 

1360. May 15. ) William db Hesketh, " Milei." 
Westminster. ( Roger de Fabington. 
Sir William de Hesheth, of Hesketh and Eufforfl, 
in the Hundred of Leyland, an estate held by his 
ancestors in the twelfth century, and still 
possessed by his deaoendantg. He was sixth in 
descent from Richard de' Hesketh, the first 
authenticated member of the family. His lineal 
descendant in the last century, Thomas Hesketh, 
Esq., was raised to a baronetcy in 1761, a dignity 
now enjoyed by Sir Thomas Oeorge Fermor- 
Hesketh, seventh Bart, of Rnfford, twenty>flrst in 


» descent from the above-Dientioned Sir William de 
Hesketh, and twenty-seventh from the founder of 
this ancient Lancashire house. Arms of Hesketh 
of RufFord : Argent, on a bend sables, three garbs, 
Roger de Fanngton. (See Pari. 1355.) 

13601. Jan. 24. 1 William db Radoli7fe, 
Westminster, j Richard de Towkley. 
William de Radcliffe. (See Pari. 1344.) 
Richard de Towfiley, of Townley, in the Parish of 
Whalley, High Sheriff of Lancashire, 1375, 1376, 
and 13W. Returned also to Parliament of 1371 . 
Died 16 April, 1381. This ancient family— but 
recently become extinct — traces an unbroken 
descent from the time of Alfred the Great. 
It was seated'at Townley at least as early as the 
twelfth century. The original line failed in the 
thirteenth century with Richard de Townley, 
whose daughter and heiress married John de la 
Legh, of High Legh, co. Chester, and their issue 
inheriting Townley assumed the maternal sur- 
name. The member for Lancashire in this Par- 
liament was third in descent from this marriage. 
His descendant in the thirteenth generation John 
Townley, Esq., died in 1877, without surviving 
male issue, and with him the ancient family of 
Townley of Townley failed, after a fairly authen- 
ticated existence in the county of nearly one 
thousand years. The present heir-general is 
Charles Henry Lionel Standish, of Standish Hall, 
Esq, the representative of the only sister of 
Edward Townley Standish, Esq., who died in 
1807. Arms of Townley of Townley : Argent, a 
fess and three mallets in chief svbU. 

1362. Oct. 13. 1 Edmund Lawrence. 
Westminster. / Matthew Db Rixton, 

Note. — This return was afterwards set aside 
under the following circumstances. The High 
Sheriff of the County, William de Ratcliffe, having 
left the writ f«r the election in the hands of his two 
deputies, the latter, instead of proceeding in the 
usual way to the election of two members by the 


county, returned themselves, concealing the writ 
and levying their expenses for attendance to their 
own use. The matter coming to the king's know- 
ledge, a judicial enquiry was instituted by royal 
authority, the return declared void, and the two 
deputies unseated, thus losing the expense of their 
attendance to the Parliament. This is said to be 
the first instance in Parliamentary annals of the 
unseating of members of the House of Commons for 
unlawful proceedings. 

Edmund Lawrerux. Probably son of William 
Lavn-ence, returned to the Parliament of 1327. 
Living 1381 2. 
Matthew de Riacton, or as generally called Eishetim. 
There is little doubt but that he was Matthew de 
Sixton, of Great Sankey, near Warrington, in 
wMch barony the Rixtsns held lands 
early in the thirteenth century. He was 
son of Richard de Rixlon, and died befere 
1330. His eldest son, WUliam, who died in 1400, 
left an only daughter, the wife of John de Town- 
ley, apparently of the Townleys of Townley, 
whose descendants assumed the maternal surname 
and continued seated at Clreat Sankey for above 
two centuries. The last of the line Thomas 
Rixton, Esq., died early in the seveuteeath 
century leaving an only daughter^ Hester Rixton, 
married to Tkeophitas Lynch, Esq. Their son. 
Sir Thomas Lynch, of Sankey, Governor of 
Jamaica, in 1682, had an only daughter, and 
heiress, Philadelphia Ijynch, the wife of Sir 
Thomas Cotton, of Obmbermere, Chester, ancestor 
of the present ViscourW^ GomJbermere. Arms of 
Hixton : Argent on a bend sahle, three covered 
cups of'the field. 

1363 Oct. 6. ■) Adam db Hoghton, 
Westminster, j BoOBR DE Pilkington, 

Adam de Hoghton. (See Pari. 1347.) 

Roger de Pilkington, of Pilkington Tower. Re- 
turned also in 1365, 1368, 1377, 1382, and 1384. 
He was son of Roger de Pilkington, who sat in the, 
Parliament of 1316. Died Jan. 2, 1407, aged 79. 
His great grandson, Sir Tlumas, forfeited his 


estates for adherence to Bichard II r., at the 
Battle of BoBWorth, (See Pari. 1316.) 

1364-5 Jan 20 I Adam db Hoghton, " chivalier.'* 
Westminster. J RogbbdePilkinoton,' cWwaJier?' 
Sir Adam de Hoghton. (See Pari. 1347.^ 
Sir Roger de Pilkington, (See Pari. 1363. 

1366. May 4, "J John le Boteleb. "Miles." 
Westminster. ) William db Raccliffe. 

Sir John le Boteler was eldest son and — at the time 
of his eariiest return to Parliament — heir-ap- 
parent of Sir William le Boteler, Baron of War- 
rington, whom he succeeded in 1380. He was 
probably the same who was returned to the 
Pariiamentsof 1372, 1375-6, 1376-7and 1377, as he 
certainly was to those of 1379, 1380, 1388, and 
1397. He died in 1399. A namesake and COD- 
tomporary — John le Boteler, of Bawcliffe — may 
have been the knight of tbe shire at one or more 
of the first-named dates, though the circnmstanoa 
that the Baron of Warrington sat in the latter 
Parliaments renders this improbable, 
William de BadcUffe. (See Pari. 1344.) 

1368. May 1. "> Roger de Pilkington, "cJtivaHer." 
Westminster, j Roger db Radcliite. 

Sir Boger de Pilkington, (See Pari. 1365.) 
Soger de Radcliffe is called "senior " in the retnm 
—a term applied 19 Edw. III. (1346) to.Rogr«r, 
a younger brother of Sir Bichard de Badclife, of 
EadoliflFe Tower, the father of Boberl, who eat in 
the Parliament of 1334. As, however, t%ia Boger 
de Radcliffe, senior, was living 19 Edw. 1. (1291) 
when he received a demise of lands in Bradshaw, 
if the same returned to this Parliament, he must 
have been very aged. He appears to have died 
without issue. 

1369. June 3. > John DE Damon, " ehivalier." 
Westminster, j John de Ipbes, "ejtivalier." 

Sir John de Dalton was son of Sir John de DaUon, 
who was returned in 1340. Died before 1438. 

John de Ipres, Sheriff of Lancashire in 1359. Re- 
turned also to the two Parliaments of 1371, 

1370-1. Feb. 24. ") John de Ipees. 
Westminster, j Kichaed de Townlet. 
John de Ipres. (See Pari. 1369). 
Bichardde TmenUy. (See Pari. 1361.) 

1371. June 8.|j^gj,j,j,ij^j,jj 
Westminster. > 

Note. — One knight only summoned from each 
John de Ipres. (See Pari 1369 ) 

1372. Nov. 3. ) Nicholas de Havbeington. 
Westminster. ) John LE Boteleb, "Miles." 

Nicholas de Baverington, oL Farleton. Be- 
tnrned s^so in 1377, 1386, and 1402 Second son 
of Sir John de Haverington, who sat in the Par- 
liaments of 1341, 1352, and 1357. (See Pari. 

Sir John le Boteler. (See Pari. 1366. ) 

1373. Nov. 21, ■) William db Athbkxon. 
Westminster, j John de Holcrofx. 

William de Atherton, of Atherton, in the Pariah 
of Leigh. The Athertons trace their descent 
from Robert de Atherton, who, in the reign of King 
John held the Manor of Atherton, of the Botelers, 
Barons of Warrington. The member in, this 
Parliament was fourth in descent from the founder. 
He died after 1381- His descendants continued 
in an unbroken line, seated at Atherton until 
the eighteenth century. The last of the race, 
Richard Atherton, of Atherton Hall, Esq., died 
in 1726, leaving an only daughter and heiress, 

Elhaieth Atlierton, afterwards married to Robert 
'Omllym, of Langston, co. Hereford, Esq. The 
eldest son of this marriage, Robert Vernon Ather- 
ton QwiUym, who assumed the maternal surname 
npon inheriting the Atherton estate, died in 1783 
leaving a son, Legh Atherton, of Atherton, Esq. 
(who died in 1789, without issue), and three 
daughters, his eventual co-heiresses, namely — 1. 
Henrietta Maria Atherton, the wife of Thomas, 
gecond Lord Lilford. 2. Elizabeth married to 
Qeorge legh Anthony Keck, of Bank Hall, Brether- 
tonEsq.jbutdied without issue. 3. flesier married 


to Rev. James Hornby, rector of Winwick. whose 
line has failed. Thomas, fourth Lord Liford, 
the grandson of the eldest daughter, is now sole 
representative ' of. the Athertons of Atherton. 
Arms of Atherton ; OuUs, three sparrow-hawks, 
John de Holcroft, of Holcroft, in the Parish of 
Winwick. He was fourth in descent from 
Thomas de Hmdley, who assumed the Holcroft 
name on acquiring that estate by marriage with 
one of the co-heiresses of Oilberi de Oulcheth. 
Died after 1384. His male descendants continued 
nntil the death without issue of Charles Holcroft, 
Esq., in 1672, leaving as his heiress, his ueice, 
Eleanor Holcroft, the wife of Thomas Tyldeshy, 
of Myrescongh Lodge, Esq. But the representa- 
tive of the Holcrofts of Holcroft had previously 
passed to the Mttons of Gawsworth co, Chester, 
through the marriage of Sir Edward Mtton, with 
Alice, daughter, and heiress of Sir John Holcroft, 
who died circa 1570. The Duke of Hamilton, the 
present senior co-heir general of the Pittons, now 
probably represents |the Holcrofts of Holcroft. 
Arms of Holcroft : Argent, a cross and bordure 
engrailed sahU. 

1375-6. April 28. 1 John le Boteler, "chivalier,'' 
Westminster. / Roger se Broceholes. 

Sir Johnle Boteler. (See Pari. 1366.) 

Soger de Brochholes. Probably of Claughton, in 
the Hundred of Lonsdale. The family of Brook- 
holes, derived their surname from the manor of 
Breckholes, in Preston, where they were seated in 
very early times. The senior line^failed in the 
fifteenth century, but a coUatered branch con- 
tinued at Claughton for three hundred years 
later, failing in the early part of the eighteenth 
century with William Brochholes, of Claughton, 
Esq., whose sister and heiress, Mary Brochholes, 
was wife to William Heshefh, of Maynea. Their 
posterity, inheriting Claughton, assumed the 
maternal surname, but the line became extinct 
with James Hesheth Brock/ioles, Esq., who died 
in 1733 without issue. Arms of Brockholes, of 


Claughton : Argent, a chevron between three 
brocks, scible, 

1376-7. Jan. 27. 1 John db Botblbr, " Miles." 
.Westminster. / Roobr db Pilkington, "MUes." 
Sir John le Boteler. (See Pari. 1366.) 
Sir Roger de /Hllcington. (See Pari. 1365.) 


1377. Oct. 13. "t John lb Boteler. 
Westminster. J Nicholas db Havbringtoti. 
Sir John k Bottler. (See Pari, 1.S66.) 
Sir Nicholas de Haverington. (See Pari, 1372.) 


Grloncester. j Ralph de Ifrbs. 
Sir John le Boteler. (See Pari. 1366.) 
Italph de Ipres was returned again in 1390 and 
1393. He was probably a son or brother of John 
de Ipres, High Sheriff of the county in 1359, who 
sat in the Parliaments of 1369 and 1371, but the 
family has not been identified, 

1379. April 24. \ Nicholas de Haverinotok, 
Westminster, /RoBBBT db Urswiok. 

Sir Nicholas de Haverington. (See Pari, 1372.) 
Sir Sobert de Ursiwick. , Returned also in the Par- 
liaments of 1381, 1382, 1384, 1385, 1391, 1393, 1394,- 
1395, 1397, and 1401, The Urcwicks were long 
of considerable importance in the county, and 
derived their name from the parish of that name 
in the Hundred of Lonsdale where they were 
seated early in the twelfth century. Thomaa 
Urswich, of UrsWick, Esq., who died about the 
year 1520, appears to have been the last of the 
family. Arms of Urswick': Argent on a bend 
sahU, three fusils of the| first, charged with as 
many saltiers, guks. 

1380. Jan. 16. ) ^"^^ ''' Boteleb, '• ChivaUer." 
Westminster j '^^°''^\. ^^^^J!'^°'''^ 
Sir John le Boteler. (See Pari. 1366.) 

Sir Thomas SoiUhworth was returned also to the 
next Parliament. The South worths acquired the 
manor of Samlesbury in the parish of Blackbnm, 


about the year 1340, by the marriage of Cfilbert 
de Southworth, ot Sonthworth, near Warriagton, 
with the daughter and heiress of Nicholait d* 
£vyat. Lord of Samlesbnry, (See Pari. 1295.) 
The representative of the house at this period 
was the grandson of this marriage. Sir John de 
Southworth, who died at the siege of Harfleur, in 
1415. The member for the county was probably 
a younger brother. The family continued seated 
at Samlesbury until the seyenteentb centaiy, 
Edward Southworth, Esq., parting with the 
mano? and other estates of his family by sal^ to 
the Bradylls in 1676. Descendants . of this 
ancient Lancashire house still exist, though shora 
of their former position, the present representa- 
tive and lineal descendant of the last Lord of 
Samlesbnry, being it is said a tradesman in the 
East of London. Arms of Southworth : ScMtt 
a chevron between three crosses patonc4 argent. 

1380. Nov. 5, I JOHK IX BOTKLBR. 

Northampton. { Thou&s de Soothwobth. 

Sir John le Boteler. (See Pari. 1366 ) 

Sir Thomas de Southwtrth. (See Pari. 1380. 

1381. Sep. 16. 1 William dkAthbrton, "ChivaUer." 
Westminster. | Bobert de Urswick. 

Sir William de AtherUm. (See Pari. 1373.) 
Sir Robert de Urtoiek. (See Pari. 1379.) 

1382. M^y 7. IBooBB de Pilkinoton. 
Westminster.' /Bobert de Cldtok. 

Sir Soger de Pilkington. (See Pari. 1365.) 
Robert de ClifUm of Clifton and Westby. Third in 
descent from Sir WilUam de CUJUm, knight for 
the shire in 1301 and 1302. He was returned 
again in 1383. 

1382. Oct. 6. ') John de Asshi,ton. 

Westminster. > Robert de Urswick. 

Sir John de Assfieton ef Ashton>under-Lyne. Re- 
turned also in 1388 and 1390. The representa- 
tive of the family of Assheton or Ashton, and 
sixth in descent from Orm F^z Edvmrd, who ac- 
quired, temp. Hen. IIL, the manor of Ashton- 


ander-Lyne, whence his poatarity derived their 
■amame. la the next century the family 
divided into two brancheg, seated respectively 
at Ashton and Middletoo. The elder has long 
been extinct in the maled escent, and was re- 
presented as senior co-heir general by the late Earl 
of Stamford and Warrington. The Asshetons of 
Middleton, who received the honour of a 
Baronetcy in two distinct branches — that of 
Lever, created in 1620, and Middleton in 1660 — 
have also failed in the direct line, bat descendants 
of the branch of Downham and Cuerdale, de- 
rived from a younger son of Asshetoo of Lever, 
in the sixteenth century still flourish. The 
present representative, Ralph Assketon, of 
Downham and Cuerdale, Esq., returned M.P. for 
Clitheroe in 1868, is heir male of the ancient 
family of Assbeton of Ashton. Arms of Assheton 
of Ashton : Argent a mullet, sable charged with 
an annulet, or. 
Robert de Urmiok. (See Pari. 1379.) 

1382-3. Feb. 23. j Richard db Hoohton. 
Westminster. ( Robert de Cliiton. 

Sir Richard de Hoghton of Hoghtoo Tower. Be- 
tnrned also in 1402. Eldest son of Sir Adam de 
Hoghton, who was returned to Parliaments of 
1348 and 1349. Died June 30, 1415. 

JfcSeri de Clifton (See Pari. 1382.) 

1383. Oct. 26. I John de Holcroft. 
Westminster, ] WaiTek db Urswick, "Ohivalier." 

John de Hokroft, (See Pari. 1373.) 

Sir Walter de Urswick was no doubt the same who 
held the ofSce of " Chief Ward<'n of the Chaces 
of Traweden, PenhuU, Boasingdale, Totington, 
and Hodelesden," in 3 Rich. II., 1380. Hip was 
prebably of the Urswicks, of Urswick. 

1384. Apl. 29.] RoGEBDEPiLKiNGTOff, "Chivolier." 
Salisbury, > Thomas Gerard. 

Sir Roger de PiUeington. (See Pari. 1365.) 
FAsmoa Oerard of Kingsley, co. Chester, and Bryn, 
CO. Lane, The G-erards of Lancashire claim a 
common ancestor with the Eitzgeralda Earls of 


Kildare and Dakes of Leinster in Ireland, the 
Wiudsors Earla of Plymouth, and the Carewa of 
Cornwall, viz : Walter FitzOther, Cattellau of 
Windsor in 1078, and Warden of the Foreata of 
Berkahire, under William the Conqueror. 
William Mtz-gerald, the grandson of the Caatellan 
and younger brother of Maurice Fitz gerald, 
patriarch of the Fitz geralds of Kildare, left a 
younger son William Gerald or Gerard, Juatice 
of Eyre, co. Chester, whose aon William, by 
marriage with the daughter and co-heiress of Sir 
Richard Kingsley of Ringaley, co, Chester, ac- 
quired that estate. WUliam Oera/rd, grandson 
ef this marriage appears to have been the first of 
the family that se' tied in Lancashire. By mar' 
riage with the daughter and heireaa of Peter de 
Bryn he obtained possessions of tbe manor of 
Bryn, His son, Sir Peter Gerard, of Kingsley 
and Bryn, was father of the member for the 
county in this Parliament. Sir Thomas was 
knighted for valiant conduct in the Scottish wars> 
and was again returned. in the Parliaments of 
1388, and 1394. The issue failed in the third 
generation with Sir Thomas Gerard, of Bryn, 
who died, s. p., temp. Henry VI. But the line 
was continued by Peter Girard — next brother of 
the member for the cotinty-^whose posterity 
succeeding to Bryn, in the eighth generation ac- 
quired a Baronetcy in the person of Sir Thomas 
Gerard, so created in 1611. Tiis lineal descend- 
ant. Sir Robert ToJver Gerard, thirteenth Barone* 
of Bryn, created Baron Gerard in 1876, is the 
present representative of this ancient family, 
being twenty-fifth in descent from Walter Fitz- 
Other, the patriarch of the house. The Gerards, 
Barons Gerard of Gerards Bromley, and the 
Gerards, Earls of Macclesfield — titles now extinct 
— were junior branches of this family. Arms of 
Gerard of Bryn : Argent, a, saltier gules. 

1384 Nov. 12. \ Robert db UpswiCK. 
Westminster J Wilmam db Tunstali.. 
Sir Robert de I/rsioick (See TParl. 1379.) 
William de Tunstall, oi Tunstall and Thurland, in 
the Hundred of Lonsdale, son of Henry de Tim- 


itaU, the first of the name known to have been 
seated in Tunstall, in which parish Sir WilUam de 
Tunttall —the knight for the shire in this Parlia* 
ment — had a grant of free warren in 1373. His 
Uneal descendant, Sir Richard Tunttall, defended 
the castle of Harlech for Henry VI., the last 
fortress in the kingdom which held out for that 
monarch. For his adherence to the Lancastrian 
cause his estate was oonficated in 1466, but sub- 
aequentl^ restored. Is the seventeenth centuiy> 
Marmaduhe Tunstall, of Thurland Castle, having 
married the daughter and co-heiress of William 
Wickcliffe, of Wickliffe, co. York, Esq., his son, 
Francis Tunstall, alienated the possessions of his 
family by sale to the Gerlingtons, and retired to 
the seat of his maternal ancestors in Yorkshire^ 
where bis descendants continued for several 
generations. The family is, however, now ex> 
tinct in the mal&line. Arms of Tunstall : Sable 
three combs, argent two and one. 

!0. (] 

Westminster. \ Thomas be Kadcliffe, 

Robert de Ursmck. (See Pari. 1379.) 

Thomas de SadcUffe. Returned also in 1395. He 
was third and youngest son of Richard de Sad- 
elife, cf Hadcliffe Tower, and next brother to 
Sir Christopher Radclife, whom he succeded in 
1386, in the manor of Wynmarleigh, Died cirea 
1410. His eldest son, Sir Richard, was ancestor 
of the KadclifEes of Wynmarleigh and Clitheroe, 
the direct male descent of which failed in 1560 
with William Radclife, Esq., whose sister and 
heiress, Anne Radclife, was wife of Sir OUbert 
Gerard, Master of the Bolls, ancestor of the 
Oerards, Barons of Gerards Bromley, and of the 
Gerards Earls of MacclesGeld. The Duke of 
Hamilton, as heir-general of the former, now re. 
presents the RadclifTes of Wynmarleigh. Arms 
of Radcliffe of Wynmarleigh : Argent, a bend 
engrailed sable, an escallop shell gules for 


1386. Oct. I. ) : 

Westmiaster. ] Bobbbt se Wobkeslbt. 

Sir Nicholas de Haverington, (See Pari. 1372.) 

Robert de Workedey or Worsley of Booths, in the 
parish of Eccles. Returned also in 1391. The 
family of Workesley or Worsley derive from 
Elias de Workealey, who was seized at the manor 
of Workealey, now Worsley, near Manchester, 
at the Norman Conquest, and where his descend- 
ants continued seated until thefourteenth century. 
The senior line failed at Worsley Hall with Sir 
Oeoffrey de Worsley, the manor passing by 
heiresses, first to the Masseys and then to the 
Breretens, by the latter of whom it was ultimately 
bequeathed to Lord Chancellor EUeamere. 
Robert de Workesley, the member for the county 
in this Parliament, was the founder of the line of 
Worsley of Booths, He was second son of Henry 
de WorJcesley, Lord of Worsley, temp. Edw. II. 
His father settled upon him the estate of Booths 
Hall, where his descendants remained until the 
seventeenth century. At the latter date the 
then representative Thomcus Woradey, of Booths^ 
Esq., removed from Lancashire into Yorkshire 
settling at Hovingham Ball in that county. The 
present representative of the family is Sir WiVian 
Cayley Worsley, 2nd Baronet, of Hovingham Hall, 
whose father was created to that dignity in 1838. 
He is direct in descent from Robert de WorJcesley, 
Knight for the shire of Lancaster in this Parlia- 
ment, and is moreever'hnir male of the Worsleys 
of Worsley. Arms of Worgley of Booths : Argent, 
a chief gules. "^ 

IQBT R W«y, <« ) J0=^ *■" BOTELBR, " dg 

1387-8. Feb. 3. 1 Wergngton." 

Westminster. J Thomas GbkaL. 
Six John le Boteler. (See ParL 1366.) 
Sir Thomas Gerard. (See Pari. 1384.) 

1388. Sept. 9. l John db Asshetton. 
Cambridge. J John de Crott. 
John de A asheion. (See Pari. 1382 ) 
John de Croft. Returned also in 1390. Was seated 
at Claghton, in which parish his family held 


lands from the fourteenth to the seventeenth 
century^ He died 18th June, 1416. 

1389-90 Jan. 17.") Ealph db Ipres. 

Weatminster. j John de Asshbton. 
Sir Ralph de Ipres. (See Pari. 1378.) 
Sia Johnde Assheton. (See Pari 1382.J 

1390. Nov. 12. ) EoBEBT DE Urswick. 

Westminster, j John de Croft, 
Sir Robert de Urswick. (See Pari. 1381.) 
Sir John de Croft. (See Pari. 1388.) 

1391. Nov. 3. ) Robert de Urswick. 
Westminster, j Robert de Woekeslet. 
Sir Rohert de Urmkh (See Pari; 1381.) 
Bohert de Worhesley. (See Pari. 1386.) 

1392 3 Jan. 20 | Robert de Urswick. 

Winchester. { Kalph de Ipres. 
^\T Robert de Urswick. (See Pari. 1381.) 
Sir Ralph de Jprea. (See Pari. 1378 ) 

1393-4. Jan. 2% i Robert de Urswick. 
Westminster, j Thomas Gerard. 
Sir Robert de Urswick. (See Pari. 1381.) 
Sir Thomas Gerard. (See Parf. 1384.) 

1394-5. Jan. 27 ") Robert de Urswick. 
Werstniinster. j TnoMsis de RADCLiFfE. 
Sir Robert de Ursimck (See Pari. 1381.) 
Thomas de RadcUffe. (See Pari. 1385.) 

1396-7. Jan. 22. j Robert de Urswick. 
Westminster. \ Richard Molynbiix. 
Sir Robert de Urswick. (See Pari. 1381.) 
Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton. Third in descent 
from Sir Richard de Molyneux, who sat in the 
Parliament of 13)2. Be was constituted High 
Sheriff of Lancashire for life in 1397. 

1397. Sept; 17.) 
Westminster. I John le Botelvr, "Chivalier,'' 
adjourned to > Ralph de Radclipfe, 

1397 8. Jan. 27. " ChivaUer." 

Shrewsbury. ' 


Sir John le Botekr. (See Pari. 1366.) 

Sir Salph de Raddiffe, of Smithells and Blackburn. 
Returned again in 1404. Grandson' of William 
Raddiffe, who sat in several Parliaments between 
1344 and 1366. Died circa 1406. 

1399 Sept. 20. 1 Robert de Urswiok. 
Westminster. / Henry de Hoghton. 
Sir RoheH de tJrswic/c. (See Pari 1381.) 
Sir ffenry de Hogliton. Returned again in the. 
next Parliament, and in that of 1407, Died Nov. 
25, 1424. He was second son of Sir Adam de 
Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower, the knight of the 
shire in 1349, and brother of Sir Richard de 
Hoghton, who sat in the Parliaments of 1383 and 
1402. His son Richard, of Leagrim Park, was 
father of Henry Hoghton, the first of the Hogh- 
tons, of Pendleton. Male descent failed in the 
sixteenth century with John Hoghton, of Pendle- 
ton, whosedaughter and co Yievc Katherine Hoghton 
married Thoinas younger brother of Sir Richard 
Hoghton, first Bart, of Hoghton Tower, and left 
four daughters co-heirs. Arms of Hoghton o^ 
Pendleton : Argent three bars, sable. 

Hbket IV. 

1390. Oct. 6. 7 Robert de Ubswick. 

Westminster j Henet de Hoohton. 

Note — This Parliament was virtually a eontinu- 
ation of the last, the existence of which legally 
terminated upon the day of meeting through, the 
deposition of the King. A new one was called for 
six days afterwards^ but the time being insufficient _ 
for a fresh election, the same representatives as« 
sembled as in the previous Parliament. 
Sir Robert de Urswich. (See Pari. 1381.) 
^ir Henry de Hoghton. (See Pari. 1399. ) 

Robert DE Ubswick, "Ohivalier," 

Nicholas de Atherton, 

" Ghivalier." 

1400. Oct. 27. 

Prorogued till 
1400-1. Jan. 20. 
Sir RobeH de TTrmich. (See Pari. 1381.) 
Sir Nicholas de Atherton, of Bickerstaflfe, in the 
Parish of Ormskirk, second son of Sir | William, 


Atherten, of Atherton. He acquired the estate of 
Biokerstafife by marriage with Jaiie, daughter and 
heiress of Adant de Bkhersiaffe. Hia last male 
descendant, Thomas Atherton, of Bickerstsffe» 
died in 1515. leaving a daughter and heiresBi 
Margaret, the wife of James Scareshreck. (See 
Pari. 1313.) The present heir-general of the 
Athertons of Bickerstaffe, is the Earl of Derby. 
Arms of Atherton ef Bickerstaffe : Quarterly- 
first and fourth gules, three sparrow-hawks arsfe»< 
(for Atherton), second and third sabk, a ctosslel; 
argent (for Biokerstafife). 

U01.2 Jan 30, | j^^ ^^^^^^^ f„„„^ 
Westminster. \ v 

i Richard de, Hoghton, 
" Chivalier." 
Nicholas db Havbrington, 
" Chivalier." 
Siv Sichard de Hoghton. (See Pari. ,1383.) 
Sir Nicholas de Haverington. (See Pari, 1372.) 

Ralph db Radcliffe, 
" Chivalier." 
Robert Lawrence. 

1403. Jan, 26. 

Prorogued till 
1403 4. Jan. 14. 
Westminster. , 
. Sir Ralphde Radcliffe. (See Pari. 1397.) 
Robert Lawrence, of Ashton Hall, Lancaster. Re- 
turned also in 1406 and 1414. The early genera- 
tions of the Lawrences of Ashton, are very 
uncertain, but the Member for the county in this 
Parliament was probably direct in descent from 
Sir Willia/m Lawrence, who sat in the Parliament 
of 1327. 

1404. Oct 6. ) James DE Harrington, '■'ChivaUer." 
Coventry. (Ralph db Stavelby, "Chivalier." 

Sir James de Harrington, second son of Nichola,8 de 
Haverington or Harrington, who was returned to 
several Parliaments between 1383 and 1402, and 
younger brother of Sir William, de Harrington,ot 
Hornby Castle, K G, 

Sir Ralph de Staveley was returned also to the Par- 
liament of 1407, No family of this name is 


known in Lancashire. There were Staveleys at 
West Langton, co. Leicester, but whether con- 
nected with the Knight for the Shire of Lancaster 
is uncertain. 

William le Botblee. 


1405-6. Feb. 15. 


Prorogued' till 

1405-6. Mar. 1. 


Sir William le Boteler, of Warrington, eldest son of 

Sir John le Boteler, returned to several Farlia- 

ments between 1376 and 1397. Made a Knight 

of the Bath at the coronation of Henry IV. in 

1399. Died at the siege of Harfleur, 20 Sept, 


EoVeri Lawrence, (See Pari. 1404.) 

1407. Oct. 20. ■) 
Gloucester. J Ralph de Statelet, "Ghivalier.'' 
Sir Henry de Hoghton. (See Pari. 1399.) 
Sir Ralph de Staveley. (See Pari. 1404.) 
1409-10. Jan. 57. 1 No returns extant for Lanca- 
Westminster. J shire. 


Westminster. J John del Bothe. 

Sir John de Assheton, of Ashton-under-Lyne. Sat 
also in the next Parliament. He was grandson 
of Sir John de Assheton, who was returned in 
1390. Made Knight of the Bath at the corona- 
tion of Henry IV., 1399. Appointed Governor 
of Constance in Prance by Henry V. Left two 
sons Thomas and Halph, the former of whom 
continued the family at Ashton, and the latter 
founded the Asshetons of Middleton. 

John del Bothe or Booth, of Barton, in the Parish of 
Eccles. Returned also in 1420. The family of 
Booth, afterwards well-known as of Dunham 
Massey, Cheshire, derived originally from Lanca- 
shire, receiving, it is said, their surname from a 
place called "The Booths." Their first known 
ancestor, Adam de Bootlis, lived in the thirteenth 
century, from whom, third in descent, was John 


de Bouthe, who by marriage with the daughter 
and heiress of Sir Oilhert de Barton, of Barton, 
acquired that manor, which henceforth became 
the seat of his descendonts. The member for 
I/ancasbire in this Parliament was grandson of 
this marriage. He left at his decease a numer- 
ous issue. Besides, two elder sons, Thomas^ 
afterwards knighted, who continued the line at 
Barton, and Robert, ancestor of the Booths of 
Dunham Massey, no less than three ei his younger 
sons attained to episcopal honour, namely, Wil- 
Sam, third son, successively Bishop of- Lichfield 
and Coventry and Archbishop of York ; JoJm, 
sixth son, Bishop of Exeter ; and Laurence, 
youngest son, Bishop of Darham, Archbishop of 
Tcrk, Keeper of the Privy Seal, and ultimately 
Lord Chancellor. The male line of Sir Thomas 
Booth, the eldest son, failed in the fourth gene- 
ration with John Booth, of Barton, Esq., who died 
towards the end of the sixteenth century, leaving 
three daughters his co-heiresses, namely, 1. 
Margairet,m3.rneA to Sir Edmmid Trafford,.of 
Tiafford. 2. Anne, wife of George Legh, of High 
Legh, Cheshire. . 3. Dorothy, married to John 
Molyneux. The late George Cornwall Legh, Esq., 
M.P. for North Cheshire 1841-68, was eldest co- 
beir-general, if not sole representative of the 
Booths, of Barton. The Booth family, for many 
generations of great repute, and at one time 
numerous and widespread in Lancashire and 
Cheshire appears now to have entirely failed in 
both counties, although families bearing the 
name and arms exist in' other parts of th& 
country, who claim to derive from the same 
stock. Arms of Booth of Barton : Argent, three 
boars' beads erect and erased sable. 

Note — A Parliament was called to meet at 
Westminster, Feb. 3, 1412-13, but owing to the 
illness, followed shortly by the death of the King, 
it is doubtful if it was ever formally opened, or the 
Parliament legally constituted during the reign of 
Henry IV. The same members formed the first 
Parliament of the new reign, it would seetn, with- 
out a new election. 


Henry V. 

1413. Nov. 3. ) John de Asshbton, "Ohivalier." 

Westminster. ] John db Stanley. 

Sir John de Assheton, (See Pari. 1411.) 

John de Stanley, afterwards knighted. Keturned 
again in 1414, Eldest son and heir-apparent of 
Sir John Stanley, @t Lathom and Knowsley, K.G-., 
Lord- Lieutenant of Ireland, and grandfather of 
the first Earl of Derby. Succeeded his father in 
the Lathom estate in 1414 ; died 1431. His 
father, Sir John Stanley, acquired Lathom and 
Knowsley by marriage with Isabel, daughter and 
heiress of Sir Thomas Lathom, and was the first 
of the Stanleys that settled in Laacasbire, He 
was second son of Sir William Stanley, Lord of 
Stourton, in Cheshire, and younger brother of 
Sir William Stanley, of Hooton, in the same 
county (ancestor of the senior line of the family, 
now represented by Sir Jonn Massey Stanley- 
Errington, Bart., of Hooton). The Stanleys 
derive their name from the manor of Stanley or 
Stanleigh, co, Derby, where they vpere founded 
early in the thirteenth century by William de 
Audleigh, who is said to have been a younger son 
of the Baronial House of Audley. Towards the 
end of the same century they removed into 
Cheshire, on acquiring by marriage the manor of 
Stourton in that county. Arms of Stanley : 
Argent, on a bend aaure, three bucks' heads 
cabossed or. 

1413-14. Jan. 29. \ Ralph dk Radcliffb, 
Leicester. /Nicholas Blundbll. 

Ralph de Radcliffe of Smithells and Blackburn, sou 
and heir of Sir Ralph de Radcliffe, who was re- 
turned to the Parliaments of 1^97, 1404, and 
1423. Succeeded his father 1406, and was after- 
wards knighted. Sat also in the Parliaments of 
1423 and 1427. His son, Ralph, was the last of 
the Rddclifes, of Smithells. 

Nicholas Blundell. The Blundells of Inoe Blnndell 
and the Blundells of Crosby, both in the parish 
of Sefton, were doubtless of the same origin, but 
their precise connection has not been ascertained. 


Tfiey were, howfever, in existence early in the 
thirteenth oentnry, and probably much earlier. 
Tl^e member in this Parliament may be con- 
jectured as the Nicliolas Blundell of Croaby, who 
wha was living 3 Hen. IV. 1402, and whose 
daughter and heiress Alice Blundell, was, accord- 
ing to some pedigrees, the wife of her relative 
William Blundell, ,of InceBlundell. The last 
male descendant of Inee, Charles Robert Blundell, 
Esq., died in 1837. s.p., and the family is now 
represented by the heirs of his two sisters, viz., 
L"rd Camoys and Sir Charles Henry Temped, 
Bart. The male descent of the Blundells of 
Croaby failed in 1737 with Nicholas Bhmdell, 
Esq , whose daughtpr and eventually sole heiress 
Frances Blundell, the wife of Henry Peppard, 
left a son Nicholas, ivho assumed the maternal 
surname, and \?as ancester of the present Nicholas 
Blundell, of Crosby, Esq., now the rapresentative 
of thia branch of the family, Anns of Rlundellg : 
Sable ten billets, argent. 

1414. Nov. 19. ) John de Stanley. 
Westminster. J Robert LaweanCb. 
John de Stanley. (See Pad. 1413.) 
Robert Lawrence. (See Pari. 1404.) 

^We8tn?i°nster^' } ^^ "^^'""^ ^""""^ *°'' I^»°cashire. 

1417- Nov. 16. I No returns found for Lanca- 
Westminster. | shire. 

1419. Oct. 16 > Nicholas Botblbr. 

Westminster, j John Lawrence. 

Nicholas Boteler or Butler of Rawcliffe. Returned 
also in 1425. He was son of Sir John Boteler of 
Rawcliffe, and succeeded his father ^n the Raw- 
cliffe estate in the year 1404. Died drca 1440. 

1415. 16. Mar. 16 | No returns found for Lanca- 
Westminster. \ shire. 

1416. Oct. 19. ) No returns found for Lanca- 
Westminster. ( shire. 


John Iip/mrence. Probably a younger eon of Law- 
rence of Ashton Hall. 

1420. Dec. 2. ) Richard de Sherburne. 
Westmiijster. J John del Bothb. 

Richard de Sherburne, of Stonyhurat. Keturoed 
again iii 1421. Third in desci nt from Eichard 
de Bayley, who assumed the Sherburne surname 
upon inheriting jure matris the Stonyhurst estate. 
(See Pari. 1336). Died 1441. 

John del Boihe. (See Par]. 14,09-10 ) 

1421. May 2. \ Thomas de Eadoliefe, " Miks '" 
Westminster. /Thomas de Urswick. 

Sir Thomas de Badcliffe, of Wynmarleigh and 
Olitheroe. Grandson of Thomas de Badcliffe, 
who served as Knight for the Shire in 138S. 
Returned again in 1423 and 1433. Died 1440. 

Thomas de Urswick, of Urswick. Returned also to 
the Parliament of 1422. 

1421. Dec. 1. ; John le Byron, " Chivalier." 
Westminster, j Eiohakd de Sherburne. 
Sir John le Byron, of Clayton, Parish of Man- 
chester. The Byrons were Barons by Tenure 
from the Norman Oonqnest to the_ reign of John. 
In the thirteenth century the then representative 
of the family, Sir Bobert le Byron, acquired the 
manor of Clayton by marriage with the daughter 
and heiress of Bichard de Clayton. The Knight 
of the Shire in this Parliament was seventh in 
descent from this marriage. He was knighted in 
141t). With his great grandson, Sir John Byron, 
the legitimate line of the Byrons of Clayton seema 
"to have failed towards the close of the sixteenth 
century. The last-named knight, however, 
having obtained a grant of the priory and manor of 
Newstead, co. Notts, fixed his seat there, be- 
queathing the same at his decease to his eldest 
natural son, afterwards Sir John Byron, of New- 
stead. The latter was grandfather of John, first 
Baron Byron, of Rochdale, so created in 1643, 
and ancestor of the present Lord Byron. Arms 
of Byron : Argent three bendletts enhanced. 

Richard de Sherburne. (See Pari. 1420.) 

Hbnkt VI. 

1422. Nov. 9. ) Thomas de Ubswick, " Armiger." 
Westminster. (John Gerard, "Armiger." 
Thomas de ITrsvoick. (See Pari. 1421.) 

John Gerard of Bryn. Eldest son of Peter Gerard^ 
and nephew of Sir Thomas Gerard, of Kiugsle y 
and Bryn, who represented the county in 1384 . 
His grandson Thomas became head of the family 
upon the failure of the elder line in the person of 
Sir Thomas Gerard, of Kingsley, who died circa, 
1450 s.p. 

1423. Oct. 20. ( Thomas deRadoliite, "Chivalier." 
Westminster. ( Ralph de Eadclifee, "Armiger." 
Sir Tliomas de Badcliffe. (See Pari. 1421.) 
Balph de Radeliffe. (See Pari. 141314. 

1425. Apl.30. ] Ealph Fitz Nicholas, " Miks." 
Westminster, j Richard DBRAD0LirFE,".4?'TOi.9e»'." 
Sir Balph Fitz Nicholas Has not been identified. 

He is described in the Return as of Longford. 
Skhard de Radeliffe, of Eadcliffe_ Tower, High 
Sheriff of the County, 9 Hen. V. and 3 Hen. VI. 
Died 1442. He was eldest son of de Rad- 
eliffe, of Radeliffe Tower, and was fourth in 
descent from William de Badcliffe, called ' ' Great 
William," the next brother to Bobert de Bad- 
cliffe, ancestor of the line of Smithells, and knight 
fT the shire in 1334 and 1340. The direct 
succession of the Radcliffes of the Tower termi- 
nated in 1518 with John Radeliffe, Esq., — ^fourth 
in descent from the member in this Parliament — 
who left four sisters his co-heirs. The Badcliffes 
of Langley, Peasfurlong, Wynmarleigh and Mul- 
grave, and the Batclifes, Lord Fitzwalter, and 
^ Earls of Sussex were branches of Radeliffe 
of the Tower. 

1425-6.Feb.18.") John LB Botelbk, " de Beausee." 

Leicester. ) Nicholas Boteleb, "deBaucliffe.'' 

Sir John Boteler, of Warrington and Bewsey. Sou 

and litir of Sir William iotder, who represented 

the county in 1406. Died Sept. 12, 1430, aged 

, 28. 


Nicholas Boteler, of Rawoliffe. (See Pari. 1419.) 

1427. Oct. 13. ) Ralph de Eadcliffb, " Miles." 

Westminster. ( THOMAS DE Stanlbt. 

Sir Balph de Eadcliffe. (See Pari. 1421.) 

Thomas Stanley, Knighted before 1429. Returned 
also in 1433, 1442, 1447, 1449, 1450, and 1455. 
Eldest son of Sir JoJm de Stanley, who served as 
Knight for the Shire in the Parliaments of 1413 
and 1414. Lord Deputy of Ireland 1429. Lord- 
Lieutenant 1431. Comptroller of the Household 
and Chamberlain 1448, Summoned to the House 
of Peers as Baron Stapley, Jan. 20, 1456. K.G. 
1457. Died 1459. Father of the first Earl of 

^ Derby. 

1459. Sep. 22. ) John le Byeom-, "Miles." 
Westminster, j Robert Lawrence, " Miks.". 
Sir John le Byron. (See Pari. 1421.) ^ 

Sir Robert Lawrence, of Aahton Hall, Lancaster. 
Eldest son of Roiert Lavyrence, member for the 
county in 1414. Died 1450. His eldest son. Sir 
James^ (knighted by Lord Stanley at Hntton 
Field) was father of Sir John Lavjrenee, the last 
of the Lawrences of Ashton, who was slain at 
Flodden in 1513, and left a daughter aud heiress 
the wife of John Butler, of RawcliSe. The only 
daughter and heiress of the latter, Isabel Butler, 
married Tftomaa Radcliffe, of Wynmarleigh, 
whose heir general, the Duke of Hamilton, thus 
represents Lawrence of Ashton, 

1430 1. Jan. 12. ) John de Morlby. 
1?5restmin3ter. ( William Gebnet. 

John de Morley. Probably the same as John de 
Morley, of Great aud Little Morley, and of Win- 
uington, in the Hundred of Lonsdale, where hia 
ancestors were seated in the thirteenth century. 
' His lineal descendant, Francis Morley, Esq., of 
Marrick Park, co. York, now represents the 
Morleys of Wiiinington. Arms of Morley : 
Sable, a leopard's face or^ jessant a fleur de lis 
argent ' ' 


William ]fiernel. The Gernets were an ancient 
Lancashire family, and in the thirteenth century 

• were seated at Halton in Lonsdale. The Knight 
for the Shire in this Parliament was probably a 
collateral descendant, but his identity has not 
been established. 

1432. May 12. "{ William de Asshbton, "Miles'' 
Westminster, j Thomas de Harrington. 

Sir William de Assheton. It is difficult to identify 
this knight. The cepreaeiitatives of the Asshe^ 
tons of Asbtou at this time was Sir Tlwmas 
Assheton, who had three brothers, neither of 
whom bore the Christian name, Willicmi. The 
youVigest of these, Sir Ralph Middleton, jure 
axoris Lord of MiddletdOj had a son of the namei 
but who clearly could not have been the Knight 
for the Shire. 

Tkomaif de Harrington, of Hornby Castle, afterwards 
knighted. Returned also in 1437, 1142, 1447, 
and 1449. He was younger son and eventually 
heir of Sir William, de Harrington, K.Gr., by 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Neville, of" 
Hornby, through which marriage the castle and 
estate ef Hornby came to the Harringtons. Died 
from wounds received at the battle of Wakefield 
in 1463, His three sons, Sir John, Sir James, 
and Sir Robert Harrington were all attainted 1 
Henry VII,, 1415, and his male line appears to 
have failed with his grandson, James (only son 
of Sir Robert), who died s.p. in 1512. Sir John 
Harrington, the eldest son, who like his father 
lost his lite at the battle of Wakefield, left two 
daughters coheirs of their grandfather. Anne, 
the elder, carried the Hornby estate in marriage 
to Sir Edward Stanley, afterward first Lord 
Monteagle, Elizabeth, the younger, was wife, 
first of Sir John Stanleg, and afterwards of Roger 
Beaumont, of Whitley. The descendants of 

' these two co-heiresses now represent Harrington 
of Horoby. The daughters of Oeorge 4th, Lord 
Rivers, who died in 1866, and George Lane Fox, 
of Bramhain Part, Yorks, Esq., are senior co- 
representatives of the elder. Arms of Harring- 

' ton of Hornby : 8aJ>le, a fret argent. 


1433. July 8. ) Thomas be Stanlbt, "Ohivalier." 
Westminster. ) THOMAS DB Radclippb, '•ChivaMer." 
Sir Thomas Stamley. (See Pari. 1427.) 
Sir Thomas SadcUffe. . (See Pari. 1421.) 

1435. Oct. 10. I Henrt de Haxsall. 
Westminster. > Thomas Lawkence. 

Henry de Halsall, of Halsall. Returned also in 1459 
and 1160. Died July 20, 1471. His line failed in 
the seventeenth century with Sir Cuthhert Halsall 
of Halsall and Clifton. 

Thomas Lawrence. Second son of Sir Bobert 
Lawrence,*oi Ashton, who represented the county 
in 1429. Afterwards knighted. High Sheriff ol 
Lancashire. 11 and 23 Hen. VI. His grandson, 
Launcelot Lawrence, was seated at Yeland Hall, 
and upon the extinction to the senior line at 
Ashton in 1513, became head of the family. His 
descendants^ were numerous and one branch — 
now represented by Lord Heytesbury — long 
flourished at Hertingfordbury, co. Herts. 

1436-7. Jan. 21. ") Thomas de Harrington. 

Westminster, j Henbt de Halsam,. 
Thomas de Harringion. (See Pari. 1432.) 
Henry de Halsall. (See Pari. 1435.) 

1439., Nov. 12. j Thomas de Stanley (?) 
Westminster. | Thomas db Harringtoit (?) 
Note — These are inserted doubtfully, the return 
for Lancashire to this Parliament being wanting 
It is, however, almost certain, that Sir Thomag 
Stanley was one of the knights in this Parliament ; 
and both he and Sir Thomas Harrington sat as 
members for the county in several successive 
Parliaments at this period. 

1442. Jan. 25. ) Thomas de Stanley, "Miles.'' 
Westminster. \ Thomas Harrington, "i/e.Hbn8Be.' 
Sir Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1427.) 
Thomas Harrington. (See Pari. 1432.) 


'[ Return for Lancashire lost. 


Note. — In all probability the same Knights were 
leturned as to preceding and succeeding Parlia- 

^.ji'n mi. ,„ 1 Thomas Stanley, "Miks." 
^ \ |j \ h Thomas Harrinoton, 
Bary.St. Edmuuds. j >> NotaUlio Armiger.- 

Sir Thomas Stcmley. (See Pari. 1427.) 
Thomas Harringlon. (See Pari. 1432.) 

tAAon T? I, 1 o ") Thomas Stanley, "Miles." 
1448 9 Jieb l^-r Thomas Harrington "Nota- 
Weatminster. j Ulio Armiger." 

Sit Thomat Stanley. (See Pari. 1427.) 
Thomas Harrington. (See 1432. ) 

Westminster. ) John Sotelbr. 

Sir Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1427.) 

Sir John Bofeler, of Bewsey and Warrington, son 

of Sir John Boteler, who sat for the county in 

1426. Died Feb. 26, aged 34. 

1450. Nov 6 ■) Thomas Stanley. " Miles." 
Westminster. J Richard Habbington, "Miles." 
Sir Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1427.) 
Sir Richard Ha/rrington. Eeturned also in 1459 
and 1460. Eldest son of Sir James Harrington, 
Knight for the Shire in 1404, and nephew of Sir 
William Harrington, K.6., the first Lord of 
Hornby. His line failed with his grandson. Sir 
James, who died 1497, leaving issue daughters 


1455. July 9. ■) Thomas Stanley, "Miles,'' 
Westminster. ) Alexander Radclitfe. 
Sir Thomas Stanley. , (See Pari. 1427.) 
Alexander Radcliffe of Ordsall. Fourth in descent 
from Sir John de Radcliffe, Knight for the Shire 
in the Parliament of 1340. he died in 1476. 
(See Par'. 1340 ) 


1459. Nov. 20.") BicEABD Harkington, "Miles.' 
Coventry, j Henry Halsall- 

Sir Eichard Harrington. (See Pari. I4S0.) 

Hmry Halsall. (See Pari. 1435.) 

1460. Oct. 7. ) Sib Riohabd Harrington. 
-Westminster. ) JEbnrt Halsall. 

Sir JRicJiard Harrington. (See Pari. 1450.) 

Henry Halsall. (See Pari. 1435). '^ 

Edward IV. 

1462-3. April 29, > «„ 4. ,1 
Westminster and York, j ^ ^«*"''°« ^°«'- 

1467. June 3. 1 James Haebington, "Miles." 
Westminster. /^William Harrington, "Miles." 

Sir James Harrington, of Brierley, 00. York. Ke 
turned also in 1477. He was second son ef Sir 
Thomas Ha/rrington, of Hornby, wko was re- 
turned to several! Parliaments between 1432 and 
1449. Attainted 1 Hen. VII., 1485, and died in 
poverty apparently witiiout issue. 

Sir William Harrington, son of Sir Richard Har- 
rington, who was Knight for the Shire in 1450 
and 1460. Died in 1488, seized of the manor of 
Westleigh, and two parts of Blackrode. His 
only son, Sir James Harrington, died s. p. 

Henby VI. (restored). 
C'st^lL^rn^" -*"-'-*• 

'Edward IV. 

1472. Oct. 6. ■) Egbert Harrington. 
Westminster, j John Assheton. 

Robert Harrington. Next brother of Sir Jarnesi 

Knight for the Shire in 1467-8. Attainted 1 


Heu. VII., 1485. His only son, James, who 
who was restored in blood 19 Hen. VII., and ap- 
pointed Dean of York in 1509, died in 1512, s.p., 
the last male descendant of the Harringtons, of 
Hornby. His only sister, Jane, married Edward 
Talbot, ef Baaball. 
Sir JoJin Assheton, of Ashton-under-Lyne, grand, 
son of Sir John de Assheton, the member for ihe 
county in 1423. Knighted before the battle of 
Northampton, July 10, 1460. Died 1508. His 
grandson, John, the last of the Asshetons of 
Ash ton, died s. p., leaving four sisters his co-heirs. 

1477-8. Jan. 16. | Gbokge Stanley, "Miks." 
Westminster, j James Habrihgton, "Miles." 

Sir Qeorge Stanley, K.6. Eldest son and heir, 
apparent of Thomas, second Lord Stanley (after, 
wards created Sari of Derby), and grandson of 
first Thomas Lord Stanley, who represented the 
county in several Parliaments between 1427 and 
1455. He married Joanna, daughter and heiress 
of John, Sth Baron Strange of Knokyn, and in 
her right was summoned to Parliament as Baron 
Sfrange, Nov. 15, 1482. K.G. 1487. Died before 
his father, 5 Dec. 1497. His eldest son suc- 
ceeded his grandfather in 1504 in the Earldom of 
Sir James Harrington. (See Pari. 1467.) 

1482-3. Jan. 20. 

Westminster?" ! ^^ "^"^"^ ^^*»"*- 

Note. — From this date until the end of the reign 
of Henry VIII— a period of 69 years — all returns 
to the House of Commons are unfortunately lost 
excepting for the Parliament of 1529. The follow- 


ing is the ancceasion of Parliaments during the 
time. Since the aecesaiou of Henry YII., all 
meetings have been held at Westminater. No 
Parliament met during the short reign of Edward 
V, One was summoned for June, but before it 
assembled the reign had terminated. 

BlOEABD III. (1483 1485), 1484. Jan. 23. 

Henry VII. 

(1485-1509), 1485. Nov. 7. 

1487. Nov. 7. 

1489. Jan. 13. 

1491. Oct. 17. 

1495. Oct. 14. 

1497. Jan. 16. 

1504. Jan. 2S. 

Henry VIII. 

(1509-1547), 1510. Jan. 21 tilj 1510. Feb. 23. 

1512. Feb. 4 till 1513. Mar. 4. 

1515. Feb. 5 till 1515. Deo. 22. 

1523. April 15 till 1523. Aug. 13. 

1529. Nov. 3 till 1536. April 4. 

1536. June 8 till 1536. July 18. 

1539. AprU 28 tiU 1540. July 24. 

1541-2. Jan. 16 cUl 1544. Mar, 28. 

1545. Nov. 23 till 1547. Jan. 31. 

1529. Nov. 3. ■) Henry Farrinoton. 

1636. April 4. ) Andrew Barton. 

Henry Famngfon, Esq., of Farrington, afterwards 
knighted. Steward of the Manor of Penwortham, 
and one of the commissioners for suppressing the 
monasteries. Died circa 1549. Ancestor ot the 
Farringtons of Worden. 

Andrew Barton, Esq., of Smithells and Blackburn. 
Grandson of Ralph Barton, of Holmes, by 
Cicely, daughter of Baiph RadeUffe, relict of the 
Ratcliffes of Smithells. Died in 1548. 

His male descendlanii, Sir Thomas Barton, of 
Smithells, died in 1659, leiiviiig an only daughter 
and heiress, Grace, the wife of Hon. Henry 
Bela,syse, father of the second Viscount Faucon- 
berg. The present co-representatives of Barton 
of Smithells are Sir Oeorge Wornbwell, Bart., and 
the Duke|of Norfolk, 


Ed^tard VI. 

1547. Nov. 8.- ) Thuestan TyLDESLBY. 
1552. April 15. \ John Keohyn. 

Thurstan Tyldesley, of Tyldesley, in the Parish 
of Leigh, and of Wardley, in Eccles. The 
Tyldesleya were identified with the manor of 
that name at a very early date, their first re- 
corded ancestor, Henry de Tyldesley, holding 
the tenth part of a Knight's fee, apparently of 
the Botelers Lords of Warrington, in the 
reign of Henry III. Wardley was acquired 
three generations later by the marriage of 
Tlmrstan de Tyldesley with the daughter and 
coheiress of Jordan de Worhesley, of Wardley. 
Fifth in descent from the last-named Thurstan 
was Thomas de Tyldesley, Receiver-General of 
the Isle-of-Man under the first Earl of Derby, 
He was the father of tne member for the 
County who likewise held the ofiice of Ee- 
■oeiver-General in 1532 and died in 1553. Of 
his two sons the elder, Thomas, continued the 
family at Wardley Hall, while Edward, the 
younger, acquiring the estate of Morley's Hall, 
in Astley, by marriage with the daughter and 
heiress of Thomas Leyland, Esq., founded the 
branch of Tyldesley of Morleys and Myers- 
cough. Sir Thomas Tyldesley, Attorney- 
Oeneral for the County, and one of the Council 
of the North temp., James L, was of the 
elder branch, being grandson of the last-named 
Thomas. He died in 1635, leaving an only 
son, Richard Tyldesley, of Tyldesley and 
Wardley, at whose death, s. ^., in 1632, the 
Wardley Hall line failed. His sisters and co- 
heiresses were Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Breres, 
of Hrockhall, and Anne, married to Thomas 
Sovihworih, of Samlesbury. At the extinction 
of the senior line the Manor of Tyldesley 
passed to the younger branch then represented 
by the grandson of the before-named Edward, 
the celebrated Sir Thomas Tyldesley, of Mor- 
leys and Myerscaugh, Major-General in the 
Royal Army dtu^g the Civil War and 
Governer of Lichfield, vho lost his life in the 
conflict at WiganLaneinlGSl. Descendants) of 


this ^vell-kuown cavalier officer were living at 
the close of the last century, though withont 
estate, and it ia not unlikely that representa- 
tives of this ancient Lancashire faimily still 
exist in comparative poverty and obscurity. 
Arms of Tyldesleyof Tyldesley : Argent, three 
mole-hills vert. 
John Kechjpi or Kitchen. A John Kitchen received 
a grant of the Manor of Pilling, in the Parish 
Garstang, by Letters Patent from the Crown 
in 1543. He died in 1562, having had a son of 
the same name, who pre-deceased him circa 
1550. Either the father or the son was prob- 
ably the Member for the County in this 
Parliament. Bamabie Kitchen son and 
eventually heir of JoJm Kitchen, the elder, died 
in 1603 leaving three daughters his co-heiresses. 
Alice, married to Hugh Hesketh (natural son 
of Sir Thomas Hesketh) ; Annie, wife of 
Thomas AsMon ; and Elizabeth, married to 
Nathamel Banastre, of Altham. {Vide Fish- 
wick's Hist, of Garstang, part 2, Cheth. Soc. 
vols.) Arms of Kitchen of Pilling: Argent, 
ou a chevron per pale gules and gable, tiiree 

1553. Mar. 1.- ) Sir Richaed HoeHTON. 
Mar. 31. { Thomas Boteleb. 

Sir Richard, Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower, suc- 
ceeded his father, Sir Willicmi, in 1501. Died 
1558. He was third in descent from Sir 
Richard de Hoghton, who sat for the County in 

Thomas Boteler, or as now called Butler, 
of Bewsey and Warrington. Returned also in 
1571. Great grandson of Sir John Boteler, how 
sat as M.P. for the County in 1442. Succeeded 
his father in the Bewsey estate 1550 Knighted 
1576. Died Sept. 22, 1579, aged 84. His son 
Edward, who succeeded him and died in 1586, 
g. p., was the last of the long line of the 
Botelers, Lords of Warrington. 

iKKa -Mor-^i, / rice Sir Richard Hoghton, 
1553. March. ^ gj^ ^^^^^ WoeslIy. 

Sir Robert Worsley, of Booths. Returned also 


in 1559 Eighth m descent from Boheri de 
Workesley, who sat for the County in 1386. By 
the extinction of the elder line at Worsley Hall, 
the Worsleysof Booths were now representatives 
of the family. Sir William Cayley WorsUyi 
Bart., of Hovingham Hall, York, is direct in 
duBceiit from the Member for the County in this 


1553. Oct. 5. ■) Sir Eichard Shbbbprnb, 
Deo. 6. ) John Eigmatdbn. 

Sir Sichard Sherburne of Stoayhurst. Sat for 
Preston 1554 and 1557, Liverpool 1555.-, One of 
the Commissioners for the dissolution of the 
monasteries in the reign of Henry VIII., and an 
Ecclesiastical Commissioner for the North. 
Died 26 July, 1594. He was lineally descended 
from Sir John de^herburne, who represented the 
County in 1336. His male descent failed with 
Sir Kicholaa Sherburne, Bart , who died in 1717. 
Arms (Se« Pari. 1336). 

John Rigmayden, ef Wedioar Ball, Garstang. Died 
1554. His eldest son, Thomas, left three 
daughters, ;/8a6eJ married to Edmund Preetwich, 
of Holme : Margaret, wife of Ouihbert Brochholes, 
of ClaughtaB ; and Helen, wife of George Kirby, 
of Eawcli£fe. The Bigmaydens were seated at 
Wedicar from the fourteenth to the close of the 
sixteenth century, the male descent terminating 
with Walter Rigmayden, ef Wedicar, Esq., who 
died drca 1600 without issue. Arms of Eig- 
mayden.of Wedioar : Argent three stag's heads', 
caboshed, sahh. 

May 5. { Sir Thomas Langton. 

Sir Thomas Stanley, of Winwick. M.P. for Liver- 
pool 1547 52. Sat for the County in this and 
the two following Parliaments. He was second 
son of Edward, third Earl of Derby Died Dec. 
18, 1576. His son. Sir Edward, K.B., was a eated 


at Tong Castle in Shropshire, and left two 
daughters his co-heirs, vaxoBXy, 'Frances, wife o^ 
John Fortescue, of Salden, oo. Bucks, and Venetia 
married to Sfr Kenelm Dighy of Drystoke, co. 
Rutland. The existing representatives of these 
' co-heiresses and of Stanley of Tonge are Viscount 
Oage, and the nelcea of the late Sir Steplien 
Glynne, Bart., of Hawardeuj Flint. Arms of 
Stanley of Tong : arms of Stanley, Earl of Derby, 
with a crescent for difference. 
Sir Thomas Langton of Newton, in the parish of 
Winwiok, High Sheriff of the County 1556 and 
1557. Succeeded his elder brother, Ralph, in 
the Barony of Newton, 1503. Died April 14, 
1569. The Langtons were Barons of Newton in- 
Makerfield for three hundred years. Sir John de 
Langton having acquired that honour early in the 
fourteenth century by marriage with the grand- 
daughter and heiress of Roheri Banastre, ' Baron 
of Newton, who died circa 1290. The member 
for the county was eighth in succession from this 
marriage. Direct line failed with his grandson 
Sir Thomas, who died in 1604, s.p., leaving his 
cousin and heir, Sir Richard Fleetwood, Bart., 
grandson of John Fleetwood, Esq., and Joanna 
Langton, daughter of the Knight for the Shire 
in this Parliament. A collateral branch of the 
family long flourished at Broughton Tower,^ and 
afterwards at Kirkham, long represented by the 
late William, Langton, of Liverpool, Esq., J.P- 
The present heir-general of the Langtnns, Barons 
of New ton, appears to be Loi d Lilford. Arms of 
Langton of Newton : Arms of Langton, argent, 
three chevvonells guks, quartered first and 
fourth, with Bamastre second and third. 

1554. Nov. 12. 1 Sir Thomas Stanley. 

1555. Jan. 16. ( Sii- John Holcropt. 

Sir Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1554.) 

Sir John Holcroft, of Holcroft, K.B. Returned 
also in 1557. He was sixth in descent fruui John 
de Holcroft, M.P. for the county in 1383 Died 
1560. Male line faile.l 1672. (See Pari. 1373.) 


1555. Oct. 21. ■) Sir Thomas Stanley, 
Dec. 9. 3 Sir William Stanley. 
Sir Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1554.) 
Sir William Stcmley. Probably eldest son of 
Thomas, 2nd Baron Monteagle, and great- 
grandson of the 1st Earl of Derby. He suc- 
ceeded his father as Baron Monteagle, Aug. 
18, 1560. Died Nov. 10, 1581, leaving an 
only daughter Elizabeth, the wife of Edward 
Parker, Lord Morley. The present senior- 
co-heirs of Parker. Lord Morley, and of Stanley 
of Monteagle are the daughters and co-heiresses 
of the fourth Lord Rivers, who died in 1866, 
and George Lane Eox, of Bramham Park, oo. 
York, Esq. Arms of Stanley of Mont- 
eagle : Argent on a bend, aawre three buck's 
heads caboshed, or ; a orescent for difference. 

1557-8. Jan. 20. j Sir Thomas Talbot. 
1558. Nov. 17. 5 Sir John Holcboft, K.B. 
Sir Thomas Talbot, of Bashall, in Craven, co. 
York, and of Holt in Blackburn, co. Lanca- 
ter. Died Aug. 1, 1558. The Talbots of 
Bashall were the senior line of the potent 
House of Talbot, deriving from Geoffrey, elder 
brother of Hugh de Talbot, temp. Henry I., 
ancestor of the Earls of Shrewsbury. Male 
descent failed in 1619 with Thomas Talbot, 
Esq., great-grandson of the member for the 
county. The present heir-general, Lloyd, of 
Grwerolaa and Bashall, represents the daughter 
and heiress of the last of the line. Arms of 
Talbot of Bashall : Argent, three lions laxa.- 
■paxA purpure, armed gules. 
Sir John Holcroft. (See Pari. 1554.) 


1558-9. Jan. 23.- | Sir John Athbrton. 

1559. May 8. ( Sir Egbert Worslby. 
Sir Jo!m Atherton, of Atherton Hall, Leigh. Died 
1573. He was sixth in descent from Sir William 
de Atherton, M.P. for the County in 1381. (See 
Pari. 1373.) 
Sii Robert Worsley. (See Pari. 1553.) 


1566-7. Jan. 2. ) Sir John Sodthworth. 


Sir Thomas Oerard, of Brjm. Eldest son of Sir 
Thomas Oerard, of Bryn, whom he succeeded 
in 1523, and fifth in descent from John Oerard, 
MP. for the County in 1422. Was High 
SheriflF of Lancashire in 1548. Grandfather 
of the first Baronet of Bryn. 

Sir John Southworth, of Saittlesbury, which estate 
he inherited upon the death of his father^ Sir 
Thomas, in 1546. Was High Sheriff of the 
County in 1562. Imprisoned in the New Fleet, 
Manchester, as a Popislil-ecusaut, 1584. Died 
November 3, 1595. His great, great grandson, 
Edward Southworth, Esq., was the last of the 
Southworths of Samlesbury, parting with 
his estate by sale in 1676 ; but male descend- 
ants of this ancient Lancashire house still exist. 
(See Pari. 1380.) 

1571. April 2.- 1 Thomas Botblbe. 
May 29. ( John Radclufe. 

Thomas Boteler. (See Pari. 1553.) 

John Radclife, of Ordshall. Keturned also in 
the next Parliament. Was M.P. for Wigau 
1563-67. Knighted before 1586. Died Feb. 
11, 1589-90, aged 53. He was eldest surviving 
son of Sir William Badcliffe, of Ordshall, 
whom he succeeded in Oct., 1568, and was 
fifth ia descent from Aleocander Radbliffe, 
Knight of the Shire in 1455. 

1572. May 8.- ) John Kadcliitb. 
1580-l.Mar. 18. { EnMXJifD Tbapfoed. 

John Eadeliffe, (See Pari. 1571.) 

Edmund Trafford, of Traffofd. Afterwards 
knighted. Succeeded his father, Sit Edmund, 
in 1564. Died 1590. He was Uneally de- 
scended from Si* Henry de Trafford, M.P. for 
the County in 1312, and ancestor of the present 
Sir Humphrey de Trafford, Bart. Arifls : (See 
Pari. 1312.) 

1585. Nov. 23.- I Sir Gilbert Geeard. 

1586. Sept. 14. ( Richard Molyneux. 

Sir Gilhert Oerard, of Gerards Bromley, oo. Staf- 
ford, Master of the Rollsi Descended 
from a younger branch of the Gerai'ds Of 


Bryh, derived from John, youngest brother of Sir 
Thomas Qerard, of Kingsley and Bryn, who sat 
for the County iu 1384. He was called to the 
Bar 1539. M.P. for Wigan, 1553: Steyning 
1554 : Lancashire 1585-87. Serjeantat-Law 1558. 
Attorney-General Jan. 22, 1559 to May 1581, 
Knighted 1579. Appointed Master of the Rolls 
May 30, 1581, whio'a office he held till his death. 
Died Feb. 4, 1592 3. From his two eldest sons 
sprang two distinct Peerages. Sir Thomas, the 
eldest, was created in 1603 Baron Gerard of 
Gerards Bromley— a title extinct with the sixth 
Baron in 1707. Ratcliffe, the second son was 
grandfather of Oliarles Gerard, created Baron 
Gerard of Brandon 1645, end ultimately, in 1679, 
Earl of Macclesfield, honours which failed with 
the third Earl in 1702. Arms of Grerards of 
Gerards Bromley ; Quarterly, Ist and 4th a/rgent, 
a saltier, gules ; 2nd and 3rd am/re, a lion 
rampant crowned or. 

Richard MoT/ynemc, of Sephton. Knighted June 24, 
1586. Returned again in 1592 and 1603. Created 
a Baronet May 22, 1611, being among the Srst 
elevated to the dignity .upon the institution of 
the Order, He was lineally descended from Sir 
Richard Molyneux, M.P. for the County in 1312, 
and was ancestor of the Earl of Sefton. (Arms : 
See Pari. 1312.) 

1586. Oct. 29. • ■) John Athbrton. 
1386-7. Mar. 23. j Richaed Holland. 

- John Atherton, of Atherton Hall., Elde&t son of 
' Sir John At/ierton, who sat for the County in 
1559. High Sherifif 1585, M,P, for Lancaster 
1588. Died May, 1617. " 

Richard Holland, of Denton, in the parish of 
Manchester. The representative of a very 
ancient Lancashire family seated at Denton 
from the fourteenth century, and derived 
originally, it is thought, from a younger branch 
of the Hollands, of UphoUand, afterwards 


Barons Holland, Earls of Kent and Dakes of 
Surrey and Exeter, The line failed in 1684, with 
Edward Holland, of Heaton and Dentob, Esq., 
whose sister and heiress marrying Sir John 
Egerton, Bart., was ancestor of Sir Thomas 
Egerton, Bart., created in 1801 Earl of Wilton, 
The Duke of Westminster is the present heir- 
general of the last of the Hollands of Denton. 
Arms of Holland of Denton : Azure, sem^ede- 
lis, a lion rampant guardant, argent, over all » 
bend gules. 

1588'9. Feb. 4.- ) Thomas Gerard. 

1589. Mar. 29. \ Thomas Walmbslbt. 

Thomas Gerard. Eldest son of Sir OUbert Oerard, 
Master of the Bolls (who sat for Lancashire 
1515 16). M.P. f.r Lancaster 1584-89 : County 
1589-99 and 1614 : Staffordshire 1601 3. Created 
Baron Gerard of Gerards Bromley,, CO. Stafford, 
July 21, 1603. Lord President of Wales 161617. 
Dieft 1617. 

Thomas , Walmesley, of ShoUey, afterwards of 
Dunkenhalgb, in Whalley. An eminent lawyer. 
Called to the Bar 1567. Serjeant-at-Law 1580, 
Justice df the Common Pleas May 10, 1589. 
Knighted 23 July, 1603. Died Nov. 26, 1612, 
aged 75. His direet male descent terminated with 
Francis WaVn^esley of Dunkenkalgh, Esq., who 
died early in the 18th century, s. p., leaving a 
sister and heiress, Catherine, wife of Robert, 
Lord Petre. The Walmesleys of ShoUey, now 
the eldest male branch of the family, descend from 
Richard Walmesley, the next brother of the Mem- 
ber for the County. Arms of Walmesley of 
Dunkenhalgb :(?u2es on achief ermine twoogresaes* 

1592. Nov. 19.-") I 

1593. April 10. j Sir Bichard Moltnedx, 
Sir Tliowas Gerard. (See Pari. 1588.) 

Sir Bichard Molyneux, (See Pari. 1584.) 

1597. Oct. 24. 1 Sir Thomas Gerard. 
1597-8. Feb. 9. { Robert Hesketh. 


Sir Thomas Gerard. (See Pari. 1588.) 

Robert Hesketh, of Kufford, co. Lano. Sen and heir 
of Sir Thomas Hesketh, whomhesucoeedediQl5I7. 
Died 1620, Ancestor of the Heskeths Of RuffordJ 

1601. Oct. 7.- I Sir Richard Hoghton. 
Deo. 29. \ Thomas Hesketh. 

Sir Richard Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower. G-randson 
ot Richard Soghton, who sat as Knight tor the 
Shire in 1553. Returned also to (he next tno 
Farliaments. Was high Sheriff of Lancashire 
1598. Knighted 1599. Createda Baronet May 22, 
1611, being the second person elevated to the 
dignity upon the institution of the order. Died 
Nov. 12, 1630, aged 60. 

Thomas Hesketh, second son of Oilbert Hesketh, of 
AughtoD, Esq. M P. for Preston 1586-9: Lam- 
caster 1597 8; the County 1601: Lancaster 1603-5. 
Attorney of Court of Wards and Liveries 1589. 
Recorder of Lancaster 1597. Knighted Jane 1603. 
Died Oct. 15, 1605, s. p. His line continued at 
Aughton until 1718. Arms of Hesketh ef 
Aughton : Argent on a bend sable, cotised gule 
three garbs or. 

James I. 

1603-4. Mar. 19.- ( Sir Richard Moltneux. 
1610 11. Feb. 9. | Sir Richard Hoghton. 
Sir Richard Molyneux. (See Pari. 1585.) 
Sir Richard Hoghton. (See Pari, 1601.) 

1614 April 5. ■) Sir Thomas Gerard. 
Deo. 29. 3 Sir Outhbert Halsall 

Sir Thomas Gerard. (See Pari. 1588-9.) 
Sir Outhbert Halsall, of Halsall and Clifton, knt.i 
eldest sou of Richa/rd Halsall, of Halsall, by Ami 
daughter of A lexander Barlow, Esq. He married 
Dorothy, daughterof .ETeJiry Earlof jDej-J^. Died 
in 1619, s. p, m. 

1620-1. Jan. 30.-") Sir Gilbert Hoghton, 

1621-2. Feb. 8. ) Sir John Kadcliite. 

Sir Gilbert Hoghton, Eldest son and heir-apparent 

of Sir Richard Hoghton, first Ban. of Hoghton 

Tower, who sat M.P. for the Oouuty in the three 

last Parliaments. Knighted July 2l3t, 1604. 


Sat for Cheshire 1614, and for Lancashire in 1621 
1626, and 1640. Succeeded his father as second 
Baronet Nov. 12, 1620. High Sheriff of the 
County 1643. Died April, 1648. Was a foremost 
leader of the Royalist forces in the Civil War. 

Sir John Radcliffe of Ordshall. Second son of Sir 
John RadcUfe, who sat for the County in 1571 
and 1585 ; and heir of his brother, Sir Alexander, 
whom he succeeded in 1599. Keturned for Lan- 
cashire in 1620 1, 1623-4, and 1625 : Tavistock, 
1626. Slain in the expedition to the Isle of Khe, 
Nov. 5, 1627. 

1623-4. Eeb. 19.- ") Sir John Eadoliite. 
1625. Mar. 24. j Sir Thomas' Walmbslet. 

St John Radcliffe. (See Pari. 1620 1.) 

Sir Thomas Wahnesley. Eldest son of Thomat 
Walmesley, of Dunkenhaigh, Esq., and grandson 
of Sir Thomas, Justice of the Common Pleas, 
who represented the County in 1588. Sat for 
Clitheroe 1620-1. Knighted Aug. 11, 1617- 
Died before his father, July 13, 1637. 

Charles 1. 

1625. June 21.- I Sir John Radcliffe. 

Aug. 12. S Sir RicHAKS Moltneux, Bart. 
Sir John Radcliffe. (See Pari. 1620-1.) 
Sir Richard Molynewx, second Baronet of Sefton. 
Eldest son of Sir Richard Molyneux, first Baronet, 
who sat for the County in 1585 ; sat for Wigan 
1614; Lancashire 1625 and 1627-8. Created 
Viscount MolynevsK in the Peerage of Ireland, 
Dec. 22, 1628. Died 1632. 

1625-6. Feb. 6. ") Sir Gilbert Hoghton. 

1626. June 15. j Sir Robert Stanley. 
Sir Oilbert Hoghton. (See Pari. 1620-1 ) 

Sir Robert Stanley. Second sou of William, sixth 
Earl of Derby. Made K.B. at the coronation of 
Charles I., Feb. 2, 1626. Died June 3, 1632. His 
line failed with his sons. Arms : Those of |:he 
Earls of Derby with a crescent for difference. 

1627-8. Mar. 17.-') Sir Richard Molyneux, Bart. 
1628-9. Mar. 10. j Sir Alexander Radclifee, K.B. 
Sir Richard Molynewc. (See Pari. 1625.) 
Sir Alexander RadcUfe, of Ordshall. Eldest -SOn 
of Sir John Radcliffe, M P. for the County 


1614-25. Made K.B. in 1625, when but seven- 
teen years of age Was an active Koyalist in 
the Civil War. Commissioner of Array 1642. 
Committed to the Tower by Parliament for 
aiding the Earl of Derby in the siege of Man- 
chester. Died April, 1654, aged 46 years His 
youngest son, Robert MadeUffe, of Withenshaw, 
was ancestor of Charles James Radclyffe, of 
Foxdenton Hall, Esq., the present heir male of 
the Kadcliffe family. 

1640. April 13.- 1 ^'"^ <^^^=^,^^ Hoghton, Bart. 
■> ) William Fabbinoton (Royalist.) 
Sir Gilbert Hoghton. (See Pari. 1614 ) 
William Farrington, of Worden. High Sheriff of 
the County 1636. Secretary to the Earl of 
Derby, and principal adviser of the Countess 
in her memorable defence of Lathom House 
against the Parliament forces. His estate was 
sequestered by Parliament Died 1659 The 
Farringtons were seated at Worden in the 
reign of Edward III. The direct male line 
failed in 1848 upon the decease of James 
Nowell Farrington, of Shawe Hall, Esq. 
(seventh in descent from the Member of the 
Oounty in this Parliament), who left two 
sisters his co-heiresses. A branch, however, of 
the family still survives in the Isle of Wight- 
Arms of Farrington, of Worden : Argent, a 
chevron gules, between three leopards' heads 

1640. Nov. 3. ■> 'RAT,rsAsssEioN.{Parliamentarian) 
1653. Apl.20. i EoGEB KiEKBY. (Royalist.) 

Ralph Assheton, of Middletou. The celebrated 
"Colonel General Ashton," Commander-in- 
Chief of the Parliamentary forces in the 
County. An energetic supporter of Parliament, 
and the avowed leader of the Presbyterian 
party in Lancashire. Excluded or disabled by 

. ordinance of the House in 1648. Died Feb. 17 
1650, aged 54. He was eldest sou of Richard 
Assheton, of Middleton, who died in 1618, and, 
eighth in descent from. Sir Ralph (founder of 


the Asslietona of Middleton), second son of 
Sir John de Assheton, Knight for the Shire in 
14 3. His eldest sop, Ralph, was created a 
Baronet shortly after the Restoration, Aug. 
17, 1660, a dignity which failed with the 
third Baronet in 1765. The present co heirs 
of Assheton of Middleton, descended from the 
three daughter of the second Baronet, are Sir 
Henry Vavasour, Lord Scarsdale and Lord 
Bibhlesdale. Arms of Assheton of Middleton : 
Argent, a mullet sable. 
Roger Kirhhy, of Kirkby Ireleth in Lonsdale. 
M.P. for the borough of Lancaster in 
the short Parliament of 1640. Disabled 
by vote of the House as a Royalist 
August 29, 1642. He succeeded to his 
estate upon the death of his father, Roger 
^irJcby, in 1627, and died in August, 1643. 
The Kiriby family, which existed at Kirkby 
Ireleth as early as the thirteenth centnryi 
appears to have failed with Roger Kivkby, 
grandson of the member for the county and 
M. P. for Lancaster in 1685. Arms of Kirkby 
of Kirkby : Argent, two bars gules, on a canton 
of the second a cross moline or. 

(1646. Jan.) — Richard Hoghton, afterwards Bart. 

Vice Kirkby disabled Aug. 29, 1642. New writ 
issued Dec. 30, 1645. 

Richard Hoghton, eldest sou and heir-apparent of 
Sir Gilbert Hoghton, second Baronet of Hogh- 
ton Tower, who sat for the county in the pre- 
ceding Parliament. Succeeded as third 
Baronet, April, 1647. Returned again in 1656. 
Unlike his father, who was a determined 
Royalist, he was a zealous supporter of Parlia- 
ment, a firm adherent of the Presbyterian 
party, and after the Restoration the patron of 
Nonconformist ejected ministers. Died Feb. 
3, 1678. 

Commontvealth. ' 

1653. 1 WiLUAM West. (Pari.) 
July 5. y John Sawey. {Pari.) 
Dec. 12. ) Robert Cunlitfe. {Pari.) 


William West, afterwards returned for Lancaster 
1659, and described as "Col. William West." 
Nothing further ia known of him, but he ia 
thought to have possessed an estate in the 
township of Heatou, near Lancaster. 

John Sawry, of Plumpton. Colonel in the ser- 
vice of the Commonwealth. Died 1664. 

Rohrt Cunliffe, of Sp'arth, in Claytou-in-the- 
Moora. An active Parliamentary supporter, 
and one of the Commissioners of Seqestrators tor 
Lancashire in 1643. Died Deo. 4, 1653, some 
eight days before the dissolution of this Parlia- 
ment. His only daughter and eventual heiress 
married John Grimshaw, younger son of John 
Orimshaw, of Clayton Hall, but appears t 
have died without issue. 

(Oliver Cromwell, Protector.) 

1654. ] Richard Holland. [Pari.) 

Sept. f Gilbert Ireland. (Pari. ) 
1654-5. (Richard Standish. \Parl.) 
Jan. 22. ; William Ashhurst. (Royalist.) 

Richard Holland, of Denton. Eldest son of 
Edward Holland, of Heaton and Denton, and 
nephew of Richard Holland, who sat for the 
County in 1586 Succeeded his father at Den- 
ton in 1630. Was a Colonel in the service of 
the Commonwealth, and a firm adherent of the 
Presbyterian party. One of the commanders 
in the defence of Manchester against the Earl 
of Derby in 1642. Returned also in the next 
Parliament. Died 1661, leaving two daughters, 
viz., Anne, y/iie of Edward Kenyan, of Prest- 
wich, and Framces married to Francis Beres. 
ford, of Bentley, co. Derby. Lord Hanmer 
appears to be the present representative of the 

Oilhert Ireland, of Hutte and Hale. High Sheriff 
of the County 1654 and 1656. M P. for Lan- 
cashire 1654-58. Liverpool 1659-75. One of 
the committee appointed by Parliament to 
assess taxes in Lancashire 1645. Knighted at 
the Restoration June 16, 1660. Mayor of Liver- 
pool 1674. Died April 30, 1675, aged 51, s. p. 
Eia eldest sister and eventual heiress married 


'Edward AspinwaJl, Esq., whose co-heirs gene- 
ral John Irelamd-Blackbume, of Hale, Esq., 
M.P. for South-west Lancashire, and the Mar- 
quis of Salisbury now represent the ancient 
family of Ireland of the Hutte and Hale. 
(Arms : See Pari. 1337).. 
Richard Standiish, of Duxhury. Third son of 
TJumias Standish, of Duxbury, Esq., and heir 
to his two elder brothers,, Thomas and Alex- 
ander. M.P. for the County 1654-58. Preston 
1659 and 1660 Colonel in the service of Par- 
liament. Betired from active life at the Besto- 
ration, and died soon after. His eldest son, 
Richard, who was an energetic Boyalist, was 
created a Baronet Feb. 8, 1677. The title be- 
came extinct with the third Baronet in 1812. 
The Standishes were distinguished in the 
County as early as the thirteenth century. 
From the two sons of iJai^A de Standish, temp. 
Edw. I., sprang two distinct branches of the 
family ; Standish of Standish, and Standish of 
Duxbury, each for many generations of con- 
siderable note. The male descent of both has 
now failed. The elder,' at Standish, in 1735, 
the younger at Busibury in. 1812. The heirs- 
general of both lines have taken the maternal 
surname, that of Standish, being now repre- 
sented by Charles Henry Standish, of Standish 
Hall, Esq. ; that of Duxbury by WiUiam 
Standish-Standish, of Duxbury Park, Esq. 
Arms of Standish : Azure, three standishes 

WiUiam Ashhurst of Ashhurst; where his ances- 
tors were seated soon after the Norman Con- 
quest. M.P. for Newton 1640-53. Major in 
the Parliamentary army, and a zealous Puri- 
tan. After the execution of Charles I., he 
coalesed with the Royalists in support of 
Charles II., to whose party he thenceforth 
adhered. He was great grandfather of Sir 
William Henry Ashhurst, Justice of the King's 
Bench, from 1770 to 1800, whose grandson 
John Henry Ashhurst, of Waterstook, co. 
Oxford, is the present representative of the 
Ashhurst^ of Ashhurst. Arms of Ashhurst : 


Cfules a oroaa engrailed, or in the dexter chief 
quarter a, fleur-de-lis of the second. 

1666. ] Sir Riohaed Hoghton, Bart. (Part.) 
Sept. 17. ^Gilbert Ireland. (Farl.) 
1657-8. ( Richard Holland. (Pari.) 
Feb. 4. ) Richard Standish. {Pari. ) 

Sir Richard Hoghton. (See Pari. 1645.) 
Gilbert Ireland. (See Pari. 1654.) 
Richard Holland. (See Pari. 1654.) 
Richard Standish. (See Pari. 1654. ) 

{Richard Cromwell, Protector.) 

Jan 27 ( ^''' Gf^"'^''^ Booth, Bart. {Royalist.) 
Anl 22 l-^l-EX^NDER RiGBY. {Pari.) 

Sir George Booth, second Baronet of Dunham 
Massey, Cheshire, and of Ashfcouunder-Lyne 
and Warrington, Lancashire. Eldest son of 
William Booth, of Wairiugtou, Esq., and 
■ grandson' of Sir George Booth, lirst Bart, of 
Dunham 'Massey, lineally descended from 
Roh'eri, seCond son of John del Bothe, M.P. for 
the County in 1420. Succeeded to the manor 
of Warrington, April 26, 1636, upon the de- 
cease of his father — who had acquired the same 
by purchase— and to Dunham Massey and the 
BaroUetcy upon the death of his grandfather 
Oct. 24, 1652. M.P. for Cheshire 1646-53 ; 
1654-58. Lancashire 1659. Cheshire again 
1660-61, In the early part of his career was 
an active partisan of Parliament and the leader 
of the Presbyterian party in both Lancashire 
and Cheshire, but later on espdused the in- 
terests of the ^loyalists. Constituted by Royal 
authority,^ July 25, 1659, Commander-in-Chief 
of the forces to be raised in Cheshire, Lanca- 
shire, and North Wales, in which capacity he 

' raised S,u arniy *ith the view of restoring King 
Charles II., but was defeated at Winningtou 
:6ridge, Northwich, Aug. 19, 1659. Was after- 
wards one of the twelve members deputed by 
' the Cbtrinlons to convey to the King the recall 
of the House. Created Baron JDelamere, of 

' Dunham Massey, April 20, 1661. Died Aug. 


8, 1684, aged 63. His eldest son Henry t second 
Baron Delamere, waa created Earl of War- 
rington, April 17, 1690, but the honours and 
male descent of the family terminated with 
Natha^l, fourth Baron in 1770. The present 
heir-general of Booth of ' Dunham Massey is 
ihe Earl of Stamford and Warrington, who 
represents the only daughter of the second 
Earl. Arms of Booth of Dunham Massey : 
Argent, three boars' heads couped and erect 
Alexander Elghy, of Middleton iu Goosnargh, 
near Preston. Eldest son of the celebrated 
Parliamentary " Colonel Alexander Rigby," 
M'.P. for Wigan m the Long Parliament, and 
Baron of the Exchequer. Succeeded bis 
.father at Middleton 1650. Lieut. -Colonel in 
the service of the Commonwealth. Elected for 
Preston in the Convention Parliament 1660, 
but unseated on petition. Died Feb. 1693-4. 
The Eigbys were at this period a numerous 
and widespread family in the County. Their 
common ancestor seems to haye been a John 
Mighy, of Wigan, who flourished early in the 
sixteenth, century. His son Adam left two 
sons, from the elder John proceeded the Bigbya 
of Middleton, while the younger Alexander 
was ancestor of those of Burgh in Duxbury, 
and of Layton in the Pylde. Colonel Eigby, 
Baron of the Exchequer, was grandson of the 
former. The Eigbys of Middleton were ener- 
getic defenders of the Puritan interest in Lan- 
cashire, and active Parliamentary leaders. 
Those of Burgh and Layton — the last of whom 
&ir Alexander Bighy was M.P. for Wigan in 
1701 — were as decided Royalists. The line of 
Middleton failed in 1794 with Alexander Bigby, 
E-sq.,^ — fourth in descent from the member for 
tlie County — whose sister and heiress married 
William Shawe, of Preston, and left one son 
Townley Bigby Shawe, who died in 1843, «. p. 
and two daughters, viz. ; Sally, wife of Joseph 
Knowles, and Jane married to John Austen. 
The eldest son of the former, Townley Bigby 
Knowles, Esq., is now senior co-heir general of 


the RigljyB of Middleton. Arms of Rigby of 
Middleton : Argent, on a cross flory saile, five 
mullets or. 
Note. — After the dissolution of the last Parlia- 
■ment and the abolition of the Protectorate, the 
Long Parliament, which had been forcibly" expelled 
liy Cromwell, April 20, 1653, resumed its sittings — 
or rather those members who were in it at the time 
of the expulsion returned to the House — and con- 
tinued to meet from May 7 tUl Oct. 23, 1659, when 
they were once more ejected by the army. Two 
months later on December 29, they were again re- 
stored, after being first compelled by Gen. Monk 
to admit those members formerly — on December 6, 
1648 — excluded as malignauts, by what is known 
as "Pride's Purge." They then sat for three 
.months longer, finally dissolving themselves on 
Maich 16, 1660, having first caused writs to be 
issued for the calling of the " Convention Parlia- 
ment," which met April 25 following, and prepared 
the way for the Restoration, 

■Charibs II, 

1660. April 25. ") RoaEB BbadShaigh. (Soi/alist.) 
Dec. 29. J Sir Rosbbi Bindlosse, Bart. 

Eager Bradshaigh, of Haigh Hall, Wigan. Line- 
ally descended from Sir Willia/m de Brctdshaigh 
Knight for the Shire in several Parliaments, 
temp. Edward III. Sat for the county from 
1660, to 1678. Knighted June 18, 1660; 
created a Baronet Nov. 17, 1679- Was a 
staunch Royalist. Died March 31, 1684, aged 
57. His male descent and Baronetcy failed 
with the fourth Baronet, circa 1785. The 
Bradshaigh, of Haigh are now represented by 
the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, descend- 
ing from the daughter of the third Baronet. 
(Arms ! See Pari. 1313.) 
Sir Robert Bindlosse, first Baronet of Berwick 
Hall. M.P. for the borough of Lancaster 
1645-53. Created a Baronet June 16, 1641. 
Died Nov. 1688, without male issue, when his 
titl^ became extinct. His only daughter and 
heiress married WiUMum Standish, of Standish, 


and is now represented by Charles Henry 
Blandish, of Standiah Hall, Esq. Anns of 
Bindloase of Borwiok : Quarterly, per fesse 
indented or and guUs, on a bend azure, a 
ciquefoil between two martlets of the first. 

1661. May 8. ) Sir Kogbe Bradshaioh, Knight 
\ (afterwards Bart.) 

1678-9. Jan. 24. ) Hon. Edward Stanley. 
Sir Soger Bradshaigh. (See Pari. 1660.) 
Hon. Edward Stanley, brother of Charles, eighth 
Earl of Derby. Died 1664, s. p. 

1664. Dec— Thomas Pkestow. 
Vice Stanley, deceased. 

Thomas Preston of Holker Hall. Son-in-law of 
Sir Cfilbert HogMon, Bart., who sat for the 
County 1640. A staunch Boyalist in the civil 
war. Died Jan. 9, 1678-9. His only surviv- 
ing son Thomas was M P. for the borough of 
Lancaster, 1689. ThePrestoas of Holker were 
a younger branch of the ancient family of 
Preston, of Furness Abbey, which received a 
Baronetcy in 1644, and became extinct in 
1710. Arms of Preston : Argent, two bars 
guUs, on a canton of the last, a cinquefoil, or. 

1679. Mar. 6. | Hon. Charles Gerard. (Whig.) 
> (afterwards Viscount Brandon.) 
Jnly 12. ) Pbtee Bold. {Tory.) 

In this eleotiou the Hon. Willia/m Sp 
unsuccessful candidate. 

Hon. Charles Gerard, eldest son of Charles, first 
Baron Gerard of Brandon (grandson of Sir 
Gilbert Gerard, Master of the Rolls, and M.P. 
for the County in 1585). Called by courtesy 
"Viscount Brandon," after his father's crea- 
tion to the Earldom of Macclesfield, July 21, 
1679. Sat for the County in the Parliaments 
1679, 1679-1681, 1681, 1689, and 1690. Sue- 
ceeded as second Earl of Macclesfield Jan. 3, 
1693-4. Died Nov. 6, 1701. 

Peter Bold of Bold Hall. The representative of 
a very ancient Lancashire family, which 
enjoyed an uninterrupted male succession at 


Bold In Frescot from a period, it is afiSrmed, 
before the Korman Conquest, and certainly ai 
early as the thirteenth century. The male line 
failed in 1762 with Peter Bold, Esq., grandson 
of the Knight for the Shire in this Parliament 
and as M.P. for the County 1736-1741 and 
1750-1761. Arms of Bold of Bold : Argf-nt, a 
griffin segreant s<Me. 
(The Hon. William Spencer, the unsuccessful 
candidate at this election, was third son of 
WiUiam, second Lord Spencer, and son-in-law 
of Vutton, third Lord Gerard of Gerards 
Bromley. He was seated at Ashton Hall in 

1679. Oct. 17. ■) Viscount Brandon. [Whig.) 
1680-1. Jan. 18. j Sir Charles Hoghton. Bart. 

Yiscoxmt Brandon. (See Pari. 1679.) 

Sir Charles Hoghton, fourth Baronet of Hoghton 
Tower. Eldest sou of Sir Bichard, third 
Baronet, who sat for the County 1645-1653, 
and 1656-1658. Succeeded to the Baronetcy 
February 1678. Ketumed in three Parliaments 
J 679-1681, 1681, and 1688-9. Died June 10, 
17 lO, aged 66. 

1681. Mar. 21- i Viscoctnt Brandon. {Whig.) 
Mar. 28. [ Sir Charles Hoohton, Bart. 
(Oxford.) ) (Whig.) 

\iscoai)L Brandon. (See Pari. 1679.) 
Sir GhaMes IIogMon. (See Pari. 1679-81.) 

James n. 

1685. May 19. ) SirRoctERBBADSHAlGH,Bart.(ror!/) 

1687. July 2. i James Holt. (Tory.) 

Sir Roger Bradshaigh, second Baronet of Haigh 
Hall. Eldest son of Sir Boger, first Baronet, 
who sat for the County 1660-78. Succeeded hia 
father in the Baronetcy March 31, 1684. Was 
M.P. for Wigan 1679. Died June 17, 1687. 

James HoU, of Castleton, Eochdale. Descended 
from a branch of the Holts of Stubbley. Died 
1713, leaving co-heireases. Gharlea Winstan- 
Uy, of Braunstone House, Leicester, Esq., re- 
presents the eldest daughter. Arms of Holt of 


Castleton : Argent, on a bend engrailed leibtt^ 
three fleur-de-lis of the first. 

(Qonvention Pari. ) 

1688-9. Jan. 22. » Viscount Beandon. {WUy-f 
1689 90. Feb. 26. J Sir Charles Hqgbton, Bart. 

Viscount Brandon, (See Pari. 1679 ) 
Sir Ohm-les HogUm. (See Pari. 1679-81.) 

William and Mary. 

1689-90. Mar. 20.- ) ViscotrNT Bbanbom" (WMg), 
1695. Oct. 11. I Hon. James Stanley (Whig). 

Viscount Brandon. (See Pari. 1679.) 

Hon. James Stanley. Second sou of the eighth 
Earl of Derby. Returned for CUtheroe 1685^ 
Preston 1689, and for the County in six snc- 
cessive Parliaments. Succeeded his brother as 
tenth Earl of Derby Noy. 5, 1702. Chancellor 
of Duchy 1706-1710. Captain of Yeomen of 
Guard 1715-1723. Died Jan. 29, 1735-6. a. p. 
(1694. Peb. 6.)— Sir Ralph Asshiton, Bart. ( Whig} 

Vice Brandon succeeded to the Peerage. 

Sir Ralph Assheton, second Bart, of Middleton. 
Eldest son of Sir Salph, first Bart , and grand- 
sou o£ "Colonel Assheton," who represented 
the County in the Long Parliament. Succeeded 
his father in the Baronetcy 1665. Sat from 
1695 to 1698. Died May 3rd, 1716, aged 59. 

William III. 

1695. Nov. 22.- ) Hon. James Stanley ( 
1698. July 7. ( Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart, 


Hon. James Sta/nley. (See Pari. 1690.) 
Sir Ralph AssJieton. (See Pari. 1690.) 

1698. Dec. 6 - ) Hon, Jambs Stanley ( Whig). 
17U0. Dec. 19. S Hon. Pitton Gsiuicd (Whig), 

Hon. James SUmley. (See Pari. 1690.) 
Hon. Fiiton Oerard. Second son of Charles, first 
Earl of Macclesfield, and next brother of Vis- 
count Brandon, who sat for the County 1679- 
94. M.P. for Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) 1689- 
90: CUtheroe, Nov., 1693-1695: Lancaster, 
Feb., 1679-1697 : County, 1668-1700. Sue- 


ceeded hia brother as third Earl of Maecleaflelcf 
Nov. 4, 1701. Died December 26, 1702, ». p., 
when all his honours became extinct. His 
youngest sister and eventual heiress married 
Digby, fifth Baron Gerard of 6erards Bromley, 
and left an only daugbte* the trife of James, 
fourth Duke of Hamilton, whose descendant 
the present Duke of Hamilton, now represents 
the Gerards, Earls of Macclesfield. 

1700-1 Feb. 6.- j Hon. James Stanley (Whig). 
1701. Nov. 11. 1 EiCHARD Bold {Tory). 

POLIi— Stanley 3,138 

Bold 2,239 

Hon. F. Gerard CW.) l,8il 

Son. James Stanley. (See Pari. 1690. ) 
Richard Bold, of Bold Hall. Eldest son of Peter 
Bold, who sat for the County in 1679. Ke- 
tumed in three successive Parliaments. Died 
Mar. 21, 1703-4, aged 26. 
[Unsuccessful Candidate — Hon. F. Gerard, sat 
for the County in the previous Parliament.] 

1701. Dec. 30.- ) Hon. Jambs Stanley {Whig). 

1702. July 2. ( EiCHAED Bold (Tory). 
Hon. James Stanley,, (See Pari. 1690.) 
Richard. Bold. (See Pari. 1700-1.) 


1702. Oct. 20.- ) Hon. James Stasixy (Whig). 
1705. April 23. ( Bichaed Bold (Tory). 
Hon. James Stanley. (See Pari. 1690.) 
Richaa-d Bold. (See Pari. 1700-1.) 
(1702-3. Jan. 11.) — Eichaed Asshbton (Wldg). 
■Vice Stanley succeeded to the Peerage. 
Richard Asshaton. Brother of Sir Ralph, second 
Baronet of Middleton, who sat for the County 
1694-169S. Died March, 1705, His son suc- 
ceeded as third and last Baronet of Middleton. 
(1704. April 18.)— EicEtABD Fleetwood (Tory). 
Vice Bold deceased. 
Richard Fleetwood. Probably Richa/rd, eldest 
son of Sir Thomas Fleetwood, second Baronet 
of Calwiob, Stafford, descended from the 
aocient Lancashire family of Fleetwood of 
Penwortham, Succeeded his father as third 


Baronet. Hia only son, Thomas, who' died 
vita patris, left a daughter and heiresa who 
became the wife of Thomas Legh, of Bank 
Hall, and is now represented by Lord Lil/ord. 
Arms of Fleetwood of Calwioh : Per pale 
nebulee aaure and or, six martlets counter, 

1 tTAE r> i oe ) Hon. Charles Zedenno Stanlett 

mi" Apr in C^'-') 

x/uo. April 1/ ) Richard Shuttlewobth (Toyjr J, 
Note — This Parliament became the first United 
Parliament of Great Britain by the union with 
Scotland, and the admission of the Scotch repre- 
sentatives, Oct. 23, 1707. 
Hon. Charles Zedenno Stanley. Fourth son of 
Charles, eighth Earl of Derby, M.P. for 
Preston 1702-1705 : Lancashire 1705-1713. 
Elected for Clitheroe 1713, but unseated on 
petition April 14, 1714. Died April, 1715, un- 
Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorp Hall, in 
Whalley. Eldest son of Sir Richard Shuttle- 
worth, and fifth in d- scent from Sir Richard, 
Chief Justice of Chester temp, Elizabeth, the 
founder of the Shuttleworths of Gawthorp. 
Succeeded his father in his estate July 27, 
1687. Sat for the County in ten successive 
Parliaments, 1705 to 1749. Died Dec, 22, 
1749. The present representative of 
the family, Sir Ughtred Ja/mes Kay-Shuttle- 
worth, Bart., elected M. P. for Hastings in 1874, 
is son of Sir James Kay-ShutUeworth, first 
Baronet, who assumed the Shuttleworth name 
and arms upon his marriage with the daughter 
and heiress of Robert Shuttleworth, of Gaw- 
thorp, Esq. (third in descent from the member 
for the County in this Parliament), who died 
in 1818, the last of the direct line of the 
family. A branch, however, of the Shuttle- 
worths still survives at Aston Hall, Derby. 
Arms of Shuttleworth of Gawthorp : Argent, 
three weavers' shuttles sable, topped and 
furnished with quills of yarn, the threads 
pendant or. 


170S. Nov. 16.- ( Hon. Charles Z. Stanlet( Whig) 
1710. Sept. 21. \ EiCHAED Shuttleworth (Tory]. 
Hon. Charles Z. Stamley. (See Pari. 1705.) 
Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1705.) 

1710. Nov. 25.- ) Hon. Charles Z. Stanley( Jf%) 

1713. Aug. 8. \ Richard Shuttleworth (Tory). 
Hon. Charles Z. Stanley. (See Pari. 1705.) 
Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1705.) 

1714. Feb. 26.- ) Richard Shuttleworth (T). 
1714-15. Jan. 15. ( John Bland (Tory). 

Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1705.) 
John Bland. Eldest son of Sir John Bland, 
fourth Baronet of Kippax Park, York, and of 
Hulme Hall, Manchester. Succeeded his father 
in the Baronetcy Oct. 25th, 1715. Returned 
for the County in three Parliaments, 1713- 
1727. Died April 9, 1743. His father 
acquired his Lancashire estate by marriage 
with the daughter and heiress of Sir Edward 
Mosley, of Huhue, Lord of the Manor of 
Manchester. The Blands of Kippax failed 
with the eighth Baronet in 17S6. The present 
heir-general is Thomas Davison-Bland, of 
Kippax Park, Esq. Arms of Bland of Kippax : 
Argent, on a bend sable three pheons or. 

George 1. 

1715. Mar. 17.- 1 Richard Shuttleworth (Tory) 
1721-2. Mar. 10. ( John Bland, afterwards Bart. 

Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1705.) 
John Bland. (See Pari. 1713.) 

1722. May 10.- j Richard Shuttleworth (Tory), 
1727. Aug. 5. J Sir John Bland, Bart. (Tory.) 

Poll— Shuttleworth 3,784 

Bland 3,726 

Sir Henry Hoghton, Bart. (W.) 3,367 

Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1705.) 

Sir John Bland. (See Pari 1713.) 

[Unsuccessful candidate — Sir Henry Hoghton, 
fifth Baronet of Hoghton Tower, eldest son of Sir 
Charles Hoghton, Yiho sat for the County 1679-81 
and 1689-90. He waa afterwards M.P. for Preston.] 



1727. Nov. 28.- n 

1734. April 18. ( Sir Edward Stanley, Bart. 

(Cotmtry Party.) 

Note — The "Country Party" were those members 

of the House who, while nominally Whigs, were in 

constant opposition to Sir Kobert Walpole, and so, 

for the time, politically allied to the Tories. They 

followed the leadership of the celebrated William 

Pulteuey, afterward Earl of Bath, at first the friend 

and colleague, but afterwards the most violent 

opponent, of the Whig Premier. 

Richard Shutthworth. (See Pari. 1705.) 

Sir Edward Stanly, fifth Baronet of Biokerstaffe. 

The representative of a younger branch of the 

House of Derby, descended from Sir Javnes, 

brother of Thomas, second EarL Sat for the 

County 1727-1736. Succeeded as eleventh 

Earl of Derby , on the failure of the elder line, 

Jan. 29, 1735-6. Died Feb. 24, 1776, aged 86. 

1734. June 13.- ) Richard Shuttlbworth {Tory), 
1741. April 28. ) Sir Edward Stanley, Bart. 
{Country Party.) 
Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1705.) 
Sir Edward Stanley. (See Pari. 1729.) 
(1736. May 4.)— Peter Bold (Tory). 
Vice Stanley succeeded to the Peerage. 
Peter Bold, of Bold Hall. Son of Richard Sold, 
who-sat for the County 170U-1704. Was M.P. 
for Wigan 17271734 : County 1736-1741 and 
1750-1761. Died Sept. 12, 1762, aged 59. 

1731. June 25.- | Richard Shuttleworth (Tory). 

1747. June 18. ) Lord Strange ( Whig). 
Richard Shuttleworth, (See Pari. 1705.) 
James, Lord Strange, eldest son of Edward, 
eleventh Earl of Derby. Sat for the County 
in five Parliaments, 1741-1771. Chancellor of 
the Duchy 1762-1771. Sworn on the Privy 
Council Dec. 16, 1762 Died before his father, 
June 1, 1771, aged 54. He was father of the 
twelfth Earl of Derby. 

1747. Aug. 13. - ) Richard Shuttleworth {Tory) 
1754. April 8. ) Lord Steangb (Whig). 


Poll— Strange 247 

Shuttleworth 170 

Peter Bold (Tory) 140 

Richard ShuUhworth. (See Pari. 1705,) 
'Loxdi Strange. (See Pari. 1741.) 
(1750. Jan. 23.)— Peter Bold {Tory). 
Vice Shuttleworth deceased. 
Peter Bold. (See Pari. 1734.) 

1754. May 31- ■) Lord Strange ( Whig). 
1761. Mar. 20. J Peter Bold (Tory). 

Lord Strange. (See Pari. 1 741 . ) 
Peter Bold. (See Pari. 1734 ) 

George III. 

1761. May 19.-'; Lord Strange (Torij. See note). 
1769. Mar. 11. S James Shuttleworth (IVj/). 
(1762. Dec. 21.)— Kight Hon. Lord Strange re- 
elected on becoming Chancellor of the Duchy. 
Note. — So called by Horace Walpole. He sup- 
ported the Court Party generally. 
Lord Strange. (See Pari. 1741.) 
James Shuttleworth, of Gawthorp Hall. Eldest 
son of Richard Shuttleworth (M.P. for the 
County 1705-1749). Sat for Preston 1741-1754. 
County 1761-1768. Died June 28, 1773, aged 

1768. May 10 - I Rt. Hon. Lord Strange {Tory.) 
1774. Sept. 30. ( Lord Archibald Hashlton (T.) 

Lord Strange. (See Pari. 1741.) 

Lord Archibald Hamilton. Youngest son of 
James, fifth Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, 
of Ashton Hall, Lancashire, and grandson of 
the 4th Duke by Elizabeth, daughter of Digby, 
fifth Baron Gerard of Gerards Bromley, and 
heiress of the Gerards Earls of Macclesfield. 
(See Pari. 1698). Succeeded his nephew as 
ninth Duke of Hamilton and Brandon August 
3, 1799. Died Feb. 16, 1819, aged 78. He was 
great grandfather to the present Duke. Arms 
of Dukes of Hamilton : Gules, three cinque- 
foils pierced ermine. 
(1771. July 23.)— Viscount Molynetjx ( IVJiig). 

Vice Lord Strange deceased. 


Charles, ninth Viscount Molynmx, in the Peerage 
of Ireland. The lineal descendant and heir- 
male of Sir Richard Molyneux, of Sefton, after- 
wards first Viscount, who sat for the County 
in 1625 and 1627. Succeeded to the Peerage 
1758. Conformed to the Established Church 
in 1768, becoming thus capable of Parlia- 
mentary honours, the first of his family for 
several generations. Created Earl of Sefton in 
Ireland, Nov. 30., 1771. Died Jan. 31, 1795, 
aged 47. He was great grandfather to the 
present Earl of Sefton. 

(1772, Feb. 4.)— Sir Thomas Egebton, Bart. (W.) 
Vice Lord A. Hamilton resigned. 

Sir Thomas Egerton, seventh Baronet of Egerton 
and Oulton Park, Cheshire, and of Heaton 
Hall, Manchester, which latter estate was in- 
herited by his grandfather through his motheri 
the sister and heiress of Edvjard Holland, Esq , 
the last of the Hollands of Heaton and Denton. 
Sat as M.P. for the County in three successive 
Parliaments, 1772-1784. Created Baron Grey 
de Wilton May 15, 1784, and Earl of Wilton 
June 26, 1801. Died Sept. 23, 1814, without 
male issue. His only daughter and heiress 
married Robert, first Marquis of Westminster, 
through whom the present Duke of Westminster 
is heir-general alike of Sir Thomas Egerton and 
of the ancient Lancashire family of Holland 
of Heaton. Heaton Hall passed by bequest to 
the second son of the first Marquis of West- 
minster, afterwards created Earl of Wilton. 
Arms of Egerton of Egerton : Argent, a lion 
rampant gules between three pheons sahle. 

1774. Nov. 29.- ) Sir Thomas Egeeton, Bart. {T.) 
1780. Sept. 1. J Lord Stanley (TF%). 

Election uncontested. 
Sir Thomas Egerton. (See Pari. 1768.) 
Edward, Lord Stanley. Eldest son of Lord 
Strange, who sat for the County 1741-1771. 
Succeeded his grandfather as twelfth Earl of 
Derby Feb. 23, 1776. Chancellor of the Duchy 
1806-1807. Died Oct. 21, 1834, aged 26. 


(1776. Mar. 26.)— Hon. Thomas Stanley {W/iig). 
Vice Lord Stanley succeeded to Peerage. 
Hon. Thomas Stanley, next brother to his pre- 
decessor. A major in the army. Died Nov. 
1779, aged 26. 
(1780. Mar. —.)— Thomas Stanley (Jf/aa). 
Vice Hon. Thomas Stanley deceased. 
Thomas Stanley, of Cross Hall, the representative 
of a younger branch of the House of Derby, 
descended from Peter, the son of Sir Thomas 
Stanley, second Baronet of Biokerstaffc (gi-eat- 
grandfather of the eleventh Earl). Sat fur tl e 
County continuously for a period of thirty-two 
years in eight successive Parliaments 17S0- 
1812. Died Jan. 8, 1818, aged 68. 

1780. Oct. 31 - ) Sir Thomas Egbbton (Tory). 
1784. Mar. 25. ( Thomas Stanley (Whig.) 
Election uncontested. 

Sir Thomas Egerton. (See Pari. 1768.) 

Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1774.) 

1784. May 18.- ) Thomas Stanley [WJdg), 
l790. July 6. } John Blackeuknb (Tory). 
Election uncontested. 
Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1774.) 
John BlackhurnA, of Orford Hall, and Hale, War- 
rington. High Sheriff 1781. Sat as M.P. for 
the County in ten successive Parliaments, a 
period of forty-six years, 1784-1832. Died 
April 11, 1833, aged 78. The family of Black- 
burne originally came from Yorkshire and 
settled at Orford Hall, Lancashire, temp. 
Elizabeth. The Hale estate vras obtained in 
the middle of the last century by the marriage 
of Thomas Blaclchurne, of Orford, Esq, — father 
of the Member for the County — with Ireland, 
daughter and heiress of Isaac Green, Esq , 
whose wife was daughter of Edward Aspinwall, 
Esq., the grandson of Edward Aspinwall, by 
Eleanor, elder sister and heiress of Sir Gilbert 
Ireland, of Hutt and Hale, M.P. for the 
County 1654 to 1658. The eldest son of the 
Member in this Parliament sat for Warrington 
1835-1847, and his grandson, the present rt- 
presentative of the families of Blackbume and 


Ireland, of Hale,, ia John Ireland-BlacTcburne, 
Esq., who was returned M.P. for South-West 
Lancashire in 187&. Arms of Blaokbuiine of 
Hale : Argent, a fesse nebulae between three 
mullets icMe. 

George III. 

1790. Nov. 25.-) Thomas Stanley (Whig). 
1796. May 20. ) John Blackbubne (Tory), 
Election uncontested, 

Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1774.) 

John Blackhurne. (See Pari. 1784.) 

1796. Sept. 27.- > Thomas Stanley (Whig). 
1802. June 29 ( John Blaokbtirne ( Toj-j/). 
Election uncontested.. 

Note. — Upon the Legislative Union between 
Great Britain and Ireland — Jan. 1, 1801,^ — and the 
admission of the Irish representatives, this Parlia- 
ment became the first Parliament of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 

Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1774.) 

John Blackhurne. (See Pari. 1784.) 

1802. Nov. 16.- 1 Thomas Stanley [Whig). 
1806. Oct. 24.- (John Blackbuknb (Tory). 
Election uncontested. 

Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1774.) 

John Blackburne. (See Pari. 1784.) 

1806. Deo. 15.- 1 Thomas Stanley (WJiig). 

1807. April 29. \ John Blackburne (Tory). 

Election uncontested. 
Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1774.) 
John Blackburne. (See Pari. 1784.) 

1807. June 22.- ) Thomas Stanley (Whig). 
1812. Sept. 29. \ John Blaokbtjrnb (Tory). 
Election uncontested. 

Thomas Stanley. (See Pari. 1774.) 

John Blackhurne, (See Pari. 1784.) 

1812. Nov. 24.- ) John Blackbtjenb (Tory). 
1818. June 10. ( Lord Stanley {Whig). 
Election uncontested. 
John Blackhurne. (See Pari. 1784.) 
Edward liori Stanley, Eldest son and heir-ap- 
parent of Edward, twelfth Earl of Derby, Sat 



as M.P. for Preston 1796-1812, and for the 
County from 1812 to 1832. Created Baron 
Stanley, of Bickerataflfe, Oct. 22, 1832, in the 
lifetime of his father. Succeeded as thirteenth 
Earl of Derby Oct. 21, 1834. Died June 20, 
1851, aged 76. 

1818. Aug. 4.-") John Blackburne (Tory). 
1820. Feb. 29. J Lord Stanley ( Whig.) 
Election uncontested. 

John Blackburne. (See Pari. 1784.) 

Jjord Stanley. (See Pari 1812.) 

George IV. 

1820. April 23.- ) John Blackbtjrne (Tory). 
1826. June 2. ( Lord Stanlbt ( Whig). 
Election uncontested. 

John Blackburne, (See Pari. 1784.) 

Lord Stanley. (See Pari. 1812.) 

1826. Nov. 14.-) John Blackburne (Tor?/). 
1830. July 24. J Lord Stanley (Whig). 
Election uncontested. 

John Blackburne. (See Pari. 1784.) 

Lord Stanley. (See Pari. 1812.) 

William IV. 

1830 . Oct. 26. - 1 Lord Stanley ( 1 

1831. April 22. J John Wilson-Patten (Tory). 

Election uncontested. 

Lord Stanley. (See Pari. 1812.) 

John Wilson-Patten, of Bank Hall and Winmar- 
leigh. Eldest son of Thomas Wilson-Patten, of 
Bank Hall, who died Deo. 7, 1827. Sat for 
Lancashire 1830-1831, and for the Northern 
Division of the County continuously 1832- 
1874 — twelve Parliaments in all. Chancellor 
of the Duchy 1867-1868. Chief Secretary for 
Ireland Oot.-Dec, 1868, and sworn on the 
Privy Council 1867. Created Baron Winmar- 
leigh, of Winmarleigh, 1874. Arms of Patten 
of Winmarleigh : Pusily ermine and sable, a 
canton gules, 

1831. June 14.- ) Lord Stanley ( Whig). 

1832. Dec. 3. ) Benjamin Heywood (Pf^igr). 

Election uncontested. 


Lord StcmUy (See Pari, 1812.) 

Benjamin Heywood, F.R.S. A banket in Man- 
chester. Created a Baronet 1838. Died Aug. 
11, 1865, aged 71. Father of the present Sir 
Thomas Percival Heywood, Bart, of Olare- 
mout. Arms of Heywood : Argent three tor- 
teaux in bend between two bendlets gules, on a 
canton of the last a cross-pattee or. 

Northern Division. 
Population— 1831, 259,444; 1861, 374,589 ; 1871, 
209,609 (after separation of North and North- 

East Divisions). 
William IV. 

1833. Jan. 29.- ) Eight Hon. Edward Gboftbet 

( Stanley— afterwards Lord Stan- 
t ley. (Liberal). 

1834. Deo. 30. ) John Wilson-Pati'en (Con.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 6,593. 

Kt. Hon. Edward Oeofrey Stanley, afterwards 
fourteenth Earl of Derby, the celebrated states- 
man and Premier. . Eldest son of Edward Lord 
Stanley (who sat as M.P. for the County 1812- 
1832). Styled by courtesy Lord Stanley after 
his father's succession to the Earldom of Derby 
October 21, 1834. M.P. for Stockbridge July, 
1822-1826: Preston 1826-1830: Windsor, Feb., 
1831-18.32 : North Lancashire 1833-May 1844. 
Chief Secretary for Ireland 1830-1833. Sworn 
on the Privy Council Nov. 22, 1830. Colonial 
Secretary 1833-1834 (in the Reform Ministry 
of Earl Giey), and again 1841-1845 (in the 
Ministry of Sir Robert Peel). First Lord of 
the Treasury Feb-Dec, 1853, 1858-1859, 
and 1866-1868. Summoned to the House of 
Peers in his father's Barony of Stanley 
of Bickerstaffe Oct., 1844. Succeeded to 
the Earldom of Derby June 30, 1851. 
Chancellor of the University of Oxford 1852. 
E.G. 1859. Died Oct. 23rd, 1869, aged 70. 
John Wilson Patten. (See Pari. 1830.) 
(1833. April 12.)— Rt Hon. Edward Geoffrey Stan- 
ley re-elected en his appointment as Colonial 


1835. Feb. 19.. ) Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley (Lib.) 
1837. July 17. /John Wilson-Patten (Oon.) 

ElectiwD uncontested. Eeg, electors, 7,948. 
Lord Stanley. (See Pari. 1833.) 
John Wikon-Paltm. (See Pari. 1830 ) 


1837. Novl5..1Rt Hon, Lord Stanley (iJ6J. 
1841 June 23 /John Wilson Fatten (Con.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 9,992. 
Lord Stanley. (See Pari. 1833 ) 
John Wilson- Patten. (See Pari. 1830.) 

1841. Aug. 19- I Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley {(Jon.) 
1847. July 23 (John Wilson-Patten (Gon.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 10,352. 
liotA Stanley. (See Pail 1833.) 
John WilsonPatten. (See Pari. 1830.) 
(1841. Sept. 22 )— Right Hon Lord Stanley re- 

eleeted upon becoming Colonial Secretary. 
(1844. Sept. 20.)— John Talbot Clifion (Con.) 
Vice-Lord Stanley resigned. 

Election uncontested. 
John Talbot Clifton, of Clifton and Lytham, High 
Sheriff of the county 1853. Unsuccessfully con- 
tested Preston 1859. Died 16 April 1882, aged 63 . 

1847. Nov. 18. •) John Wilson- Patten (Com.) 
1852. July 1. S James Hbywood (Lib.) 

Election uncontested. Reg electors, 11,619. 
John Wilson-Patten. (See Pari. 1830.) 
James Ueywood, of Keusiagtoii Palac= Gard ns, 
London, FR.S. Youngest brother to Sir Benja' 
min Ueywood, Bart., who sat for the County 1831- 
1832. Returned to two successive Parliameats — 
1847 1857. Contested South Lancashire 1865. 

1852 Nov. 4.- J John Wilson-Patten (Con), 
1857. Mar. 21. ) Jambs Hbywood (Lib). 

Election uncontested, Reg. electors, 12,782. 
John Wilson-Patten. (See Pari. 1830.) 
James Ueywood. (See Pari. 1847.) 

1857. April 1. • I John Wilson Patten (Oon). 
1859. April 23. j Lord Cavendish (Lib). 

Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 12,227. 
John Wilson-Patten. (See Pari. 1830.) 
Spencer Compton Lord Cavendish. Eldest son of 

WiUiam, second Earl of BurUngton. Styled by 


courtesy Marquis of Hartington after his father's 
succession to the Dukedom of Devonshire in Jan. 
1858. M.P. for Noith Lancashire 1857-1868 : 
Radnor 1869-1880 : and since 1880 for North- 
East Lancashire. Unsuccessfully contested the 
County 1868. A Lord of the Admiralty Mar.- 
April 1863. Under-Secretary for War 1863-1866; 
Secretary of State for War Jan.-July 1866, when 
sworu on the Privy Council. Postmaster 
General 1868-1870. Chief Secretary for Ireland 
1870-1874. Leader of the Liberal Opposition in 
the House of Commons 1875-1880. Secretary of 
State for India 1880-1882. Secretary of State 
for War since 1882. 

1859. May 31- ] John Wilson-Patten (Con.) 
1§65. July 6. 3 Marquis of Hartington (itft,) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 12,183. 
John Wilson-Patten. (See Pari 1830.) 
Marquis of Hartington. (See Pari. 1857.) 
<1863 March 24.) — Marquis of Hartingtou re- 
elected on his becoming a Lord of Admiralty. 

1866. Feb. 1. ] Rt. Hon. John Wilson -Patten(O) 
1868. Nov. 11. j Rt. Hon. Marquis Hartington (£) 

Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 13,258. 
Rt. Hon. John Wilson-Patten. (See Pari. 1830. 
Rt. Hon. Marquis of Hartington. (See Pari. 1857.) 
(1866. Feb. 28, )— Rt. Hon. Marquis of Hartington 

re-elected on his appointment as Secretary o 

State for War. 

1867. July 1.)— Rt. Hon. John Wilson-Patten re- 
elected on appointment as Chancellor of the 
Duchy of Lancaster. 

1868. Dec. 10. ) Rt.Hon. JoHNWrLSON-PATTEN{Gj 
1874. Jan. 26. | Hon. Fred ARTHURSTANLET(O'on) 

Registered electors, 13,587. 

Poll— Stanley 6^832 

Patten ... 6,681 

Marquis of Hartington (L) ... 5,296 
Rt. Hon. John Wilson-Patten. (See Pari. 1830). 
Hon. Frederick Arthur Stanley. Second son of 
the fourteenth Earl of Derby. M.P. for Prea- 
tsn 1865-1868 : North Lancashire since 1868. 
A Lord of the Admiralty Aug.-Dec, 1868. 
Financial Secretary (W^r-Office) Feb., 1874- 


Aug., 1877. Secretary to Treasury Aug., 1877- 
April, 1878. Secretary of State for War 1878- 
1880. Sworn ou P.O. April, 1878. 

1874 Mar. 5. ■) Rt. Hon. J. Wilson-Pattbit (Oon.) 
1880. Mar. 24. j Hon. Febdebick A. Stanley (C.) 
fit. Hon. John Wilson-Patten. (See Pari. 1830.) 
Hon Frederick A. Stanley. (See Pari. 1868.) 
Election uncontested. Seg. electors, 14 281. 
(1874. Mar. 26.)— Thomas Henry Cueton. (G.) 
Vice Patten created a Peer. 

Election uncontested. 
Thomas Henry Clifton, of Clifton and Lytham 
and of Ashton Park, Preston, Eldest son of 
J'ohn Talbot Clifton, who sat for the County 
1844-1847. Died March 31, 1880, aged 35. 
(1878. Aprils.)— Rt. Hon. Frederick Arthur Stan- 
ley re-elected unopposed, upon his appointment 
as Secretary of State for War. 

/I Hon i,^.. OQ 1 / I^*- Hon. Fred. A. Stanley (C) 
(laso. Apr. zy.) J g^^jjj^j, Joseph Fieldbn (O.) 

Eeg. electors, 17,057. 

Poll— Stanley 8,172 

Fielden 7,505 

Thomas Storey (L.) 6,500 

Et. Hon. Frederick A. Stanley. (See Pair. 1868.) 
Handle Joseph Fielden, of Wilton Park, Black- 
burn. Major General in the Army. Tka 
secondbut eldest snrvivingson of ./oscpAi'VeMeB. 
M.P. for Blackburn 1865-1868. 
[Unsuccessful candidate — Thomas Storey, of 
Lancaster, Gotten manufacturer.] 

North-eastern Division. 
Population in 1871, 196,406. 

1868. Dec. 10. ) James Maden Holt {Con). 
1874. Jan. 26. J John P. C. Starkib (Con). 
Reg. electors, 8, 649. 

Poll— Holt... 3,612 

Starkie 3,594 

U. J. K. Shuttleworth (L.) ... 3,463 

Wm. Fenton (L.) 3,441 

James Maden HoU, of Stubbylee, Manchester 
Third in descent from John HoU, who settled 
at Stubbylee about the middle of the last can- 


tary. Sit for Kerth-Ji;ast Lancashire, 1863- 
John Piers CJiamberlain Starhie, of Ashton Hall, 
Lancashire. Younger son of Lt-Gendre 
Jiicholas Siarkie, of Huntroyde, and brother of 
LeQendre Nicholas Starkie, who sat for 
Clitheroe 1853 7. M.P. for North-East Lan- 
cashire 1868-1880. 
[Unsuccessful candidates — Vghtred James Kay 
SAnttkuiorth, eldest son of Sir James Kay 'jSIivitle- 
worth, Bart., of Gawthorp Hall. M.P. for 
Hastings Nov., 1869-1880. Succeeded his 
father in the Baronetcy 1877. WiUiam, Fenton, one 
of the firm of Fenton and Co., bankers, Bochdale.] 

1874. Mar. 5.- ( James Maden Holt [Con.) 
1880. Mar. 24. \ John P. C. Stabkib (Con.) 
Reg. electors, 9,729. 

PoLL-Ho)t 4,578 

Starkie 4,488 

Sir Jas. P. K. Shuttlewerth (L.) 4,401 
Lord E. Cavendish (L.) ... ... 4,297 

James Maden HoU.. (See Pari. 1868 ) 
John P. 0. Starkie. (See Pari. 1868.) 
[Unsuccessful, candidates — Sir Jwmes Phillips 
Kay Shuttleworth, first Baronet of Gawthorp Hall, 
so created in 1850. Died 1877. Lord Edward 
Cavendish, youngest son of t'le seventh Duke of 
Devonshire, and brother of Marquis of Hartington, 
who sat for North Lancashire 1S57 1868. Wa» 
M.P. for East Sussex 1865-1868, aud for North 
Derbyshire since 1880.] 

1880. April 29. \ Mabquis oi' Hartinoton (L.) 
j Fbedbkick Wm. Graiton (L > 
Reg. electors, 12,991. 

Poll— Hartington 6,682 

Giaften 6,513 

W. F, Ecroyd(0.) 5,231 

J. P. 0. Starkie (0.) 5,185 

Bt. Hon. Marquis of Hartington. (See N. Lane. 

Pari. 1857.) 
Frederick William Grafton, of Heysham Hall, 
Lancaster, head of the firm of F. W. Grafton 
and Co., of Accrington, calico printers. 
[Unsacoessfnl candidates — W. I Ecroyd, after- 
wa^s returned for Preston, j. P. C. Starkie, the 
previous member.] 


Southern Division. 
Population in 1831, 935,392; 1861, 1,881,971. 
William IV. 

1833. Jan. 29.- j George William Wood (Lib.) 

1834. Deo. 30. j Viscount Molynbttx {Lib). 

Reg. electors, 10,039. 

Poll— Wood 5,694 

Molyneux ... 5,575 

Sir T. Hesketh (C.) 3^082 

George William Wood, of Singleton Lodge An 
eminent merchant of Manchester, and for 
many years President of the Manchester Cham- 
ber of Commerce Sat for' South Lancashire 
1832-1834. An unsuccessful candidate 1835. 
Sat for Kendal 1837 1843. Died Oct. 3 1843, 
aged 62 Father of William Rayner Wood, 
now of Singleton Lodge, Esq Arms of Wood 
of Singleton Lodge : Argent, on a chief sable 
an open Bible proper clasped gold between two 
mill rinds of the first. 
Charles William Viscount Molyneiix. Eldest son 
of William, second Earl of Sefton, of Croxteth 
Park, Liverpool. Sat for South Lancashire 
18321834. An unsuccessful candidate 1835. 
Succeeded his father as third Earl of Sefton, 
Nov. 20, 1838. Died Aug. 2, 1855, aged 59. 
[Unsuccessful candidate — Sir Thomas Hesketh, 
third Baronet of Rufford Hall. Died July 27, 
1842. Grandfather of Sir Thomas George Fermor 
Hesketh, Bart., M.P. for Preston 1862-1872.] 

1835. Feb. 19.- \ Rt. Hon. Lord Francis Egerton 

( (Conservative'). 

1837, July 17. ( Hon. RiCHD. BootlbWilbraham 
) (Conservative). 

Reg. electors, 11,500. 

Poll— Fgerton 5,620 

WUbraham 4,729 

Viscount Molyneux{L.) 4,629 

Geo. W. Wood (L.) 4,394 

Lord Francis Egerton, of Worsley Hall, Man- 
chester. Second son of George first Duke of 
Sutherland, and grandson of Granville first 
Marquis of Stafford by the Lady Loiisia Eger- 
ton, sister and heiress of Francis third Duke of 
Bridgewater, who died in 1803. Assumed the 


surname and arms of Mgerton (in lieu of 
Leveson-Oower) upon inheriting the Worsley 
Estate, August, 1833. Sat as MP. for Bletch- 
ingley Feb., 1822-1826 ; Sutherland 1826-1831 ; 
Sojith Lancashire 1834-1846. Was a Lord of 
the Treasury April-Sept , 1827. Secretary for 
Ireland June, 1828-Jaly, 1830. Secretary of 
War July-Nov., 1830. Sworn on the Privy 
Council 1828. Created Viscount Brackley and 
Earl of Ellesmere July, 1846. Died Feb. 18, 
1857, aged 57. Grandfather of the present 
and third Ear! of Ellesmere. Arms of Egerton 
Earl of Ellesmere : Argent, a, lion rampant 
gules between three pheons sable. 
Hon. Sichard B. Wilbraliam Eldest son and 
heir-apparent of Edv>ard first Baron Skel/mer- 
dale, of Lathom House, Ormskirk. Sat in 
three Parliaments, 1835- 1844. Died before 
his father May 5, 1844, aged 42. Father of 
the present and second Baron Skelmersdale. 
Arms of Wilbraham Baron Skelmersdale : 
Quarterly, 1st and 4th argent, three bendlets 
wavy aiure, (for Wilbraham) 2nd and 3rd 
gules on a chevron engrailed between three 
combs argent, as many crosses pat^e fitchee of 
the field (Bootle). 
[Unsuccessful candidates — Tne Members in the 
last Parliament.] 


1837. Nov. 15.- ) Et. Hon. Lord F. Egeeton (C.) 
8841. June 23 (Hon. E- B. Wilbraham (O) 
Eeg. electors, 17,352. 

Poll— Egerton 7,822 

Wilbraham 7,645 

EdwtirJ Stanley (L.) 6,576 

Charles Towneley(L.) ... 6,044 

Kt. Hon. Lord Francis Egerton (See Pari. 1835 ) 

Hon. Richard B. Wilbraham. (See Pari. 1835.) 

[Unsuccessful candidates — Edward Stanley, of 

Cross Hall, nephew of Thomas Stanley, M P- 

for the County 1780-1812. He died March 8, 

1870. Charles Towneley. Eldest son of Pere. 

grine Edward Towneley, of Towneley, Esq. 

Succeeded his father at Towneley 1846. Died 


Nov. 4. 1876. Was M.P. for Sligo borough 
April-July, 1848 and 1852-June, 1853, being 
unseated on petition on both occasions.] 

1841. Aug. 19.- 1 Rt. Hon. Lord P. Egerton (C.) 
1847. July 23. \ Hon. R. B. WilBraham (O.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 18,148. 
Rt. Hon. Lord Francis Egerton. (See Pari. 1835 ) 
Hon. Richard B. WiWraham. (See Pari. 1835 ) 
(1844. May 28.) — William Entwistle (Gon.) 
Vice Wilbraham deceased. 

Poll— Entwistle 7,571 

W. Brown (L.) 6,973 

William Entwistle, of Rusholme, near Manches- 
ter. Descended from a branch of the 
Entwistles, of Entwistle and Foxholes. Con- 
tested Manchester in 1841. Died Aug. 18, 
[Unsuccessful candidate— JTiffiara Brovm was 
returned for the County at the next election] 
(1846. July 21 )— William Bkown {Liberal) 
Vice Lord Francis Egerton created a Peer. 
Election uncontested. 
William Broivn, an eminent merchantof Liverpool, 
and alderman and magistrate of that borough. 
The founder of the Liverpool Free Public 
Library. Sat for South Lancashire 1846-1859. 
High Sheriff of the County 1863. Created a 
Baronet Jan. 24, 1863. Died March 3rd, 1864, 
aged 80. Succeeded in the Baronetcy by his 
grandson, Sir William Richmond Brovm, the 
present Baronet. Arms of Brown of Liver- 
pool : Gules, a chevron or, between two bear's 
paws erased in chief argent, and four hands 
conjoined in saltire of the second in base, on a 
chief engrailed or, an eagle displayed sable. 

1847 Nov. 18." ) William Brown (Liberal). 
1852. July 1. I Hon. Chas. Pelham Villibes 

Election uncontested. Beg. electors, 23,351. 
William Brovm. (See Pari. 1841.) 
Hon. Gharks P. Villiers, Younger brother of 
George fourth Earl of Glarendon. Has sat for 
Wolverhampton since 1835. Judge-Advocate- 
Geueral 1852-1858. President of the Poor-Law 

Boiird 1859 1866. Sworn on Privy Council 
1853. Arms of Villiers Earl of Clarendon : 
Argent, a cross gules charged with five escal- 
lops or. 
(1847. Dec. 20.) — Alexandeb Henbt {Lib.) 

Vice Hon. C. P. Villiers returned for Wolver- 

Election uncontested. 
Alexander Henry, of Woodlands : head of the 
firm A. and S. Henry and Co. Died Oct. 4, 
1862. Father of John 8. Henry, who sat for 
Sonth-East Lancashire 1868-74, and of Mitchell- 
Henry, M.P. for Co. Galway since 1871. The 
Henry family are of County Down, where the 
ancestors of the Member for the County were 
located for two centuries. Arms borne by 
Henry of Woodlands ; Per pale indented 
aryent and gules, in the dexter part a rose of 
the second leaved vert, seeded or, on a chief 
azure, a lion passant argent, armed and langued 
1852. Nov. 4.- ) William Beown {Lib.) 
1857. Mar. 21. \ John Cheetham {Lib.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 21,351. 
William Brown. (See Pari. 18411. 
John Cheetham, of Eastwood, Stalybridge. A 
merchant of Liverpool. Sat for South Lanca- 
shire 1852-1859: Salford, 1865-1868. Un- 
successfully contested Huddersfield in 1847] 
and South Lancashire in 1859 and 1861. 

1857. April 1.- ) William Brown {Lib.) 
1859. April 23. J John Cheetham {Lib.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 19,890. 

William Brown. (See Pari. 1841.) 

Jo7m Cheetham. (See Pari. 1852.) 

1859. May 31. ) Hon. Algernon Folke Egerton 

\ {Con.) 

1865. July 6 ) William John Legh ((7o».) 
Reg. electors, 19,433. 

Poll— Egei-ton , 7,470 

Legh 6,983 

S. Cheetham (L.) 6,8.35 

J. P. Heywood (L.) 6,763 

Hon. Algernon F. Egerton. Third son of Francis 
first Earl of Ellesmere (who sat for South Lan- 


cashire 1835-1846). Ketarned for Soath Lanca- 
shire 1859-1868. South-Eaat Lancashire 1868- 
1880, and since 1882 for Wigan. Secretary of 
the Admiralty 1874-1880. 
WUliam John high, of Lyme Hall, Cheshire, 
and Golborne Park, Lancashire. Son of Wm, 
Legh, of Brymbo, co. Denbigh, and nephew 
and heir of Tliomas Legh, of Lyme, who sat 
for Newton 1819-1831. M.P. for South 
Lancashire 1859-1865. An unsuccessfnl can- 
didate in 1865. Has sat for East Cheshire 
since 1868. Arms of Legh of Lyme: Gule*, 
a cross engrailed argent, in the chief point on 
an inescutcheon sable sem£e of estoilea argemt, 
an arn) in armour embowed of the second, the 
hand proper holding a pennon argent, the whoI« 
within a bordure wavy argent. 
[Unsuccessful candidates. — John Cheetha/m. Mem. 
her in the previous Parliament. John Penibertoa 
Heywood, of Norris Green, Liverpool. Cousin of 
Sir Benjamin Heywood, M.P. for the County in 
1831-1832. Died May 9, 1877, aged 74.] 
(1861. Aug. 24.)--Chable3 Tdrnee (Con.) 
Third member added. 

Poll— Turner 9,714 

J. Cheetham (L.) 8,898 

Charles Turner, of Dingle Head, Liverpool. A 
merchant of that town. Returned for Liver, 
pool 1852, unseated on petition in 1853, an 
unsuccessful candidate in 1857. Sat for South 
Lancashire 1861-1868 : South-West Lancashire 
1868 until his death Oct. 15, 1875, aged 72. 
' [Unsuccessful candidate. — John Cheetham, M.P. 
for South Lancashire 1852-1857.] 

1865. Feb. 1.- ) Hon. Algernon F. Bgbeton (G.) 

r Chaklbs Txjbner (Con.) 
1868. Nov. 11. 1 Rt. Hon. Wm. Bwabt Gladstone 
) (Liberal.) 

Reg. electors, 21,655. 

Poll — Egerton 9,174 

Turner 8,806 

Gladstone 8,786 

•W. J. Legh(0.) 8,476 

H. Y. Thompson (L) 7,703 

James Heywood (Ii.) 7,653 

Hon. Algernon B. Egerton. (See Pari. 1859.) 
Charles Turner. (See Part 1861.) 


Kt. Hon, William Ewart Oladstoiie. The eminent 
Statesman and writer. Sat as M.P. for 
Newark 1832 1845 : Oxford University 1847-1865: 
South Lancashire 1865 1868 : Greenwich 186S 
1880 : since 1880 for Edinbarghshire. A Lord of 
the Treasury 1834-1835. Master of the Mint 1841_ 
1845. Vice President of Board of Trade 1841^ 
1843^ President of Board of Trade 18431 
1845. Secretary of State for the Colonies 
Dec 1845 1846. Chancellor of the Exchequer 
1852-1855, 18591866, 1873 1874, and 1880- 
1883, Lord High Commissioner Extraordinary 
to the Ionian Islands Nov, 1858. First Iiord 
of the Treasury 1868-1874 and since 1880. 
Eonrth son of Sir John Oladstont, first Baronet 
of Fasque, Co. Kincardine (who sat as M.P, 
for Lancaster 1818-1820), and brother of Sir 
Thomas Gladstone, second Baronet (M.P, for 
Leicester 1835). Arms of Gladstone of 
Basque : Argent, a savage's head affronts 
distilling drops of blood, about 4:he temples a 
wreath of holly vert within an orle fleury gules, 
all within eight martlets sable. 
[Uusuccessfnl candidates. — William John Legh, 
member in previous Parliament ; Henry Yates 
Thompson, director of the London and Korth 
Western Railway Coy. and son uf a Liverpool 
merchant, contested Preston in 1881 ; James 
HeywBod, M.P. for Korth Lancashire 1847-1857 ] 

Sotjth-Wbstern Division. 

Populaticm in 1871, 263,374. 

1868 Dec. 10. ) Charles Turner {Con.) 

874 Jan. 26. j Richard Assbeton Csosb (Con ) 

Reg. Electors, 19.639. 

Poll— Cross 7,729 

Turner 7,676 

Et. Hon, W. K Gladstone (L.) 7,415 

H, B, Grenfell (L.) 6,939 

Charles Turner (See South Lancashire Pari, 1861,) 
Richard Assheton Cross, of Eocle Biggs, Broughton- 
in-Furness, Third son of William, Cross, of Red 
Scar and Cottam, M,P. for Preston 1857-1862 : 
Southwest Lancashire, since 1868 Home Secre- 
tary 1874-1880, Sworn on the Privy Council 
March 1874, G.C.B, 1880, Arms of Cross of Red 
Scar and Eccle Riggs : Qules, a cross flory argent< 


charged with five passion nails sable, bordare of 

the second. 

[Unsuccessful Candidates. — Sight Hon. W. B. 
Oladatone, member for South Lancashire in previonB 
(Parliament. Henry Riversdale Qreenfell son of O. 
P. Green/ell, (who sat for Preston, 18471852. and 
1857 1859). Was M.P. Stoke on Trent 1862- 1868. 
Contested Truro 1874.) 

1874. Mar. 5. I Charles Turner (Core.) 
1880. Mar. 24 \ Richard Assheton Cross (after- 
wards Right Hon ) (Oon ) 
Election uncontested, lleg. Electors, 21,671. 
Gha/rhs Turner. (See South Lancashire Pari. 1861.) 
Richard A. Cross. (See Pari. 1868.) 
(1874. March 18.)— Rt. Hon. R. A. Cross re- 
elected upon appointment as (fome Secretary. 
(1875, Nov. 5.) — John Ireland-Blaoebubkb. 
Vice Turner, deceased. 
Election uncontested. 

John Ireland-Blackbume, of Hale Hall, Warring- 
ton. Eldest son ef John Ireland-Blackbume, 
who sat for Warrington 1835-47, and grandson 
of John Slacleburne, M.P. for the County 1784- 
1830. (Arms : See Pari. 1784.) 
1880. j Rt. Hon. Sir Richard Assheton Cross (C) 
April (John Ibeland-Blackburne (C) 
Reg. Electors, 26,054. 

POLL-Cross 11,420 

Blackburne 10,905 

W. Eathbone (L) 9,666 

Hon. H. H. Molrn<!nx(L) ... 9,207 
Kt. 1 on. Sir /J. A. Cross. (See Pari. 1868. 
John Irdand-Blackburne. (See Pari. 1874.) 

[Unsuccessful candidates. — William Sathbone, 
M.P. for Liverpool 1868-1880. Hon. Henry H. 
MolyneiKe, third son of third Earl of Sefton.J 

South-eastern Division. 

Population in 1871, 402,755. 

1868. Dec. 10. ) Hon. Algernon Pulke Eoerton. 

> (Con.) 

i874. Jan. 26. ) John Snowdon Henry. (Cob.) 
Reg. Electors, 19,809. 

POLL-Egerton 8,290 

Henry 8,412 

Rt. Hon. F. Peel (L) 7,024 

H; Yates Thompson (L) 6,953 

fion, Agernon F. Egerton. (See South Lancashire 
Pari. 1859.) 


John Snouidon Henry, of East Dene, Borchurch, 
Isle of Wight Son ot Alexander Henry, who sat 
for South Lancashire 1847-1852, and brother of 
MitcheU Henry, returned for co. Galway in 1874. 
■ [Unsuccessful candidates. — Right Hon. Frederick 
Peel, second son of the celebrated Sir Bobert Peel, 
Bart. Sat as M.P. for Leominster 1849-1852: 
Bury 1852-1857 and 1859-1865. H. Tales Thomp- 
son candidate for South Lancashire at previous 

1874. Mar. 5, ) Hon. Algernon Fulke Eoebton. 

1880. Mar. 24. ) Edward Hardcastle (Con.) 
Eeg. Electors, 21,180. 

' Poll— Egerton 9,187 

Hardcastle 9,015 

' , P. Rylands (L) 7,464 

J. E. Taylor 7,453 

Hon. Algernon F. Egerton. (See South Lancashire 

Pari. 1859.) 
Edward Hardcastle, of the Headlands, Prestwich. 
A merchant and magistrate of Manchester, 
Descended from an old influential family long 
seated in the county York, ^rms of Hardcastle : 
Sable, on a chevron or three leopard's heads guhs, 
between as many towers proper. 
[Unsuccessful candidates. — Peter Rylands, of 
Massey Hall, Thelwall, Warrington. M.P. for 
Warrington 1868-1874. Beturned for Burnley in 
1876. Jo7m Edward Taylor, of Manchester, one of 
the proprietors for the Manchester Ouardiaa 

1880. I BoBEBT Leake {L). 
April. I WiLLL&M Agnew {L). 

Beg. Electors, 21,180. 

Poll— Leake 11,313 

Agnew 11,291 

Hon. A. F. Egerton (C) ... 10,561 

E. Hardcastle 10,491 

Robert Leake, of the Dales, Whitefield, Manchester. 
Head of the firm of Lockett, Leake, and Co., 
calico printers, of Manchester, 
William Agnew, of Summer Hill, Pendleton. 
Senior partner in the firm of Agnew and Sons, 
publishers, of London. 

[Unsuccessful candidates. — The previous mem 



This Borough — the County Town of Lancashire 
— first sent members to Parliament 23 Edward I. 
(1295), and ceased 5 Edward III. (1331), after 
making nineteen returns. It resumed its ancient 
privilege probably some time in the reign of Henry 
VIII , but, owing to the loss of most of the Ee- 
turns of that period, the precise date cannot be 
determined. It returned two members to the 
Parliament of 1529 (21 Hen. VIII ), after which the 
earliest return preserved is that of 1547 (1 Edward 
VI.), but from then until the Parliament of 
18S5 it continued without intermission to send two 
members to the House of Commons. The Borough 
was disfranchised for corrupt practices by the Ee- 
form Act of 1867. 

Prior to 1832, the right of election was vested 
by Charter in the Freemen of the Borough, and no 
resolution of the House of Commons appearing by 
which this right was in any way set aside or 
modified, it continued thus until the passing of the 
first Reform Act. The number of JFreemeu in 
1750 was about 1,000 ( Willis) ; in 1820 about 1800 

The identification of early Borough members is a 
difficult, and, in most instances, an impossible taslc, 
from the eircumstanee that in ancient times the 
persons elected as representatives for cities and 
boroughs could only be resident citizens or bur- 
gesses of such cities or boroughs, and not strangers 
or the neighbouring country gentlemen. In the 
Modus Tenendi Parliamentum (written between 
1294-1327), as concerning the burgesses it is said, — 
"In the same manner it used and ought to be com- 
manded to the bailifis and trustworthy men of 
boroughs that they should elect two fit, honourable 
and experienced burgesses from among themselves, 


and for themselveg, to come and be present in the 
Parliament, in the same manner as has been said of 
citizens, &c " The same rule continued down to 
the reign of King Henry VI., for by statute 23rd 
of that King, chap. 14, was recited an Act of the 
previous reign (I Hen. V".), which provided — "That 
the citizens and burgesses of cities and boroughs 
coming to Parliament should be chosen men, 
citizens and burgesses resident, abiding and en- 
franchised in the same cities and boroughs ;" and, 
it is added, — " The which citizens and burgesses, 
amd no others, have at all times been chosen in 
cities and boroughs." It was not until the sixteenth 
century that the custom of choosing members from 
outside theirown communities was introduced in the 
towns, but from that time the practice became very 
common, notwithstanding the statute of Henry V., 
which seems never to have been repealed. It fol- 
lows, however, that while some few of the early 
burgesses may have been, and undoubtedly were, 
of the landed gentry of the county, resident in the 
locality of the boroughs for which they were re- 
turned, aud their families therefore more or less 
known, the majority were not in this position. They 
were simply persons of local importance, whose iden- 
tification, from lapse of time, and the non-existence 
in their case of the usual sources of genealogical 
investigation, has now become next to impossible. 

The population of Lancaster : In 1801, 17,218 ; 
in 1811, 17,528; in 1821, 19,372 j in 1831, 22,294 ; 
in 1841, 21,707; in 1851, 26,232; in 1861, 27,430. 

Edward I. 

1295. Nov 27. I Lambert le Despekcbe. 
Westminster, | William lb Chaumteb. 

Lambert le Despencer. It is scarcely probable 
that the first Burgess for the Borough of Lan- 
caster was in any way connected with the 
Baronial House of Despencer, which attained 
to such power and influence shortly after this 
period. The surname is of official origin {i e , 
keeperor steward of the "spence" or "buttery"), 
and it is likely that the family of the member 
for Lancaster was originally so named from 
tomo local office held by them. 


William le OhawUer. Was returned to this and 
the four next Parliaments. 

1296. Nov. 3. I William lb Chaitntek. 
Bary St. Edmunds. \ Ralph Pitz Thomas. 

Salph Fitz Thomas. Was returned again to the 
next Parliament. 

1298. May 25. j William lk Chaunteb. 
York. { Balfh Fitz Thomas. 

1300. Mar. 6. ) William lb Chaunteb. 
London. ( John Lawrence. 

John Lawrence. The Lawrences of Ashton Hall, 
Lancaster, were seated there in the twelfth 
century. The representative at this period 
was a John Lawrence, who wa3 doubtless the 
Burgess for the Borough. He was returned 
a°ain to the nSxt Parliament. 

1301. Jan. 20. j William le Chacnteb. 
London. { John Lawrence. 

1305. Feb. 28. I John db Lancaster. 
Westminster. ( Robebt de Bebwyk. 
John de Lancaster. Returned also to the two 
following Parliaments. Probably the same as 
the Knight for the Shire in 1316. A John de 
Lancaster dieA in 1332 seized of the manor of 
Skyrwyth, co. Cumberland, which he held o^ 
Sir Thomas de Burgh. 

1306 May 30. | John de Lanoastbb. 
Westminster. \ William lb Slenb. 
John de Lancaster. (See Pari. 1305.) 
William le Slene. Died in 1315, seized of lands, 
&c., in Oscliffe, the town of Lancaster, Grys- 
hered, &o. He sat again for Lancaster in the 
two next Parliaments, and was doubtless the 
same as the Enight for the Shire in 1313. 

1307. Jan. 20. | John db Lancastbb. 
Carlisle. ( William le Slene. 
John de Lancaster. (See Pari. 1305.) 
William le Slene. (See Pari. 1306.) 

Edward IL 

1307. Oct. 13. ) William lb Slenb. 
Korthampton. { Bicuabd Pernaunt. 


WiUiam le Slene, (See Pari. 1306.) 

1.S14. Sept. 9 j William Dalltno. 
York. I John db Wyeesdalb. 

1325. Nor. 18 | William Lawrence. 
Westminster. | John se Bbockholes. 
WiUiam Lav/rence. Bonbtleaa the same as the 

Member for the County in 1327. 
John de Brochholes. The early descents of this 
family are uncertain. Adam de Brochol or 
Brochholes (the presumed ancestor of Brook- 
holes of Claughton) was one of the " vividars ' 
named in the forest of Assize at Lancaster in 
1286, and the Member for the Borough was 
probably a near relation. 

1327. Jan. 7. 1 John Cort. 
Westminster, j Adam db Walton. 
John Cort is described iu the Keturn as "of 

Adam de Walton may have been an early mem- 
ber of the family of Walton of Walton. 

Edward III. 

1327. Sept. 15. ) John le Ken. 
Lincoln. I Law^nce Bulk. 

John le Ken was returned also in 1328j 1329, and 

1328. Feb. 7. | Nicholas de Lanoastee. 
York. I Henry Bukoeis. 

NicJiolas de Lancaster was probably a son of 
the Member for the Borough in 1305 and 1306. 

1328. April 24. f Adam Frrz Simon. 
Northampton. "S John lb Ken. 

1329. Feb. 9 ) Robert db Bolboun. 
Westminster, j John lb Ken. 

Robert de llolroun was returned again in 1331. 

1330. Mar. 11. 1 William db Bolroun. 
Winchestei;. j John le Bulk. 

1330. Nov. 26. ) Robert de Bolrottn. 
Westminster. J John lb Ken. 

1331. Sep 30. 1 Henry db Hatdock. 
Westminster, j GtIlbbet de Olkderhow. 

Henry de Haydock was doubtless the Knight for 
the Shire who sat in several Parliaments 
between 1328 and 1337. 

Gilbert de Oliderhow or OUtheroe was probably of 
the same family, and closely related to, Sir 
Robert de Olyderhovj, who sat for the County in 

NoTB. — Returns discontinued for nearly two 

Hbnbtt VIII. 

1529. Nov. 3 - ) Laubbnoe Starkt. 
1536. April 4. ) Richard Southworth. 

Laurence Starky, of Huntroyde. High Sheriff of 
Lancashire. Died 1547. He was grandson 
and heir of Edmund Starky, who acquired the 
Huntroyde estate by marriage with the daugh- 
ter of John Symondstone, of Symondstone and 
Huntroyde, co. Lane. Le Gendre If. Starkie, 
Esq., M.P. for Clitheroe 1853-57, and John P. 
O. Starkie, Esq., returned for North-East Lan- 
cashire in 1868, are lineally descended from the 
Member for Lancaster in this Parliament. 
(Arms : See N.E. Lancashire Pari. 1868.) 

Richard Southworth. Apparently younger brother 
of Sir Thomas Southworth, of Samlesbury (who 
died in 1546), the father of Sir John Southworth, 
who sat for the County in 1563. He died a. p. 

(1536 to 1547.)— Pour Parliaments. No Returns 
for Lancashire extant. 

Edward VI. 

1547. Nov. 4 i Sii Thomas Chaloneb, Knt. 

1552. April 15. i Stephen Vattohan. 

Sir T. Chaloner, of London. Apparently father of 
Sir Thomas Chaloner, who was . seated at Guis- 
borough, CO. York., and whose son, Sir Wm. 
Chaloner, was created a Baronet in 1620, but 
died s. p. 1640. The family is now repre- 
sented by Thomas Chaloner, of Guisborough, 
Esq., the descendant of Edward, next brother 
of Sir William Chaloner, Bart. Arms of 
Chaloner: Sable, a chevron between three 
cherubim or. 


Stephen Vaughan has not been identified. 

1552-3. Mar 1 - ) John Caryll. 
Mar. 31 ( Thomas Cakus. 
John Caryll. Eldest son of Sir John Caryll, 
Attorney-General of the Duchy of Lancaster 
temp. Henry VIII., and M.P. for Sussex in this 
and the next Parliaments. He sat for the 
County of Sussex in 1558-9. The Carylls were 
Lords of the Manor of Warnham, and persons 
of considerable affluence in Sussex at this 
period. About the year 1610 Sir John Caryll, 
eldest son of the Member for Lancaster, re- 
moved to Harting, in the same county, where 
his descendants continued until 1760. The 
last of the line, John Caryll, of Harting, after 
disposing of all his estates, died in destitution 
about the year 1780. Arms of Gary 11 : Argent, 
three bars sable, in chief as mauy mullets of 
the last. 
Thomas Carms, of Kirkby Lonsdale, co. West - 
moreland, barriater-at-law. Returned also in 
the next Parliament and in that of 1555. Ser- 
jeant-at-law 19 April, 1559. Justice of the 
Queen's Bench and knighted 1566. Died circa 
1571 . His second son and eventual heir. Sir 
Christopher Garus, acquired the estate of Hal- 
ton, near Lancj.stBr, and founded the family of 
Carus of Halton, which continued until the 
eighteenth century. William Carus- Wilson, of 
Gasterton Hall, co. Westraorel4nd,^Q[ , is a de- 
scendant, and probably now the heir-general of 
the family. Arms of Carus : Azure, oa a 
chevron between ten cinquefoils argent three 
mullets guUs. 
Note. — ^In Willis' Notitia Parliameataria, Wm^ 
Warde is said to have been returned to this Parlia- 
ment in the place of Thomas Carus, but for what 
reason does not appear. The recently issued Par- 
liamentary Blue Book does not mention the 
Return given by Willis, which is possibly an error 
the Parliament being of very short duration. 


Dec. { Thomas Carus, 

1553. Oct. 5.- ) Sir Thomas Tbesham, Knt. 


Sir Thomas Tresham, of Ruahton, co. Northamp- 
ton M.P. for Northamptonshire in the two 
next Parliaments and High SherifiF of that 
County in 1556. Was a zealous supporter of 
Queen Mary by whom he was knighted. Died 
«. p. His nephew and heir, Sir Thomas Tres- 
ham, was father of Sir Lewis Tresham, of 
Rushton, created a Baronet iu 1611 — a dignity 
which became extinct with the second Baronet 
in 1651. Arms of Tresham of Ruahton : 
Party per saltire, sahk and or, in chief and in 
base each thiee trefoils slipped, two one and 
one two, 

Thomas Owrus. (See Pari. Mar., 1553.) 

1554. April 2.- | John HBrwooD. 
May 5. \ Gkorob Pblton. 

JoJm ffeywood. The ancestor of the Heywoods 
of IStanchester and Liverpool, at this period, 
was a John Heywood, of Bolton, who may have 
been the Member for Lancaster. 

George Fellon. The Feltons were a Suffolk 
family. In the Pedigree of the Feltons of 
Playford, co. Suffolk, occurs the name of George 
PeMon, twenty-one years of age in 1542, but 
whether the same as the Member for Lancaster 
is not certain. The Feltons of Playford re- 
ceived a Baronetcy in 1620, and became extinct 
in 1719. They are now represented by Lord 
Howard de Waldeii. 

1554. Nov. 12 - ) RiCHAED Baker. 

1555. Jan. 16. j Richard Weston. 

RkhfO'd Baker, of Sisinghurst, Kent. Eldest 
son of Sir John Baker (M.P. for Huntingdon- 
shire and Speaker of the House of Commons 
in 1547- M.P. for Kent 1554 to 1558, 
Attorney-General and Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer temp, Henry VIII). Sat for Horsham 
in the first Parliament of 1554 : Lancaster 
1554-1555: Shoreham 1557-8. Knighted by 
Queen Elizabeth, probably upon the occasion 
of her visit to Sisinghurst in July, 1573. Died 
1594. His grandson. Sir Henry Baker, of 
Sisinghurst, was created a Baronet 29 June, 

, 16U. I., Title, extinct with third Baronet in 


1661, who left fonr daughters his coheiresses. 
Arms of Baker of Sisinghnrst : Azure, on a 
fesse between three swans' heads, erased and 
ducally gorged or, as many oinquefoUs giihi. 
Richard Weston, barrister-at-law, afterwards 
seated at Sprenes, co. Essex. Second son of 
John Weston, of Lichfield, and grandson of 
William Weston, of Prested Hall, Essex. Was 
M.P. forSaltash in 1553. Solicitor-General 20 
KoT.. 1557. Sergeant-atJaw 24 Jan., 1559. 
Queen's Serjeant 13 Feb , 1559. Justice of 
Common Pleas 16 Oct., 1S59. Died 6 July, 
1572. His grandson, Sir Richwd Weston, 
Chancellor of the Exchequer to James I., and 
Lord High Treasurer to Charles L, was created 
Baron Weston in 162S, and Earl of 
Portland in 1633. The titles expired 
with the fourth Earl in 1668. The pre- 
sent heir-general of Weston, Earls of Port- 
Umd, is Blanche, wife of H. O. Pechett, Esq., 
and daughter and heiress of Sir John Shelley, 
seventh Baronet, descended from the niece of 
the second Earl. Arms of Weston : Or, an 
eagle regardant and displayed sahle. 

1555. Oct. 21.- ) Thomas Cartts. 

Dec. 9. ( Thomas Hunoatb. 

Thomas Cams (See Pari. 1553.) 

Thomas Hungate. Apparently Thomas Hun- 
gate, of Stillington, third son of William Hun- 
gate, of Saxton and Bomby, co. York. He sat 
for Maldon 1554 : lAUcaster 1555 : Launceston 
1557. The Hungates of Saxton were raised 
to a Baronetcy in 1642, and became extinct in 
1749. Arms of Hungate : Chiles, » chevron 
engrailed between three talbots sejant argent. 

1557-8. Jan. 20.- ) Sir Clement Eeioham. 

1558. Nov. 17. ( William Ryce. 
Sir Clement Hdgham, of Barrow Hall, Suffolk, 
Eldest son of Clement Heigham,, of Lavenham, 
and grandson of Thomas Heigham, of Heigham 
Hall, Suffolk. Called to the Bar 1517. M P. 
for Eye 1554 : Ipswich 1554 : West Looe 1554- 
1555 : Lancaster 1557. Sworn on the Privy 
CouncU 1553. Speaker of the House of Corn- 


moas in the Parliament of Hov,, 1554. 
Knighted 27 January, 1555. Appointed Lord 
Chief Baron of the Exchequer 2 Mar, 1558, 
from which office he was dismissed shortly 
after the accession of Queen Elizabeth 22 Jan., 
1559. Died 9 March, 1570-1. His descendants 
continued at Barrow Hall until 1694, when the 
estate was sold by the then representative of 
the family — the Rev. Clement Heigham, — 
whose daughter and eventually sole heiress 
married the Eev. Francis Wace, of which mar- 
riage Sir Willoughby Jones, of Cranmer Hall, 
Norfolk, Bart., is the present representative. 
The male descent of the family was, however, 
continued by the descendants of Arthur 
Heigham, a younger grandson of the Chief 
Baron, and ancestor of John Henry Heigham, 
of Hunston Hall, Suffolk, Esq., now heir male 
of the Heighams of Heigham and Barrow. 
Arms of Heigham : Sable, a fesse oounter-com- 
pony, or and azure, between three horses' heads 
erased argent. 
WiUiam Ryce. Probably the same who sat for 
Aylesbury in the Parliaments of 1554 and 1555. 

1558-9 Jan. 23.- 1 Sir Thomas Bengeb. 
May 8. \ William Fleetwood. 
Sir Thomas Benger. The Eengers were origi- 
nally seated at Manningford, co. Wilts, but 
afterwards removed to Hougbanf in Kent. Sir 
Thomas Benger was second son of Robert 
Benger, of Manningford, and cousin of Henry 
Benger, who settled at Hougham about the end 
of the century. He appears to have died «. p. 
Arms of Benger): Or, a crpas vert, over all a 
bendlet guhs. 
William Fleetwood. The eminent lawyer and 
antiquary. Eldest son of Robert, third son of 
John Fleetwood, of Penwortham, Lancaster. 
Sat as M.P. ior Marlborough 1557 : Lancaster 
1559-1567: St. Mawesl571 : London 1572-1589. 
Serjeant-at-law. Recorder of London 1569. 
Knighted circa 1588. Died 28 Feb., 1593-4. 
His seat was at Missenden, co. Bucks, where 
he founded the line of Fleetwood of Missen- 


den. His last male descendant John FUdieoodl, 
Esq., died in 174S s. j}., having had an only 
sister, the wife of Thomas Ansell, Esq., whose 
present senior co-heir-general is William 
Selhy Lovmdea, of Whaddon Hall, co. Bucks, 
Esq. Arms of Fleetwood, of Missenden : Pep 
pale nebulae aawre and or six martlets counter- 

1562-3. Jan. 11. \ John Hales. 

1566-7. Jan. 2. J William Fleetwood. 
John Hales. Probably the same who sat as M.P. 
for Preston 1547: Hindon 1572. A John Hales, 
second son of Thomas Sales, Alderman of 
Canterbury, was a person of some note at this 
period, although whether the same as the 
member for Lancaster is not certain. He was 
clerk of the Hanaper temp. Henry YIII., and 
received a grant of St. John's Hospital in Cov- 
entry with the lands and possessions belong- 
ing, by letters patent 23 July 1542. His seat 
was at Whitefriars in Coventry, where he died 
5 Jan , 1572-3, without issue. His nephew, 
John Hales, who succeeded to Whitefriars, was 
grandfather of Sir JoJin Hales, of Coventry, 
created a Baronet 28 Aug., 1660, a dignity 
which expired with the eighth Baronet in 1812. 
William Fleetwood. (See Pari. 1559.) 

1571. April2.- { Hbnkt Sadubb. 
May 29. | Miles Sandys. 

Note. — ^Browne Willis (.Notitia Pari.) gives 
Thomas Gave and Stephen Hales as members for 
Lancaster in this Parliament. But inasmuch as he 
assigns the same names to the Borough of Leices- 
ter, the former is probably an error in copying. 
The recently issued Blue Book unfortunately omits 
all refereaoe to this Parliament. The foregoing are 
given as members for Lancaster upon the authority 
of a M.S. contemporary List of the Members of the 
House of Commons in one of the Parliaments of 
this reign. (See Earwaker's " Local Gleanings," 
No, 836). The exact date of the M S. is not on 
record, but it clearly applies to the Parliament of 

Menry SadMr, youngest son of the celebrated 


Sir Ralph Sadleir (Privy Councillor and Secre- 
tary of State to Henry VIII., and Chancellor 
of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1568) sat for 
Lancaster in four successive Parliaments — 1571 
to 1587. Was afterwards seated at Everley, 
CO. Wilts. Arms of Sadleir : Party per fesse 
azure and or gutty, and a lion rampant, 
counter-changed ; in a canton of the last a 
buck's head caboshed of the first. 
Miles Sandys, youngest son of William Sandys, 
of Esthwaite, in Hawkshead, and brother of 
Edwyn Sandys, Archbishop of York. He was 
a Barrister-at law, Master of the Queen's 
Bench and Clerk of the Crown. Died 1603. 
Left four sons all of whom were knighted. His 
eldest son, Sir Edwin Samdys, of Latimers, co. 
Bucks, was father of the active cavalier ofScer, 
Colonel Henry Sandys, who afterwards in- 
herited, through his mother, the Barony of 
Sandys of the Vine, and is now represented by 
Carew Davies Gilbert, of Trelissick, Cornwall, 
Esq., (senior co-heir to that Barony), The 
male line of the member for Lancaster appears 
to have failed with Sir Edward Baynton 
Sandys, Bart., of Missenden Castle, co. Glou- 
cester, who died about 1810 s. p., but a branch 
of the family descended from Christopher, 
brother of the member for the borough, still 
survives in the county, the present represen- 
tative being Thomas Myles Sandys, of Gray- 
thwaite Hall, Ulverstone, Esq. Arms of 
Sandys : Or a fess dancett^e between three 
crosses-crosslet fitch^e gulet. 

1572. May 8. \ Henby Sadleib. 
1583. Apnl 9. ) Thomas Sadleib, 

Jlenry Sadleir. (See Pari. 1571). 

Thomas Sadlmr, brother of his colleague, and 
eldest son of Sir Ralph Sadleir, Chancellor of 
the Duchy. Succeeded to the estate of Stan- 
don, CO. Herts, at his father's death in 1587. 
Was High Sheriff, Herts, 1587-88. Knighted 
circa 1603. Died 5 Jan., 1606-7. Male des- 
cent failed with his son Ralph, who died ». p. 
The only daughter of Sir Thomas, and the 


eventaal heiress of the senior line of the Sad- 
leira of Standon, married Sir Walter Aston, 
afterwards first Baron Aston, and is now re- 
presented by Sir Edward Blount, of Soding- 
ton, Bart., and Sir Fredericic Gl^ord-Oonstdble, 
Bart., descended from the two daughters of 
James, 5th Baron, 

1584. Nov. 23. ) Henry Sadleie. 
168S. Sept. 14. /Thomas Gebabd. 

Henry Sadleir. (See Pari. 1571.) 
Thomas Gerard. Eldest son of Sir Gilbert Gerard. 
Master, of the Rolls and M.P. for the Ooiunty 
in this Parliament. Sat for Lancaster 1585- 
1587 : County 1589-1598 : Staffordshire 1601. 
Knighted circa 1590. Created Baron Gerard of 
Gerards Bromley, 1603. Died 1617. (See 
County Eep. Pari, 1588-9.) 

1586. Oct. 15. I Heney Sadleib. 
1586-7, Mai. 23. i Thoma,s Gerard. 

ffenry Sadleir. (See Pari. 1571.) 
Thomas Gerard. (See Pari. 1585) 

1588-9. Feb. 4. J Roger DALTOif, 
1589. Mar. 29. J John Athert»n. 

Soger DaUon was probably of the Daltons of 

Thurnham Hall. 
John Atherton, of Atherton Hall, sat for (the 

County 1586-1588. Died May 1617. Sea 

County Eep. Pari. 1506.) 

1592-3. Feb. 19. VJohn Preston. 
1593. April 10. J John Acdley. 

John Preston, of Holker Park; Lancaster. Died 
Sept. 11, 1597. His father Christopher, the 
first of the.Preatons of Holker, was second son 
of Sir Thomas Preston, of Preston- Patrick, 
Westmorland, and of Furness Abbey, co. Lan- 
caster, The grandson of the member for Lan- 
caster, in this Parliament, sat for the County 
1664-1679, and his son Thomas, with whom 
the line failed, was M.P. for Lancaster 1689- 
1697. Arms : (gee County Eep. Pari, 1661). 

John AudUy, Haa not been identified. 


1597. Oot. 24.- 1 Thomas Hesketh. 
1597 8. Feb. 9. J Edward HuBB.iRD. 

Thomas Heshelh. Recorder of Lancaster. Returned 
for Preston 1586 aud 1588-9 ; Lancaster 1597 8 : 
Cjunty 1601. Knighted 1603, Died Oct. 15, 
1655. (See County Rep. Pari. 1601.) 

Edward Hubbard. Sat for Monmouth in the pre 
ceding Parliament. 

1601. Oot. 27.) Sir Jerome Bowes. 
Dec. 19. j Sir Carew.Reynbll. 

Sir Jerome Bowes waa elected for Reading in the 
next Parliament. Died March, 1616. .dmbas. 
sador to the Czir of Masoovy. 

Sir Gareio Reynell. ' Youngest son of Richard 
Seynell, of East OgwelJ, Devon Returned for 
Calliugton 1592 : Lancaster 1601 : Wallingfonl 
1614 : Cricklade 1620. Knighted for services in 
the Irish wars by the Earl of Essex, July, 1599. 
Governor of Dnncannon Castle, Cupbearer to 
Queen Elizabeth, Gentleman Usher to the Privy 
Chamber to James I. Died 7 Sept., 1624, aged 
61, s p. The Reynells were seated in the 
counties of Somerset and Devon in the twelfth 
century. The direct male line failed at Eist 
Ogwell in 1735, but several branches of the 
family still exist, Arms of Reynell: Masonry 
argent and sable, a chief indented of fhe second. 

James I. 

1610-11. Feb. { Thomas Fanshaw. 
Sir Thomas HesJceth. (See Pari. 1597.) 
Thomas Fanshaw, of Jenkins, co. Essex. Auditor 
of the northern part of the Duchy of Lancaster. 
Surveyor-General and Clerk of the Crown. Sat 
for the borough in seven successive Parliaments, 
1604r to 1628. Knighted Sept., 1624. Died 12 
Dec, 1630. He was second son of gliomas 
Fanshaw, of Ware Park, oo. Hereford, and uncle 
of Thomas, created Viscount Fanshaw in 1661. 
' Father of the member for Lancaster in tlie Long 
Parliament. Arras of Fanshaw of Jenkins : Ori 
a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis, sable, a 
crescent for difference. 


(1605. Nov. 4.)— Sir Thohas Howakd. 
Vice Sir Thomas Hesketh, deceased. 

Sir TJiomas Howard. Apparently the second son 
of Thomas, first Earl s£ Suffolk, and grandson 
of the fourth Duke of Norfolk. He was seated 
at Charlton in Wiltshire, and was afterirards 
23 Jan., 1621 2, created Baron Howard, of 
Charlton, and Viscount Andovor, and on Feb. 6, 
1625,6, Earl of Berkshire. K.G. Dec. 13, 1625> 
Died 16 July, 1669. Ancestor of the Earls of 
Suffolk and Berkshire. Arms of Howard : Gules 
on a bend between six cross crosslets fitchy 
argent on an escutcheon, or a, demi lion pierced 
through the mouth with an arrow, within a 
double tresBure, flory counter flory, gules. 

1614. April 5.- ■J William Fan.shaW. 
June 7. 3 Thomas Fanshaw. 

WUliam Fanshaw. (See Pari. 1620-1., Clitheroe.) 

Thomas Fanshaio. (See Pari, 1603-4.) 

1620 1. Jan. 16.- ( Sir Humphrey May. 
1621.2. Feb 8. ( Thomas Fanshaw. 

Sir Humphrey May, of Carrow Abbey, Norfolk. 
Chancellor of the Duchy. Sat for Beeralstou 
in 1604-11. Returned for Lancaster in four 
successive Parliaments — 1621 to 1626, — and 
fi.r Leicester in 1623, 1626, and 1628. Knighted 
January, 1612-13. Received tbe reversionary 
grant of the office of Master of the Rolls April, 
1629, but died before the same took effect 9 
June,' 1630. He was fourth son of Richard May, 
of Rawmejre, Sussex, Esq , and brother of Sir 
Richard May, Cursitor Baron of the Exchequer- 
Left, issue at his deceise three sons, but his line 
seems to have failed with bis grandsons. Arms 
of May : Qules a, fesse between eight billets 
Thomas Fanshaw. (See Pari. 1603 4.) 

Note. — No return for Lancaster to this Parlia- 
ment is given in the Parliamentary Blue Book. 


-^623 4. Feb. 12. ) Sir Humphrey Mat. 

1625. Mar. 24. \ Thomas Fanshaw. 

Sir Humphrey May. (See Pari. 1.614.) 
Tliomas Famhawi (See Pari. 1603-4.) 
(1623-4. March 2.)— John Seldbn. 

Vice Sir Humphrey May who elected to serve for 

John Selden, the celebrated lawyer and antiquary. 
Author of" "Titles of Honour" and "History 
of Tithes.' Sat as M.P. for Lancaster 1623- 
25 : Great Bedwin 1625 : Ludgershall 1628 : 
Oxford University 1640 1653. Had a principal 
share in drawing up the " Petition of Eights.*' 
Offered the Great Seal "in 1642 but declined. 
Died Nov. 30, 1654, aged 72. 
Charles I. — ^ 

1625. May 17.- ) Sir Humphrey Mat. 
Aug. 12. 5 Sir Thomas Fanshaw. 
Sir Humphrey May. (See Pari. 1614.) 
Sir Thomas Fanshaw. (See Pari. 1603-4.) 

1625-6. '^eh. 6.- ) Sir Humphrey Mat. 

1626. June 15. ( Sir Thomas Fanshaw. 
Sir Jlumphrey May. (See Pari. 1614.) 
Sir Thomas Fanshaw. (See Pari. 1603 4.) 

^(1625-6. March IQ.)— Thomas Jermtn. 
Vice May returned jf or Leicester. 
Thomas Jermyn, of Eushbroke, in Suffolk. 
Afterwards Knighted. Treasurer of the House- 
hold to King Charles I. M.P. for Leicester 
1625 : Lancaster 1626 : Clitheroe 1628 : Bury 
St. Edmunds 1640. Father of Henry created 
Baron Jermyn 1643 and Earl of Si. Albany 
1660. His male line failed in 1703 with Thomas 
second Baron Jermyn, who left four daughters 
his co-heirs. The Marquis of Bristol repre- 
sents the eldest co-heii^ess. Arms of Jermyn 
of Rushbroke : Sahle, a chevron between two 
mullets .in pale argent, 

-1627-8. Mar. 17- ■) Sir Tho'mas Fanshaw. 
1628-9. Mar. 10. { Sir Franci^ Bindlosse. 
Sir Thomas Fanshaw. (See Pari. 1603-4.) 
Sir Francis Bindlosse, of Berwick Hall, Lancas- 
ter! " Knighted 1624. L)ied 1628, aged 25. 
Father of Siri?o6ert Bindlosse, Bart., wlio sat 


for Lancaster in 1645, and for the county in 

1660. (Arms: See County Eep. Pari. 1660.) 

1640. April 13- "5 Kogee Kirkbt. 
May 5. j John Harrison. 
, Soffer Kirkhy, of Kirkby. M.P. for the County 
1640-1642. Died Ang. 1643. (Arms: See 
County flep. Pari. 1640.) 
John Harrison, of Aldcliffe Hall, Lancaster. 
Knighted 1640. Returned also in next Parlia- 
ment, but disabled as a Royalist by vote of 
the House 4 Sept. 1.643. Again returned 

1661, when he continued to sit until his death 
28 Sept. 1669. His male line failed with his 
grandson Edward Harrison, M.P. for Hert- 
ford in 1722, whose only daughter and heiress 
married the third Viscount TaiimsJtend, and is 
now represented by Marmion Edward Ferrers 
of Baddesley Clinton, co. Warwick, Esq., and 
Henry Towmhend BoiiUbee, of Springfield 
House, CO. Warwick, Esq., as heirs of the two 
surviving daughters of the second _ Marquis 
Townshend. Arms of Harrison of Aldcliffe : 
Or, upon a Cross Axure, four pheons or. 

1640. Nov. 3.- ) Sir John Harrison. (Roj^alist.) 

1653. April 20. j Thomas Fanshaw. {Royalist.) 
Sir John Harrison. (See Pari. 1640.) 
Thomas Fansliaw, of Jenkins, co. Essex. Eldest 
son of Thomas Fanshaw, who sat for the 
borough 1603-1628. Was M.P. for Preston 
1626. Is usually said to have been knighted 
10 Dec, 1660, but in all probability the hon- 
our was conferred upon his son. The latter. 
Sir Thomas FamsHmw, M.P. co. Essex, 1685, 
died after 1699, leaving an only daughter, the 
wife of the Hon. Baptist Noel, ancestor of the 
Earl of Gainsborough, who is thus senior co- 
heir-general of Fanshaw of Jenkins. 

(1645-6. April 6.) — Sir Robert Bikdlossb, Bart. 
Thomas Fell. {Pari.) 

Vice Sir John Harrison disabled 4 Sept. 1643, and 
Thomas Fanshaw disabled 7 Sept. 1642. (New 
writ issued 14 Oct., 1645.) 


Sir Robert Sindlosse, Bart., of Berwick Hall. 
Eldest son of Sir Francis Bindlosse, who sat 
for the borough 1627-1628. M.P. for the 
county in the Convention Parliament 1660. 
Died Nov. 1688. (See County Eep. Pari. 1660). 
T^wmaa Fell, of Swarthmore Hall. Afterwards 
Chancellor of the Duchy. Died Oct. 8, 1658. 
His widow married George Fox, the Quaker. 

Commonwealth. - — — ^ 

Oliver Cromwell, Protector. 

^^Dec'^ll.^' I ^° retux-nsfrom the Boroughs. 

^^l%^lt k \ He»«^ ^o^-^^. (Purl.) 

Henry Porter, of Lancaster. Eldest son of Jomies 
Porter, of Lancaster, Returned also in the 
next Parliament. Living and 52 years of age 
at Dugdale's Visitation of the County in 1665. 
Arms of Porter : Sable, three bells argent, a, 
canton or, 

Mem'y Porter. (See Pai'l. 1654 J 

Richard Oromwett, Protector. 

1658-9. Jan. 27.- ) William West. (Pari) 

1659. April 22. | Hbnry Poeteb, Jnnr. (Pari.) 
William West, Colonel in the Commonwealth 

service. Sat for the county 1653, and for 
Lancaster 1659 and 16^0. (See County £ep. 
Pari. 1653.) 
Henry Porter, Junr. Eldest son of Henry Porter 
who sat for the borough in the two preceding 
Parliaments. Was 29 years of age at Dug- 
dale's Visitation in 1665. 
Chables II. 

1660. April 25. ) W^elliam West. {Pwl.) 

Dec. 29. J Sir Gilbert Gbraed. (Royalisf), 

William West. (See Pari. 1659). 

Sir Gilbert Gerard. There were at this period at 
least three members of the Gerard family, who 
bore the surname Gilbert, viz., Sir Gilbert 
Gerard, first Baronet of Harrow-on-the HUl, 
Middlesex, who sat as M.P. for Middlesex in 
the Long Parliament ; Gilbert, his second son, 
knighted 18 Mareh, 1660-1, and Gilbert, of 
JPiskerton, Lincolnshire,, created Baronet 17 


Npv., 1666. The first-named wag, in allproba'- 
bility, the member for Lancaster. He died 
Jan. 1669-76. The Gerarda of Middlesex de- 
rived from WilUani, younger brother of Sir 
Gilbert Gerard, Master of the EoUs to (^ueeri 
Elizabeth, and M.P. for the County in 
1584. The male line failed with the 
fifth Baronet iil 1715, and the line ia 
now represented .]by the two daughter^ 
of Warwiclc, third Viaoount Lake, descended 
from the marriage of Warwick Lake, Esq., 
with the daughter and heiress of Sir Charles 
Gerard, third Bart, of Harrow. Arms of 
Gerard of Harrow : Argent, a saltier gules. 

1661. May 8. J Sir John HitiKisoN, Kt; 
1678-9. Jan. 24. \ Riohabd Kiekby. 
Sir John Harrison. (See Pari. 1640). 
Richard Kirlcby, of Kirkby. Son of Roger Kirhby', 
who sat for the Borough in 1640. Returned in 
four successive Parliaments 1661 to 1681. 
(Arms: See County Rep.- Pari. 1640). 
(1669. Oct. 25): — RicHABD Haerison. 
Vice Sir John Harrison, deceased. 
Richard Harrison, of AldoUffe, Lancaster. Eldest 
son of his predecessor. Returned also in next 
Parliament. Died Jan. 1725-6. 

1678-9. Mar. 6. ) Richard Kikkby. 
1679. July 12. \ Richard Harrison. 

Richard Kirkby. (See Pari. 1661). 

Richard Harrison, (See Pari, 1661)'. 

1679. Dot. 17. i Richard Kirkby. 
1680-1.' Jan.l8. \ William Spencer, Junr. 

Richard Kirkby. (See Pari. 1661). 

William Spencer, junr. Only son of the Hon. 

William Spencer, of Ashton Hall, Lancaster, who 
was third son of William, second Lord Spencer, 
and son-in-law of Dutton, third Baron Gera/rd 
of Gerards Bromley. Returned again to the 
next ParHament. Died s. p. His sister and the 
eventual heiress of her father married Robert 
Hesketh, of Eufford, by whom she had an only 
daughter, the wife of Sir Edward Stanley, of 
Bickerstaffe, Bart., the ancestor of the present 
Earl of Derby. Arms of Spencer : Argent and 


'gules, in the second and third a fret or, over 
all on a bend sable three escalops of the first. 

1681. Mar. 21- 1 Eichard Kirkbt. 

Mar. 28. > William Spencer, Junr. 

Oxford. ) 

Richard Kirhby. (See Pari. 1661); 

William Spencer, junr. (See Pari. 1679). 
James II. '— 

1685. May 19. ( Hoger Kirkbt. 
1687. July 2. \ Henry Crispe. 

(Charles Viscount Brandon was an unsuccessful 
candidate at this election). 

Roger Kirlcby, of Kirkby. Eldest son of Richard 
Kirkby, who sat for the Borough 1661 to 1681. 
Keturned in seven successive Parliaments 1685 
to 1702. Died Feb. 1708-9. Wto the last of 
the KirkbyS of Kirkby. He disposed of his 
estate by sale, since when nothing has befenjas- 
certamed of the family. 

Henry Crispe. A family of Crispe was possessed 
of an estate in Parbold, in the Parish of Eccles- 
ton, towards the end of the 17th century, and 
continued for about 50 years. 

[Convention Parliament.'] 

1688-9. Jan. 22. j Thomas Preston. (Whig). 

1689-90. Feb. 6. ( (Jurwen Eawlinson. ( Whig). 
Thomas Preston, of Holker. Eldest surviving 
son of Thomas Preston, «vho sat for the County 
1664-1678, and great grandson of John Preston, 
member for Lancaster in 1592. Eeturned in 
three successive Parliaments. Died 31 Jan., 
1696-7, aged 50. His only daughter and heiress 
married Sir William howther, of Marske, 
Bart., whose son Sir Thomas Lowtlier sat for 
the Borough 1722 to 1745. 
Curwen Rawlinson, of Cark Hall, Lancaster. Son 
- of Robert Rawlinson, of Greenhead, Mireside, 
and Cark HaU, the representative of the family 
of Eawlinson, seated at Qreenhead in Colton, 
from the reign of Henry VII. Succeeded his 
father at Cark Hall in 1665. Died August, 
1689, aged 47. His only surviving son, Chris- 
topher, died in 1733, s. p. The Eawlinsons of 
Greenhead and Graythwaite, now represented 


by William Millers JRawUnson, of Duddon Hall> 
Cumberland, Esq., are a younger brancli o£ the 
same family. Arms of Eawlinson i Sable, 
three swords in pale, the centre one point 
downwards the others point upwards, blades 
argent hilts and pommels or, a chief indented 
of the lasti 
(1689. Nov. 21).— RoGBK Kiekbt. (Tory.) 

Vice Eawlinson, deceased. 

Soger Kirhby. (See Pari. 1685.) 

William and Mart. 

1689-90. Mar. 20. ) EogEe Kirkbt. {Tory). 

1695. Oct. 11. J Thomas Pp.eston. ( Whig.) 

Roger Kirhby. (See Pari. 1685). 

Thonim Preston. (See Pari. 1688-9). 

William III. 

1695. Nov. 22. ) Eoger Kirkbt. {Tory). 
1698. July 7. ) Thomas Preston. {Whig). 
Soger KirM>y. (See Pari. 1685). 
Thomas Preston. (See Pari. 1688 9). 
(1696-7. Feb. 26).— Hon Eitton Gep-ard. ( Whig), 
Vice Preston, deceased. 

Hon. Fitton Gerard. Sat for Yarmouth (Isle of 
Wight), 1689-90 : Clitheroe, 1693-1695 : Lan- 
caster, 1697: Lancashire, 1698-1700. (See 
County Eep., Pari. 1698). 

1698. Aug. 24. ) EoGER Kirkby. {Tory ) 

1700. Dec. 19. } EoEEKT Heysham. {7'ory). 
Soger Kirkby. (See Pari. 1685). 

Sobert Heysham, an eminent London merchant, 
but a native of Lancaster, Sat for Lancaster 
in eight successive Parliaments, 1691 to 1715 ; 
and for London 1715-1722. Died 25 Feb., 

1700-1. Feb. 6. ) Eoger Kibkby. (Tory). 

1701. Nov. 11. \ EoBEBT Heysham. (Tory). 
Soger Kirkby. (See Pari. 1685). 

Sobert Heysham. (See Pari. 1698). 

1701. Dec. 30..) Eoger Kirkby. (Tory). 

1702. July 2. 3 EoBBST Heysham. (Tory.) 
Soger Kirhby. (See Pari. 1685). 
Sobert Heysham. (See Pari. 1698). 



1702 Aug. 20.- ) Robert Heysham. (Tory). 
1705. April 5. | Sir William Lowthbb, Bart. 

( Whig). 
Robert Heysliam. (See Pari. 1698). 
Sir William Lowther, first Baronet of Marsk, co, 
York, and of Holker Hall. So created 1697. 
He married OatJierine, daughter and heiress of 
Thomas Preston, who sat for Lancaster 1690 to 
1698. Died April, 1705. His line failed with 
his grandson, the third Baronet, in 1753. Arms 
of Lowther of Mai ske : Or, sLx annulets, threa 

two and one sable, 


1705. Oct. 25.- ) BoBBRT Heysham. (Tory.) 
1708. April 15. ( William Hbtsham. {Tory.) 
Robert Heysliam. (See Pari 1698.) 
William ITeysham. A merchant of London and 
younger brother of his colleague. Sat from 
1705 until death. Died 14 June, 1716. 

1708. Nov. IS. f Robert Heysham. (Tory.) 
1710. Sept. 21. ? William Heysham. (Tory.) 
Robert Heysham. (See Pari. 1698. ) 
William Heysham. (See Pari. 1705.) 

1710. Nov. 25.- ) Robert Heysham. (Tory.) 
1713. Aug. 8. j William Heysham. (Tory.) 
Robert Heysham. (See Pari. 1698.) 
William Heysham. (See Pari. noS.) 

1713-14. Feb. la- ) Robert Heysham. (Tory.) 
1715. Jan. 5. | William Heisham. (Tory.) 
Robert Heysham. (See Pari. 1698.) 
William Heysham, (See Pari. 1705.) 


1714-15. Mar. 17.-) William Heysham. (1'ory.) 
1721-2. Mar. 10. J Dodding Braddyl^,. (Whig.) 
William Heysham,, (See Pari. 1705.) ♦ 

Dodding Braddyll of Conishead Priory. The 
representative of the family of Braddyll, of • 
Braddyll and Brockhole, in the Parish of 
Blackburn, He was sou of John Braddyll, of 
Portfield, by Sarah, daughter and heiress of 
MyUs Dodding, of Conishead Priory, Esp 
Died 31 Dec, 1748, aged 59. His son Thomas 


died unmarried in 1776, leaving hia estate t(j 
his cousin Wilson Gale, who assumed the name 
of Braddyll, and was M.P. for Lancaster iij 
1780. Arms of Braddyll of Coniahead : Argent 
a cross lozengy vert, oppressed by a bend, gobo- 
nated, ermine and azure. 

<1716. July 16.— William Hetsham, Junr. {Tory.) 
Vice Heysham, deceased. 

William Heysham, Junr, Son of his predecessor. 
Died 14 April, 1727. 

1722. Oct. 9. ) William Hetsham. (Tory.) 
1727. Aug. 7. 1 Sir Thomas Lowtheb, Bart. 

(" Country" pcurty.) 
WiUiam Heysham. (See Pari. 1716.) 
Sir Thomas Lowther, second Bart, of Marake and 
of Holker HaU. Eldest son of Sir WilUwm 
Lowther, who sat for the Borough 1702-1705. 
Keturned to four successive Parliaments, and 
sat till his death 23 March, 1745. Hia only 
son Sir WilUvm, third Bart., died unmarried 
in 1753, when the title became extinct, having 
devised Holker Hall and the rest of the estates 
inherited by the first Bart, from the Prestona, 
to hia maternal cousin. Lord Oeorge Cavendish, 
ancestor of the present Duke of Devonshire. 
(1-727. May 1.) — Chbistophbe Tower, Junr. 

Vice Heysham, deceased. 

Christopher Tower, Junr., eldest son and heir- 
apparent of Christopher Tower, of Huntsmore 
Parks, Bucks, and grandson of Thomas Tower, 
of Wyersdale, co. Lancaster. Succeeded to 
Huntsmore upon the death of hia father in 
Sept,, 1728. Sat as M.P. for Lancaster 1727- 
1734 : Aylesbury, 1734-1741 : Boasiney, 1741- 
1742. Died 26 Sept., 1771, aged 79. Hia 
great-grandson Christoper Tower, of Hunts- 
more Park, M.P. for Buckinghamahire in 
1845^ is the present representative of the 
family. Arms of Tower ; SaMe, a tower or. 
Geokqe n. ■ 

1727-8. Jan. 23.- 1 Sir Thomas Lowthee. Bart. 

> {"Country" Party.) 

1734. April 18. ) Christopher Tower, Junr. ( W) 


^OLfi— Tower i ... ... 312 

Lowther 250 

Col. CJharteris 94 

Sir Thomas Lowther. (See Pari. 1722.) 
Christopher Tower. (See Pari. 1721.) 

1734-5. Jan. 14.- ) Sir Thomas Lowtherj Bart. 

[ ("Country" Part^.) 

1741. April 28. ) RobSrt Fenwick. 

("Cburttry" Party.) 
Potli— Lowther ... .i. ... 657 

Fenwick B56 

AUen Harrison 443 

Thomas Hamilton 270 

Sir Thomas Loidher. (See JE>arl. 1722 ) 
Robert Fenwick. Returned also to the next 
Parliament. Was Attorney-General for the 
iCounty Palatine of Lancaster and King's 
Serjeant-at-Law in the Duehy Court. He was 
doubtless a descendant of the ancient family of 
the Fenwicks of Northumberland, but the 
precise eonnection has not been ascertained. 

1 74i. i)ec. 1.- \ Sir Thomas Lowther, Bart. 

f {"Country" Party.) 

1747. Jan. 18. ( RoBEET Fenwick. 

) (" Country" Party.) 

Sir Thomas Lowthet. (See Pari. 1722.) 
Robert Fenwick. (See tarl. 1734.) 
(1745. April 24.)— Francis Reynolds. {Wliig.) 
Vice Lowther deceasedi 
Poll— Reynolds ... .„ .i. 348 

Edward Marton (T.) 255 

Francis Reynolds. Only son of Francis Reynolds, 
Esq. (formerly a Director of the South Sea 
Company), and son-in-law of the first Lord 
l)ucie. Represented the Borough in five suc- 
cessive Parliaments, from 1745 tUl his death, 
8 Aug., 1773. His eldest son inherited the 
Ducie Peerage in 1775 under a special re* 
1747. Nov. 10.- j Francs Retnolds ( Whig). 
1754. April 8. I Edward Marion (Tdry). 
Fran&i Reynolds. (See Pai-l. 1741.) 
Sdward Marton, ef Oapenwrayi Co. Laneasteri 
Descended from the anoient family of Marion, 


Lords of the Manor of Marton in Craven, Co. 
York, from the twelfth to the sixteenth 
century. He was eldest son of Oliver 
Marton, of Capenwray, Recorder of liancaster, 
and represented the Borough from 1747 till his 
death, haying unsuccessfully contested it in 
the election of 1745. Died 4 Dec, 1758, f. p. 
Arms of Marton : Or three bars guks, in the 
dexter chief point an escutcheon ermine. 

1754. May 31.- ) Francis Eeynolds (Whig). 
1761. Mar. 20. ) Edwakd Makton [Tory). 
Ih-amaa Reynolds. (See Pari. 1741.) 
Edward Marton. (See Pari. 1747.) 
(1758. Dec. 22.)— Geoegb Wakrbn (Whig). 
Vice Marton deceased, 
Oeorge Warren, of Poynton, Co. Chester, and of 
Widdrington,;Northumberland. The represent- 
ative of the long line of Warrens, of Poynton. 
Created K.B. 25 Mar., 1761. Sat for Preston 
from 1758-1780 and 1786-1796 ; for Beaumaris 
1780-1784. Died 30 Aug., 1801, s. p. Arms 
of Warren : Cheqney or and azure, on a canton 
ffUlea a lion rampant. 

Geobos m. 

1761. May 19. J Francis Ejetnold.s ( Whig). 
1768. Mar. 12. \ Sir George Warren, KB. (IF.) 
Francis Reynolds. (See Pari. 1741. ) 
Sir Georflte Warren. (See Pari. 1754.) 

1768. May 10.- ) Francis Eeynolds {Whig). 
1774. Sept. 30. { Sir Geoboe Warren, K.B. (IT.) 
Prands Reynolds. (See Pari. 1741.) 
Sir Oeorge Warren. (See Pari. 1754.) 
(1773. Sept. 15.)— Lord Richard Cavendish (TT.) 
Vice Reynolds deceased. 
Lord Richard Cavendish, second sou of William 
fourth Duke of Devonshire. Afterwards sworn 
on the Privy Council. Sat for Lancas- 
ter 1773-1780 ; for Derbyshire 1780 till his 
death. Died 12 Sept., 1781, «. p. 

1774. Nov. 29. ) Sir George Warren, K.B. ( W.) 
1780. Sept. 1. \ Rt. Hon. Lord Rd. Cavendish 

Sir George Warren. (See Pari. 1754.) 
Lord Richard Cavendish. (See Pari, 1768 


1780. Oct. 31.-) Abraham Rawiinson (WJdg). 

1784. Mar. 25. ) Wilson Braddtll ( Whig). 
Abraham Rawiinson, of EUell Hall, Lancaster. 
Eldest son of Thomas Hutton Bawlinson, of 
Lancaster, descended from a younger branch of 
the Eawlinsons of Graythwaite. Sat for the 
Borough 1780-1790. Died s. p. 24 May, 1803, 
aged 65. Arms : (See Pari. 1689). 
Wilson Braddyll, of Conlshead Priory. Grand 
son of Christopher Wilson, of Bardsey Hall, 
by Margaret, sister of Dodding Braddyll^ 
who sat for Lancaster 1715-1722. Took the 
name of BraddyU in lieu of Gale 17 Aug. 
1776, on succeeding to the estates of his cousin 
Thomas Braddyll, Esq. Sat for Lancaster 
1780-1784 ; Carlisle 1791-1796 ; was elected for 
Horsham 1790, but unseated 1792. Died 20 
Nov., 1818. His great-grandson, Edward 
Sotheron Braddyll, of Kock Ferry, co. Chester, 
Esq., is the present heir of the Braddylls of 
Couishead. Arms : (See Pari, 1715. 

1784. May 18.- 1 Abraham Rawlinson (Whig). 
1790. June 11, | Francis Reynolds ( Whig). 

Poll— Bawlinson 1,169 

lleynolds 1,100 

John Lowther (T.) 1,012 

Abraham Rawlinson. (See Pari, 1780.) 
Francis Reynolds. Second son of Lancia 
Reynolds, who sat for the Borough 1745-1773, 
and brother and heir of Thomas second Baron 
Dude. Succeeded as third Baron 11 Sept., 
1785. Died 19 Aug., 1808, aged 69. The pre- 
sent Earl of Ducie is great-grandson of this 
member. Arms of Lord Ducie ; Argeni, chev- 
ron gules, between three square buckles sable. 
1786. Mar. 31.)— Sir George Warren, K.B. (fT.) 
Sir Oeorge Warren. (See Pari. 1754.) 

1790. Nov. 25. ) SirGBORGE Warren, K.B. (Whig.) 
1796. May 20. j JoHN Dent. (Tory.) 

Poll— Warren 1,015 

Dent 1,012 

Richard Peim (W.) 453 

Sir Oeorge Warren. (See Par). 1754.) 
John Dent, a London banker, partner in the firm 
of Child and Co. Sat as M.P. for Iiaucaster in 


five Parliaments, 17«0 to 1812 : Poole 1»18 to 
1826. Supported slave trade and introduced 
the Dog Tax. Died Deo. 1826. 
(Unsuccessful candidate, Eickard Perm, returned 
at the next election), 

1796. Sept. 27. | John Dent. (Torif.) 
1802. June 29. | EicHAEB Penn. (WIdg.) 
John Dent. (See Pari. 1790.) 
Richard Penn, M.P. for Applehy 1784-1790 : Haa- 
lemere, Dec. 1790 to June, 1791 : Lancaster, 
1796-1802 : Haslemere, 1802-18Q6. Died May 
27, 1811. He appears to have been son of 
Sichard Penn, the next brother of Thamas 
Penn, of Stoke Pogis, co. Buckingham, and a 
grandson of Ijhe celebrated William Penn, 
founder of the province of Pennsylvania. His 
descendants settled in the United States, and 
are said to be somewhat numerous at the pre- 
sent time. Since the extinction of tbe senior 
branch as Stoke in 1869, the male representa- 
tion of the family of the " great legislator of 
the Quakers" centres in this branch of the 
Perm family. Arms of Penn of Stoke Pogis ; 
Argent^ op ^ fess sahk three bezants of th^ 

1802. Nov. 16.- > John Dent. {Tory,.) 
1806. Oct. 24. S MAsquis OF Douglas. (Whig.). 
Poll— Dent ... .,. ... ... 1,285 

Douglas ... 1,152 

J. F. Oawthome (T.)... „. 777 
John Dent. (See Pari. 1 790. ) 
Marquis of Douglas. Eldest son of the ninth 
Duke of Hamilton. Summoned to the House of 
Peers vita patris as Baron Dutton, Nov. 1803, 
Succeeded his father as tenth Duke of Hamil- 
ton and Brandon 1819. Died Aug. 11, 1852. 
(UiisuQcessful candidate, John Fenton CawtJtome, 
returned at the next eleption.) 

1806. Dec. 16.- j John Dent. (Tory.) 

1807. April 29. \ JohnPbntonOawthoene. {Tory.\ 

Election uncontested. ' 

John Dent. (See Pari. 1790.) 
/ohn Fen(on Oawthome. Son of Jamei Fento*, 


who took the name of Cawthome in May, 1781, 
by EUmbeth, sister and oo-heiress of John Caw- 
thome, of Lancaster, Esq. (the last male des- 
cendant of the Oawthornes of Wyresdale, who 
»re said to have been located there for 600 
years), and son-in-law of Lord Delaval. Sat 
as M.P, for Lincoln January, 1783, tOl ex- 
pelled the Houqe May 4, 1796. M.P. for Lan- 
caster 1S06-1807, 1812-1818. and 1830-1831, 
Died 1 March, 1831. 

1807, June 22.- ) John Dent. {Tory.) 
1812. Sept. 29. j Peter Patten. {Tory.) 

Poj,L— Dent 1,393 

Patten 1,,S93 

J. F. Cawthome (T.) 923 

G. Doveton (W.) 915 

John Dent. (See Pari. 1790.) 
Peter Patten, of Bank Hall. M.P. for Newton, 
1797-1806 : Lancaster, 1807-1812 : Malms- 
bury, Jan., 1813-1818. He was eldest son of 
Thomas Pattan, of Bank Hall, by Dorothea, 
second daughter and co-heiresa of Peter Bold, 
of Bold (M.P. for Lancashire in 1754), and 
took the name of Bold in May, 1814, on suc- 
ceeding to the Bold Hall estate, and co-repre- 
sentation of that family. Died 17 Oct., 1819, 
aged 55, leaving four daughters his co-heirs, 
viz., 1. Mary, who married but died s. p. 2. 
Dorothea, wife of Sir Henry Hoghton (after- 
wards Bold-Hogliton), Bart. 3. Irances married 
to Sir John D'gby Murray, Bart. 4. Anna 
Maria, who married her cousin John Wilson 
Patten, Esq., of Bank Hall, now Lord Win- 
marleigh. The family of Patten — originally 
from Essex — settled at Patten-lane, Warring- 
ton in the sixteenth century. It is now repre- 
sented in the male line by Lord Winmarlelgh, 
nephew and son-in-law of the member for Lan- 
caster in this Parliament. Arms (See County 
Kep. Pari, 1830), 

1812, Nov. 24.- ) JohnFentonCawthornb.(2'o»^.) 
1818. June 10. ( Gabriel Doveton. (Whig.) 
ElectioQ uncontest' d. 
John fenton Cawthorne. (See Pari. 1806.) 


Gabriel Doveton, a General in the H.E.I.C. Ser- 
vice. Sat for the Borough from 1812 till his 
death in April, 1824. 

1818. Aug. 4.- J Gabriel Doveton. (WJiig.) 
1820. Feb. 29. \ John Gladstone. (Tory.) 

Poll— Gladstone 1,870 

Doveton 1,166 

Cawthorne (T.) ... ... 1,063 

Odbriel Doveton. (See Pari. 1812. ) 

John Gladstone, a merchant of Liverpool. After- 
wards of Fasque, oo. Kinoerdine. Sat as M.P. 
for Lancaster 1818-1820: Woodstock. 1820- 
1826 : Berwick, 1826-27. Created a Baronet, 
1846. Died 7 Dec, 1851, aged S7. Father of 
the Kt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone. Arms (See 
S. Lancashire FarL 1865.) 

CUnsuccessful candidate, JohnFenlon Caiothome. 
Sat for the Borough in the preceding Parlia- 

George IV, 

1820. April 23.- ) Gabriel VoTmiov (Whig.) 
1826. June 2. ( John Fenton Cawthorne (T.) 

Gabriel DovOon. (See Pari. 1812.) 
John Fenton Cawthorne. (See Pari. 1806.) 
(1824. April 20.)— Thomas Gbkbme (Tory.) 
Vice Doveton deceased. 

Thomas Greene, of Slyne, co. Lancaster, and 
Whittington Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale, co. West- 
moreland. Continued to represent the Borough 
from 1824 to 1857 — with the exception of a 
few months in 1852-3 — in all ten Parliaments. 
Died 8 Aug., 1872, aged 78. Arms of Greene : 
Vert, on a fess invected or between in chief 
two pheons and in base a bugle horn argent 
stringed gules three fleurs-de-lis of the last. 

1826. Nov. 14.-) John Fbnton Cawthorne {T.) 
1830. July 24. } Thomas Greene (Tory.} 

Election uncontested, 
John Fenton Cawthorne. (See Pari. 1806.) 
Thomas Greene. (See Pari. 1820.) 


William TV. 

1830. Oct 26.- ) John Fenton Cawthornb {T,) 

1831. April 22. | Thomas Gbeenb (Tory). 
Poll— Greene 363 

Cawthorne 239 

Robert Hyde Greg fW.), ... 112 
JoJm Fenton OawtJiome. (See Pari. 1806.) 
Thomas Cfreene, (See Pari. 1820.) 
[Unsuccessful candidate — Bdbert Hyde Oreg, 
afterwards M.P. for Manchester 1839 to 1841.] 
(1831. Mar. 14.)— Patmok Maxwell Stewart, 
Vice Cawthorne deceased. 
Patrick Moipwell Stewart. Fifth son of Sir 
Michael Schaw Stewart, 5th Baronet of Greenock 
and Blaokhall, oo. Renfrew. Sat for Lancaster 
1831-1837 ; Co. Renfrew 1841. Died 30 Oct., 
1846, aged 61. Arms of Stewart of Greenock: 
Or, a lion rampant gulea. 

1831. June 14.- ) Thomas Greene (Tory.) 

1832. Deo. 3. ) Patrick M. Stewart ( Whig.) 

Election uncontested, 
Tliomaa Greene. (See Pari. 1820.) 
Patrick M. Stewart. (See Pari. 1830.) 

1833. Jan. 29.- ) Thomas Greene (Con.) 

1834. Dec. 30. ) Patrick M. Stewart {Lib.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 1,109. 
Thomas Greene. (See Pari. 1820.) 

Patrick M. Stewart. (See Pari. 1830.) 

1835. Feb. 19.- ) Thomas Greene (Con.) 
1837. July 17. ) Patrick M. Stewart {Lib.) 

Election uncontested. Keg. electors, 1,154. 
Thomas Greene. (See Pari. ,1820.) 
Patrick M. Stewart. (See Pari. 1830.) 


1837. Nov. 15.- j Thomas Greene {Gon.'i 
1841. June 23. j George Marton {Con.) 
Reg. electors, 1,161. 

Poll— Greene 614 

Marton 527 

P. M. Stewart (L.) 453 

Wm. E. Greg (L.) 347 

Thomas Greene. (See Pari. 1820.) 


George Marion, of Capenwray and Berwick HalWj 
grandnephewand heir of Edward Marton, whd 
sat for the County in 1847. Returned also iil 
the next Parliament. Was High Sheriff of 
Lancashire 1858. Died 24 Nov.> 1867. Father 
of George Blucher Heneage Marton, Esq., thd 
presfent proprietor of Capenwray and Berwick 
Halls. Afms : (See County Rep., Pari. 1747.) 
tUnsuccessful candidates — Patrich M. Stewart) 
the Member for the Borough in the previous Parlia- 
ment. Wm. EatKbone Greg, brother of the eahdi- 
date in 1830-31. Was afterwards Commissioners 
of Customs and Comptroller of the Stationery 
Office. Author 6i " The Creed of Christendom,'' 
"Enigmas of Life," " Rocks Ahead," &c. 

1841. Aiig; 19.- ) Thomas Gebbne (Cfon.) 
1847. July 23. S Ghobob Mabton {GM.) 
Reg. electors, 1,296. 

Poll— Greene 699 

Marton 594 

John Armstrong (L.) 572 

Thomas Greene. (See Pari. 1827.) 
George Marton. (See Pari. l837.) 

1847. Nov. 18. ) Thomas Greene. [Con.) 
1852. July 1. ) Samuel GBBCsoir. {Liberal.) 
Reg. Electors, lS9l 

Poll— Gregson 724 

Greene 721 

E. D. Salisbury (Protectionist) 621 
Thomas Greene. (See Pari. 1820.) 
Sa/muel Gregson, of Overton Hall, Oheshire, a 
merchant of London. Chairman of the East 
and West India Docks. Unseated on petition 
in 1848, but returned again to the next Parlia^ 
ment, and continued to sit until his decease, 
8 Feb., 1865. 
[UnSuficesaful candidate — EdiUaM Dodson SatiS' 
hury. Died 13 Nov., 1875).] 

(1848. Mar. 9.)— Robert SatSbS ARMSTEONGt. 

Vice Gregson unseated. 
Poll — Armstrong ... ... ,,; 636 

Hoh. £. %. gtsknle^ (C). «. 6Sd 


Sobert Saynes Armstrong, Bencher of the Innet 
Temple. Successively Recorder of Hull, 1836, 
Leeds, 1837, and Manchester, 1848. Queen's 
Counsel 1840. Returned again to next Parlia- 
ment, but unseated on petition in the following 
year. Died 15 Jan., 1869, aged 63. 
[Unsuccessful candidate — Hon. Edward Henri) 
Stanley (now Earl of Derby) eldest son of Lord 
8tanky afterwards Earl of Derby. "^ 

1852. Nov. 4.- ) Samuel Geegson. {Liberal.) 
1857. Mar. 21. j Robert Baynes Aemstrono. 

•Reg. Electors, 1393. 

Poll— Gregsou 699 

Armstrong , ... 690 

T. Greene (C) 569 

J. Ellis (0) 432 

Samuel Oregson. (See Pari. 1847.) 
Robert Baynes Armstrong. (See Pari. 1847). 
[Unsuccessful candidates — Thoruas Greene, the 
member in preceding Parliament. John Ellis was 
M.P. for Newry, 1837-1841]. 
(1853. April 12).— Thomas Greene. (Can.) 
Vice Armstrong unseated. 

Poll— Greene 684 

John Armstrong (L.) 56S 

Thomas Cheene. (See Pari. 1820.) 
[Unsuccessful candidate — John Armstrong. Can- 
didate in the Pari. 1841-47.] 

1857. AprU 1.-7 Samuel Geegson. (Liberal.) 
1859. April 23. j William James Gaenett. 

Reg. Electors, 1393. 

Poll— Gregson 827 

Garnett 773 

Bobert Gladstone 537 

Samuel Oregson. (See Pari. 1847.) 
William James Garnett, of Quernmore Park, 
Lancaster. Sat for the Borough 1857-18C4. 
Died 15 Sept., 1873, aged 55. Arms of Gar- 
I nett : Guhs, a lion rampant argent, ducaUy 
crowned within a bordure nebuly or, on a 
canton of the last an eagle displayed with two 
heads aahU, 


[Unsuccessful candidate — Roheii, Oladstont, a 
Manchester merchant, first cousin of the Right 
Hon. W. E. Gladstone. He died 1 May, 1872, 

aged 61.] 

1859. May 31.-1 Samuel Gkegson. (Liheral.) 
1865. July 6, j WniiAM James Garnet. [Con.) 
Reg. Electors, 1327. 

Poll— Gamett 660 

Gregson 641 

■W. A. F. Saunders (C.) ... 509 

E. M. Fenwick (L.) 459 

Samuel Gregson. (See Pari. 1847.) 
William Jarnes Gamett. (See Pari. 1857. ) 
[Unsuccessful candidates — William Allen Frances 
Saunders, of Wennington Hall, near Lancaster. 
Contested the next election. Died 1879.—^. W. 
fenwici: returned for the Borough in 1864.] 
(1864. April 13).— Edwam) Matthew Feitwick. 

Vice Gamett, resigned. 

Poll— Fenwick 682 

"W. A. F. Saunders (C.) 525 

Edward Matthew Fenwick, of Barrow Hall, 
Kirkby Lonsdale, barriater-at-law. Son of 
Edward J. Seid, Esq., of Jamaica. Assnmed 
the name of Fenwick in lieu of Reid, June, 
1851. Died Oct. 16, 1877, aged 65. 
(1865. Feb. 20.) — Henkt William Schtteider. 

Vice Gregson, deceased. 

Henry William Schneider, of Lightburn House, 
Ulverstone, a merchant of Lancaster. M.P. 
for Norwich 1857, but was unseated on peti- 
tion. Returned again for Lancaster in the 
next Parliament, but unseated on petition 
AprU, 1866. 

1866. Feb. 1.- ) Edwabd Matthew Fenwick. (£.) 

1868. Nov. 11. ( Henet William Schneider. [L.) 

Reg. Electors, 1394. 

Poll— Fenwick 713 

Schneider 687 

Edward Lawrence (0.) 665 

Edward Matthew Fenwick, (See Pari. 1859.) 
Henry William Schneider. (See Pari. 1859.) 
[Unsuccessful candidate — Edward Lawrence, was 
a merchant of Liverpool.] 


Note.— 1866, April 23.— Bdwd. Matthew Penwiok 
and Henry William Schneider both unseated, 
and writ suspended. 



The history of the Parliamentary Eepreseutation 
of Preston has been so well told by Mr. Dobson 
(Hist, oftlie Pa/rl. Rep. of Preston, by W. Dobson, 
1868), and still later, and even more elaborately, in 
the admirable series of papers now appearing in 
the Preston Chardian (Ed. by Mr. W. A. Abram) 
that it seems scarcely necessary to dwell upon the 
subject in these columns. But inasmuch as our 
purpose is to give a brief chronological view of the 
whole of the representative history of Lancashire, 
alike of the county and its boroughs, it is of course 
impossible to exclude from our plan the Borough of 
Preston. At the risk therefore of going over 
ground already so well covered, we proceed to deal 
with this, which in point of antiquity may possibly 
be termed the second important Lancashire 
Borough, simply premising our notes with the state- 
ment that, without in all cases accepting the iden- 
tifications to be found in the before-named authori- 
ties, we have taken full advantage of the light cast 
upon the subject by both writers. 

The right of sending two members to Parliament 
was exercised by the Borough of Preston at least 
as early as the 23 Edw. I. (1295). To the Parlia- 
ment which met on 27 November of that 


year — the first Parliament of which reliable returns 
have been preserved — ^the County of Lancaster con- 
tributed, in addition to the two knights of the 
shire, two burgesses for each of the boroughs of 
Lanoaster, Preston, Liverpool, and Wigan. The 
two latter very soon ceased exercising the right, 
but Lancaster and Preston continued to make re- 
turns until the year 1331. From thence, for the 
space of nearly 200 years, the privilege was wholly 
suspended in all the Lancashire Boroughs. In the 
Parliament of 1529 (21 Henry VIII.) we find the 
Boroughs of Preston and Lancaster each again send- 
ing two members, but owing to the total loss of all 
the Parliamentary records between 1477 and 1527, 
it is impossible to say definitely if the latter date 
was the earliest in which the elective right was re- 
newed. From 1529 until the present time the 
borough has continued almost without intermission 
to send two members to the House of Commons. 

Prior to the Act of 1832 the elective franchise in 
this borough was of an exceptionally wide charac- 
ter. All the male inhabitants of the age of 21 
years and upwards, who had resided six months 
within the borough and had not for the space of 
twelve months immediately preceding been charge- 
able to any parish as paupers, were entitled to vote 
on the occasion of a Parliamentary election. This 
right was conferred or confirmed by several suc- 
cessive resolutions of the House, although it does 
not date back farther than the middle of the last 
century. At the election of the Convention Parlia- 
ment in April, 1660, the members returned for 
Preston were Richard Standish and Alexander 
Eigby, Esqrs. This return was petitioned or com- 
plained against. "The journals of the House of 
Commons contains no record of the nature of the 
petition nor from whence it proceeded, but doubt- 
less the question at issue was the one decided the 
following year, whether the Corporation or the 
whole of the inn-burgesses (freemen) were entitled 
to elect the members" (Dobson, p.p. 18-19). Upon 
this petition the Committee of Privileges and Elec- 
tions reported to the House — 20 June, 1660, — that 
"Upon examination of the facts it appeared that 
at the time of the election the taking of the poll 


vras denied by the Mayor, and that in respect there, 
of the committee are of opinion that the election is 
void." Thereupon it was resolved by the House 
that the election was void, and a writ was issued 
for a new election. At the next general election in 
1661, the question as te the persons entitled to the 
franchise was more fully brought up. " At this 
period the Corporation claimed the privilege of 
alone returning the members, the ion-burgesses or 
freemen insisted upon sharing it with them" (Dob- 
son). The exclusive Corporation party returned 
Edward Rigby, Esq., and Dr. William Fyfe, as their 
candidates, while the inn-burgesses, or general 
body of freemen of the borough, made a return of 
Edward Rigby, Esq., and Jeffrey Rishton, M.D. 
Petitions were lodged, and on 31 May, 1661, the 
House ordered that — "Mr. Rishtou doth sit in this 
House until the merits of the cause be determined." 
The final decision was made on 18 December fol- 
lowing, the House resolving upon the report of the 
committee as follows : ' ' That upon the petition of 
Dr. Fyf e against Dr. Rishton they had proceeded to 
examine the matter touching the elections for the 
Borough of Preston and the question being whether 
the Mayor and twenty-four burgesses had only 
voices, or the inhabitants at large ; the committee 
is of opinion that all the inhabitants have voices in 
the election, and that the majority of such voices 
is with Dr. Rishton, and that he is duly elected a 
burgess of the said borough and ought to sit." 
Upon this ruling of the House of Commons turned 
the decision of a dispute as to the return made more 
than a hundred years after, and the popular fran- 
chise which thereafter obtained in Preston had its 
origin in this same ruHng of the House in 1661, 
broadly construed by a majority of the House in 
1768. (" Sketches of Preston Parliamentary Elec- 
tions," No. 3. Preston Otmrdian, 23 Nov., 1878). 
It was at the election of 1768 called " The Great 
Election," that the celebrated contest first arose as 
to the construction to be placed upon the decision 
of the House in 1661. The question in dispute was 
whether the term " all the inhabitants" denoted 
inn-burgesses or enrolled freemen of the borough 
only, or the whole of the adult male population at 


large. To test the question the Corporation and 
freemen nominated Sir Peter Leicester and Sir 
Frank Standish, Bart., while the opposite party 
proposed Sir Henry Hoghton, Bart., and General 
John Burgoyne. After a poll of nine days, the two 
former were declared by the Mayor — who admitted 
the votes of freemen only — to be duly elected. The 
unsuccessful candidates immediately petitioned. 
On the 29th November, 1768, the House determined 
"that the words, 'all the inhabitants,' mentioned 
in the resolution of the House in 1661 did not only 
mean the inn-burgesses of the last guild, or those 
admitted since by copy of court roU, as are inhabi- 
tants of the said place, but all the inhabitants at 
large." (Oldfield's Eep. History iv. 97). The ques. 
tion was further raised at the general elections of 
1780 and 1781, but in each case the House confirmed 
its previous decision. From thence until 1832 no 
further attempt was made to dispute the right of 
" the inhabitants at large" to vote at Parliamentary 
elections for the borough. 

The Reform BUI of 1832, which " gave the right 
to vote to all occupiers of premises in boroughs of 
the annual value of £10 and abrogated other fran- 
chises, preserved to the then possessors their exist- 
ing privileges, so that those who before the 7th 
June, 1832, the day the Reform Act received the 
Royal assent, had resided in the town six months, 
and were 21 years of age, continued to be electors 
of Preston, although possessing no other qualifica- 
tion. The constituency of Preston was thus a large 
one — more numerous than it had ever been since, 
until the operations of the Reform Act of 1867, for 
the old ' potwallopera' have yearly been reduced in 
number. The register of 1832 contained the 
names of 6,291 qualifying by the old fran- 
chise and 736 by a iSlO occupancy, but of the 
latter 676 had a duplicate qualification, so that the 
total number of names on the list was 6,352 '' 
(Dobson, p. 79). Since that date, while the register 
of ;610 voters has nearly every year shown an 
increase, the old franchise list has year by year 
diminished, and is now become almost extinct, al- 
though it is believed that a few individuals still 
exist who have the light to vote by virtue of the 


franchise created by the resolutions of the House 
of Commons in 1661 and 1768. 

The population of Preston in 1801, 14,300 ; in 
1811, 19,528; in 1821, 27,300; in 1831, 36,336; in 
1841, 53,482 ; in 1851, 72,136 ; in 1861, 82,987 ; in 
1871, 85,427. 

Edwakd I. 

27. > 

Westminster. J Adam RtfsSBLL. 
WiUiam Fitz Paul, Returned also in 1300-1. 
Died after 1312. 

1298. May 25. "i Adam Fitz Ralph. 
York. i Adam de Biei. 

1300-1. Jan. 20. J William Fitz Paul. 
Lincoln. { 
Note. — ^The name of his colleague is wanting in 
the original Return. 

1305. Feb. 28. \ Robbet de Pebstok. 
Westminster. /Hbney del Townhende. 
Bohert de Preston. Returned as " Robert Fitz 
William de Preston." His family were long 
considerable owners of laud in the township. 
Henry del townhende. Returned as "Henry 
Fitz William del Townhende." 

1307. Jan. 20. j Robeet Fitz Rogee. 
Carlisle. J Richaed Banastke. 
Richard Banastre. Returned also in the next 
Parliament. The Banastres of Preston were 
presumably a branch of those of Waltonle- 
Dale, the direct line of which became extinct 
about 1292 (see County Rep. Pari. 1305.) They 
they were long a most influential family in the 
locality. Their seat was afterwards at Darwen 
Hall, in Walton, where they flourished until 
the early part of tho seventeenth century. 

Edwaed II. 

1307. Oct. 13. ) Heney del KrBKESTTLE; 

Northampton. \ Richaed Banastee. 

1327. Jan. 7. ) Laotience Teavees. 
Westminster. \ William de Geaistock. 


Laurence Travers, of Nateby and Tulketh. 
Eldest son of Thomas Travers, M.P. for the 
County in 1300. Died drca 1347. His de- 
scendants continued at Kateby Hall, until 
Sichard Travers, of Nateby, his heir in the 
eleventh generation, sold the manor and estates 
of the family in 1626. Arms : (See County 
Eep. Pari. 1300). 

Edward HI. 

1427. Sept. 15. ) John Stakky. 
Lincoln. \ Henby Banastbe. 
Henry Banastre, Probably son of the member 
in 1307. 

1329. Feb. 9. > William Pitz Paul. 
Westminster. ) Nicholas de Preston, 

William Fitz Pawl. Returned again in the next 
Parliament. If not the same with the mem- 
ber in 1295, he was doubtless closely related. 

Nicholas de Preston. Probably son of Robert de 
Preston, who sat in the Parliament of 1305. 

1330. Nov. 26. ) William Pitz Paul. 
Westminster. ) Henrt de Haydock. 

Henry de Haydock, The Knight for the Shire 
in 1329, and several subsequent Parliaments. 

1331. Sept. 30. ) John Pitz Galprid. 
Westminster. { William Fitz John. 
Note, — No further Returns until 1529. 

Henry VUI. 

1529. Nov. 3.- ) Christopher Haydock. 

1536. April 4, \ James Walton. 

Christopher Haydock. The ancient Lancashire 
family of Haydock of Haydock became extinct 
in the male line in 1422 (See County Rep., 
Pari, 1320.) But a collateral branch long 
flourished at Oottam Hall, near Preston. Of 
this line the earliest known ancestor — Gilbert 
Haydock — was Lord of the Manor of Cottam, 
10 Hen. v., 1422, where his descendants 
continued for nine generations. The 
last in direct descent, William Haydock, 
of Cottam, Esq., died iu 1717, s. p., leaving 
three siatera his co-heirs. But a younger 


branch derived frotA OnthieH, tinftle of last- 
named WiUiam Hapiotie, existed at the Tagg 
HoiiBB, Preston, until the present century. 
The Rev. Charge Leo Haydbeh, the noted 
Biblical annotator, who died in 1849, appears 
to have been the last taale of the family. The 
name of the memher for Preston in this Parlia- 
ment does not appear in any tot the known 
pedigrees of Haydoek of Cottam, but that ha 
was of the family cannot be doubted. Arms 
of Haydoek of Cottam ; Arjent, three Sgarrow 
hawks elose guhs. 
James Walton was of the Waltons of Walton-ia- 
le-t>ale, who were seated there from the four- 
teenth to the seventeenth century. Descend- 
ants of the family were Burgesses of Prestoui 
aa late as 1702. 

1536-154:7. "^ SV)ur Parliaments. No Returns 

Edward VI. 

1547. Nov. 4.- j G-EOKGE Frbvill. 

1552. April 15. j John Hales. 

Oeorge Frevill. There is little doubt but that 
this member was &edtge Frevill, ef the Middle 
Temple, barrister-at-laW, who, on 31 Jan., 
1559, was Constituted Baron of the Exoheiluer, 
having previously been Recorder of Cambridge. 
He either died or was removed from his judicial 
office about the year 1579, when his successor 
was appointed. He was second son of Robert 
Freville, of Shelford, co. Ca,mbridge, and upon 
the death of his elder brother John, in 1552, 
inherited the Shelford estate, which he after- 
wards disposed of ; from thence the family 
Bank into insignificance. The Frevills of 
Hardwick, oo. Durham^ were a branch of those 
of Shelford. Arms of Frevill ; Oules, three 
crescents coming. 

John Hales. Probably the member for Lancaster 
in 1563 : Hindoo, 1572. (See Lancaster Rep., 
Pari. 1562-3.) 

1553. March 1.- f Anthony Beowne. 
March 31, > Thomas Flebtwood. 



Anthony Browne, of the Middle Temple, bar- 
rister-at-law. Eeturned also in the next 
Parliament. He was son of Wiston Browne, of 
Aberrodine, oo. Essex, and son-in-law of 
WilUam Warrington, of Werden. Appointed 
Serjeant-at-Law and Queen's Serjeant 16 Oct., 
1555 ; Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 
5 Oct., 1658, but upon the accession of Queen 
Elizabeth was reduced to a puisne justice o' 
the same Court 22 Jan., 1659. Knighted 1566. 
Died 6 May, 1567, aged 57, s,p. 

Thomas Fleetwood, of the Vaohe, co. Bucking- 
ham. Second son of WilUam Fleetwood, of 
Hesketh, and brother of John Fleetwood, of 
Penwortham, co. Lane. Sat for the county of 
Buckingham 1563-67. Was Treasurer of the 
Mint, and Sheriff of cos. Buckingham and 
Bedford. He left a numerous issue. From 
his elder sons descended several branches of the 
family seated in the cos. of Buckingham and 
Northampton. His youngest son Edmund was 
progenitor of the Fleetwoods of Kossall, co. 



1553. Oct. 5.- ) William Gerakd. 
Dec. 5. I Anthony Beowne. 

William Gerard. Probably the younger brother 
of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Master of the Rolls and 
ancestor of the Gerards of Flamberds. He 
subsequently represented Wigan in the Parlia- 
ments of 1559, 1563, and 1571. Died 15 April, 

Antlwny Browne. (See Pari. March, 1563.) 

1554. April 2.- ) Thomas Euthall. 

May 5. J William Bbehebs. 

Thomas Euthall, nephew and heir of Thomas 
Euthall, Bishop of Durham, who died in 1523, 
was living at this time, and was most likely 
the member for Preston. His descendants 
settled in Buckingham. 

William Berners has not been identified. The 
name is not known in Lancashire, but is of 
some note in Essex. A WilUam Berners was 
living at this time at Finohingfleld in that 
County. He was one of the King's Auditors, 


and was grandson of John Bemers, of Writtle. 
Died 30 Aug., 1558. 

1564. Nov. 12.-1 Sir Rich ABD Sherborne. 

1555. Jan. 16. | John Stltaed. 

Sir Richard Sherborne, of Stonyhurst. Lineally 
descended from Sir John de Sherborne, Knight 
for the Shire in 1336. Sat for the County 
1553 : Preston 1554 and 1557 : Liverpool 1555. 
Wag one of the Commissioners for the dissolu- 
tion of the monasteries in the reign of Henry 
VIII., and an Ecolesiaatioal Commissioner for 
the north in that of Elizabeth. Died 26 July, 
1594. His last male descendant — Nicholas 
Sherborne, of Stonyhurst — was created a 
Baronet in 1685, but died in 1111 s. p. m., 
leaving as the eventual heiress of the family 
his sister the wife of William Weld, of Lul- 
worth Castle, co. Dorset, Esq., whose present 
heir of the line is Lord Clifford, of Chudleigh. 
Arms : (See County Eep., Pari. 1336.) 
John Sylyard. Doubtless John Sylyard, of Dela- 
ware, CO. Kent, who sat for Bodmin in 1554 ; 
Ipswich 1553 and 1555 : Chippenham 1558 : 
and was knighted by Queen Mary. Died 
after 1574. He was grandson of Sir John 
Sylyard or Sulyard, Justice of the King's 
Bench, who died in 1488. His descendant, 
John Sylyard, of Delaware, was created a 
baronet in 1661. Both the baronetcy and the 
family failed in 1702 upon the death of Sir 
Thomas, fourth baronet. Arms of Sylyard of 
Delaware : Argent, a chevron guUa between 
three pheons sabU. 

1555. Oct. 21.. I John ARtrwDELL. 
Dec. 9. I John Heble. 

John Arymdell, This member was doubtless' 
John, eldest son of Sir John Arundell, of 
Llanheme, in Cornwall, and son-in-law of 
Thomas Earl of Derby. He sat for the co. 
Cornwall in the next Parliament, and died 17 
Nov., 1591. Lords Anmdell and Gliford, of 
Chudleigh, are his present co-heirs general. 
Arms of Arundell of Uanherne : Sable, ail. 
swallows argent three two and one. 


John Herle. Probably the same who sat for 
Pembroke Borough in the first Parliament of 
1554. -^^ 

1557-8. Jan. 20.- I Sir Riohaeb Sheebobnh. 

1558. Nov. 17. I Sir EoBfiM SoTrTHWBli. 
Sir Richard Sherborne (See Pari. 1554). 
Sir Sobert Southwell, of Jote's PlaOe, Co. Kent, 
second son of Francis Southmell, Auditor of 
the Exchequei? telup. Henry VIII., and brother 
of Sir Richard Southwell, P.O., ancestor of the 
Lords De Clifford. He was a Bafrister-at- 
law. Master of the Court of llequests, Jan., 
1541. Master of the Rolls from 1 July, 1541, 
to Dec, 1550. Knighted 1541. Sat as M.P. 
for Surrey, 1S41 ; Westminster, 1552 : Kent, 
1553 and 1555 : Preston, 1558. Died Nov., 
1559. Arms of Southwell : Argent, three 
cinquefoils guka, each charged with si^ 

Elizabeth. ^-^— 

1558-9. Jan 23. ) Rogbe Alford. 
1559. May 8. ) Richard Cooke. 
Roger Alford. Ptobably the member for Bletoh- 

ingford in the Parliament of 1557. 
Richard Coohe. A Richard Cooke sat for Tavis- 
lockin 1562 and Lymington in 1584. 

1562-3. Jan. 11. j Gilbebt Mobbton. 
1566-7. Jan. 2. ) RoGEB AscHam. 
Gilbert Moreton. A family of this name was long 

seated at Moreton Hall in Whsdley. 
Roger Aacham. The celebrated scholar. Latin 
Secretary to Queen Mary and 2 ntor to Queen 
Elizabeth. Fellow of St. John's Coll., Cam- 
brdige, 1534. B.A., 1584. M.A., 1536. Died 
30 Dec, 1568, aged 53. 

1571. April 2. J Edward Basbs^. 
May 29. { Reginald Williams. 

Edward Bashe, of Stanstedbury, co. Hertford, 
son-in-law of Sir Ralph Sadler, Chancellor of 
the Duchy. He was Purveyor of the Navy 
under Henry YIII., and died 2 May, 1587. 
His last male descendant, Sir Edward Bashe, 
of Stanstedbury, was knighted in 1671, and 
died after 1698 a. -p. 


RtginaM Williams. Not identified. 

1572. May 8. > James Hosqeinson, 

1583. April 9. ) GsoBaE Hobsey. 

JaTtiea Hodghimon, Second son el William 
Hodgkmson, Mstyoi of Preston in 1571, and 
himself afterwards an Alderman of the 
Borough. The Hodgkinsons were an ancient 
local family, and long exercised considerable 
influence in the town. Several of them served 
at varions periods the ofSce of chief magis- 
trate, or were enrolled among the Burgesses of 
the Borough. They continued to flourish until 
the commencement of the eighteenth Century, 
and in a humbler sphere descendants are said 
yet to exist in the town. Arms of Hodgkinson 
of Preston : Or, a cross pierced five oinquefoUs 

George Horsey sat for CUtheroe in 1571, and 
Aldborough (York) in 1586, 

1584. Nov. 23. ) William Fleetwood. 

1585. Sept. 14. ( Thomas Cbomwell. 

WaUam Meetmood. Probably WiUiam Fleetwood, 
of Cranford, co. Northampton, the third son of 
Thomas FUetwoodj of the Vaohe, who sat for 
the Borough in 1553. He was afterwards 
knighted and appointed Beceiver of the Court 
of Wards. Of his six sons, the eldest. Sir 
Miles, was ancestor of the Fleetwoods, of Ald- 
winokle, in Northamptonshire and the fifth 
Sir William, M.P. for Woodstock in the Long 
Parliament, was father of the celebrated Par- 
liamentary General, Gharles Fleetwood, com- 
monly called " Lord Fleetwood," son-in-law of 
Oliver Cromwell, and one of the members of 
his Upper House. A branch of the family long 
settled in Sweden, descended from Oeorge 
Fleetwood, youngest son of Sir William, of 

Thomas OromweU. Apparently the Thomas 
Cromwell, who sat for Fowey in 1571. Bod- 
jnin 1572>83, and Ctrampound 1586-89. Was a 
most active member of the House, sitting on 
most of the committees between 1572 and 
16S9. Is thought to have been a younger son 


of Sir Bifhard Oromwell alias Williams, of 
Hinchinbroke, and grand-unde of the Pro- 
tector. He probably died soon after 1589, his 
name not appearing in the next Parliament. 
There was another Thomas Oromwell probably- 
living at this period, who may possibly have 
been the member 'for Preston, viz., the Hon. 
Thomas, younger brother of Henry second 
Baron Cromwell and grandson of the cele- 
brated "Vicar General," Oromwdl Earl of 
Essex. Arms of Cromwell of Hinchinbroke : 
Sable, a lion rampant, argent, 

1586. Oct. 15.- ) John Brograve. 
1586-7. Mar. 23. ( Thomas Hbskbth. 

Jrohn Brograve. Returned also in 1597 and 
1601, and sat for Boroughbridge in 1592. Was 
Atterney-General for the Duchy of Lancaster 
from 1565 to 1590. Knighted by James I., 1 
May, 1603. Died 11 Sept., 1613. He was 
sou of Richard Brograve, of Kelseys, co. 
Kent, and acquired by purchase the manor of 
HameUs, co. Hertford, which long continued 
the seat of his descendants. His great-grand- 
son, Thomas Brograve, of HameUs, was created 
a Baronet in 1662, but the title became ex- 
tinct with the third Baronet in 1707. Arms of 
Burgrave : Argent, three lions passant, guard- 
ant, in pale, gules, 

Thomas Sesketh, of Whitehill, oo. Lancaster. 
Returned for Preston 1586 and 1589 : Lancas- 
ter, 1597 •- the County, 1601 : Was a 
Bencher and Reader of Gray's Inn, Recorder 
of Lancaster, and Attorney of the Court of 
Wards. Died 15 Oct., 1605. (See County 
Rep. 1601.) 

1588-9. Feb. 4.- ) Thomas Hesketh. 
1589. Mar. 29. J Michael Doughtbb. 
Thrnnas Hesketh. (See Pari. 1586.) 
Michael Doughtie, of Thomley-cum-Wheatley, 
CO. Lancaster. Sat for Liverpool 1592. Was 
secretary to the fourth Earl of Derby, His 
son, John, left a daughter and heiress, Eliza- 
beth Doughtee, the wife of Thomas Patten, 
M.P. for Preston in 1689. Their only daughter 


married Sir Thomas Stanley, of Biokerstafife, the 
ancestor of the present Earl of Derby. 

1592-3. Feb. 19. - 1 JameTdalton. 
159.3. April 10. j Thomas Bulbeck;. 

James Dalton may have been of the Daltons of 
'rimriiham. A James Dalion sat as M.P. for 
Saltash 1563-1572, and for Lostwithiel 1585 and 
1586 but whether the same with the member 
for Preston is not certain. 

Thomas Bulbech has not been identified. He was 
probably a native of the Borough. 

1597. Oct. 24. j John Brograve. 

1597-8. Feb. 9 ) Sir John Stanhope, Kt. 

John Brograve (See Par]. 1586 ) 

^ir John Stanhope, of Harrington, oo. Northampton. 
Sat for Marlborough, 1572 : Beverley, 1584 : 
Truro, 1586 : Rochester, 1588-9 : Northampton- 
shire, 1601 : Newtown, 1604. Was Treasurer of 
the Chamber 1596, and Vice-Ohamberlain of the 
Household 1600 1617. Sworn on the Privy 
Council 1603. Created Baron Stanhope, of Har- 
rington, 4 May, 1605. Died 9 Mar., 1620-1, 
leaving an only son, Charles, second Baron 
Stanhope, with whom in 1682 the Peerage became 
extinct. The Earl oiDysa/rt and Lord Tollemache 
are the present repr. sentatives of the Lords 
Stanhope, of Harrington. Arms ef Stanhope ; 
Quarterly, ermine and gules. 

1601. Oct. 27.- J John Brograve. 
Dec. 29. ) William Wade. 

John Brograve. (See Pari. 1586.) 
William Wade or Waade, one of the Clerks of the 
Privy Council. Sat for Alborough in 1585, and 
for Westlooe 1605. He was at various times 
Ambassador to Spain, France and Scotland, By 
King James I. he was knighted, sworn on the 
Privy Council, and appointed Lieutenant of the 
Tower of London. Died 25 Oct., 1623. His line 
appears to have failed with his grandson. 

James I. 

1603 4. Mar. 19.- ) Sir Vincent Skynnbr, Kt. 

1610-11. Feb. 9 \ William Holt. 


Note. — Willis {Pari. Notitia) gives William Hall 

as the second member. Other printed lists give 

the foregoing, which is more likely to be the correct 

reading, Holt being a very frequent and highly. 

respected name in Lancashire. The Elue Book 

has no return for Preston to this Parliament. 

Sir Vincent Shynner, of Thornton College, co. 

Lincoln. Sat for Truro, 1571 : Barnstaple 1572- 

83 : Boston 1584 : Boroughbridge 1592 : St. Ivea 

1597. Was Secretary to Lord Treasurer Burleigh. 

Knighted 7 May, 1603. Died Feb., 1615-16. 

His male line terminated with his great-grandson, 

Edward Shynner of Thornton, who died in 1669, 

sp., leaving two sisters his co-heirs, married 

respectively into the families of Ascough; of 

South Kelsey, co. Lincoln, and Bethell, of Kisei 

CO. Yorkj Arms of Skynner : Argent, a lion 

rampant sable within an orle of eight crescents 


William Holt. Probably the member for (Jlitheroe 

in 1597. 

1614. April 5. ■ \ Edwaed ^oslbt. 
June 7. JHenky Banasteb. 
Note. — This return is upon the authority of the 

Kimboltou MS ; the official returns to this Parlia- 

men being all lost. 

Edward Mosley. Afterwards of EoUeston, co. 
Stafiford. A barrister at-law. Appointed At- 
torney-General of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1614. 
Knighted Dec. 1614. Sat for Preston in 
three successive Parliaments. Died 1638, sp. 
He was the second son of Sir Nicholas Mosley, 
Lord Mayor of London in 1599, and brother of 
Rowland Mosley, of Hough, co. Stafford, whose 
son Edward, inheriting the estate of RoUeston 
from his uncle, was created a Baronet in 1640, a 
dignity that expired with the second Baronet in 
1695. The Marquis of Lothian and the Earl of 
Mount- Edgecicmie are now co-heirs general of 
Mosley, of Hough, and Bolleston, but the 
baronetcy has since been -twice revived in other 
branches of the family. Arms of Mosley of 
RoUeston : Sable, a chevron between three 
battle-axes argent. 


Henry Banaster. Returned also in 1625, when he 
is described as "of Hackney," There is little 
doubt but that this member was Henry Banaster 
of Banke Hall, in Bretherton, who was an out- 
burgess of Preston, in 1624. His male line 
failed with the next generation with Christopher 
Banaster, Esq. He left two daughters his co. 
heirs from one of whom desuends the present 
Thomas Townley Parker, of Cuerden, Esq. 
Arms of Banaster of Banke ; Argent, a cross 
fleury scMe. 

1620 1. Jan. 16.- ) Sir Edward Moslet, Kt. 

1621-2. Feb. 8. ( Sir William Polbt, Kt. 

Sir Edxoard Mosley. (See Pari 1614.) 

Sir William Foley, of Boxted, co. Suffolk. De- 
scended from an ancient family in that county. 
Returned for Preston 1620 1, and 1623 4, and 
for Sudbury in 1623 and 1627. Knighted by 
James I. Died 5 Aug., 1629 His lineal de- 
scendant and representative is the present John 
George Weller-Poley, of Boxted Hall Suffolk, 
Esq. Arms of Foley : Or, a lion rampant sable. 

1623-4. Feb. 12.-") Sir Edwaed Mosley, Kt. 

1625. Mar. 24. J Sir William Poley, Kt. ' 

Sir Edtvdrd Mosley. (See Pari. 1614.) 

Sir William Poley. (See. Pari. 1620 1.) 

(1623-4. Mar. 2.)— Pbancis Nicholls. 

Vice Sir William Poley, who elected to serve for 

Francis Nicholls This member has not been iden- 
tified. He appears to have died shortly after his 
(1624.J— Sir William Hakvet, Kt. 

Vice Francis IsichoUs deceased. 
Sir William Harvey was returned for the Borough 
in this and the next Parliament. Two knights 
of the name flourished at this period, namely. 
Sir William Harvey or Hervey, of Ickworth, co. 
Su<ifolk, and his cousin, Sir William Harvey, of 
Kidbrooke, co. Kent. The latter, who was 
created a baronet in 1619 and in the following 
year raised to the Peerage of Ireland as Baron 
Hervey of Ross, could not have been, as some- 


times thought, the member for Preston, who ia 
described in the return as "Kuight." He must 
therefore have beeo Sir William Harvey, of Ick- 
worth, who was knighted at Whitehall. 30 April, 
1608, and in 1627 sat as M.P. for Bury St. 
Edmunds. Died 30 Sept., 1660. His grandson 
John Hervey was created Baron Hervey, of lok- 
worth, in 1703, and Earl of Bristol in 1714, from 
whom the present Marquis of Bristol is fifth in 
descent. Arms of Harvey of Ickworth : Oulest 
on a bend azure three trefoils slipped vert. 

Charles I. 

1625. May 17.- j Sir William Harvey, Kt. 

Aug. 12. j Henry Banastbr. 
Sir William Harvey. (See Pari. 1623.) 
Henry Banaater. (See Pari. 1614.) 

1625-6. Feb. 6 - "J George Gerard 
1626. June 15-3 Thomas Fanshaw. 

George Gerard Returned for Preston also in the 
next Parliament, and was probably the Oeorge 
Gerard who sat for Newton (Isle of Wight) in 
1634, aud said to have been knighted circa 1629. 
It is difiScuIt to establish the identity of this 
member. In none of the several branches of the 
Gerard family then existing does his name ap- 
pear. From the circumstance that he was re- 
turned for Newton in the Parliament of 1623 as 
the ccllcague of Sir Gilbert Gerard, first Baronet 
of Flaaiberds, it is not improbable that he was 
connected with 'Middlesex branch of the Gerard 
family. He may have been a younger brother 
of the last-named baronet. 

T/iomas Fanshaw. The identity of this member is 
somewhat doubtful. He was either Thomas 
Fanshaw of Jenkins, who sat for Lancaster 
1640-53, or Thomas, afterwards first Viscount 
Fanshaw. The latter was eldest son of Sir 
Heury Fanshaw, of Ware Park, co. Herts, and 
nephew of Sir Thomas Fanshaw, who repre- 
sented Lancaster from 1603 to 1628. Created 
K.B. at the coronation of Charles I., and 
Viscount Fanshaw of Bromore, in the peerage 


of Ireland, 1661. Was M.P. for Hertford 
Town 1628, 1640, and 1643-45 : Hertfordshire 
till death. Died March, 1665. His male line 
terminated in 1716, with the 5th Viaoount. 

1627-8. Mar. 17.-1 Geoege Gerard. 

1628-9. Mar. 10. |Sir Robert Oarr, Kt. 
Qeorge Gerard. (See Pari. 1626.) 
Sir Robert Carr is described in the Return as 
" Knight," so could not have been the second 
Baronet of the name of Sleaford, co. Lincoln, 
with whom he is usually identified. He was 
probably Sir Robert Oarr or Kerr, of Ancrum, 
K.'B. (so made in 1603), who in 1621 married 
Anne, daughter of William sixth Earl of 
Derby, and relict of Sir Henry Portman. He 
was created Earl of Ancrum, in Scotland, in 
1633, and died in 1654, aged 76. His son 
Charles, second Earl of Ancrum, was after- 
wards M.P. for Wigan. Arms of Kerr of 
Ancrum : Oules, on a chevron argent three 
mullets of the field. 

1640. April 13.- 1 Richard Shuttle-worth. 
jMay 5. ) Thomas Standish. 

Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorp Hall, near 
Burnley. Nephew and heir of Sir Richard 
Shuttleworth, Chief Justice of Chester, temp. 
Elizabeth. Succeeded to the Gawthorp estate 
1608. High Sheriff of the County in 1618 and 
1638. Sat for Preston in five successive Parlia- 
ments between 1640 and 1660. Was an 
energetic supporter of Parliament, and a 
colonel in the army of the Commonwealth. 
Father of Richard Shuttleworth who sat for 
Clitheroe in the Long Parliament. Died June, 
1669, aged 82. Arms : (See County Rep. 

Thomas Standish, of Duxbury Hall, nearChorley. 
Eldest son of Alexander Standish, of Duxbury, 
whom he succeeded in 1623. Continued to re- 
present the Borough until his death. Was a 
zealous upholder of the Parliament cause, in 
opposition to the feelings and opinions of most 
of the other members of his family who were 


Koyalists. His eldest son Tlioma», eaptain in 
the King's service, fell lighting under Lord 
Strcmge at the seige of Manchester in 1642; 
Died drca Nov., 1642. His eldest surviving 
son Richard, M.P. for Preston in 1659, was 
father of the first Baronet of Duxbary, a title 
extinct with the third Baronet in 1812. The 
family is now represented by the heir-general, 
William Stomdisik-Standisft, of Duxbury, Esq., 
descended from the daughter of the second 
baronet. Arms ; (See County Kep. 1654.) 

1640. Nov. 3.- V EaccHABD SniiTrLBWOETH {Part.) 
1653. April 2Q. J Thomas, Staspish (Pari.) 
Richard ShuUUwwih. (See Pari. 164a), 
Thomas Slandish, (See Pari. 1640.) 
(1645. Dec. 23.) — ^William Langton. 
Vice Thomas Standish deceased. New writ 

issued 29 Nov., 1642 ; repeated 14 Oct., 1645. 
William Lamgton, of Broughton Tower, near 
Preston. Eldest sou of Ri>ger Lamgton, of 
Bronghton (whose father, Edward, was a 
younger son of Sir Themas Langton, Baron of 
Newton). Was Eespjd^ o^ Ltvef:pool. Died 
Oct., 1659. His male descent failed in 1714 
with his grandson, WUiMam Langton, of 
Broughton, who left a sister and heiress, Jane, 
wife of Laiorence Rawisborne,, of Preston, but 
who died s. p. A branch of the family, 
descended from John, yoanger brother of the 
member for Preston, still survives in the 
county, represented now by William Lamgion, 
Esq., of Liverpool^ J. P. Arms, of Langton : 
Argent, three chevroneUs gtiies, a canton vair. 


^^^^' J)fo. i2'}NoB€turnsfromtheBDronghs. 
(Oliver Cromwell, Protector.} 

1054-5. ^3l-a.22. } Ri«^K^» Shcttejiworth (Pari.) 
Richard Shuttkwqrth. (See Pari. 1640.) 

1657-8. *^eb. 4 } Kichaed Shuttuswokth {Pari.) 


Eicliard Shuttkworth. (See Pari. 1640.). 

{Richwrd Cromwell, Protector.) 

1659. Jan. 27.- ) Eichabd Shuttlbwokth {Pari.') 
April 22. J RicHABD Standish {ParL) 

Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1640.) 
Bichard Standish, of Duxbnry. Third son, and 
eventually heir of Thomas Standish^ who sat 
for the Borough in the Long Parliament, and 
was, like his father, an active supporter of the 
Parliament. Sat as M.P. for the County 1654 
to 1658 : Preston 1659 and 1660. His son 
Richard was created a Baronet in 1677. (See 
County Kep, 1654.) 

Charles II.. 

1660. April 25.- ) Richard Standish {Pari.) 
Deo. 29. {Alexander Eigby (Pari.) 

NoiB. — This Return was set aside by a Resolu- 
tion of the House^ June 20„ 1660, owing to the 
Mayor having refused to allow a Poll to, bei taken 
of the whole of the inhabitants of the Borough. 

Richard. Standish. (See Pari. 1659.) 

AUxander Righy,,, of Middleton. Eldest son of 

Co\ovtSi\ Alexander Rigby, M.P. forWigan in the 

Long Parliament : Sat for the County 1658-9. 

Died Feb.* 1694, (See County Rep., Pari. 1695.) 

(1660. Aug. 7,)— Edjwabd Fleetwood, 

Edward Ri«by. 

Vice Richard Standish and Alexander Bigby, 
whose election was declared void. 

Edward Fkeiwood., Apparently Edward. Meet- 
leood,, of Penwortham,, to which estate he suc- 
ceeded on the death of his father, John Fleet- 
wood, iu 1651. Was again returned f(» Preston 
in 1685. Died April, 1704, 8. J}. The Fleet- 
woods of Penwortham descended from Richard, 
second son of John Fleetwood, of Penwortham, 
ancestor (through his eldest son Thomas) of 
tiieFleetwoodsi Baronets of Calwich, Stafford. 
The line failed after 1725 and before 1748. 
Arms of Fleetwood of Penwortham : Per pale 
iiebuMe aaure and or, six mairtLsts-,. counter- 
changed, a crescent for diffidence. 

Edward Rigby, of Preston and of Crrays' Inn, 


Barrister-at-Law, younger brother otAleacander 
JSigby, of Middleton, his predecessor. Sat for 
the Borough also in the three succeeding 
Parliaments of 1661, 1678-9, and 1679. Ser- 
jeant-at-Law 1675. Made his peace with the 
Koyalists after the Restoration, and was 
appointed a magistrate for the County. Died 
July, 1686. Founded the Lancaster branch of 
the Rigbys, which continued for several gener- 
ations. Arms : (See County Rep., Pari. 1659.) 

1661. May 8.-) Edward RiGBT. 
1678-9. Jan. 24. J Geofmet Rishton. 

Note. — Another indenture of same date returns 
Edward Eighy and WiUlam Fyfe, but this Return was 
declared void by order of the House 18 Dec, 1661. 
Mdward Sigby. (See Pari. 1660.) 
Geoffrey Eishton, of Preston, and of Antley Halli 
near Accrington, M.D. Eldest son of Nicholas 
RisMon, of Antley. Succeeded his father in 
the Antley estate in 1654. Died Jan , 1666-7, 
aged 51. The Rishtons of Antley were a 
branch of the ancient family of Rishton of 
Rishton, and settled at Antley early in the 
fifteenth century. The male line became 
extinct with Edmwd Eiahton, of Elswick 
Lodge, Preston (the great-great-grandson of 
the member for the Borough), who died in 
May, 1822, s. p. Arms of Rishton of Antley 
Argent; a Uon-passant eahh, a chief of the last. 
[ Willlarfi Fyfe, who by a double Return nominally 
represented the Borough for a few months in 
1661, wa,$ the second son of Thomas lyje, of 
Wedicar HaU, Garstang, and is described in 
Dugdale's "Visitation of Lane," 1665, as 
" Doctor of Physick, and one of the Justices 
of the Peace for the County of Lancaster." 
He was seated at Hackensall, an estate he 
acquired by marriage with the daughter and 
co-heiress of Henry Butler, Esq. Was re- 
turned for Preston as the nominee of the Pres- 
ton Corporation in opposition to Geoffrey 
Bishion, elected by the in-burgesses, bat the 
House decided against the exclusive right of 
the Corporation to return the Members for the 


Borough, his election was conseqnently in- 
Talidated. Died Nov., 1671.] 

(1667. May27.)— John Otwat. 
Vice Eishton deceased. 

John Otway, of Grays Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 
Sat for the Borough also in the two next 
Parliaments. Was afterwards solicitor to the 
Duchy, and Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster. 
Knighted 20 June, 1673. Died 15 Oct., 1693. 
He may have been of the family of Otway of 
Ingmire Hall, Westmoreland. 
1678-9. Mar. G.-IEdwabd Kigby. 
1679. July 12. 1 Sir Robert Oabr, Bart. 

Edward Rigby. (See Pari. 1660.) 

Sir Robert Carr, third Baronet of Sleford, oo. Lin- 
coln. Chancellor of the Duchy from 1671 to 1682 • 
Was again returned for Preston in 1681, and 
sat for Lincolnshire, in this and the two fol- 
lowing Parliaments. Died Nov., 1682. His 
only son, the fourth Baronet of Sleford, died 
8. ^., in 1683, when the Baronetcy became 
extinct. Arms of Carr of Sleford : Oul^, on a 
chevron or three etoiles aahle. 
f 1679. April 23.)— Sir John Otway, Kt. 

Vice Sir Kobert Carr, who elected to sit for 

Sir John Otway. (See Pari. 1661 .) 

1B79. Oct. 17.-1 Edward Eiobt. 
1680-1. Jan. 18. ) Sir John Otwat, Kt. 

Edward Rigby. (See Pari. 1660 ) 

Sir John Otway. (See Pari. 1660.) 

1680-1. Mar. 21.-1SirKoBEET Carb, Bart. 
Mar. 28. J Sir G-bkvase Elwes, Bart. 
Note. — Both members were also returned and 
probably made their election to sit for other places 
in this Parliament, i.e., Sir Robert Garr for Lin- 
colnshire and Sir Gervase Elwes for Sudbury, but 
no new Writ is on record for Preston, doubtless 
owing to the brief duration of the Session. 
Sir Robert Garr. (See Pari 1678-9. ) 
Sir Gervase Elwes, first Baronet af Stoke College, 
SuflFolk. So created 22 June, 1660. M.P. for 
Sudbury 1677-8, 1679, 1681, 1699-1705 : Suffolk 


1679,1690-1698. Died May, 1705. Thebaronetcy 
became extinct or dormant with the third 
Baronet in 1778. The present heir-general is 
Robert Henry Monro Elwes, of Stoke College, 
Esq., descended from the only sister of the 
second Baronet. Arms of Elwes of Stoke : Or, 
a bend guks, surmounted by a fesse aaure. 

James II. 

1685. May 19.- ) Sir Thomas Chiohelby. 
16S7. July 2. J Edwabd Fleetwood. 

Sir Thomas Chichel^, of Wimpole, co. Cam- 
bridge. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. 
Knighted 2 June, 1670. M.P. for co. Cam- 
bridge, 1661-1678: Cambridge Town, 1679- 
1698. Died 1 Feb., 1699. 

Edward Fleetwood, (See Pari. 1660.) 
(1685. June 11.) — Hon. Ahbrew Newport. 

Vice Chicheley who elected to sit for Cambridge. 

Eon. Andrew Newport. Younger son of 
Richard, first Baron Neiiiport. Sat for Shrews 
bury 1689 to 1698. Was Commissioner of the 
Customs. Died, unmarried, 20 Sept., 1699. 
Arms of Newport : Argent, a chevron guUs be- 
tween three leopard faces, sable. 

(Convention Parliamemt.) 

1688-9. Jan. 22.- ) Thomas PATTEif. {Whig.) 
1689-90. Feb. 6. j Hon. James Stanley. ( Whig.) 
Thomas Patten, of Preston and of Thornley, co. 
Lane. Barrister-at-law. Eldest surviving son 
of William Patten, Mayor of Preston in 1655-6, 
who was fourth son of Thomas Patten, 
of Patten, near Warrington, (ancestor through 
his eldest sou of Lord Winmaa-leigh). Died 
1697, leaving an only daughter ISlimbeth, who 
married Sir Thomas Stanley, of Bickerstaffe, 
Bart., ancestor of the present Earl of Derby. 
Arms of Patten of Thornley : Fusily ermine 
and sable, a canton gules. 
Hon. Stamley. Eighth son of Charles, 
eight Earl of Derby. Sat for Clitheroe 1685- 
87 : Preston, 1689-90 : Lancashire, 1690-1702. 
Afterwards tenth Earl of Derby. (See County 
Rep., Pari. 1689-90.) 



1689-90. Mar. 20.- T Oheistophek Greenfield. (2') 
1695. Oct, II. j Lord WiLLouaHBT db Erbsby. 


Poll— Greenfield 335 

Willoughby 226 

T. Patten (W) 223 

K Eigby (W) 45 

Not*. — Mr. Patten, the unsuccessful candidate 
at this election, petitioned against the return of 
Lord Willoughby, alleging that " the Mayor 
bailiSs, and burgesses, to whom the precept had 
been directed, had by under-practices procured 
many voters for his Lordship and had polled several 
of them unqualified for that purpose, and had re- 
fused many qualified voters for the petitioner, and 
had returned Lord WUlonghby in prejudice to the 
petitioner." The House confirmed Lord Wil- 
loughby's election by resolution on 22 July, 1690, 
ordering a new election in his stead, he having been 
summoned to the House of Lords. 

Christopher Oreenfield, of Preston. Attorney-at- 
law. Son of Thomas Oreenfield, of Witton, 
near Blackburn, and grandson of TIwmasGreen- 
Jield, of WhaUey, who was the first of the 
family who settled at Witton. Knighted 26 
Jan., 1693. Died in 1706, leaving issue, of 
whom his eldest and last surviving son John 
died in 1758 s. p. 
Robert Bertie, Lord Willoughhy de Eresby. Eldest 
son of Robert, third Earl of lAndsey. He sat 
for Boston in the two preceding Parliaments, 
and was also returned in the present. Sum- 
moned to the House of Peers in his father's 
lifetime in the Barony of Willoughby, 27 
April, 1690. Succeeded as fourth Earl of 
lAndsey 8 May, 1701. Created Marquis of 
Lmdaey 29 Dec., 1706, and Buke of Ancaster 
and Kesteven 20 July, 171S. Died 26 July, 
1723. His direct mal« descent terminated with 
the fifth Duke of Ancaster in 1805. The pre- 
sent Baroness Willoughhy de Eresby, Lady 
Oarringtan, and the Marquis of (Jliolmondeley 
are co-heirs of the line. Arms of Bertie, Dukes 
6f Ancaster: Argent^ three battering rams 


tar- ways in pale proper, armed and garnished 
■(1690. Deo. 5.) — Sir Edward Chisenhall, Kt. 


Vice Lord WilloUghby summoned to the Peers. 

Sir Edward Chisenhall, of Chisenhall, in Leyland. 
Eldest surviving son of Edwarfl Chisenhall, 
Esq., Colonel in the royal army in the civil 
war, and one of the defenders of Lathom 
House under the Countess of Derby. Suc- 
ceeded bis father in the Chisenhall estate in 
1652. Knighted 24 April, 1671. Sat as M.P. 
for Wigan in the Convention Parliament of 
1688-9, and for Preston 1690-95. Died 
drca 1718, aged 72. He was the last male re- 
presentative in the direct line of the Ohisen- 
halls of Chisenhall. His only daughter and 
heiress married Stephen Hammerton, of Helli- 
field. Peel, co. York, and is now represented by 
her lineal descendant, Chisenhall Ha/mmerton, 
Esq. Arms of Chisenhall : Argent, three 
cross-crosslets fitchee and bordure engrailed, 

William III. 

1695. Nov. 22.-7 Sir Thomas Stanley. [Whig.) 
1698. July 7. i Thomas Moltnbux. ( Whig.) 

Poll— Stanley 316 

Molyneux 268 

Sir C. Greenfield (T) 215 

Sir Thomas Stanley, fourth Baronet of Bicker, 
staffe. Son-in-law of Thomas Patten, who sat 
for the Borough in 1689. Died 7 May, 1713, 
aged 43. His eldest son, %iT Edward, fifth 
Baronet, afterwards succeeded as eleventh 
Earl of Derby. 
Thomas Molynewx, of Preston. Third son of Sir 
John Molyneux, third Baronet of Teversal, co. 
Nottingham (descendant from a common an- 
cestor with the Earls of Be/ton), by Lucy, 
daughter of Alexander Sigby, Middleton, 
Baron of the Exchequer, and M.P. for Wigan 
in the Long Parliament. He was a "Turkey 
merchant," and sat for Preston in the Parlia- 


ments of 1695, 1698, and 1701. Died 25 May, 
1727, leaving an only son Eigby Molymux, 
whose daughter and heiress Mary was wife> 
first of John Bushell, M.D , the founder of the 
Goosnargh Hospital, and secondly of a Captain 
OriffitJis. Anna of Molyneux of Teversall : 
Azure, a cross moline quarter pierced or. 

1698. Aug. 24.. 1 Thomas Molyneux. (W/iig.) 
1700. Deo. 19. { Henry AsHHURST. (Whig.) 

Poll— Molyneux. ... 279 

Ashhuist 225 

Sir e. Greenfield (T) 202 

Thomas Molyneux. (See Pari. 1695.) 
Henry Ashhurst. Attorney - G-eueral for the 
County Palatine. Returned also in the two 
succeeding Parliaments. This member 
seems to have been the eldest son 
of '■ Sir Henry Ashhurst, of Waterstock, co. 
Oxford. Bart, (so created 21 July, 1688), and 
grand-nephew of William Ashhurst, M.P. for 
the county in 1654. Succeeded his father in 
the Baronetcy 13 April, 1713. Sat as M.P. for 
Windsor 1714. Dieds.^ 17 May, 1732, when 
the Baronetcy became extinct. His sister and 
heiress married Sir Richard Allin, of Somer- 
leyton, co. Suffolk. Bart., and left a daughter, 
and, in her issue, eventual heiress, Diana, who 
became the wife of Thomas Henry Ashhurst, 
of Ashhurst, the ancestor of the present John 
Henry Ashhurst, of Waterstock, Esq. Arms 
(See County Rep., Pari. 1624). 

1700-1. Feb. 6.- ) Henry Ashttuest. (Whig.) 
1701 Nov. 11. S Edward RiGBY. (Whig.) 
Henry Ashhurst. (See Pari. 1698.) 
Edward Righy. Grandson of Edward Rigiy, who 
sat for Preston in several Parliaments between 
1661 and 1681. He was again returned in 
17u5. Died 2 May, 1706. 

.1701. Dec. 30.- ) Henry Ashhurst. (Whig.) 
1102. July 2. i Thomas Molyneux. ( Whig.y 
Henry Ashhurst. (See Pari. 1698.) 
Thomas Molyneux. (See Pari. 1695.) 



1702. Aug. 20.- 1 Sir Cybie Wyche, Et. ( J 
1705. April 23. \ Hon. Chasles Zei>enno Stanuit 

Sir Oyril Wyclte, ot Hockwold, oo. Norfolk. 
Second son of Sir Peter Wyche^ a London 
merchant, and for twelve years Ambassador to 
the Ottoman Porte in the reign of Charles I. 
Was secretary to the Lsrd-Iientenant, of Ire- 
land, and in 1693 one of the Lords Justices of 
that kingdom. Sat for Calliugton 1661-'78 : 
East Giinstead 1681..: Saltash 1685. Died 29 
Dec., 1707, leaving issue. His grand-nephew 
was created a Baronet in 1729, but the "title 
became extinct in 1756. Arms of Wyche of 
Hockwqld : Awire., a pile ermine. 
Hon, Chonries Z. Stm^y,, Youngest son of 
Cftarfe* eighth Earl. oiJPieffby. Sat for Pres- 
ton 1702-1705 : LMJcaahire 1705-1713 : CSUthe- 
poe 171?, Died April, 1715, aged 49. (See 
Connty S«p., Pari.. 17Q6.) 

1705. Oct. 25.- / Feangis Annksley (rorw.) 
1708. April 17. 5 Edward Bigby ( jr%.) 

Francis Amtesley, of Thorganby,, co. 
yoark, eldest son of Frcmm Annesley, 
who was a youngesf sob of tlw first 
Viscount Valeiitia He afterwards sait for 
Wwtbury 1708-1715 and 1.722-1734. Died 7 
April, 1750, aged 80. His. lineal descendant 
inherited, the Visconntcy of Valentia in 1844, 
upon the extinotiont <)f. tijc elder liiiie of the 
family, and was grandfather of the present 
Viscount. Anns, of Annesley ) Pale of six 
argent and azure, over aU' a bend gules. 
Edward Righy. (See Pari. 1701.) 

(1706. Dec. 27 )— Arthur Mainwardto {Wh^.) 
Vice Eigby deceased. 
Note. — Atthis election Henry Fleetwood, member 

in the next Parliament, was a candidate and was 

defeated by six votes. 

Arthur Mainwaring. Son of Charles Ma^warirtg 

and grandson of Sir Arthur Mainwaring^ of 

Ightfield, CO. Salop. Keturned also to the next 

Parliament. Sat for West Looe 1710 till his 


death. He was a Commigaoneir of Customs 
and Auditor of Invprests. Was an author of 
gome note in his day. Died 13 Nov., 1712, 
aged 44, ». p. I. Left a natural son, who bore 
his name, by the celebrated actress Mrs. Old- 
field. Arms of Mainwaring : Argent, two bars 

1708. Nov. 18.- ) ABiMtTB MAnrwAKtfTG ( Whig.') 
1710. Sept. 21. J Hbnby Fleetwood (Tory.) 
Arthur Mainwaring.. ^See Pari. 1705.) 
Henry Fleetwood, of Fenwortham. Eldest son of 
Arthur Fleetwood, of Westminster, whose pre- 
cise family connection with the Fleetwoods of 
Fenwortham has not been ascertained. He 
inherited the Fenwortham estate under a 
settlement, dated 25 June, 1676, by Edmund 
Fleetwood, who sat for Preston in 1660 and 
1685, and who died s. p., IS April, 1704. Was 
returned for Preston in four successive Parlia- 
. mients from ITCIS to 1722. He died 22 May, 
1746, aged 84, and was the last male heir of 
this branch d' the family. His only sister 
married W alter Che^eognd, Esq. 

1710. Nov. 25i.-) HHNBy 'SvKErwooi^ (Tory.) 
1713- Aug. 8. f Sir Hemes Hoshton Bart. ( W.) 
Noi;e. — Frmteia Amnesh^'vi'Losai^ for the Borough 
1705-1708, was a candidate ait this election. 
Henry Fleetwood. (See P*rl. 170S.) 
Sip Henry Hoghten, fbuith Baronet of Hoghton 
Towers. Succeeded his fatb^ Sir Gilbert, 
third Baronert, who- was M.P. forthe County 
1646. Ssut. fe Preston 171013, 1715-22, and 
1727-41 : Eastlow 1724-27. Was Judge 
Advocate-General. Died 23 Febl, 1768, s. p., 
aged 9X). Arms : (See Cierumty Bep., Pari, 

1713-14. Feb.l6.-) Hburt Fj,ebtwood (^oj^.) 
1714-15., Jan. 5.)Ilt, Hon. Eswabd Southwell. 


Pen— Fleetwood „, ... 317 

Southwell ... 274 

Sir Henry Hoghton, Bart. (W.). 263 
Henry Fleetwood. (See Pari. 1708.) 


Rt. Hon. Edwaird' Southwell, of King's Western, 
CO. Gloucester; Secretary of State for Ireland 
and Clerk to the Privy Council in England. 
Sat for Rye Dec, 17O2-1708 : Tregony April, 
1713-1714. Died 4 Deo., 1730, aged 63. His 
grandson succeeded as the twentieth Baron De 
Clifford. Arms of Southwell : Cheqjiy or and 
azure, a fesse gules-, — 

GsoBaE I. 

1714-15.Mar.l7 - ) Henkt Fleetwood CTOry.) 

1721-2^ Mar. 10. \ Sir Henby Hoghton, Bart. ( W.) 

Henry Fleetwood. ^ (See Pari. 1708. ) 
Sir HenryHogUm. (See Pari. 1710.) 

1722. Oct. 9.- I Thomas Hbsketh (Tory.) 
l727. . . Aug. 7. \ Daniel Pultenby {Tory.) 

Note,— The preYious members were unsuccessful 
candidates at this election. 

Thomas Sesheth, the representative of .the 
Heskeths of Rufford, and direct in descent 
fro;n , ,^illiani de Sesketh, who sat for the 
County in 1360, Died 18 April, 1735. His 
eldest son, Thomas, was created a Baronet 
1761. Arms : (See Cpupty Rep., Pari. 1360. 

Daniel Pulteney ■ Son of JohnPuUenty, Esq., who 
sat for Hastings 1695 to 1710, and was first cousin 
of the celebrated William PuUeney, Earlof ^BafA. 
Sat for Hedon in the preceding Parliament, 
Was again returned for Preston in the next 
Parliamerit. Bad been Envoy to Denmark in 
the reign. of Anne, Appointed a Lord of the 
Admiralty and Clerk of the Council in Ireland 
7 May, 1726. Died 6 Sept., 1731, aged 48, 
leaving an only surviving daughter and heiress, 
Frances Pnltejiey, thet wife of Sir William 
Johnstone, Bart., whose only daughter, 
Henrietta Laura Johnstone, inheriting the 
' Pulteney estates, assumed the maternal sur. 
■' I' iiame, and in 1792 wasoreated Baironess, and 
in 1803 Countess of £ath. She, however, 
died is. p. in 1808, 'Arms'of^ulteney : Argent, 
a fesse indepte^ S'M?e«, in chief three leopards' 
heads sable. 


(1726. May 14.)— DAniel Ppltenet. 

Re-elected on his appointment to the Clerkship 
of the Council in Ireland. 

George II. 

1727-8. Jan. 23-1 Sir Henry Hoghton-, Bart. {W) 
1734. April 18. [Daniel Pplteney {Tory.) 

Note —Thomas Besheth, member fortheBorough 
in the preceding Parliament, and Thomas Molyneux 
were candidates at this election. 

Sir Henry Hoghton. (See Pari. 1710.) 
Daniel Pulteney. (See Pari. 1722.) 
(1732. Jan. 24.)— NiCHOLAa Pazakerlet (Tory.) 
Vice Pulteney deceased. 

Poll — Fazakerley 379 

Major Haldane(W.) 133 

Nicholas Fazakerley, of Preseot, barrister-at-law, 
afterwards K,0. Descended from a branch of 
the Fazakerleys of Walton, near Liverpool. 
Sat for the Borough for a consecutive period of 
35 years in six Parliaments, between 1732 and 
1767. Was Recorder of Preston 1742 till his 
death. Died in 1767. His great-grandson, 
JqIiu Nicholas Fazakerley, was M.P. for Lin- 
coln 1812-1818 and 1826-1832 : Grimsby 1818- 
1820 : Tavistock in 1820 : Peterborough 1830- 
1841. Arms of Fazakerley ; Ermine, three 
bars vert. 
1734-5. Jan. 14.- ) Sir Henry Hoghton, Bart. {W) 
1741. April 28. i Nicholas Fazakerley (Tory.) 
Sir Henry Hoghton. (See Pari. 1710.) 
Nicholas Famkerley. (See Pari. 1727.) 

1741. Deo. 1.- I Nicholas Fazakerley (Tory.) 
1747. June 18. { James SntjiTLBWORTH (Tory.) 

Poll— Fazakerley 391 

Shuttleworth 384 

Francis Eeynolds (W.)... ... 231 

Sir H. Hoghton (W.) 14 

Nicholas Fazakerley. (See Pari. 1727.) 
James Shuttleworth, of Gawthorp. Eldest sou of 
Richard Shuttleworth, M.P. for the County 
from 1705 to 1749. Sat for Preston from 1741 
to 1754. Afterwards represented the County 
1761-68. Died 28 June, 1774. (See County 
Kep., Pari. 1761.) 


(The defeated candidate Hkmcis Reynolds wai 
elected for Lancaster 174S, and represented that 
borough till his death in 1770.) 

1747. Nov. 10.- ( Nicholas Fazakeelet (Tory.) 
1754. April 8. ( James SHUimEWORTH (Tory.) 
Nicholas Famkerley. (See Pari. 1727) 
Jwmes Shuttleworth. (See Pari, 1741.) 

1754. May 31.- 1 Nicholas Fazakerlbt {Tory.) 
1761. Mar. 20* f Edmund Stabkie {Tory.) 
Nicholas Famkerley. (See Pari. 1727.) 
Edmund StarJcie, of the Inner Temple, Barrister- 
at-law. Eldest son of Nicholas StarJcie, of 
Preston, barrister-at-law and Attorney-General 
of the Oounty Palatine, and who was the second 
son of John Starhie, of Hantroyde, who died 
in 1665< Was Becorder for Preston 1767 to 
1771. Sat for the Borough from 1754 to 1768. 
Bled 12 Aug., 1773, unmarried. At the time 
of bis death he was senior male representative 
of the Starkiea of Huntroyde. His nephew 
and heir Le Oendre Starkie, who succeeded 
him in the estates, was ancestor of the present 
representative of the family. Arms : (See 
N.E. Lane, Pari. 1868.) 

Geoe»b in. 

1761. May 19.- ) Nkholas Pazakbrlbt (Tory.) 

1768. Mar. 12. ( Edmund Staekie {2^ory.) , 
Nicholas Fa!!alcerley. (See Pari. 1727.) 
Edmund Starkie. (See Pari. 1754.) 

(1767.)— Sir Peter LBieBgTEE, Bart. {Tory.) 
Vice Fazakerley deceased. 
Sir Peter Leicester, fourth Baronet of Tabley 
House, Knuts'tord,' Cheshire. Son of Sir 
John Byrne, Baronet,' by Muriel, daiighter and 
heir of Sir Framcis Leicester, third Baronet of 
Tabley. Assumed the materna.1 surname on 
succeeding to the Leicester estates. Was again 
returned for the Borough at the next general 
election in 1768, but unseated on petition. 
Died 12 Feb., 1770. His son Sir JoJm Fleming 
Leicester, fifth Baronet was cheated Baron De 
Tabley in 1826, and was father of the present 


Fei^r. Arms 6t Leicester : Aiiire, a fesae giila, 
between three fteurs-de-lis or. 

1768. May 10.- ) Sit Peieb Li!1«esTBb, Bari (T.) 
1774. Sept. 30. J SirFBiNK StanAish Bart. {T.) 

Pom— Leicester 889 

Standish ... — 276 

John Burgoyne (W.) 259 

Sir H. Hoghton (W.) 230 

Note.— Tlie folregoing was the Poll as declared 
by the Mayor. That given by the unsuooeasf ul 
candidates was as follows :^-Barg6yne, 589 ; Hogh- 
ton, 558 ; Leicester, 290 ; Standish 277. On the 
10 Nov;, 1768, a petition against this return was 
presented by Colonel Burgoyne aHd Sir Henry 
Hoghton. The question in dispute/ was whether 
the right of election' vested in the in-burgesses or 
enrolled freCmeii inhabitants of the Borough, as 
contended by the sitting members, or in the in- 
habitants at large as maintained by the petitioners- 
The House decided— 29 Nov., 1768— in favour of 
the latter, declaring Colonel Burgoyne and Sir 
Henry Hoghton duly elected and ought to have 
been returned, and Sir P. Leicester and Sir F. 
Standish not duly elected. 

Sir Peter Leiceder. (See Pari. 1761.) 
Sir Frcmk Standish, third Baronet of Dnibury. 
Lineally descended from Richard Standish, 
who sat for the Borough in 1659. Succeeded 
bis grandfather in the baronetcy and estates 
1756. Died 16 May, 1812, s.p., when the 
tftle ani direct male descent of the Standishes 
of Duxbury became extinct. (See County 
Rep., Pari. 1654.) 
(1768. 2'9N6v.)— Sir Henet Hoghton, Bart. (Jf.) 
John Bukgoyne (W^/iigr.) 
Vice Leicester and Standish unseated on peti- 
Sir Henry Hoghton, fifth Baronet of Hoghton 
Towers. Nephew and heir of Sir Henry, fourth 
Barohist (Who sat for the Borough 1710-15 and 
1727-41). Stfcoeeded his uncle in the title and 
estates 2,3 Feb., 1768. Returned in five suc- 
cessive Parliaments from 1768 to 1795. Died 
9 March, 1795, aged 67. 


John Burgoyne. The celebrated "General 
Burgoyne " of Saratoga celebrity. Son of John 
Burgoyne, of Westminster (who was second 
son of Sir John Burgoyne, third Baronet of 
Sutton, 00. Bedford) and son-in-law of the 
eleventh Earl of Derby. At the time of his 
first return for Preston he was a Colonel in the 
army, but afterwards acquired the rank of 
General, and in the War of American inde- 
pendence was in command of the British forces 
which surrendered to the Colonists at Saratoga 
9 Oct., 1777. He sat for Midhurst 1761-8 and 
for Preston from 1768 till his death. Was 
<jommauder of the forces in Ireland 1782-1784, 
and sworn on the Irish Privy Council May, 
1782. Died 4 Aug., 1792, without legitimate 
issue. He left a natural son, afterwards the 
distinguished Field-Marshal Sir John Fox 
Burgoyne, Bart.,- who died in 1871- Arms of 
Burgoyne : Gules, a chevron or between three 
talbots argent, on a chief embattled of the 
last as many martlets aaure. 

1774. Nov. 29.-7 Sir Henet Hoghton, Bart. (If) 
1780. Sept. 1. i John Bukgotnb ( Whig.) 
No contest. 

Sir Henry Boghton. See Pari. 1768.) 

John Burgoyne. (See Pari. 1768.) 

George III. 

1780. Oct. 31.- I Sir Henry Hoghton, Bart. ( W.) 

1784. Mar. 25. ) John BuRaOTNB. (Whig.) 

Poll— Hoghton 487 

Burgoyne 468 

John Fenton (T.) 208 

Note. — A petition against this return was pre- 
sented by the unsuccessful candidate but unsuc. 
cessfuUy, the House — on 10 April, 1781, — con- 
firming its previous decision that the right of 
election vested in all the inhabitants at large. 

Sir Henry Hoghton. (See Pari. 1768.) 

John Burgoyne. (See Pari. 1768.) 

(The unsuccessful candidate, John Fenton, after- 
wards assumed the name of Cawthorne and waa 
M.P. for Lancaster.) 


1784. May 18.- I Sir Hbnet HoaHTON, Bart. ( W.) 
1790. July 6. i E,t. Hon. John BuBaoTNB. ( W. ) 

Poll— Burgoyne 536 

Hoghton 530 

Balph Clayton (T.) 227 

M. A. Taylor (T.) 225 

Note. — On 25th May, 1784, the unsuccessful can- 
didates petitioned against this return. Bat on 22 
April, 1785, the House decided that the sitting 
members were duly elected. 

Sir Renry Hoghton. (See Pari. 1768.) 
Et. Hon. John Burgoyne. (See Pari. 1768.) 

(UnsuoceBsful candidates. — Ralph Clayton was a 
barrister of Grays Inn. He was afterwards in 1788 
a Sergeant-at-law, and died 11 Oct., 1813.— 
Michael Angela Taylor was a barrister of Lincoln's 
Inn, and a prominent member of the Whig Opposi- 
tion under Fox and Grey. Sat as M.P. for Poole 
1784-90: Heytesbury, 1790-1: Poole, 1791-96: 
Aldeburgh (Suff.), 1796 1800 : Durham, 1800. 
1802 : Bye, 1806-7 : Ilcheater, 1807-12 : Poole, 
1812-28: Durham, 1828-31: Sudbury, 1832 till 
his death 16 July, 1834. At the time of his death 
he was a Privy Councillor and the Father of the 

1790. Nov: 25.- ) Sir Henkt Hoghton, Bart. {W.) 
1796. May 20. ( Kt. Hon John Buegotne. [W.) 
No contest. 
Sir Henry Hoghton. (See Pari. 1768.) 
Et. Hon. John hurgoyne. (See Pari. 1768.) 
(1792. Sept. 6 )— William Ounliffb Shawe. ( W.) 
Vice Burgoyne deceased. 
William Gunliffe Shawe, of Singleton Lodge, 
Preston. Died 4 Nov., 1821, aged 77. He 
was nephew of Sir Ellis Cunlife, Bart., M.P., 
Liverpool, 1755-1767. His son, Robert N. 
Shawe, was afterwards M.P. for East Suffolk. 
(1795. March 26.) — Sir Hbnbt Philip Hoghton, 
Bart. ( Whig.) 
Vice Sir H. Hoghton, deceased. 
Sir Henry P. Hoghton, seventh Baronet of Hogh- 
ton Tower. • Eldest son of the predecessor. Sat 


for the Borough from 1755 till 1802. Died 27 
Nov., 1835, aged 67. 

1796. Sept. 27. ) Sir Henry Philip Hoghton. 

} Bart. iWftig.) 

1802. June 29. ) Lord Stanley. { Whig.) 

Poll— Stanley 772 

Hoghton ... 756 

John Horrocks (T.) 742 

Sir Henry P. Hoghton. (See Pari. 1790.) 
Lord Stanley, eldest son of the twelfth Earl of 
Derby. Sat for Preston from 1796-1812, and 
for the County 1812-1832. Created in the life- 
time of his father Baron Stanley of Bicker- 
staffe, 22 Oct., 1832. Succeeded as 13tb Earl 
of i)er62^ 21 Oct., 1834. Died 30 June, 1851* 
(See County B«P-, P^l- 1812. ) 
(The unsuccessful candidate, John Horrx>eks, waa 
returned at the next election.) 

1802. N9T. 16.- J Lord Stanley. {Whig.) 
1806, Oct. 24. \ John Hobkocks. {Tory.\ 
Election uncontested. 
Lord Stanley. (See Pari. 1796.) 
John HorrocJcs, an eminent manufacturer of 
Preston. Contested the Borough in the pre- 
ceding Parliament in opposition to the interest 
of theStanleys. Diedl Mar., 1804, aged 36, s. p. 
Arms of Horrocks : Or, a fret azure, on a chief 
of the last a bee Tolant between two shuttles 
in pale of the first. 
(1804. March 17.) — Samuel Hobbocks. (Tory.) 
Election uncontested. 
Samuel Horrocks. Elder brother of his prede- 
cessor. Sat for the Borough from 1804 till 
1826 in six successive Parliaments. Alderman 
of Preston 1801. Mayor, 1802 3. Died 24 
March, 1842, aged 77. 

1806. Dec 15. ) Lord Stanley. {Whig.) 

1807. Apl. 29. i Samuel Hobbocks. (Tory.) 

Election uncontested. 
Lord Stanley. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Samuel Horrocks. (See Pari. 18Q2.X 


1807. June 22.- » Lord Stanley. ( Witig.) 
1812. Sept, 29. \ Samuel Hoerocks. (Tory.) 

Poll— Stanley 1,619 

Harrocks 1,616 

Joseph Hanson (W.) 1,002 

Lerd Stanley. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Samuel fforrocks. (See Pari. 1882.) 
(The unauocessfiil candidate, Joseph Hanson, was 
of Strangewayea Hall, Manchester, and a merchant 
of that city. He was for some time Lieut.-Ool. 
Commandant of the Manchester and Salford Volun- 
teers. Died in 1811.) 

1812. Nov. 24. I SAsroifL Horrocks. (Tory.) 
1818. June 10. ( Edmund HoRNjy. ( Whig.) 

Poll— Horrocks 1,379 

Hornhy '. ... 1,368 

Edward Hanson (W.) ... 727 

Samuel Horrocks. (See Pari. 1802.) 
Edmund Hornby, of Dalton Hall, Westmoreland. 
Eldest son of Rev. Geoffrey Ifomby, rector of 
Winwick, by the Hon. Imcy Stanley, sister of 
Edward twelfth Earl of Derby. He married 
his cousin, Lady Charlotte Stanley, daughter of 
the twelfth Earl of Derby, to whom therefore 
he was both cousin and brother-in-law. Was 
returned for the Borough in three successive 
Parliaments from 1812 to 1826. Died 18 
Nov., 1857- His son Edmund Oeofrey Hornby 
was M.P. for 'Harrington in 1832. 
(The nnsnccessful candidate, Edward Sanson, 
was brother of Colonel ECanson, who contested the 
previous election.) 

1818. Au£[. 4.- ) Samuel Hobboces. {Tory.) 
1820. Feb. 29. { Edmund Hoknbt. {Whig.) 

FOLL — Horrocks ,.. 1,694 

Hornby ... 1,598 

Crompton (W.) ... ... 1,245 

Samuel Horrocks (See Pari. 1802.) 
Edmund Hornby. (See Pari. 1812.) 
(The unsuccessful candidate. Dr. Peter Crompton 
of Eaton near Liverpool, contested Nottingham in 
1796, 1807, and 1812, and Liverpool in 1820 and 


Gboeob IV. 

1820. April 23.- ) Samuel IIobrOcks {Tott/.) 
1826. June 2. ) Edmund Hornby (PrWflr.) 

Poll— Horrooks 1,902 

Hornby 1,649 

John Williams (W) 1,525 

H. Hunt (E) 1,127 

Samuel Horrochs. (See Pari. 1802.) 

Edmund Hornby. (See Pari. 1812 ) 

(TTnsuooessful candidates. — John Williams was a 
barrister-at-law. He afterwards sat in Parliament 
for Lincoln, Iloheater, and Winchilsea, and con- 
tested Bristol in 1832. Was made K.O. in 1827 ; 
Baron of Exchequer 28 Feb. , 1834 ; and Justice of 
the King's Bench, 29 April, 1834, when he was 
knighted. Died 14 Sept., 1846. — Henry Huvet was 
returned for the Borough in 1830.) 

1826. Nov. 14.- ) Hon. Edwd. GBOrPEET Stanley 

[ {Whig.) 

1830. July 24. ) John Wood ( Whig) 

Poll— Stanley 2,944 

"Wood 1,974 

Kobt. Barrie (T) 1,653 

■W. Cobbett (E) 995 

Hon. Edioard Geoffrey StanUy, eldest son of 
Lord Stanley, who sat for the Borough from 
1796 till 1812. Returned for North Lancashire 
in 1833. Succeeded as fourteenth Earl of 
Derby. Died 1869. (See N. Lano. , Pari. 1833.) 

John Wood, of Liverpool, Barristerat law. 
Eldest son of OUiwell Wood, a merchant of 
Liverpool. Returned also in tlie two next 
Parliaments. Was afterwards chairman suc- 
cessively of the Board of Stamps and Taxes 
and of the Board of Excise. Died 10 Oct., 
1856, aged 68. 

(Unsuccessful candidates. ■ — Robert Barrie of 
Swarthdile. House, Lancaster. Capt. E,.N., and 
afterwards Rear- Admiral and O.B. Died 7 June, 
1841. WilUam Oobhett, the npjted politjoiau and 
author, was afterwards M.P. for Oldham.) 


William IV. 

1830. Oct. 26.- ) Hon. Edwd. Geoffeet Stanlet. 

} {Whig.) 

1831. April 22. ) John Wood {Whig.) 
Poll— Stanley 2,996 

Wood 2,489 

H. Hunt 1,308 

Hon. E. O. Stanley. (See Pari. 1826.) 
John Wood. (See Pari. 1826.) 
(1830. Deo. 24.)— Henry Hunt {Sadical.) 

Vice Right Hon. E. G. Stanley, appoiated Chief 
Secretary for Ireland. 

Poll— Hunt 3,730 

Hon. E. J. Stanley (W) ... 3,392 
Henry Hunt. The celebrated political agitator 
and Kadical orator. Unsuccessfully contested 
the Borough in 1820 and 1830, also Bristol in 
1812, Westminster in 1818, Somerset in 1826- 
Was returned again in the next Parliament, 
and unsuccessfully contested that of 1832. 
Died 15 Feb , 1835, aged 61. 
(The unsuccessful candidate, the Right Hon. 
Edward O. Stanley, was returned for Windsor im- 
mediately after this election), 

1831. June 14.- ) John Woo* ( Whig.) 

1832. Deo. 3. J Henbt Hunt. {.Radical.) 

♦(Election uncontested). 
John Wood. (See Pari. 1826.) 
Henry Hunt. (See Pari. 1830.) 

1833. Jan. 29.- ) Peter Heskbth Plbbt^wood. (C.) 

1834. Dec. 30. ( Hon.HENB,YTHOMASSTANLBT.(i>). 

Poll— Fleetwood 3,372 

Stanley 8.273 

H. Hunt (R ) ... 2,054 

J. Forbes (B.) 1,926 

0. Orompton (L.) 118 

- ..(Reg. electors, 6,352.) 
Peter Hesketh Fleetwood, of Eossall Halt, co. 
Lancaster, the representative of the families of 
Hesketh, of North Meols, and Fleetwood, of 
Rossall. Assumed the name Fleetwood March, 
1831. Created a Baronet June, 1838. Died 
12 April, 1866, aged 65; He was returned to 


Parliament by the Conservatives, bat went 
over to the opposite party about 1835. 
Hon. Henry T. Stanley. Secoild son of the 13th 
Earl of Derby and brother of the Hon. Edward 
G, Stanley, who represented the borough from 
1826tilH83'». Sat for Preston 1832-37. Died 
2 April, 1875, aged 72. 
(Uusucdeasful cfandidatea. — Hinry Hunt, the 
member in the previous Parliament. J. Forbes was 
a Captslin E.N. ; he contested Dtidley in 1835. 
Charles Grompton, son of Dr. Orompton who con- 
tested the borough in 1818. He was a barrister-at- 
law, afterwards judge of the Liverpool Court of 
Passage, and subsequently in Feb., 1852, Justice 
of the Court of Queen's Bench. Knighted 1852. 
Died 30 Oot.j 1865, aged 68. 

1835. Feb. 19.- j Peter Hesketh Fleetwood. (G.) 
1837. July 17. ( Hon. Hen BY Thomas Stanley, (i.) 

Poll— Fleetwood 2,165 

Stanley 2,022 

T. P. Thompson (L.) 1,385 

T. Smith (E.) 789 

(Peg. electors, 4016 ) 
Peter Hesheth Fleetwood. (See Pari. 1833.) 
Hon. Henry T. ^nley. (See Pari. 1833.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Col. T. Pcr^dwi 
Thompson, afterwards Lieutenant General in the 
army. Author of the " Catechism of the Corn 
Laws,"&e. Was M.P. tot Hull, 1835-37: Brad- 
ford, 1817-52 and 1857-59 Contested Marylebone, 
1838 : Manchester in 1839. Died 6 Sept., 1869. 
Thomae Smith, of Liverpool, was an old frieid and 
■ political associate of WiUiam Cobbett.) 


1837. Nov. 15.- ) PetbeHesketh Fleetwood. (L). 
1841. June 23. ( HoBbrt Xowhlby Paekeb. (C.) 

Poll— Fleetwood 2,726 

Parker 1,821 

J. Criwford (L) 1,562 

Feargus L. O'Connor ... S 

Keg. Electors, 3656. 
Peter HesMh Fleetwood. { See Pari. 1832.) 
Robert Townley Parker, of Cuerden Hall, near 
Preston. The representative of the Parkers of 
Entwistle, seated there since the fifteenth 


century. He was also co-heir of the Banistrea 

of Bank, several of whom had in early times 

sat for the Borough. Sat for Preston 1837-41 

and 1852-57, and unsuccessfully contested the 

elections of 1841 and 1847. Was High Sherifif 

of the County in 1817. Died 11 Aug., 1879, 

aged 86. His eldest son, Thomas Tovmley 

Parker, of Cuerden, is now the representative 

of the family. Arms of Parker of Cuerden : 

Gules, a chevron between three leopards heads 

or in tlie mouth an arrow fessways argent. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — John Crawford was a 

distinguished Oriental scholar, and at one time 

Governor of Singapore. He died in 1868, aged 84.) 

1841. Aug. 19. ) Sir Peter Hesketh FLEBTvrooD, 

\ Bart. (Lib). 
1847. July 23. ) Sir George Strickland, Bart. (L.) 

■Poll— Fleetwood 1,655 

Strickland 1,629 

E. T. Parker (0) 1,270 

0. Swainson (0) 1,255 

Keg. Electors, 3,633. 
Sir Peter Hesheth-Fleetwooi. . (See Pari. 1832. ) 
Sir George Strickland, seventh Baronet of Boyu- 
ton, CO. Tfork. The representative of the 
Stricklands of Boynton, a branch of the 
ancient and distinguished family of Strickland, 
of Sizergh, co. Westmoreland. Assumed the 
name of Gholmley only in lieu of Strickland, 
March, 1865. Sat for co. York, 1831-32 : West 
Riding, 1832 1841 : Preston, 1841-1857. Died 
23 Dec, 1874. Father of the present Sir 
Charles William Strickland, eighth Baronet, of 
Boynton. Arms of Strickland ; Gules, a 
chevron or between three crosses patfie argent, 
on a canton ermine a buck's head erased and 
attired azure. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Bolert Townley 
Parker sat for the Borough in the previous Parlia- 
ment. Charles Swainson, of Cooper Hill, Walton- 
le-Dale, head of the firm of Swainson, Birley, and 
Co., cotton manufacturers in Preston.) 


1847. Nov. 18. / Sir George Strickland, Bt. (L). 
1852. July 1. S Charles Pascoe Gbbnfell. (L.) 

Poll— Strickland 1,404 

Grenfell l.S^S 

K. T. Parker (0) l,36l 

Reg. electors, 3, 100. 
Sir George Strickland. ^ (See Pari. 184:1.) 
Charles Pascoe Orenfell, o£ Taplow Court, Mai- 
denhead, CO. Berks. A merchant in London 
and Liverpool, and one of tbe directors of the 
Bank of England. He was eldest son of Pas- 
coe Grenfell, of Taplow, who was some time 
M.P.forMarlowadd Penrhyn, and died in 1837. 
Sat for Preston 1847-52 and 1857-1865. Un- 
successfully contested the election of 1852; 
Died 21 Mar., 1867, aged 77. Arms of Gren- 
fell : Gules, three organ rests or. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Robert Towntey 
Parker. M.P. for the Borough in i837.) 

1852. Nov. 4.- ) Sir Geobse Stbicklaistd, Bt. (i.) 
1857. Mar. 21. ( EoBlifi,! Townley Parker. (C) 

Poll.— Parkeir 1,335 

Stricklaad ... ... ... 1,253 

C. P. Grenfell (L) 1,127 

J. German (L) 692 

Reg. electors, 2,854. 
Sir George StrieJeland. (See Pari. 1841). 
Mobert Townley Parker. (See Pari, 1837.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Charles Pascoe Gren. 
fell sat for the Borough in the previous Parliament . 
James German was an Alderman and ex-Mayor of 
Preston ; he contestei again in 1872.) 

1857. Apl. 1.- ) Charles Pascoe Grenfell. (L.) 
1859 Apl. 28. \ Richard Assheton Cross. {Con.) 

Poll.— Grenfell 1,503 

Cross 1,433 

Sir G. Strictland (L) ... 1,094 

Reg. electors, 2,854. 
Charles Pascoe Grenfell. (See Pari. 1847.) 
Richard Assheton Cross, of Eccle Riggs, Brough- 
ton-in-Furness, Barrister-at-law. Sat for Pres- 
ton 1857 to 1862, and for South-west Lanca- 
shire since 1868. Home Secretary 1874-1880. 
(See South-west Lancashire, Pari, 1868.) 


(Unsacoesaful candidate.— Sir George Strickland 
M.P. in 1841-1857.) 

1859. May SI.-) Charles PascobGrbnfell. (L.) 
1865. July 6. ) Richard Assheton Cro3s. {G.) 

Poll— Cross 1,542 

Gresfell 1,208 

J. T. Clifton (C) 1,168 

Keg. electors, 2,731. 
Charles Pascoe Orenfell. (See Pari. 1847.) 
Richard Assheton Gross. (See Pari. 1857.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — John Talbot Clifton, of 
Lytbam Hall, was M.P. for North Lancashire 
(1862. April 4.)— Sir Thomas George Heskbth, 

Bart. (Gon ) 
Vice R. A. Cross resigned. 

Poll— Hesketh 1,527 

G. Melly(L) ... 1014 

Sir Thomas George Hesketh, fifth Baronet of Rufford 
Hall, CO. Lane. Liaeally descended from Thomas 
Hesketh, who sat for the Borough 1722-27 As- 
sumed the name of Fermor Hesketh in 1867, and 
continued represent the Borough until his 
death 20 Aug., 1872, aged 47. His second son, 
now Sir Thomas George Fermor Fermor Hesketh, 
is the present and seventh Baronet of Rufford. 

(Arms (See Pari. 1722.) 

(Unsuccessful candid ite. — George Melly, a Liver- 
pool merchant was subsequently iu 1867 returned 
for Stokeupon-Trent.) 

1866. Feb. 1,- ) Sir Thos. Geo. Hesketh, Bart., 

\ (Com.) 

1868. Nov. 11. I Hon. Peed. Arthur SiANLEr (C) 

Election uncontested. Reg', electors, 2,562. 

Sir Tlimnas Geo. Hesketh. (See Pari. 1859.) 


Hon. Frederick A, Stanley, second son of the four- 
teenth Karl of Derby. Returned for North Lan- 
cashire in the next Parliament, and was appointed 
Secretary of State for War in April, 1878. (See 

North Lancashire, Pari. 1868.) 



1868. Dec. 10, 1 S r Thos. Gbo. Fermor Hesketh, 

V Bart. (Cons ) 

1874, Jan, 26, ) Edward Hkrmon. 

Poll — Hermon 


J F. Leese (L) 

Lord E. G. F. Hownid (L) . 

Keg. eleotos, 11,312, 


Sir Thomas O. Fermor Hesketh. (See Pari. 1859.) 

Edward Herman, a manufacturer, of Preston, — 

One of the Hrm of Horrocks, Miller and Co, 

Continued to represent the Borough till his 

death, 6 May, 1881. 

(Unsuccessful candidates, ) —Joseph Francis Leese, 
a cotton spinner and manufacturer of Preston. — 
Lord Edward O. F. Howard, second son of the 
thirteenth Duke of Norfolk : M.P. for Horsham, 
1848 62: Aiundel, 18521863. Created Baron 
Howard, of Glossop, 1869, Died 1 Dec, 1883, 
aged 65 ) 

(1872. Sept. ISth.)— John H0LKER,Q.C. (Com.) 
Vice Hesketh, deceased. 

Poll— Holktr 4,542 

J, German (L) 3,124 

John Holker, of Grays Ino, Loudou, barrister-at- 
law. Re-elected in two next Parliaments till his 
elevation to the Bench. Called to the Bar in 
1854 Q.C, 1868. Solicitor General 22 April, 
1874 : Attorney-General 25 November, 1875, 
till April, 1880. Knighted December, 1874. 
Appointed Lord Justice of Appeal in Jan,, 1882. 
Died 24 May, 1S82, aged 54. 


1874. Mar. 5.- 1 Edward Hbemon {Cons). 
1880. Mar. 24, /John Holker, Q.O. {Con.) 

Poll— Hermon 

... 6,362 


... 5,211 

T. Mottershead (L) ... 

... 3,606 

Edward Hermxm. (See Pari. 1868.) 
John Eolker. (See Pari. 1868.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Thomas Mottersliead, 
labour candidate, a working silk weaver. Died 5 
Dec, 1884, aged 60.) 

(1874. April 23.) — John Holker re elected upon 
his appointment as Solicitor Greneral. 

i Edward Hbemon (Cons.) 
Sir J. Holker, Attorney-General 

Poll— Hermon 6,239 

Holker 5,641 

Geo. W. Bihr (L) .5,355 

Edward Hermon. (See Pari. 1868.) 
Sir John Holker. (See Pari. 1868.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Oeorge W. Bahr, a 
merchant of Liverpool. Died 16 May, 1880.) 
(1881. May 23.)— William P. Ecrotd {Cons.) 
Vice Hermon, deceased. 

Poll— Ecroyd 6004 

H. Y. Thompson (L) 4340 

William F. Ecroyd, of Burnley, manufacturer, 
unsuccessfully contested North East Lancashire 
in 1880. 

(Unsuccessful candidate.— iiTen?^ Totes Thomp- 
son. Unsuccessfully contested South Lancashire in 
1865 and 1868.) 


1882. Feb 4)-Rt. Hon. Hbnry Cecil Raikbs (O) 
Vice Holker, appointed Lord Justice of Appeal. 

Poll— Kaikes 6,045 

W. S. Simpson (Tndep.) ... 4,212 

Rt. Hod. Henry Gedl Raikes, of Llvryaegroa Hall, 

CO. Flint. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 

in 1863. M.P. for Chester, 1868-74, and 1874- 

80. Unsaccessfally contested Devonport in 1866, 

V and Chester in 1865 and 1880. Chairman of 

Ways and Means, and Deputy Speaker of the 

House of Commons 1874-1880. Resigned his 

seat for Preston, in order to contest Cambridge 

University, for which he was elected iu Nov., 

(UoBuccessful candidate. — WiUiam S^aw Simpson 
of Liverpool. Refreshment room keeper aud 
steamboat manager. Contested Liverpool in 1874. 
Died 1883.) 

1882. Nov. 23.)— WiLUAM E. M. ToMLiNSOti (C) 
Vice Raikes resigned. 

Poll— Tomlinson 6,351 

R. W. Hanbury (C) 4.167 

WiUiam E. M. Tomlinson of Preston. Barrister- 
at-law. Formerly of Westminster School and 
Christ Church College, Oxford. 

(Unsuccessful cindidata. — Robert WiUiam Han- 

urn, of Boleliall House, Tam worth. MP. for 

Tkmworth 1872-1878 : North Staffordshire 1878- 

1880, and an unsuccessful candidate fur the last in 



Ti-tE Borough of Liverpool exersised tho 
privilege of sonding two mombera to Parliament in 
1295 and 1307, bnt thence for 240 years the 
right oontinaed wholly suspended. To the various 
■writs issued to the sherilfs of Lancashire in the 
reigns of Edward II. and Edward III. the return 
was : "There are no cities and Burghs in my Baily- 
wiok except the Burgh of Lancaster." From the 
reign of Edward III. to that of Henry VI, tho 
return invariably reads: "There is not any City 
or any Burgh from which any citizens or Burgesses 
can or were wont to come by reason of their low 
condition or poverty. " In the reign of Edward IV. 
it reads: "And because there is not any City 
within the said County or Burgh which in former 
times sent any Citizens or Burgesses to Parliament 
before the King and his Counsel by reason of their 
poverty and inability, therefore no mention is made 
of Citizens and Burgesses." 

In the first Parliament of Edward VI. which met 
4th November, 1547, tho Elective Franchise was 
restored to the two Lancashire Boroughs of Liver- 
pool and Wigan, and has since continued without 
further intermission. Liverpool was represented 
by two members until the passing of the " Repre- 
sentation of the People Act, 1887," when this con- 
stituency — become one of tho largest in tlie liiii^;- 
dom — was empowered to return throe members, 
the present number of representatives. 

Before 1832 the right of election from time im- 
memorial seems to have been vested in tho Fieemeu 
at large. The only oooasion when the question of 


toe fr»Qchise was brought to nay legal iletermina- 
tion was at the contested election of 17'^ between 
Thomas Brereton, Ksq., and Sir Thonijvs Aston« 
B&rt. liie former petitioning sj^sinst the return of 
his opponent it w«s agraed, o M;>i-ch, )T-!', by 
the couusel on both sid^ " that the rijjht of election 
is in the Mayor, BailiSV, and Freemen of the s;»id 
Boronirh not receiving alms." This decision 
governed all future elections to the time of the 
Keforiu Bill. The number of Freemen entitled to 
vote in the year 17-0 was found to be UCfi ( inUis) ; 
in lS24it h.vl increased to about iGXt (Oh(iifUi). 

TUe membors for Liverpool have inviiriaWy been 
selected from among the merahauts and other 
trading classes resident in the town; hence the 
identity of m.viy of the earlier repri-seutatices is 
very diflioult to establish. It is a somewhat 
singular cireumstanoe, and one which fully shows 
the small value placed in early times npon the 
exeiviso of the Pai-liaraentary privilege, that iu 
most of tlie elections of the sixteenth century, 
while the town returned one member the other wtis 
loft open to the nomination of the CUaucellor of 
the Duchy for the time being. In this way several 
strangers to the Borongh were occjisionally intro- 
duced as membea-s, the nominees of the Ohanoellor 
being taken mostly from among the families of tlie 
snrrouudtng county gentry or in some instances 
from those at a givater distance. The F.arls of 
Derby also exei-cised considerable intluenoe — both 
Parli.-kmeutary and municipiU— in the affiurs of the 
Borousb prior to the sale of L;vthom House 
towards tl<e niidile of the Isist century. 
Thenceforth the most important iufluojjce iu the 
elections wsvs that of the Corporation which could 
always command the return of one member, the 
other being the choice of the Freemen, the result 
being tliat for a long time the reprosentj\tion of 
Liverpool was divided between the two political 

Liverpool was tirst incorporated about the year 
120S iu the i-oigu of King John. It w as creatoil a 
City by Letters Patent dated 11 May, 1S80. 
The population in ISOl was 77, two ; in ISll, 


04,376; in 1821, 118,072; in 1831, 205,572; in 
1841, 2'.n,'.)r>i; ; in 1851, 375,055; in 1861, 443,938 5 
in 1871, 488,845. 

We are iiidebted to "Memorials of Liverpool" 
by J. A. Picton, F. 8. A., for important assistance 
in the comjiilation of tUe following notes. 

Edward I. 

1295 Nov. 27. j Adam Fiiz-PacHAED. 

Weutminster. j UoJiiirrr tyNKLOWB. 

130G-7. Jan.20 ) IirejfAP.D db la Moee. 

Carlisle. j .Joji.v i>it la More. 

Richard df. la More. The family of More is of 
great antiquity in Lancashire having settled at 
More Hall, near Liverpool, about the year 
1200. Towards the close of the century they 
removed to Bank Hall, which was built about 
1280, and which for several centuries after- 
wards continued their chief seat. The earlier 
generations of the family are somewhat un- 
certain, but from Sir William de la More 
(temp. Edward III. J — who was probably a son 
or grandson of one of the members for Liver- 
pool in this Parliament — a regular descent is 
traced until the extinction of the male line 
early in the present century. Several mem- 
bers of the family sat for the Borough at 
various after period.s. 
John de la More. X'robably a brother of his 
(Ketuums discontinued fob 240 years.) 

Edward VI. 

1547. Nov. 4.- ) TiTOMAS Stanley. 

1552. April 15. \ FnANCih) Oavb. 

Thomaa Stanley, of Winwick, co. Lancaster, 
afterwards knighted. Sat for the County 
1554 td 1555. Died 18 Dec, 1576. (See 
County Eep., Pari. 1554.) 
FranciH Ca,ve, apparently the fifth son of Richard 
Gave, of Stanford, co. Northampton, and 
younger brother of Sir Ambrose Cave, member 
for Leicester in this Parliament, and who was 
afterwards Chancellor of the Duchy of Lau- 


caster, 1558 to 1568. He was ancestor of tlie 
Caves of Bargrave in Leicestershire. 

1553. M roh 1.- ) Ralph Assheton. 
March 31. ) William Bkomlet. 

Edlph Asshetan. Doubtless the representative of 
the Asshetons of Great Lever, and probably 
the EaJph Assheton who married Alice, 
daughter of JVilliam Hulfon, of Farnworth, 
Esq., and was grandfather of the first Baronet 
of Lever. 

William Bromley. Sat for the Borough in this 
and the three following Parliaments. Tho 
Bromleys were of Shropshire and Cueshire. A 
William. Btomley, of Mitley, co Salop, was 
living at this period, but whether or not the 
member for Liverpool is not certain. He was 
grandfather of Sir Thomas Bromley, Chancellor 
to Queen Elizabeth. 


1553. Oct. 5.- j William Bromley. 

Dec. 5. j Sir Giles Alington, Knt, 
William Bromley. (See Pari. 1552-3.) 
Sir Giles Alington, of Horseheath Hall, Cam- 
bridge. Sat for CO. Cambridge 1534 and 1557- 
Died 22 Aug., 1586. Hewasancestorof the Lords 
Alington, created 1642, extinct 1691, and now 
represented in the female line by Henry Gerard 
Stnrt, late M.P. for Dorset, in whose favour 
the Peerage of AUingtou was revived in 1876. 
Arms of Alington of Horseheath : Sable, a bend 
engrailed between six billets azure. 

1554. April 2.- ) William Bromley. 

May 5. ) SiB William Nuereys, Kht. 

William Bromley. (See Pari. 1552-3.) 
Sir William Korreys, of Speke Hall, near Liver- 
pool. The representative of a family dating 
from the twelfth century, and seated at Speke 
since the fourteenth. He was Mayor of Liver- 
pool in i553, and was living at Flower's Visita- 
tion of the County in 1567. Several of his 
descendants sat for the Borough at various after 


periods. Arma of Norreys : Quarterly argent 
and ijaks, in the second and third quarters a 
fret or, over all a foase azure. 

Philip & Mary. 

1554. Nov. 12.- ) William Bedmley. 
155.J. Jan. Hi. ( John Bkaumont. 

William Dromleij. (See I'iirl. 1552-3.) 
John [Beaumont. Eoturned to thia and the follow 
ing I'arliaiiient. He haa not been identified, 
but appears to have been returned at the iu 
stance of the Chancellor of the Duchy. " The 
town returned one member and courteously 
left the, other place vacant to be filled up by 
the Chancellor of the Duchy who nominated 
Mr. John Heawvont." (Pioton's Memorials of 
Liverpool, p. 5G.) 

1555. Oct. 21." j Sir Eioiiard Sherbuenb, Knt. 
Dec. 9. i John Bkaumont. 

Sir Richard Sherburne, Knt., of Stonyhurst, co. 
Lancaster. Sat for Preston 1554 and 1558. 
He was steward to the Earl of Derby and 
Governor of the Isle of Man. Died 26th July 
1594. (See Preston Rep., Pari. 1554.) 

John Beaumont. (See Pari. 1554.) 

1557-8. Jan. 20.- ) William Stopitoetii. 

1558. Nov. 7. I George White. 

Neither of these members has been identified. 
In the Keturn each ia styled "generosus," and 
they were probably merchants of the Borough. 


1558-9. Jan, 23.- j Sir Thomas Smith, Knt. 
1559. May 8. \ Ralph Browne. 
Sir Thomas Smith, of SaQron Walden, co. Essex., 
Knt. Afterwards sat for Essex from 1571 
till his death. Knighted 1548. Secretary of 
State 1548-1550 and again in 1572. Thrice 
Ambassador toFrancein the reign of Elizabeth. 
Died 12 Aug., 1577, 8. p. aged 63. Hia brother 
and heir Qeorge was ancestor of the present 
Sir William Boim/er Smijth, Bart., late M.P. for 
S. Essex. Arms of Smith of Saflfron Walden i 


Sable, a fesse dancettee argent billett^e, te- 
tween three lionoels rampant-guardant of the 
second, each supporting an altar or flamory 
Ralph Browne, styled in the return "Gent." 
Doubtless a resident of the borough. 

15fi2-3. Jan. 11.- ) Sir Humphrey Eatclut, Knt. 
1566-7. Jan. 2. j William Wyntek. 

Sir Humphrey Ratclif, of Elstow, co. Bedford, 
Knt. Younger son of Robert, first Earl of 
Sussex, and a collateral descendant of the 
ancient Lancashire family of Eadclifife of E,ad- 
cliffe. He sat for Bedfordshire from 1553 to 
1558, and for Maiden in 1559. Died 1566. His 
only son inherited as sixth and last Earl of 
Sussex in 1629 and died s. p. in 1641. Arms 
of Ratcliflfe Earls of Sussex : Argent, a bend 
engrailed sable. 
William Wynter, of Lydney Park, co. Gloucester. 
Afterwards knighted. Returned for Ports- 
mouth in 1553 and 1563: Clitheroe, 1572: 
Gloucestershire, 1586. He was Vice-Admiral 
under Sir Francis Drake in the action with the 
Spanish Armada. 
( 1563). — PaCHAKD MOLTNEUS. 

Ralph Sekebston. 

Vice Sir H. RatolifiF and WilUam Wynter. Elec- 
tion void by reason of informality. 

Richard Molyneux. Second son of Sir Richard 
Molyncux, of Sefton, Knt., who died in 
155S, and uncle of Sir Richard, first Baronet 
of Sefton. 

Ralph Seherston, Alderman of Liverpool. Mayor 
in 1550 and 1560. Sat for the Borough in this 
and the two following Parliaments of 1571 and 
1572. Died in 1580. 

1571. April 2- ) Ralph Sekerston. 
May 29. j Thomas Aveby. 

Ralph Sekerston. (See Pari. 1562-3.) 
Thomas Avery has not been identified. He was 
a resident of Liverpool, 


1572. May 8.0 Ealph SekerstoiC. 

1583. April 9. ) Matthew Dale. 
Ralph Sekcrston. (See Pari. 1562-3.) 
MattliPw Dale. Nothing is known of him. He 

is styled in the return "Gent.," and was 
doubtless a resident of Liverpool. 
(15S0). — Thomas Gkeenacees. 

Vice E..^lph Sekei'ston, deceased. 
Thomas Oreenacres. Returned for Clitheroe in 
1559 and 1563, Second son of John Greenacres 
of Worston, co. Lauc, and brother of Richard 
Greenacres, who sat for Cliiheroe in 1571, 
The family of Greenacres settled at Worston 
in the fourteenth aud failed towards the middle 
of the seventeenth century. Arms of Green- 
acres : A rgent, a chevron between three garbs 

1584. Nov. 23- ) Aethuk Atyb. 

1585. Sept. 14. ( John Molyneux. 

Arthur Atye. Returned for Fowey 1588 ; 
Shaftesbury, 1593 : Dunwich, 3597 ; Beer- 
alston, 1603. He graduated at Merton Coll., 
Oxford, 14 April, 1569. Was afterwards 
Principal of St. Albans Hall and public orator 
of the University 1572. Appointed secretary 
to the Earl of Leicester 1579. Agent to the 
States General 1587. Knighted 11 May, 16 3. 
Died 1604. 

John Molyneux. Probably the youngest son of 
Sir Richard Molyneux, of Sefton, and brother 
of the member for the borough in 1563. 

Note. — The official returns for Liverpool to this 
Parliament are wanting. The foregoing are from 

1586. Oct. 15- I John Poole, Junr. 
1586-7. Mar. 23. ( William Cavendish. 

John Poole, Junr. Styled in the returns " Gent.,'' 

and was probably a merchant of the borough, 
Williani Cavendish, second son of Sir William 
Cavendish, of Chatsworth and Hardwick, co. 
Derby, and eventually heir of his brother 
Henry, who sat for Derbyshire in this Parlia- 
ment. He was returned for Newport (Corn- 


wall) in the next Parliament 1589. Created 
Baron Cavendish, of Hardwiok, 4 May, 1605, 
and Earl of Devonshire 2 Aug., 1618. Died 3 
March, 1625. Ancestor of the Earls and Dukes 
of Devonshire. Arms : (See N. Lane, Pari. 

1588-9. Feb. 4.- ) Edward Waehbn. 

1589. Mar. 29. \ Fkancis Bacon. 
Edward Warren, probably of Poynton, co. 
Chester. Afterwards knighted. Died 12 
Nov., 1609. 
Francis Bacon. "The wisest, greatest, meanest 
of mankind." A Bencher of Grays Inn. Sat 
for Meloombe Regis, 1584-85 : Taunton, 1586- 
87 - Liverpool, 1588-9 : Middlesex, 1592-3 : 
Ipswich, 1597-1601, 1604, and 1614. He was 
called to the Bar at Grays Inn 27 June, 1532. 
Appointed king's counsel 1603, being the 
first to hold that office. Solicitor- General 25 
June, 1607. Judge of Knight Marshal's 
Court, 1611. Attorney-General, 27 Oct., 
1613. Lord Keeper of the Great Seal 7 Mar., 
1617. Lord Chancellor 4 Jan., 1618. Created 
Baron Verulam 11 July, 1618, and Viscount 
St. Albans 21 Jan., 1621. Dismissed from all 
offices 30 April, 1621. Died 9 April, 1626, 
aged 65, s. p. Arms of Bacon, Viscount St. 
Albans : Gules, on a chief argent two mullets 
sable, a crescent for difference. 

1592-3. Feb. 19.- ) Michael Dottghtib. 
1593. April 10. \ John Wrothb. 
Michael Doughtie. Sat for Flint borough 1586-7, 
and for Preston 1588-9. (See Preston Rep., 
Pari. 1688-9. 1 
John Wroihe. Styled in the returns "Gent." 
Was probably a resident of the borough. 

1597. Oct. 24.- ) Thomas Geeaed. 

1597-8. Feb. 9. ( Petee Peoey. 

Thomas Gerard, of Heighley Carr, oo. Lancas- 
ter. Apparently the eldest son and heir of 
Sir Thomas Gerard, of Bryn, Kut., and grand- 
son of Sir Thomas Gerard, who sat for the 
county in 1563. He was afterwards knighted. 


and was among the first to receive the dignity^ of 
Baronet upon the institution of the order 22 Miiy, 
16U. Was returned for the county 1614 : Wigan, 
1620. Died 1620-1, Ancestor of Lord Ourmd 
of Bryn. 
POer Proby. Sat for Hull in 1592. Described in 
the returns as "Gent." A Sir Peter Proby 
(ancestor of Proby of Elton, co. Huntingdon, 
baronetcy extinct in 1689), was Lord Mayor of 
London in 1622, but whether related to the 
member for Liverpool does not appear. 

1601. Oct. 27.-] Edward Anderson. 
Dec. 19. j Hugh Calvbrlbt. 

Edward Anderson, Styled "Esq." in the return. 
Has not been identified. 

Hugh Calverhy. Styled in the return, "Gent."' 
A family of this name resided at Cockerham in 
the county, but whether conneeted with the 
member for Liverpool does not appear, 

James I. 

16034 Mar. 19 - \ Giles Brooke. 

1610-11. Feb. 9. j Thomas Kemohinoe. 

Oilea Brooke. An Alderman of Liverpool. Was 
bailiff in 1584. Mayor in 1S92. The family is of 
considerable antiquity in the town, and for three 
centuries various members have at different 
times occupied the civic chair and filled bther 
offices of usefulness in the borough. 

Tliomas Bemchinge or Riding. Styled "Gent." 
W^s a resident and probably a merchant of the 

1614. April 5.- 1 Edward Wywarkb. 
June 7. J Thomas Ireland, 

Note, — This return is from the Kimbolton MS. 

Edward Wywarke was elected also for Peterborough . 
Sat for Chippenham 1597-8 and 1601 ; Peter- 
borough 1604-11 and 1614, He has not been 

Thomas Ireland, Probably the fourth son of 
George Ireland ot the Hutte, co. Lane, Esq., and" 
brother of John Ireland of the Hutte, who was 
living in 1613, 


16201. Jan. 16. 1 Thomas May. 
1621-2. Feb. 8. J William Johnson. 

Tlumas May. Styled " Esq." in the return, and 
may possibly have been " IViomas May, of May- 
field, 00. Sussex," the cousin of Sir Humphrey 
May, who sat for Lancaster in this Parliament, 
and was afterwards Chancellor of the Duchy. 

William Johnson. Probably connected with the 
Johnsons of Everton, a family resident there for 
many generations until it became extinct towards 
the close of the last century, 

1623-4, Feb, 12,- ) Sir Thomas Gbraed, Knt. and 
\ Bart. 

1625. Mar. 24. ) G-eoboe Ireland. 

Sir Tlwmas Gerard, second Bart, of Bryn. Eldest 
son of the member for Liverpool [in the Parlia- 
ment of 1597. Succeeded his father in the 
Baronetcy and estates 16201 

George Ireland, of Hale, co. Lancaster, Esq. 
Fourth son of Sir Gilbert Ireland, of Hale. Knt,, 
and uncle of Gilbert, who afterwards sat for the 
county in 1654 and for Liverpool in 1659. Arms : 
(See County Rep., Pari. 1654). 

Ohaklbs I. 

1625. May. 17. ■) James, Loed Strange. 
Aug. 12. \ Edwa<ri> Mobs. 

James Stanley (called) Lord Strange. Eldest son 
and heir-apparent of William, sixth EatI oi Derby. 
Was Mayor of Liverpoool in 1625. Summoned 
to the House of Peers as Baron Strange 1627. 
Succeeded his father as seventh Earl of Derby 29 
Sept., 1642. "The great and good Earl" who 
was beheaded at Bolton, 15 Oct., 1651. 

Edward More, of Bank Hall, Liverpool, Esq. The 
lineal descendant of the member for the borough 
in 1306-7. Was High Sheriff of the county 1621. 
Mayor of Liverpool 1626. Died 28 Nov., 1633. 

1625-6. Feb. 6.-1 Edwaed Bridqeman. 

1626. June 15. j Thomas Standtsh. 

Note— The Crown Office List and Browne 
Willis give the name of the second member as 


T/ionhos Stanley, but the original re,tun;i reads 
Thomas Stftru^ieh, which is doubtless correct. 
Edward Bridgeman, o£ Sankey Bridge, War- 
rington, Esq. Sat for Wigau in the Parlia- 
ments of 1625 and 1628. Younger brother of 
John Bridgeman, Bishop of Chester (16.19- 
1652), and unole of Sir Orlando Bridgeman, 
who afterwards represented Wigan in 1640, 
and was ancestor of the Earls of Bradford. He 
died in 16i5 leaving an only daugltter, the 
wife of Sir John Edgawarth, Knt. 

Thomas Standish, of Duxbury Hall, oo. Lancas- 
ter, Esq. He was afterwards returned for 
Preston in the first Parliament of 1640, and 
continued to .represent that borough until his 
decease in 1642. (See Preston Kep., Pari. 

1627-8. March 17- ) Henry Jermtn. 
1628-9. March 10. \ John Newdegatb. 

Henry Jermyn, of Rnshbrooke, co. Suffolk, Esq. 
Sat for Bodmin 1625 and 1626 : Corfe Castle 
1640. Afterwavds known as "the notorious 
Harry Jermyn." Was Master of the Horse to 
the Queen of Charles I. Created Baron Jermyn 
of Bdini\nd3bury, cp. Suffolk, 8 Sept, 1643, 
and Earl of Si. Albans 27 April, 1660. Waa 
Lord Chamberlain qf the Household after the 
Restoration. Died in 1683 s. p. Arms of 
Jermyn : Sable, a chevrqn between two niul- 
lets in pale argent. 

John Newdegate, of Arbury, co. Warwick, Esq. 
The representative of an ancient Warwick- 
shire family. He died in 1642 a. p. Hia 
brother and heir, Sir Richard Neiodegate, 
Chief Justice of the Upper Bench in 1659, was 
created a Baronet in 1677, and is now repre- 
sented in the female line hy Charles Newdigate 
Newdegate, of Harefield and Arbury, Esq. 
M.P. for North Warwickshire. Arms of 
Newdegate : Qules, three lions' jambs erased 


1640. Apl. 13.- j James, Lokd Cbanfield. (E'sf.) 
iij.y 5. t John Holceopt. {Parln.) 

Jaima (called) Lord Cranfield, eldest son and 
heir-apparent of iJoneZ, first Earl oi Middlesex, 
Lord High Treasurer to CLarles I. Succeeded 
his father as second Earl of Middlesex 6 Aug.. 
Iij4f. Died Sept. , 1641, «. ^. m. His honours 
beoanie extinct with his brother, the third 
Earl, in 1674, and the family is now repre- 
sented in the female line by Earl De la Warr, 
who descends from the sister of the member 
for Liverpool in this Parliament. Arms of 
Cranfield : Or, on a pale azure three fleurs-de- 
lis of the first. 

John Hohrojt, of Holcroft, co. Lancaster, Esq. 
Afterwards the celebrated " Liedt. -Colonel 
Holcroft " in the Parliamentary army. Mayor 
of Liverpool in 1644. Sat for Wigau in the 
Long Parliament from 1646 till 1653. Died 
April, 1656. He was "lineally descended from 
John de Holcroft, of Holcroft, who represented 
the county in 1373 and 13S3. Arms : (See 
County Rep., Pari. 1373). 

1640. Nov. S.-lJoHU Moke. (Pari.) 

1653. Apl. 20. i SirElCHAKDWYNN, \i&Tt.{RoyalisC) 

John More, of Bank Hall, Liverpool, Esq. 
Eldest son and heir of Edward More, who sat 
for the borough in 1625. Was Bailiff in 1630 
and Mayor of Liverpool in 1633. Governor 
for the Parliament in 1643, and a Colonel in 
the Parliament service. He was one of the 
Commission appointed for the trial of the King 
and signed the death-warrant. Died iu Iie- 
land of the plague June, 1650. His eldest 
son, Edward, received a Baronetcy in 1675, 
but the title and male descent of the family 
failed with the fifth Baronet in 1810. Arms 
of Moore or More : Quarterly, 1st and 4th 
argent, three greyhounds courant in pale sable 
collared &r ; 2nd and 3rd argent, ten trefoUa 
slipped 4, 3, 2, 1. vert. 

Sir Richard Wynn, 2Dd Baronet of Gwydyr, co. 
Carnarvon. Elected for Newton and Andover 
in the previous Parliament. Died 19 July, 


1649, s. p. The Baronetcy failed with the 
fifth Baronet in 1719, and the family is now 
represented in the female line by Sir Watkin 
Williams- Wynn, Bart. Arms of Wynn : Vert, 
thiee eagles displayed in fesse or. 
(1649. October.— New writ issued 28 August.) — 
TiTOMAS BiECH. (Pari.) 

Vice Sir Eichard Wynn, deceased. 

Note. — The official return for this election is 
not extant. 

Thomas Birch, of Birch Hall, Manchester, Esq \ 
A Colonel in the Parliamentary army, and an 
active partisan of the Commonwealth. Gover- 
nor cf Liverpool 1644-1655. Was returned for 
the borough, also to the Parliaments of 1654 
and 1656. Retired from public service at the 
Kestoration. Died 5 Aug., 1678, aged 70. 
Anns of Birch: Azure, three fleurs-de-lis 


^^%'ec'il ^■" I No returns from the boroughs. 

(Oliver Cromwell, Protector.) 
1(^54. Sept. 3 - I Thomas Birch. 
1654 5. Jan. 22. j (Pari.) 

Thomas Birch. (See Pari. 1640-53.) 
NoTB. — One burgess alone returned to this and 
the next Parliament. I'he official returns are lost 
between 16-40 and 1661. 

1656. Sept: 17.- ) Thomas Birch. 
1657-8. Feb. 4. } (Pari.) 

Thomas Birch. (See Pari. 1640-53.) 

(Richard Cromwell, Protector). 
1658 9. Jan, 27.- ( Gilbert Ireland. (Pa,rln.) 
1659. April 22. ( Thomas Blackmoeb. (Parln.) 
Gilbert' Jreland, of the Hutte and Hale, and of 
Bewsey, Warrington, Esq. Colonel in the 
Parliament Service. Governor of Liverpool, 
1655. Sat for the County 1654-1658, and for 
Liverpool 1659 till his decease. Died 30 April, 
1675. (See County Kep,, Pari. 1654.) 


Thomns Blacimore, an Alderman of the 'boropgh, 
" He was one of the Aldermen discharged from 
their office in 161)2 for refusing to subscribe to 
the declaration contained in the Act IS 
Charles II. for the well governio^ of corpor- 

Charles II. 

1660. Afl. 25.- 1 Hon. William Stanley. [Ro^/ali^.) 

> Gilbert Ikeland, aftewards Kut. 
Dec. 20. I {Royalist.) 

* Hon. William Stanley. Younger son of Jameg, 
seventh Karl of Desrby (who represented the 
torough ill 1625). Was returned also for 
Ihirsk in this Farliament, bat made his elec- 
tion for Liverpool. Sat for the borough till his 
decease in Oct. 1670. 
■ffilbert Jreland. (See Pari. 1658-9.) Hs was 
knighted 16 June, 1660, for his effoi;ts JO aid- 
ing to bring about the Kestoration. 

1661. May 8.- ) Hon. William Stanley. 
1678-9. Jan. 24. ( Sir Gilbert Ireland, Knt. 

Hon. William Stanley. (See Pari. 1660.) 
Sir Gilbert Ireland. (See Pari. 1659.) 

(1670. Deo. 9.)^Sir William Buoknell, Koi. 
Vice Hon. William Stanley, deceased. 
J^o TE. — This was one of the most remarkable elec- 
tions on record. Xhe candidates were Sir Oeorge 
Lane, of Tulske, co. Roscommon, previously Secre- 
tary of State for Ireland. Robert Wharton (son of 
a Mr. Humphrey Wharton, of London) : Mr. — 
Ross, secretary to the Duke of Monmouth : Hir 
William BiKiknell, Knt.: — Henry Aah\trsf, of 
London, nephew of Col. Ashurst, Governor of 
Liverpool in 1644 : Sir William d'emple, Knt. The 
real contest, however, was between Lane and 
Bucknell, but the Poll is not recorded. 
Sir William Buclcnell, of Oxley, co. Hertford. 
An Alderman of the city of Loudon. He 
was knighted 2 i.Sept , 1670, and died about 
February, 1676-7. Armsof JBuokiiell : .^r^erei, 
two chevroaels gtiJes between bucksheads 
cabo^aed or. 


fl675. May 27.)— William Banks. 
Vice Gilbert Ireland, deceased. 
William Banlces, of Winstanley Hall, co. Lail" 
caster, Esq. Uncle by marriage of his prede- 
cessor. He was 91 years of age at his election, 
ami died the following yej.r. Arms of 
Bankes : Sable, a cross between four fleurs de 
lis argent, a canton of the first. 
(1676-7. Mar. 9. New writs 16 Feb). 

Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart. 


Vice Sir William Bucknell and William Banks, 
both deceased. In this election Sir Edward 
More, Bart., of Bank Hall, was an unsuccess- 
ful candidate. 

Sir Ralph Assheton, second Baronet of Middleton, 
00. Lancaster. Succeeded his father Sir 
Ralph, first Baronet, 23 April. Sat for the 
county 1665, 1694-1698. Died 3 May, 1716, 
aged 59. 

Richard Atherton, of Atherton and Bewsey, co. 
Lancaster, Esq. The representative of the 
Athertons of Atherton Hall. Mayor of 
Liverpool in 1684. Knighted 22 June, 1684. 
Wag again returned in 1685. Died 1686. 

1678-9. Mar. 6.- ) Etjishe Wbntworth. ( Whig.) 
1679. July 12. \ John Dubois. ( Whig.) 

Ruishe Wentworth, of Sarre, co. Kent, Esq. 
Only son of Sir George Wentworth, M.P. for 
Pontefract in the Long Parliament, and 
nephew of the first Earl of Strafford. He was 
a cousin by marriage of the Earl of Derby, 
through whose influence he was returned for 
the borough. Sat for Liverpool in this and 
the two following Parliaments. Died 8 June, 
1686, aged 34, leaving an only daughter Mary 
married to Thomas, Lord Howard of Effing- 
ham. Arms of Wentworth : Sable, a chevron 
between three leopards' heads or. 

John Dubois, of Liverpool, merchant. Was re- 
turned also to the two following Parliaments. 
Died in 1684. 


1679. Oat. 17.- IRtTiSHE Wekttworth. {WMq.) 
1680-1. Jan. 16. f JoHtf DuBore. ( Whlo. ) 

RuMTin Weatmrth.. (See Pail. 1678-9.) 

John Dubois. (See" ?avl. 1078-9 .) 

1680-1. Mar. 21- IEuishb WentWorth. (W.) 
Mar. 28 (at Oxford.) ) John- DtTEOis. ( Whig. ] 

Suishe Wnntioorth. ' (See Pari. 1678-9.) 

John Dubois. (See Pari. 1678-9.) 

James II. —— -^ 

1685. May 16.- f Sir Kichabd Athertow, Kt. (?'.) 
1687. July 2. S Thomas Legh. (Tory.) 

Sir Richard Atheirton. (See Pari. 1678-9.) 

Thomas Legh, of Lyme, co. Cheater, Esq. Ap- 
parently the younger son of Eev. Thomas 
Legh, D.D., rector of Sefton and Walton, who 
died in 1639, and brother of Richard Legh, 
Esq., at this time the representative of the 
Leghs of Lyme, Haydock, and Newton. He 
died 16 — , e. p. 


1688-9, Jan. 22.- ) Richard, Viscount Colchester. 

} {W!iig.) 

1689-90. Feb. 6. ) Thomas Nokbets. (Whig.) 

Richard Savage (called) Viswunt Colchester. 
Eldest surviving sou of Thomas, third Earl 
Rivers and brother and heir of Thomas Vis- 
count Colchester (son-in-law of Charles, eighth 
Earl of Derby), who filled the civic chair of 
Liverpool in 1687. Returned again to the 
next Parliament. Succeeded his father as 
fourth Earl Rivers 14 Sept., 1694. Died 18 
Aug., 1712, ». p. m. Arms of Savage Earl 
Rivers : Argent, six lions rampant sable. 

Thomas Norreys, of SpeUe Hall, Liverpool, Esq. 
Lineally descended fron; Sir William Norreys, 
who sat for the Borough in 1554. Was re- 
turned to this and the following Parliament. 
Sheriff of the County 1696. Died June, 1700, 
aged 47. 


William and ArARY. 

1689-90 Mar. '20.- ) Richard, Vi<!coimt Col Chester 

( Whig.) 
1695. Ocb. 11. ) Thomas Nor.REYS. (Whig.) 
Richard Viscount Colchester. (See Pari. 1688-9 ) 
Thomas Norreys. {See Pari. 1688-9.) 
(1691. Deo. 4) — Thomas Bretherton. {Tory.) 
Vice Viscount Colchester suooeeded to the 

Note. — This was a most extraordinary election. 
The candidates were Jasper Maudit iWhig) and 
Thomas Bretherton (Tory). At the polling Maudit 
received 400, and Bretherton 15 votes. Notwith- 
standing this the Maytir returned the latter as duly 
elected. On 21 Dec , 1694, a petition of several 
burgesses and freemen of the Borough and Corpor- 
ation was presented to the House, complaining of 
the illegal proceedings of the Mayor ; also a peti- 
tion from Mr. Maudit complaining of the Mayor 
refusing him a poll, on pretence that he was not 
duly qualified, and by such means unjustly re- 
turning Mr. Bretherton. Resolved by the Bouse, 
11 Jan., 1695 — " That Thomas Bretherton, Esq., 
is not duly elected, and that Jasper Maudit, Es(]., 
is duly elected a burgess to serve for the Borough, " 
of Liverpool. And further the Mayor was ordered 
in custody for making a faUe return and deprived 
of his office. 

Thomas Bretherton, of Winwick, near Newton, 
Esq. Son of Thomas Bretherton, of the Hey, 
Newton, and of.-the Inner Temple. He after- 
wards sat for Newton in the Parliaments of 
1695, 1898, and 1700. Died 11 Jan., 1701-2. 
(1694-5. Jan. 11 )— Jasper Maudit. {Whirj.) 
Vice Thomas Bretherton unseated on petition. 
Jasper Maudit, of Liverpool, attorney-at-law. 
Mayor in 1693. Was returned also to the next 
Parliament Living in 1702. 

William III. 

1695. Nov. 22.- ) William Norbeys. {Whig) 
1698. July 7. (Jasper Maudit. (Whig.) 
William Norreys, of Liverpool, Esq. Younger 
brother of IViomas Norreys, who s it for the 
Borough in the two preceding Parliaments. 


Eeturned in three suooeasive Parliamenta, 
1695-1701. Cicated a bavonet 3 Dec, 1698. 
Ambassador to India 1698-1702. Died at soa 
10 Oct., 1702, s. p. Title extinct. 
Jasper Maudit. (See Purl 1C90.) 

1698. Aug. 24.- ) William Noubets (afterwards 
\ Bart.) (Whig.) 

1700. Deo. 19. ) William Clayton. (Whig ) 
William Nomys. (See Pari. 1695.) 

William Clayton, of Fulwood, near Preston, 
alderman and tnercluuit of Liverpool. Mayor 
in 1689. Waa returned to four successive Par- 
liaments from 1608 till 1705 in the Whig 
interest, and to that of 1705 and 171.3 as a 
Tory. lie retired from jniblio life at the close 
of the last-named I'.irliament, and died soon 
afterwards 8 July, 1715. 

170O-1. Feb. 6.-1 Sir William Noheeys, Bt. (W.) 
Nov. 11. ) William Clayton. (Whicf.) 

Note. — This election was contested between Sir 
William Norreys and William. Clayton, the former 
members, and Thomas Jvh n.foii ( W hig 1 and Sir Cleave 
More, Bart. (Tory.) The poll is not recorded. Sir 
Cleave More petitioned on 17 Feb., 1700, against 
the return, but before the petition could be de- 
cided upon Parliament was dissolved. 

Sir William Norreys, Bart. (See Pari. 1691.) 

William ClaytoH. (See Pari 1698) 

(Unsuooesstul oamlidates — Thomas Johnson was 
returned to the next Parliament. Sir Cleave More, 
second Bart, of B.idIc Hall. Eldest son of Sir 
Edward More, who was created a Baronet in 1675 
and grandson of Col. John More, who sat for the 
Borough in the Long Parliament. Ho died 23 
March, 1729 30. 

1701. Deo .sn.- ) William Clayton. (Whig.) 
1702 .Tidy 2. ) Thomas Johnson. (Whig.) 

William aiaylon. (See Pari. 1698.) 

Thomas Johnson, of Liverpool, merchant and 
aldurman. Son of Thomas Johnson, of Liver- 
pool, formerly of Bedford, near Leigh, oo. 
Lancaster (.who served the office of Mayor in 


1670 and 1695, and died in 1700). Bailiff 
3689. Mayor 1696. Was returned for the 
Borough in eight successive Parliaments from 
1701 to 1722. Knighted 20 March, 17u8. Ay 
pointed Collector of (Justonia on the llappa- 
hannock River in Virj;iiiia Jan., 1723, where 
he died 28 Deo., 1728, aged 59. 


1702 Aug. 20-1 William Clayton. {Whig.) 
1705. Apl. 23. J Thomas Johnson. {Whig.) 
William, Clayton. (See Pari. 1698.) 
Thomas Johnson. (See Pari. 1701.) 
1705. Oct. 25. 1 William Clayton. {Tory.) 
1708. Apl. 15 J Thomas Johnson. {Whig) 

Note. — William Clayton appears to have joined 
the Tory party during the previous Parliament. 

Poll— Johnson 6:iO 

Clnyton- 450 

Kichard Norreys (Whig) ... 390 
William Clayton. (See Pari. 1698.) 
Thomas Johnson. (See Pari. 1701.) 
(The unaucoessful candidate, Richard Norreys, 
was returned in the next Parliament.) 

1708. Nov. 18.-\ Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. ( W.) 
1710. Sept. 21.J EioHAED NoRBEYS. {Whig.) 

NoTE.^This election was contested between 
William Clayton and Sir Thomas Johnson, the pre- 
vious members, and Richard Norreys, candidate at 
the last election. Clayton was thrown out, but 
the poll is not recorded. 

Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. (See Pari. 1701.)> 
Richard Norreys, of Liverpool, merchant. He 
was a younger brother of Thomas Norreys, of 
Speke, who sat for the Horough in 1690, and 
of Sir William Norreys Bart., who sat from 
1695 to i700. Was Maypr in 1700, and High 
Sheriff of the County 1718. Died after 1730. 

1710. Nov. 25 - 1 Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. ( W.) 
1713. Aug. 8. / John Cleveland. (Whig.) 

Poll -Cleveland 542 

Johnson 492 

R. Norreys (Wliig) 447 

"W. Clayton (Tori) 439 


Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. (See Pari. 1701.) 
John Cleveland, of Liverpool, merchant. Bailiff 
1691. Mayor 1703. He waa Lord of the 
Manor of Birkenhead by purchase about the 
year 170O, and died 1 Aug., 1716, aged 55. His 
only daughter and eventualheiressof herbrother 
William (who sat for Liverpool in 1722) 
carried the Birkenhead estate in marriage to 
Francis Price, of Bryn-y-Pys, Esq., in whose 
family it remained until the early part of the 
present century. 

1713-14. Feb 16 - 1 Sir Thomas JoBNSON.Kt (W.) 
1714-15. Jan. 15 j WihUAM Clayton. {Tory.) 

Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. (See Pari. 1701.) 

William Clayton. (See Pari. 1698.) 
George I. 

1714-15. Mar. 17-\Sir Thomas Johnson, Kt ( H .) 
1721-2. Mar 10. J Edward Norkeys. {Whig.) 
Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. (See Pari. 1701.) 
Edward Norreys, of Chester, M D. Younger 
brother of Sir William Norreys, Bart., who 
sat for the borough 1695-1700, and of Richard 
Norreys, from 1708 1710. He accompanied, 
his brother in his embassy to the Great Mogul. 
Died July, 1726, leaving two daughters, viz., 
Catherine m: to Ralph Leycester, of Toft, Esq., 
and Susannah m: Gen. Hugh Warburton, of 
Penrhyn. The former is now represented by 
Rafe 0. Leycester, of Toft Hall, Cheshire, 
Esq., and the latter was mother of Lord Pen- 
rhyn, who sat for Liverpool 1767 1774. 

1 722. May 10. 1 Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. ( W ) 
1727. Aug, 7. J William Cleveland (Whig.) 

Poll— Cleveland 882 

Johnson ... ... ... ... 753 

T. Bootle (Tory) 393 

NoTF The unsuccessful candidate, Thomas 

Bootle, petitioned against the return of Sir Thomas 
Johnson by reason of being unqualified, 25 Oct., 
1722, but afterwards withdrew the petition. 
Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt. (See Pari. 1701 ) 
William Cleveland, of Birkenhead, Esq , only son 


of John Cleveland, who sat for the borough 

1710 1713. Died 25 March, 1 724, aged 2S,sp. 

(The unsuccessful candidate, Thomas Booth, was 

returned in 1724.) 

(1723, Feb. 2,)— Hon. Langham Booth. (Whig.) 

Vice Sir Thomas Johnson appointed Collector of 

Customs in Virginia. 
Note — This election was unsuccessfully con- 
tested by Thomas Bootle, candidate at the last 
election, who afterwards petitioned against this 
return but withdrew 2 April, 1724. 

Hon. Langham Booth. Brother of the first Earl 
of Warrington. Groom of the Bedchamber to 
Frederick Prince of Wales He had previously 
sat for CO. Chester 1705-1710 and 1715 22. 
Died 13 May, 1724. s. p. 
(1724. April 7.) — Thomas Bootle. (Tory.) 
Vice William Cleveland, deceased. 
Election uncontested. 
Thomas Bootle, of Liverpool. Barrister-at- 
law. K.C. Chancellor to Frederick Prince of 
Wales, and Attorney-General for Co. Pal. of 
Durham. Mayor of Liverpool 1724. Sat for 
the borough 1724 to 1734, and was afterwards 
returned for Midhurst. Knighted 23 Nov., 
1745. Died 23 Dec, 1753, «. y. He purchased 
Lathom House Estates in 1751, in which he 
was succeeded by his brother Robert, whose 
only daughter and heiress married Richard 
Wilbraham, of Eode Hall, Cheshire, Esq., and 
was mother of the first Baron Skelmersdale. 
Arms of Bootle i Gules, on a chevron engrailed 
between three combs argent as^ many crosses 
patfe fitchee of the field. 
(1724. Nov. ^20.)— Thomas Beereton. (Whig.) 
Vice Hon. Langham Booth deceased. 
Election uncontested. 
Thomas Erereton, of Liverpool, Esq. Mayor in 
1732. Afterwards assumed the name and arms 
of Salusbury on succeeding to the estates of 
Ledbroke and Shotwick, co. Chester, under the 
■will of the wife's father, Salusbury Lloyd, Esq. 
Sat for Liverpool in four Parliaments from 


1724 to 1756. Died 9 March, 1756. His son, 
Owen Salusbury Brereton, M.P. for Ilchester, 
was Recorder of Liverpool, 1746, till his death 
in 1798. 

Geokge II. 

1727-8. Jan. 23. | Thomas Bootlb. (Torj/ ) 
1734. AprU 18. j Thomas Brebeton. ( Whig.) 

Note. — William Cotesworth and Thomas Ashurst 
were unsaccessf ul candidates at this election, and 
petitioned against the return. No determination, 
however, is on record. 

Thomas Booth. (See Pari. 1722.) 
Thomas Brereton. (See Pari, 1722.) 
(1729. May 28.)— Sir Thomas Astok, Bart. 

Vice Thomas Brererton appointed Commissioner 

pf the Victualling OflSce. 
Note. — This election was contested between Sir 
Thomas Aston, Bart , and Thomas Brereton, the 
previous member. The poll is not recorded, but 
Mr. Brereton petitioned against the return of Sir 
Thomas Aston, who however was declared by the 
House to be duly elected. 

Sir Thomas Aston, fourth baronet of Aston Hall, 
Cheshire. Afterwards returned for St. 
Albans in the next Parliament. Died Feb , 
1744, s. p. The title and male descent of the 
family became extinct with the sixth baronet 
in 18 15. Arms of Ashton : Party per chevron 
sable and argent, 

1734-5. Jan. 14.-Ithomas Brereton. {Whig.) 
1741. April 28. JKichard Uildart. {Whig.) 

Poll —Brereton 1,074 

Gildart 1,030 

T. Bootle (Tory) 990 

Foster Cunliffe ("Whig) ... 941 

Note — The unsuccessful , candidates petitioned 

against this return, but the petition was dismissed. 

Thomas Brereton. (See Pari. 1722.) 

Richard Gildart, of Bevington Hill, Liverpool. 

Merchant. He was son of Richard Gildart, 

Mayor of Liverpool in 1714, and son-in-law of 

Sir Thomas Johnson, Knt., who sat for the 

borough 1701-1723. Thrice occupied the civic 


chair ia 1731, 1736, and 1750. Waa returned 
for the borough in three Parliaments from 1735 
to 17^4. Died Jan., 1770. His family con- 
tinued in Liverpool down to the commence- 
ment of the present century. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Thomas Bootle, mem- 
ber in previous Parliament. Foster Cunliffe, a 
Liverpool merchant, father of Sir Ellis Cunliffe, 
who afterwards sat for the borough in 1755. 

1741. Dec. 1. ) Thomas BEEBETON-SAL-nsBTTRY. 

[ { H'%. ) 

1747. June 18. ) Eiohard Gildart. {Wldc/.) 

Thomas Brereton-Salusbury. (See Pari. 1727.) 

Richard Gildart. (See Pari. 1734 ) 

1747. Nov. 10 - ) Thomas Bbbbeton-Salusbury. 

[ ( Whig ) 

1754. April 8. ) Richard Gildart. {Whig.) 

Thomas Brereton-Salusbury. (See Pari. 1727.) 

Richard Gildart. (See Pari. 1734.) 

1754. May 31 - ) Thomas Brereton-Salusbury. 

1761. Mar. 20. ) John Habdman. (Whig.) 

Poll— Hardman 1,236 

Salusbury 746 

B. Lloyd (Whig) .,. ... 552 

Thomas Brereton-Salusbury. (See Pari. 1727.) 
John Hardman, of Allerton Hall, Liverpool. 
Merchant. He waa of a Rochdale family. 
Died 6 Dec, 1755. 
(The unsuccessful candidate. — Edward Lloyd 
waa a native of Denbigh. He had been Deputy- 
Secretary at War 1744 1754 ) 

(1755. Dec. 19.) — Ellis Cunliffb, afterwards 
Bart. ( Whig.) 
Vice John Hardman, deceased. 
Mlis Cunliffe, of Liverpool. Merchant. Eldest son 
of Foster Cunliffe, who waa Mayor of Liverpool iu 
1716, 1729, and 1735, and who unsuoceaaf ally 
conteated the election of 1735). Sat for the 
borough from 1755 till his decease. Created a 
baronet 26 March, 1759. Died 16 Oct., 1767. 
The title is now held by Sir Robert Alfred 
Cunlije, fifth baronet of Acton Park, Wrex- 


ham. Arms of Cunliffe : Sable, three conies 
couraut argent. 
(1756 March 19.)— Ohaeles Pclu {Whig) 
Vice Thomas Brereton Salusbury, deceased. 
Charles Pole, of Liverpool aad London. Mer- 
chant. Was maternal uncle to Sir Ellis 
Cunlifie His family was an old Liverpool one, 
and several of its members had ab various 
periods filled the civic chair. Died Oct., 1779. 

Geoege III. 

1761. May 19.- ) Sir Ellis Cunliffe Bart. (fF%.) 
\ Sir William Meredith, Bart. 
1768. Mar. 12. ) (Whig.) 

Poll.— Canliffe 1.163 

Meredith 1,138 

C.Pole (Whig) 1,039 

Sir Ellis Cunliffe, Bart. (See Pari. 1754) 
Sir William Meredith, of Henbury and Bowden, 
CO. Chester, Bart. Had sat for Wigan 1754- 
1761, and was a Lord of the Admiralty 1765. 
Comptroller of the Household 1774-1777. Was 
returned for the borough from 1761 to 1780, 
when he withdrew from Piirliament owing to 
illness. He died 2ud Janury 1700, s.p., when 
hisbaronetcy — which dated from 1639 — became 
extinct. Arms of Meredith ; Gules, a lion 
rampant regardant or. 
(1765. Dec. 26.)— Sir William Meredith, Bart., 
re-elected upon appointment as Lord of the Ad- 
(1767. Deo. 4.)— Richard Penh-ant. (Whig.) 
Vice Sir Ellis Cunliffe, Bart , deceased. 
Jtichard Pennant, of Penrhy n, near Bangor, Esq . 
His wife was the only daughter and heiress of 
Hugh Warburtori; of Penrhyn, by Susannah, 
daughter and co-heiress of Edward Norreys, 
MP. for Liverpool 1715-1722. Sat for the 
borough from 1767 to 1780, and from 1784 to 
1790. Created Baron Penrhyn of Penrhyn 
Castle, in the Peerage of Ireland, 1783 Died 
21 Jan., 1808, s.p , when his title became ex- 
tinct. Arms of Pennant : Party per bend 
sinister ermine and ermines, a lion rampant or 
langued and armed gules. 


176S. May 10 - ) Sir William Mebbditii, B.irt 

} (IVhig.) 

1774, Sep"-.. 30. ) RrcHARD PelVijant. ( If/ujr.) 
This election was contested by John Tarletan 
(Tory) of Finch House, Liverpool, merchant, 
but he withdrew before the dose of the poll- 
He was mayor in 1764. 
Sir William Meredith, Bart. (See Pari. 1761.) 
Sichard Pennant (See Pari. 1761.t 
<177-1:. March 19 )— Right rion. Sir William Mere- 
dith, Bart., re-elected upon his appointment as 
ComptroUur of the Househol. 

1774. Nov. 29.-1 E,t. Hon. Sir William Meredith, 

V Bart. ( Wkirj ) 

1780. Sept. 1. ) Richard Pennant. (Whiij.) 
Election uncontested. 
Kt. Hon. Sir William Meredith, Bart. (See 

Pari. 1761.) 
Richard Pennant. (See Pari. 1761.) 

1780. Oct. 31.- ) Bamber Gascoyne, Jun. ( Whig.) 
i784. Mar. 25. ( Henry Rawlinson. (Whig.) 

Poll.— Gaseoyne ... 608 

Eawlinson 572 

B. Pennant (Whig) 4(j2 

Bamher Gascoyne, Junr., eldest son of Bamber 
Gascoyne. of Ghildwall Hall, Liverpool, Esq., 
M.P. for Truro and Lord Commissioner of the 
Admiralty (who died in 1791), and graudson 
of Sir Grisp Gascoyne, Kut., Lord Mayor of 
London in 1753. He sat for Liverpool in 
three successive Parliaments from 1780 to 
1793. Died 17th Jan., 1821, leaving an only 
daughter and heiress, who carried the estate 
of Ghildwall in marriage to the second Marquis 
of Salisbury. 
Henry Rawlinson, of Grassyard Hall, Caton, 
near Lancaster, a merchant of Liverpool. 
Descended from the ancient Lancashire family 
of Rawlinson of Graythwaite. He died 28 
Jan., 1786, aged 43. His eldest son Abram T. 
Eawlinson of Grassyard Hall, and afterwards 
of Chadlington Hall, Oxford. Esq., was father 
of Sir Henry G. Rawlinson, Knt., late President 
of the Royal Geographical Society, and of the 


Rev. Canon Rawlinson, the eminent historian. 
The family, however, is represented by Abram 
L. Rawlinson, of Chadlington, Esq , the eldest 
son. Arms of Rawlinson : (See Lancashire 
Eep., Pari. 1688-9). 

(The unsuccessful candidate. — Richard Pennant, 
the member in the previous Parliament.) 

1784. May 18.- I Bamber Gascoyne, Jun. {Tory ) 
1790. July 6. \ EicHAKD, LoKD Pbnehtn. ( W.) 

Poll. — Gascoyne 960 

Penrhyn 869 

B. Tarleton (Tory) ... * ... 856 
Sir \V. Meredith (Whig) ... 131 
Bamber Gascoyne. (See Pari. 1780.) 
Lord Penrhyn. (See Pari. 1761.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Banastre Tarleton 
was returned at the next election. — Sir William 
Meredith, Bart., sat for the borough 1761-1780.) 

1790. Nov. 2.5.- ) Bamber Gascoyne, Junr. (Tory.) 
1796. May 20. \ Banastre Tarleton. ( Wldg.) 

Poll— Tarleton 1,269 

Qasooyne 888 

Lord Penrhyn (W) 716 

T. T. Parker 4 

Bamher Gascoyne. (See Pari 1780.) 
Banastre Tarleton. A Colonel afterwards General 
of H. M.'s forces. Second son of John Tarleton, 
Mayor of Liverpool in 1764, by Jane, daughter 
of Banastre Parker, of Cuerden, Esq , and 
descended from a younger branch of the Tar- 
letons, an old and influential family, who for 
many generations were seated at Aigbnrth, 
near Liverpool. He had served with distinc- 
tion in the American war, and sat for the 
Borough from 1790 till 1806 in the Whig in- 
terest, and from 1807-1812 as a Tory. Created 
aBaronet Jan., 1816; G.G.B. 1820. Died 18 Jan., 
1833, aged 79 s. p. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Lord Penrhyn mem- 
ber in the previous Parliament. Thomas Townley 
Parker, of Guerdon Hall. Died Nov. 1793.) 


1758. Sept. 27 - j Banastre Taeleton. ( Whig.) 
1802, June 29. \ Isaac Gascoyne. (Tory.) 

Poll— Gasooyne 672 

Tarleton 506 

John Tarleton (T) 317 

Banastre Tarleton. (See Pari. 1790.) 
Isaac Gascoyne. A (Jolouel, afterwards General, 
of H. M. 'a forces. 'Brother oi Bamber Gascoyne, 
who sat for the Borough in the three preceding 
Parliaments. Was returned to nine successive 
Parliaments from 1798 till 1831. Died 26 
Aug., 1841, aged 78. Moved the rejection of 
the Eeform Bill of 1831. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — JoJm Tarleton, of 
Finch House, Liverpool, brother of the General, 
but opposed to him in politics. He had previously 
sat as M.P. for Seaford 1792- 1786.) 

1802. Nov. 16.- I Banastrm Taeleton. {Whig.) 
1S08. Oct. 24. \ I.SAAC Gascotne. {Tory.) 

Poll — Gascoyne 884 

Tarleton 6!!0 

J. Birch (W) 477 

F. Cha!mer(W) 31 

Banastre Tarleton. (See Pari. 1790.) 

Isaac Gascoyne. (See Pari. 1796.) 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — Joseph Birch, of the 
Hasles, Prescot, a Liverpool merchant. Created 
it Baronet 30 September, 1831. Sat for Not- 
tingham 1802-1803 when he was unseated, and 
from 1818 to 1830, and for Ludgershall 1812-1818. 
Died 22 Aug , 1833, aged 78. Francis Chalmer was 
a, broker in Liverpool. ) 

1806. Dec. 15.- \ Isaac Gascoyne. {Tory.) 

1807. April 29. ( William Roscob. ( Whig.) 

Poll— Eosooe 1,151 

Gascoyne ... ... ... 1,133 

B. Tarleton (Tory) 936 

Isaac Gascoyne. (See Pari. 1796.) 
William Roscoe, the " historian, poet, patriot, 
and Christian philanthropist." Author of the 
" Lite of Lorenzo de- Medici" and of the " Li'e 
of Leo X." A member of the firm of Leyland^ 
Clarices, and Kosooe, bankers, of Liverpool. 
Died 30 June, 1831, aged 79. 


(Unsuccessful eandidate. — Banastre Tarlefmt, 
member in the previous Parliament, but now gone 
over to the opposite political partj.) 

1807. June 22.- ) Banastre Tarletok {Tory.) 
1812. Sept. 29. \ Isaac Gascoyne. (Tory.) 

PoiL— Tarleton 1,461 

Gascoyne 1,277 

W. Eoscoe (W) 377 

"W. J. Denison (W) 39 

Banastre Tarleton. (See Pari. 1790.) 
Isaac Gascoyne. (See Pari. 1796.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates, — William Eogcoe, 
member in the previous Parliament. William 
Joseph Denison, of Denbies, Surrey, sat for Camel, 
ford 17913-18 12 : Hull, 1806-1807: Surrey, 181S- 
1832 : West Surrey, 1832 till his death (Aug. 2, 
1849.) He was a banker. He left his property to 
his nephew Lord Albert Coiiynghani, who as- 
- Bumed the name of Denison, and was created 
Barou Londesborough.) 

1812. Nov. 24.- j Isaac Gascoyne. (Tory.) 
1818. June 10. j Pit. Hon. George Canning. (T.) 

Poll— Canning 1,631 

Gascoyne 1.532 

H. Brougham (W) 1,131 

T. Creevey (W) 1,038 

ii. Tarleton (T) 11 

Isaac Oascoyne. (See Pari. 1796.) 

Kt. Hon. George Canning. The illustrious 
orator and statesman. Only son of George 
Canning. Esq., of the Middle Temple, Bar- 
rister-at-law. He sat as M.P. successively for 
Newtown (I. W.) 1793-96 : Weudover, 1796- 
1802: Tralee, 18 2-1806: Newtown, 1806-7: 
Hastings, 1807-1812 : Liverpool, 1812,— Feb. 
1823: Harwich, Feb.— 1823 1826: Newport 
(I. W.), 1826, April 1827: Seaford, April 
1827, till his decease. Was Under Secretary 
of S ate for Foreign Affairs 1796 : Treasurer of 
tlie Navy, 1804 1806 : Foreign Secretary, 1807- 
1809: Ambassador to Portugal, 1814-16: 
Piesident of Board of Control, 1816: ap- 
pointed Governor-General of India, 1822, but 


did not act : Foreign Secretary 1822-27 : First 
Lord of the Treasury, April 1827. in which 
office he died 8 Aug., 1827, aged 57. Father 
of the celebrated Charles John, Eirl Canning, 
Governor General of India, 1855 1859, who 
died 17 June, 1862, s. p. Arms of Canning : 
Argent, three moor's heads in profile, two and 
one, couped ppr, wreathed about the temples 
of the first and azure. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Henry Brougham, 
afterwards Lord Brougham. Thomas Creeoey, a 
native of the Borough, and the sou of a Liverpool 
merchant. Was M.P. for Thetford in the previous 
Parliament, and was also returned for this. After- 
wards represented Appleby 1820-26 : Downton, 
1831-32. Died 5 Feb., 18.38. Banastre Tarleton, 
the previous member. He withdrew before the 
close of the poll.) 

(1816. June 12 )— Rt. Hon. George Canning. (7*.) 
Re- elected upon his appointment as President 
of the Board of Control. 

Poll— Ginning 1,280 

T. Leyknd (W) 738 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Thomas Leyland, head 
of the firm of Leyland and Bullins, bankers. Mayor 
of Liverpool in 1798, 1814, and 1820. Died 1828.) 

1819. Jan. 14.- ) Isaac Gascotne. {Tory.) 

1820. Feb. 29. t Kt, Hon. George Canning. (T.) 
P >I.L — Canning 1,654 

Gasooyne 1,441 

Earl of Sefton (W) 1,280 

Arthur Heywood (W) 8 

George Williams (W) 2 

John Bolton (T) 1 

Ealph Benson (T) 1 

Sir Barton (T) ... 1 

John Bridge Aspinall (T) ... 1 

Isaac Gascoyne. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Kt. Hon Qeorge Canning. (See Pari. 1812.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates.^ William Philip Moly- 
neux, second Earl of Sejton in the Peerage of Ire- 
laud. Created tiaron Sefton of Croxteth in the 
United Kingdom 16 June, 1831. Died 20 Nov., 
1838. Represented Droitwioh 18 6-1831. Arthur 


Htywood, of Liverpool, banker. Died 20 Sept., 
183 ), aged 82. George WUliarm, Lieut. -Col. 3rd 
Liverpool Volunteei-3 in 1803. Afterwards M.P- 
for Ashton-under-Lyne l832-3i. John Bolton, Col. 
1st Liverpool Volunteers in 18ii3, and subse- 
quently the great friend and supporter of Canning. 
Salph Benson, merchant of Liverpool. M.P. for 
StafiFord 1812-18 and 182(5-32 Sir WUtiam Barton, 
Mayor of Liverpool ISIfi. John Bridge Aspinall, 
Mayor of Liverpool 1803 ) 

George IV. 

1820. April 23- ) Isaac Gascoyne. {Tory ) 
182B June2. J Rt. lion. Geoege Cannt.n'G. (?".) 

Poll— Canning 1,615 

Gascoyne 1,552 

P. Crompton (W) 345 

T. Levland (W) 125 

Isaac Gascoyne. (See Pari. 179R.) 
Et. Hon. George Canning. (See Pari. 1812.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Peter Crompton, of 
Eton House, Liverpool, M D. Coute --.ed Not- 
tingham 1796, 1807,, and 1812, and Preston, 1818 
Died 23 Jan.. 1833, aged 68. He was father of the 
late Mr. Justice Crompton. Thomas Leyland, can- 
didate in 1816.) 

(1823.— Feb. 15.)— Rt. Hon. William Huskisson 

Vice Rt. Hon. George Canning appointed Foreign 

Poll — Kuslti=son 235 

LordMolyneux (W) 31 

Note. — Lord Molyneux withdrew before the close 
of the poll. 
Rt. Hon. William HusMsson. President of the 
Board of Control. Sat as M.P. for Morpeth 
1796 - 1802 : Liskard, March 1804 - 1807 : 
Harwich, 1807 1812 : Chichester, 1812-Feb. 
1823: Liverpool, Feb. 1223, till decease. Was 
Under-Secretary for the Colonies 1795. Secre- 
tary to the Treasury 1804-6 and 18n7-8. First 
Commissioner of Woods and Forests 1814. 
President of the Board of Control 1822 Trea- 
surer of the Navy and President of the Board 
of Trade 1823-27. Colonel Secretary 1827-28. 


Accidentally killed at the opening of thg 
Liverpool and Mauchester Railway, 15 Sept > 
1830, aged 60. 
(Unsuccessfal candidate. — Charles William 

[called] Lord Molyneux, eldest son of second Earl 

of Sefton. Sat for South Lancashire 1832 1834. 

Succeeded as third Earl 20 Nov., 1838. Died 2 Aug., 


1826.NOV. 14- ) Isaac Gascoy.>jb. (Tory.) 

1830. July 24. ( lit. Hon. William HnsKHS0N.(7'. ) 

Poll — Huskisson 113 

Gascoyne... ... ... ... 103 

J. Bolton (T) 21 

'Frederick Gascoyne (T) ... 13 

John Wright (T) 3 

Note. — The poll continued only for two hours 
the rival candidates withdrawing. 
Isaac Gascoyne. (See Pari 1796.) 
Rt. Hon. William Huskisson. (See Pari. 1820.) 
(Unsuoces.=iful candidates. — John Bolton, a Liver- 
pool merchant. Candidate in 1818. Major Gas- 
coyne, son of the General. Nominated in opposition 
to Huskisson.) 

(1828. Feb. 5.)— Rt. Hon. William Huskisson 
re-elected unopposed upon his appointment as 

William IV. 

18.30. Oct. 26 - j Isaac G-ascoynb {Tory.) 

1831 Apl 22 i Rt Hon. William HDSKissoN.(y) 

Poll — Gascoyne 191 

Hasldsson 188 

G. Williams (W) 93 

Note. — The poll closed in a, few hour?, 
Williams retiring. 

Isaac Gascoyne. (See Pari. 1796.) 

Rt. Hon. William Huskisson. (See Pari. 1820 ) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — George Williams. Can- 
didate in 1S18.) 
(I'-S I. Nov. 30.) — William Ewakt. {Whig.) 

Vice Rt Hon. William Huskisson, deceased. 

Poll— Ewart 2,215 

J. B. Denison (VV) 2,188 

Note.— This election is said to have cost Mr, 
Denison alone above £50,000. 


William Eioart. Second son of William Ewart, 
principal partner in the firm of Ewart, Rutson, 
and Co , mercliants of Liverpool. Sat for 
Bletchingly, 1828-30: Liverpool, 1830-1837: 
Wigan, 1839 41; Dumfries Boroughs, 1841- 
1868. Die.l 23 Jan, 1869. 
(The unsuccessful candidate, John Evelyn Dem- 
son, was returned at the next election ) 

(1831 . March 28 ) - Willi \m Ewart unseated on 
petition, the election declared voidj aud the writ 
suspended until 18 April, further action barred 
by the dissolution. 

1831. June 14.- ] William Ewart. ( Whig.) 
1832. Dec 3. ] John Evelyn Dbnison. ( Whig ) 

Poll— Ewart 1,919 

Denison 1,890 

Gen. Gasooyne (T) 607 

William Ewart. (See Pari. 1830.) 
John Evelyn Denison, of Ossington Hall, Notts. 
Sat for Newcastle-uuiler Lyne, 1823-26: Hast- 
ings, 1826-:-;0. Keturned for both Liverpool 
and Nottinghamshire, and elected to serve 
for the latter. Sat for Nottinghamshire, 1831- 
.32: S. Nottinghamshire, 1832-37: Mal- 
ton, 1841-57: North Nottinghamshire, 1857- 
72. Was Lord of the Admiralty, 1827-28. 
Speaker of the House of Commons, 1857-1872. 
Created Viscount Ossington 13 Feb, 1872. 
Died 7 March, 1873. Brother of Edward Deni. 
son, Bishop of Salisbujry, of Sir W. T. Denison 
formerly Governor of South Australia, and of 
George Anthony Denison, Archdeacon of 
Taunton. Arms of Denison : Argent, on a bend 
between a unicorn's head erased in chief aud 
a cross-crosslet fitch^e in base sable three 
(1831. Oct. 21.)— "Viscount Sandon. {Tory.) 

Vice J. E. Denison returned for Nottingham- 

Poll — Sanrlon 1,5' 9 

T. Thornley (W) 670 

Dudley Ryder (called) Viscount Sandon. Eldest 
sou of the first Earl of Harrowhy Sat for 
Tiverton, 1819-1831: Liverpool, 1831-1847. 


"Was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 
1854-55. Lord Privy Seal 1855-57. Suc- 
ceeded as second Earl of Harrowhy, 26 Dec, 
1847. Anna of Ryder, Earls of Harrowby : 
Aaure, three crescents or, on each an ermine 
spot sable. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Thomas Thornley, a, 
Liverpool merchant. Was afterwards M P. for 
Wolverhampton 18351-859. Died 4 May, 1862 ) 

1833. Jan. 29.- 1 William Ewart. {Liberal.) 

1834. Dec. 30. j Viscount Sandon. (Gun.) 

Poll— Ewart 4,931 

Sandon 4,2 

T. Thornley (L) 4,096 

SirH. Douglas (0) 3,249 

(Reg. Electors, 11,283.) 
William Ewart. (See Pari. 1831.) 
Viscount Sandon. (See Pari. IbSl.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Thomas Thornley, 
candidate at last election. Sir Hoxoard Douglai, 
Bart. Returned for the Borough in 1 842.) 

1835. Feb. 19.- ) William Ewabt. (Liberal.) 
1837. July 17. i Viscount Sandon. {Gon.) 

Poll— Sandon 4,407 

Ewart 4,075 

Sir H. Douglas (C) 3,869 

J. Morris (L) 3,627 

(Reg. electors, 11,340.) 
William Ewart. (See Pari. 1831.) 
"Visconnt Sandon. (See Pari. 1831.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates, — Sir Howard Douglas, 
Bart , contested previous election. James Morris, 
a London merchant, and one of the directors of the 
Bank of England.) 


1837. Nov. 15.- ) Viscount Sandon. (Con.) 

1841. June 23. ( Cbesswell Ckbswell. (Con.) 

Poll— Sandon 4,786 

Creawell 4,6.'j2 

W. Ewart (L) 4,381 

H. Elphinstone (L) 4,206 

Reg. electors, 11,179. 


Viscount Sandon. (See Pari. 1831.) 

Cressviell Cresswell, of the Inner Temple. Bar- 

rister-at-Law and King's Coansel. Returned 

also to the next Parliament. He was called to 

the bar 1819. Appointed successively Recorder 

of Hull, 18.30. K. C, 1834. Justice of the 

Common Pleas and knighted Jan., 1842. 

Judge-Ordinary of the Court of Probate and 

Divorce upon the formation of that court in 

Jan., 1858. Died from the effects of a fall 

from his horse 29 July, 1863, aged 70. 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — Williwm Ewart, the 

previous member. Howard Elphinstone sat for 

Hastings 1832-34: Lewes, 1841-42. Eldest son of 

Sir Howard Elphinstone, first Baronet of Sowerby, 

CO. Cumberland. Succeeded as second Baronet 28 

April, 1846.) 

1841. Aug. 19. ) Viscount Sandon. ((7on ) 
1847. July 23. \ Ckesswell Cresswell, Q.C. {0.) 

POLL-Sandon 5,979 

Cresswell 5,792 

Sir J. Walmesley (L) 4,647 

Lord Palmerston (L) 4,431 

Reg. electors, 14,970. 
Viscount Samdon. (See Pari. 1831.) 
Cresswell Cresswell. (See Pari. 1837.) 
.^ (Unsuccessful candidates. — Sirt7os7ma Walmsley. 
Mayor of Liverpool 1839-40. Knighted upon the 
occasion of the Queen's marriage. He was after- 
wards M. P. for Leicester 1847-48 and 1852: Bol- 
ton, 1849 52. Died 17 Nov., 1871. Henry John, 
third Viscount Palmerston, afterwards the cele- 
brated Prime Minister. Nominated without his 
consent. He sat for Tiverton in this Parliament.) 

(1842. Feb. 8 )— Sir Howard Dottolas, Bart. (C.) 
Vice Sir Cresswell Cresswell appointed Justice 
of the Common Pleas. 

Election uncontested. 
Sir Howard Douglas, third Baronet of Oarr, Co., 
Perth. G C. B. A General in the arcny and 
distinguished officer in the Peninsular War. 
"WasGovernorofNewBrunswiokl823 29. Chief 
Commissioner of the Ionian Islands 1835 40. Had 


contested the elections of 1832 and 1835. 
Died 9 Nov., 1861, aged 85. Arms of Douglas 
of Carr : Argent, a man's heart f/«fe.s ensigiied 
with an imperial crown pp, on a chief aisure 
three mullets of the first. 

1847. Mov. ISO Edward Cardweli,. (Peelite.) 
1852. July 1. j Sir Thomas Brknard Bihoii, Bt. 


Poll— Cardwell 5,581 

Birch 4.866 

Sir D. Maolcworth (C) ...4,064 

Lord John Manners (0) ... 2,403 

Eeg. electors, 14,970. 

Edward Cardwell, of EUerbeck Hall, Chorley, 
CO. Lancaster. Sat for Clitberoe 1842 47 - 
Liverpool, 1847-52 : Oxford, 1853 74. Was 
Secretary to the Treasury 1845-46. Presi- 
dent of the Board of Trade 1853-55. Ciiief 
Secretary for Ireland 1859-61. Chancellor of 
the Duchy of Lancaster 1861-64. Secretary of 
State for theColonies 1864 66, for War 1868-74. 
Sworn on the Privy Council 1853 Created 
Viscount Cardwell, of EUerbeck, 28 Feb., 
1874. Arms of Cardwell : Argent, a chevron 
sable, in base a maiden's head and on a chief 
of the second two maiden's heads all erased 
pp ducally crossed or. 

Sir Thomas Bernard Birch second Baronet of 
the Hazles, Prescot. Eldest son of Sir Joseph 
Birch, first Baronet, who contested the borough 
in 1802. Succeeded his father 22 Aug. 1833. 
Died 3 March, 1880, s. p., when the Baronetcy 
became extinct. Arms of Birch : Azure, three 
fleurs-de-lis argent, on a chief of the second 
three mullets sable. 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — SirDighp MacTcworth, 
fourth Baronet of G-len Uske, co. Monmouth. Died 
23 Sept , 1852. Lord John J. R. Manners, second 
son of fifth Duke of Rutland. Sat for Newark, 
1841-47 : Colchester, 1850 57, and since 1857 for 
North Leicestershire. Has been successively First 
Commissioner of Works and Postmaster- General.) 


i852. Nov. 4.- ) Charles Tttrnbb {Con.) 

1857. Mar. 21. j William Forbes Mackenzie. ((X.y 

Poll— Turner 6,693 

Mackenzie 6,367 

E. Cardwell (L) 5,247 

J. C. Ewart(L) 4,910 

Eeg. electors, 17,433. 

Charles Turner, of Dingle Head, Liverpool. A 
merchant nf the Borough and Chairman of the 
Bock Board. Sat for Liverpool, 1852-63 : S. 
Lancashire, 1861-68 : South-west Lancashire, 
1861-75. Died 15 Oct., 1875. (See S. Lane, 
Eep.Parl. 1859.) 

William Forbes Mackenzie, of Portmore, oo. 
Peebles. Well known in connection with the 
Act for restricting Sunday trading in Scot- 
land. Was M.P. for Peebleshire 1841 52. 
Contested Derby 1857. Secretary to the Trea- 
sury Feb.-Dec, 1852. Died 23 Sept , 1862: 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Edward Cardwell, 
the previous member, afterwards returned for 
Oxford. Joseph Christopher Ewart returned foi the 
Borough in 1855.) 

(1853. July 8.) — Thomas Beery Hoesfall. (G.) 
Hon. Henry Thomas Liddell. ((7) 

Vice C. Turner and W. F. Mackenzie, whose 
election was declared void on petition. 

PuLL— Horsfall 6,034 

Liddell 5,543 

Sir T. B. Perry (L) 4,673 

J. B. Moore (C) 1,274 

Thomas Berry Horsfall, a Liverpool merchant. 
Mayor in 1847-48, and afterwards the first 
President of the Liverpool Chamber of Com» 
merce. Sat for Derby, 1852 53 : Liverpool, 
1853-1863. Died 22 Dec, 1878, aged. 73. 
Hon. Henry Thomas Liddell. Eldest son of 
first Lord Eavensworth. Sat for Northum- 
berland 1826-30 : North Durham, 1837- 1847 : 
Liverpool, 1S53 55. Succeeded his father aa 
second Baron Savensworth, 7 March, 1855. 
Created Earl of Savensworth 2 April, 1874. 
Died 19 March, 1878, aged 81. Arms of 


Lords Ravensworth : Ar^eHt fretty gules, on a 
chief of the last, three leopard's faces, or. 
(Unsuccessful candidates.— Sir Thomas Ershine 
Perfy, a retired Indian Judge, contested Chatham 
1832 : Maidstone, 1837. Sat for Devonport 1864 59, 
when he was made a member for the Indian 
Connoil. Died 22 April 1882. John Bramley 
Moore, Mayor of Liverpool 1848-9. Contested 
Hull 1852, and Lymington 1859. Sat for Maldon 
1854-59: Lincoln, 1862-65.) 

(1855.) Mar. 21 ) — Joseph Christopher Ewakt (L) 
Vice Hon H. T. Liddell succeeded to the Peerage- 

Poll— Bwart 5,718 ' 

Sir S. G. Bonham (0) 4,262 

Joseph Christopher Ewart, a Liverpool merchant. 
Second son of William Ewart, Esq., and brother 
of the member for the Borough 1830-37. He sat 
for Liverpool 1853-1865. Died 14 Deo. 1868. 
(Unsuccessful candidase, — Sir Samuel George 
Bonham, ex-Governor of Hong Kong. Died in 1863.) 

1857. April 1.- 1 Thomas Bbbky Horsfall. (C) 
1859. April 23, J Joseph Christopher Ewart {L.) 

Poll— Horsf all 7,566 

Ewart 7,121 

C. Turner (C) 6,316 

Registered electors 17,433. 
Thomas Berry Horsfall. (See Pari. 1852.) 
Joseph Christopher Ewart. (See Pari. 1852.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Charles Turner sat 
for the borough 1852-3. Afterwards returned for 
South Lancashire.) 

1859. May 31.- ) Thomas Berry Horsfall. {Con.) 

1865. July 6. S Joseph Christopher Ewart (i/.) 
Election uncontested. Eeg. electors 16,750., 

Thomas Berry Horsfall. (See Pari. 1852.) 
Joseph Christopher Ewavt (See Pari. 1852.) 

1866. Feb. 1.- \ Thomas Berry Hobsfall. (Con.) 
1868. Nov. 11. /Samuel Robert Graves. (Can.) 

Poll— Horsfall 7,866 

Graves 7,400 

W. Ewart (L) 7,160 

Beg. electors 21,851. 


T/amas Berry Horsfall. (See Pari. 1852.) 
Samuel Robert Graves, of the Grange, Wavertrue, 

merohaut. Mayor of Liverpool 1860 1 Sat io"^ 

the borough from 1865 until his decease. Died 

18 Jan , 1873, aged 55. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Joseph Christopher 
\£hoart the previous member.) 

1868. Dec. 10 - ) Samuel Egbert Geavbs. {Corn.) 

> Viscount Sandon. (Cons j 
1874 Jan. 26. ) William Rathbone. (Lib.) 

PoLL-GravoB 16,766 

Sandon 16,222 ' 

Hathbone 15,337 

lU, Hon. W. N. MaBsey(L)... 15,017 
Reg. electors 39,637. 
Samuel Robert Graves, (See Pari. 1865.) 
Dudley Francis Stufirt Ryder (called) Viseount 
Sandon. Eldest son of second Earl of Hasrrowby 
(who as Viscount Sandon represented the borough 
1831-47). Sat for Liverpool from 1868 till his 
accession to the Peeragp, Nov. 1882, having 
previously represeiited Lichfield 1866-59. Con- 
tested Stafford 1860 Was Vice-president of the 
Council of Education 1874-78, and President of 
the Board of Trade 1878 80. Swo'n on the Privy 
Council 1874. 
William Rathbone, of Green Bank, Liverpool, 
merchant. Sat for Liverpool 1868- 1880. Con' 
tested South West Lancashire 1880. I'lected 
for Carnarvonshire in 1880. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Right Hon. Wm. N, 
Mousey, formerly Fiuauce Minister for India- Sat 
for Newport 1852-57: Salford 1857-65. Tiverton 
from 1872 till his death Oct. 25, 1881.) 
(1873. Feb. 7.)— John Tore. (Cons.) 
Vice R. Graves deceased. 

Poll— Torr 18,702 

W. S. Caire (L) 16,790 

John Torr, of Oarlett Park, Eastham, Cheshire. 
A ittirid Liverpool merchant, late of the firm 
of T. and H. Littlodale and Co. Died 16 Jan., 


(CJnsuooeasful candidate. — WiUiam Sproston 
Cceijie, iron merchant, of Livrerpool. Returned for 
Scarborough in 1880.) 

1874. March 5. f Viscount Sandon. (Con ) 

[ William Bathbone. (Lib.) 
1880. March 24. J John Tobe. (Con.) 

Poll— Sandon 20,206 

Torr 19,763 

Bathbone 16,706 

W. S. Oaine (L) 15,801 

W. Simpson (L e) 2,435 

Beg. electors, 61,026. 
Viscount Sandon. (See Pari, 1868.) 
William Rathbane (See Pari. 1868.) 
John Torr (See Pari. 1868 ) 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — William Sprotton 
Caine, contested previous election. William, 
Simpson, working man's candidate. Contested 
Preston Feb. 1882.) 

(1874. March 13.) — Viscount Sandon re elected un 
opposed upon appointment as Vice-President of 
the Council of Education. 
(1880. Feb. 6.— Edward Whitlbt. (Cons.) 
Vice John Torr deceased. 

Poll— Whitley 26,106 

Lord Bamaay (L) 23,885 

Edward WhMey, of Clovelly, Anfield, Liverpool, 
solicitor. Mayor of Liverpool 1868. President 
of the Incorporated Law Society 1878. Returned 
also to the next Parliament. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Lord Bamsay, re- 
turned at next election.) 

■) Viscount Sandon. (Cons.) 
1880. April 29. S Edward Whitlpy. (Corn). 
) Lord Ramsay. {Lib. ) 

Election uncontested, Reg. electors 63, 946. 

yiaooaat Sandon, (See Pari. 1868.) 

Edward Whitley. (See Pari. 1874.) 

John William Bamnay (called) Lord Ramsay, 
Eldest son of the 12th Earl of Dalhousie in Soot 
laud. Succeeded his father in the peerage July 
20, ISSO. 

(l^SQ.^Aug. Q.)wIjqrd Claud: John HAMiL'^ofr. (C.) 
Vice Lord Eimsay, a Peer, tfri 

Poll— Hamilton 21,019 > 

Samuel PlimsolUL) 19,118 

liordi Glfiud John HamiUpn, aeoond son of the Ist 
Dak^^oi Abercorn, Was M.P. W Londonderry 
1865-68: Lynn Eegia 1869- 1880. M • 
(UnsuooeBsfnl candidate.— /SomMei PUmsoll/, of 

Whitley 'V^oipd Hall, Sheffield. Satjor Derby 

1868-1880.) ,81 . i-w 

(1882. Deov^rj— Samuel Smith (Lib ) 
Vice Vikoount Saudon, a Peer. 

POLL-Smith ... Xf.. lo" ..18,198 

A. B. Forwpod (0) 17,889 

Sam/ml Smith of Carleton, Princess Park, Liverpool, 
merchant. -, * ' 

(Unsuccessful candidatc^-r^l. B. ForwooA, tv- 

Liverpool, merchant.) 



The Borough of Wigau was the last of the four 
principal Laacashire towns to which writs were 
issued, and from which returns were made in the 
early Plantagenet era. To the Parliaments of 
1295 and 1306 7 it sent two members, but after the 
latter date we meet with no further returns for the 
space of 240 years, and it is likely that the exer- 
cise of the right of representation ceased during 
the whole of that period. In the first Parliament 
of Edward VI., 4th November, 1547, the elective 
privilege was renewed, and thenceforth with the 
exception of a temporary interruption under the 
Commonwealth, similar to that which affected 
most of the ancient boroughs in the kingdom at 
that epoch, it has continued to return two members 
to Parliament until the present time. 

The elective franchise under the old unreformed 
system was in this borough of a very limited 
character. No determination of the House is upon 
record respecting the right of election, but it was 
understood to rest prescriptively in the members of 
the Corporation and in an indefinite number of 
free burgesses, the latter being created by and 
varying in number at the option of the former. 
The Corporation, consisting of a mayor, recorder, 
twelve aldermen, and two bailiffs, thus practically 
for a long period returned the members for the 
borough. In 1750 the voters nuitibered nominally 
2flO, but had been still further deminished by the 
year 1825 — six years before the passing of the first 
Ueform Act — to some 100 persons. {Oldfield, vol. 
iv., in.) In common with every other borough 


in the kingdoiji this number was o£ courae largely 
increased by the Reform Bill. 

The borough is said to have been first incorpor- 
nted as early as the reiga of Henry III. The 
existing charters, however, under which the Cor- 
poration is elected are those of 27 Elizabeth (1535) 
and 18 Charles II. (1667). The population in 
ISni was 10,989; in 1811, 14,060; in 1821, 
17,716; in I'-Sl, 20,774; in 1841, 25,382 ; iu 1851, 
31,941 ; in 1861, 37,658 ; in 1871, 39,110. 

Edward I. 

1295. 27 Nov. ) William le Tbintbkek. 

Westminster. ( Hen by le Boohbb. 

1306-7 20 Jan. ) Simon Payer. 
' Carlisle. ( Juhn lb Mersee. 

i^o further Returns for 210 years. 

Edward VI. 

1547. Nov. 4.-') Alexander Barlow. 

1552. Apl. 15. ) Thomas Caeus. 
Note. — The Blue Book gives "Thomas Came," 

as the second member ia this Parliament, but 

there is little doubt that "Carus" is the true 

Alexander Barlow, of Barlow Hall, near Man- 
chester. Was returned for the Borough in 
this and the four succeeding Parliaments. He 
was the son of Ellis Barlow, of Barlow, Esq., 
and the representative of a family seated there 
from the thirteenth century. Buried 26 
Aug., 1584. His descendants continued at 
Barlow Hall for nearly two centuries, the last 
male of the family in the direct line being 
Thomas Barlow, Esq., who died in 1773. 
Arms of Barlow : Sable, an eagle displayed 
argent membered or standing on the limb of a 
tree regulated and trunked of the second. 
Thomas Oarus, of Kirkby Lonsdale, co. West- 
moreland, barri.sterat-law. Afterwards Jus- 
tice of the Queen's Bench. Sat for Lancaster 
1552-3. 1533, and 1555. (See Lancaster Rep., 
Pari., 1552-3.) 


1552-3. Mar 1 I Alkxandbr Barlow. 
1553. Mar. 31. ( Gilbert Gerard 

Note. — Some lit le unoertainity exists 
as to the name of the second member- 
The original return is in an imperfect condition^ 
the surname being partially defaced. It is usually 
read speculatively as GUbert GerQingtont), of 
Gray's Inn. But besides the circumstance that the 
Girlingtons were not seated in Lancashire until 
later in the century, no member of that family 
seems to have borne the Christian name of Gilbert. 
There is little doubt but that the member was as 
above stated the celebrated Gilbert Gerard, after- 
wards Master of the Rolls, but then of Gray's Inn, 
who was elected also to the following Parliament. 
Alexander Barlow. (See Pari. 1547) 
Gilbert Gerard, of Gray's Inn. Barrister-at-laW.' 
Sat for Wigan 1552 3, 155,3, and 1555 : Stey- 
ning, 1555 : Lancashire, 1534. Was after- 
wards Master of the Rolls. Died 4 Feb., 
1592 3. (See Lancashire Rep., Pari. 1584.) 


1553. Oct. 5.- ) Alexander Barlow. 
Dec. 5. \ GiLBBBT Gerard. 

Alexander Barlow. (See Pari. 1547.) 
Gilbert Gerard. (See Pari. 1552-3.) 

1554. April 2, - ) Alexander Barlow. 
May 5. j William Berners. 

Alexander Barlow. (See Pari. 1547) 
William Berners. This member has not been 
identified. One of the members for Preston in 
this Parliament bore the same name, but. 
whether related is not known. 

Philip and Maby. 

1554. Nov. 12.- ) Alexander Barlow. 

1555. Jan. 16. ( John Barnes. 

Alexander Barlow. (See Pari. 1547 ) 
John Barnes. Has not been identified. Styled 
" Esq." in the return. 


1555, Oct. 21.- ) Aleanber BARLOVf. 
Dec. 9. \ Gilbert Gerard. 

Alexander Barlow. (See Pari. 1547.) 
Gilbert Gerard. (See Pari. 1553 ) 

1557-8. Jan. 20.- ) Ralph Barton. 
1558. Nov. 17. i Thomas ^myth. 

Ralph Barton. Probably the younger brother of 
Robert Barton, of Sraithella Hall, Esq , whom 
be succeeded in 1580. His son, Sir Thomas 
Barton, was the last of the line, leaving at his 
death in 1659 a daughter and heiress Grace, 
married to Hon. Henry Belasyrie, afterwards 
Viscount Fauconberg. (See County Rep., Pari. 

Thomas Smyth. Styled "generosus " in the re- 
turn. Has not been identified, 


1558-9. Jan. 23.- ) William Gerard. 
1659. May 8. j Thomas Bromley. 
William Gerard. Sat for Preston in 1563 and 
for Wigan in this and the two next Parlia- 
ments. There is little doubt but that he was 
William Gerard, afterwards of Flamberds, 
Harrow-on-the-Hill, co. Middlesex, and the 
younger brother of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Master 
of the Eolis, who represented this borough in 
1553 and 1555. Died 15 April, 1583. 
Thomas Bromley. Styled " Esq. ' in the return. 
He was probably related to William Bromley, 
the member fur Liverpool 1553-1554, and may 
have been Thomas Bromley, of the Inner 
Temple, Barrister-at-law, who sat for Bridge- 
worth 155 S, Guildford 15S2, and was elected 
Recorder of Loudou in 1536. Solicitor-General 
14 Mar., 1569. Lord ;Keeper of thfe Great 
Seal 26 April, 1579. Died in ofiBce 12 April, 
1587, aged 57. Ancestor of the Lord Mout- 
fort, of Horseheatli Hall, Cambridgeshire, a 
title extinct in J851. 

1562 3. Jan. 11.- I William Gerard. 
1566-7. Jan. 2. \ Richard (or John) FoRTEScrE. 
William Gerard. (See Pari. 15c8-9.) 


Sichard Fortescue. Styled "Gent." in the re- 
turn. In some lists liia name is given 
"Richarrl," in others "John." He has not 
been identified. 
(156—.) — John Radclipfb. 

Vice Portesone, probably deceased. 

John Radcliffe. Prohaljly the member for the 
county in the two next Pirliaraeuts, 1571 to 
1583. Died 11 Feb., 1589 90. (See County 
Hep , Pari., 1371.) 

1571. Apl. 2.- 'I William Gerahd. 
May 29. J Owen Radcliffe. 
Wiiliam Gerard. (See Pari. 1558-9.) 
Owen Radcliffe, of Middleton and Langley in 
in the parish of Rochdale. Descended from a 
younger branch of the Radcliffes of Kadcliflfe 
Tower. He was eldest son of Richard Rad- 
cliffe of Middleton, whom he succeeded 
1 Aug., 1576. Died 30 Sept., 1599, a. p. 

1573. May 8.- ) Edwabd Fitton. 

1583. Apl. 9. i Edward Elringtoit. 
Edward Fitton. Probably the eldest son of Sir 
Edward Fitton, of G-awsworth, oo. Chester, 
whom he succeeded in 1579. Sat for Borough- 
bridge in 1588. Was afterwards knighted. 
Died in 1606. His eldest son was created a 
Baronet in 1617, but the dignity failed with 
the second holder of the title in 1643. Arms 
of Pitton of Gawsworth : Argent, on a bend 
anytire three ^ arbs or. 
Edward Klriiigton. Probably of Birch Hall, co, 
Essex, Esq., eldest sou of Kdward t'lrinrjtont 
treasurer of the Navy to Henry VIII , and 
son-in-law of Sir Ralph Sadler. Chancellor of 
the Duchy of Lancaster to Queen Elizabeth. 
Arms of Elrington : Argent, a fesse daiicette 
charged with seven be^iauts between six storks 

1584. Nov. 23.- / William Gerard 

1585. Srpt. 14. ^ Thomas Grim.sditcti. 

William Oarard. Keturueil also to the Parlia- 
ments of 15S6 and 1592 3 Some difficulty 


attends the identity of this member. He ia 
described in the return as '• of Gray's Inn," 
and was therefore a barrister at-law ; but ho 
could not have been the member who sat for 
the borough 1559 to 1571, assuming the latter 
to have been William Gerard, of Flamberds. 
A William Gerard was living at Radborne in 
Briudle at this period, and may possibly have' 
been the member for Wigan. His daughter 
afterwards married Richard Walmesley, Esq., 
of Sholley. 
Thomas Grimsditch represented Newcastle-under- 
Lj me in the preceding Parliament. 

1586. Oct. 15.- ) William Gerard. 
1586-7. Mar. 23. ( Petek Legh. 

William Gerard. (See Pari. 1547.) 

Peter Legh, of Bradley and Haydock, co. Lane, 
and of Lyme, co. Chester. The repre- 
sentative of the Leghs of Lyme. He was son- 
in-law of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Master of the 
Rolls, who sat for this borough in 1553 and 
1555. Was returned also to the next Parlia- 
ment for this borough and for co. Chester in 
leni. Knighted 2 July, 1598. Died 17 Feb., 
1636. His direct male line failed in 1797- 

1588 9 Feb. 4.- I Peter Leoh. 

1589. Mar. 29. { William Leycester. 

Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1586.) 

William Lei/cester. Probably the third son of 
Peter Leycester, of Tabley, co. Chester, Esq., 
who died in 1577, and ancestor of the Ley. 
cesters of Legh, co. Stafford. 

1592 3, Feb. 19.- ] William Geraed. 
1593. Apl. 10. ] Michael Heneage. 

William Gerard. (See Pari. 1547 )■ 

Michael Heneage. Sat for Arundel, 1571 : East 
Grinstead, 1572: and Tavistock, 158 <-9. He 
was second sou of Robert Heneage, Esq. 
(younger son of William Heneage, of Haintou 
in Lincolnshire), who was auditor of the 
Duchy of Lancaster and Surveyor of the 


Queen's Woods beyond the Trent. Was ap 
pointed Keeper of the Records in the Tower of 
London in 1581. Died 30 Dec, 1600. Arms of 
Heneage : Or ; a greyhound oourant sable be- 
tween three leopard's heads azure a border en- 
grailed or, 

n97. Oct. 24. ] Edward Legh. 

1597-8. Feb. 9. ) Nicholas Smvthb. 

Edward Leyh, of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at law. 

Third son of Peter LegJi of Haydock and Lyme> 

and younger brother of Sir Peter Legh, Knt., who 

sat for this borough 1586 to 1589. 
Nicholas Smith. Styled " Ksq." in the return. 

Sat for Truro in the previous Parliament. 

1601. Oet, 27.7 EooER Downes. 
Dec. 19. j .John Poulteney. 

Roger Doivnes, of Wardley, in Eocles, co. Lancas. 
ter. Returned also to the Parliament of 1620. 
He was son of Eager Downes, of Cheshire, and 
was the representative of the family at St. 
George's Visitation in 1613. 

John Poulteney. Returned also to the next Parlia- 
ment. Afterwards knighted. He was doubtless 
Sir John Poulteney, of Misterton, co. Leicester, 
ancestor of the celebrated jWilliam Poulteney, 
Earl of Batlt. 

Jambs I. 

1603 4. Mar. 19.- ) Sir John Poultenft, Knt. 
1610-11. Feb. 9 \ Sir William Cooke, Knt. 

Sir John Poulteney, Knt. (See Pari. 1601.) 
Sir William Cooke, Knt. Probably Sir William 
Coolce, of Highnam, co. Gloucester, who married 
Lucy daughter and sole heiress of Sir Thoma& 
Lucy, of Charlcote, co. Warwick, by his first wife, 
Dorothy, daughter and heir of Soland Arnolds, 
Esq., of Highnam. Knighted at Theobalds, 7 
May, 1603. Sat for Helston, 1597 : Westminster, 
1601 : Gloucestershire, 1614. Died 1618. Arms 
of Cooke of Highnam : Or a chevron cheeky 
gules and axure between three cinquefoils of the 


1614, Apl. 5- ) SirEiCHARD Moltneux, janr, Kt. 

Jane 7. ) Gilbert Gerard. 
Sir Sicliard Molyneimo, junr., Kt. (See Pari. 1625 

— Coauty). 
Gilbert Gerard. Doubtless eldest son of of Thomas 

first Baron Gerard of Gerards Bromley. Sue. 

ceeded to the peerage in 1617 Died 1622 

1620-1, Jan. 16. } Sir Thomas Gerard, Kt and Bt, 
1621-2. Feb. 8. ] JEIogek Dowses. 

Sir Thomas Gerard, first Baronet of Bryn. So 
created 22 May 1611, having previously been 
knighted He was grandson of Sir Thomas 
Gerard, who represented the county in the Par- 
liament of 1562-3. Died Feb. 1620 1. Ancestor 
of the present Lord Gerard of Bryn. 

Roger Dovmes (See Pari. 1601 ) 

(1620-1. Feb. 28.)— George Gerard. 
Vice Thomis Gerard, Bart., deceased. 

George Gerard. Probably the member for Prcston. 
in 1626 and 1628. Is thought to have been one 
of the Middlesex branch of the Gt^rards. (See 
Preston Rep. Pari. 1625-6.) 

1623-4. Feb. 12 • ) Sir Anthony St. John, Knt. 
1625. Mar. 24. \ Francis Downes. 

Sir Anthony St John. Returned also to the Par- 
liaments of 1626 and 1627 8 for Wigan, and to 
that of 1625 for Cheshire. He was the third son 
of Oliver, third Lord St, John, of Bletshoe, and 
brother of the first Earl of Bolinghroke. Knighted 
1608. Dieds^. 

Francis Downed. Second son of Roger Downes, of 
Wardley, Esq , who sat for the borough in 1601 
and 1623. Was returned also to the next 

Charles I. 

1625. May 17.- I Francis Downes. 
Aug. 12. \ Edward Bridgeman. 

Francis Downes. (See Pari. 1624.) 

Edward Bridgeman. Sat for Liverpiiol in the 
next Parliament, and for Wigan again in that 
of 1628. He was younger brother of John 
Bridgeman, D.D., Bishop of Chester, ancestor 


of the Earls ot Bradford. Died 1645. (See 
Liyerpool Eep., Pari. 1625 6.) 

1625-6. Feb. 6. ) Sir Aiithony St. Johsi, Knt. 
1626. June 15. \ Sir William Foley, Knt. 
Sir Anthony St. John. (See Pari. 1623-4.) 
Sir William Foley. Sat for Preston 1614 to 
1625, and for Sudbury 1623 and 1627. Died 
5 Aug , 1629, aged 67. (See Preston Rep., 
Pari. ]614.) 

1627-8. Mar. 17.- 1 Sir Anthony St. John, Knt. 

1628-9. Mar. 10. JEitw-akd Bridgeman. 
Sir Anthony St. John. (See Pari. 1623-4.) 
Edward Bridgeman, (See Pari. 1625.) 

1640. April 13.-10klando Bridgeman. 
May 5. J Alexander Rigby. 
Orlando Bridgeman. Vice Chamberlain of the 
County Palatine of Chester, and King's Coun- 
sel in the Duchy of Lancaster. He was eldest 
son of Joh7i Bridgeman, Bishop of Chester — 
some time Rector of Wigan, — and nephew of 
Edward Bridgeman, member for the borough 
in the previous Parliament. Called to the bar 
of the Inner Temple 10 Feb., 1632. Appointed 
King's Counsel in Diiohy of Lancaster and 
Vice Chamberlain of Chester in 1638. Attor- 
ney of the Court of Wards and Solicitor- 
General to the Prince of Wales 1640. Knighted 
1643. Was returned again to the next Parlia- 
ment, but was expelled the House 29 August, 
1642, " for deserting the service of the House 
and assisting in the defence of Chester against 
the Parliament" He however sat in the Par- 
liament called by the King at Oxford. After 
the Restoration, he was promoted successively 
to be Serjeant-at-Law, 30 May, 1660 : Chief 
Baron of the Exchequer, 31 May, 1660 : Chief 
Justice of the Common Pleas, 12 Oct , 1660 : 
Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, 30 Aug., 1667, 
tiU dismissed 17 Nov., 1672. As Lord Chief 
Baron, he presided at the trials of the Regi- 
cides in Oct., 1660. Created a Baronet 7 June, 
1,660. Died 25 June, 1674, aged 69. Hia 


lineal descendant, Sir Henry Bridgeman, fifth 
Bart., was ennobled in 1794 as Barou Bradford, 
and the second Baron was advanced to be Earl 
of Bradford in 1815. Arms of Bridgeman, 
Earls of Bradford : Sdblp, ten plates, four three 
two and one, on a chief argent, a lion passant 
of the first. 

Alexander Righy. The celebrated Parliamentary 
" Colonel Rigby," who besieged Lathom House 
in the civil wars. He was the representative 
of the Puritan branch of the family of Rigby, 
seated at Middleton in Goosnargh, near Pres- 
ton. Again returned for this borough in the 
next Parliament. Was a most active partisan 
of the Parliament by whom he was entrusted 
with the chief command of their forces in Lan- 
cashire. Nominated one of the King's judges, 
but declined to act. Appointed Serjeant-at- 
law to the Commonwealth May, 1649, and 
Baron of the Exchequer 1 June, 1649. Died of 
an infection taken at Croydon while on circuit 
18 Aug., 1650. His eldest sou, Alexander, sat 
for the county in 1658-9, and his direct male 
line failed in the eighteenth century. Arms 
(See County Kep., Pari. 1659.) 

1640. Nov. 3.- 1 Oelando Beidgeman, afterwards 

[• Knt. (Royalist ) 

1653. Aijl. 20. ) Alexander Eigey. (Pari.) 

Orlando Bridgman. (See Pari. 1640.) 
Alexander Rigby. (See Pari. 1640.) 

(1646. Mar. 30.— New writ ordered 30 Dec, 1645.) 
John Holcroft. (Pari.) 
Vice Sir Orlando Bridgeman expelled the House 
29 April, 1642. 

John Hohrojt, of Holcroft. Lieut. -Col. in the 
Parliament service. Sat for Liverpool in the 
previous Parliament. Died April, 1656. (See 
Liverpool Eep., Pari. 1640.) 


Dec "12 ' I ^° 'r^v.rnafrom the Borouglis. 


{Oliver Cromwell, Protector.) 
1654. Sept. 3.. ) „ ^ , ,„. 
1654-5. Jan. 22. \ ^° "'^t^rnfrom Wigan. 

1656. Sept. 17.- 1 „ , „ ,.,. 
1657-8. Feb. 8. J ^° I'^t^^fiom W igan. 

(Richard Cromwell, Protector.) 
1659. Jan. 27.- 1 Hugh Poeth. 

April 22. i Robert Markland. 

Hugh Forth, of the city o£ London, merchant. 
Returned again to the next Parliament He 
was son-in-law of John Rigby, of Middleton. 
Arms of Forth : Gules a lion rampant or, sup- 
porting a staff raguly of the last. 

Robert Markland, of Wigan, manufacturer. His 
family was long resident in the Borough, and 
appears to have been possessed of considerable 
local influence. 

Chatiles it. 

1660. April 25.- ( Hugh Forth. 

Dec. 29. j William-.Gardinee. 

NoTK. — There seems to have been a double return 
at this election. On 20th June, 1060, the com- 
mittee appointed to try the merits of the same 
reported to the House " touching the double return 
for this Borough, that the election is Toid," and 
the House resolved accordingly ordering a new- 
writ to issue. It does not appear who were re- 
turned by the second indenture. 
Hiigh Forth. (See Pari. 1659.) 
William Gardiner, of Koche Court, co. South- 
ampton, Descended from a family long residen- 
in Wigan. He was created a Baronet, 21 
December, 1660, and made K.B. at the Corona- 
tion of Charles II., April 1661. Died 1694 
The baronetcy became extinct upon the death 
of his grandson, the third Baronet, in 1779. 
Arms of Gardiner of Roche Court : Or, on a 
chevron, gules, between three gryphons' heads 
erased a:iure two lions counterpassant or. 

ncLRn n^f OQ ^ \ John Moltneux. 
(1660. Oct. 22.) ^ jjj,(jjj^ Stoughton. 

Vice Hugh Forth and William Gardiner, whos» 

election was declared void. 


Jolin Molyneux, eldest son and heir apparent of 
Sir Francis Mdlynrnx, second Bart, of Teversal, 
CO. Nottingham, and son-in-law of Alexander 
Rigiy, Baron of the Exchequer, who repre- 
sented the Borough in the Long Parliament, 
Succeeded his father in the Baronetcy 12th 
October, 1674. Died 1691, aged 68. He was 
father'of Thomas Molyneux, M..F. for Preston 

Soger Stoughton. Has not been identified. 

1661. May 8.- ) Charles, Earl of Ancrum. 

1678-9. Jan 24. \ Geoffrey Shakerlet. 

Charles Kerr or Carr, second Earl of Ancrum in 
Scotland. Sat for the Borough from 1661 till 
1687 in five successive Parliaments. Succeeded 
his father Robert, first Earl (who, as Sir Eohert 
Carr, Knt., was probably the member for 
Preston in 1627-8), in 1654. Died 16— un- 
married. His nephew and heir Robert, after- 
wards first Marquis of Lothian in Scotland, 
was ancestor of the present and ninth Marquis. 
Geoffrey Shaleerley, of Shakerley and Hulme, co. 
Lancaster. Colonel in the Royal Army in the 
Civil War. "A red-hot Cheshire Royalist" 
who suffered heavily in purse and person under 
Cromwell for his adherence to Charles I. 
Governor of Chester Castle after the Restora- 
tion. Died 17 Oct., 1696, aged 78. 

1678-9. Mar. 6.- ) Charles, Earl of Ancrum. {T.) 

1678. July 12. \ Roger Beadshaigh. (Tory.) 
Note. — Alexander Rigby, of Middleton pe- 
titioned against the return of the Earl of Ancrum, 
29th March, 1679, but no determination is on record. 

MarlotAiicrum. (See Pari. 1661.) 

Roger Bradshaigh. Eldest son of Sir Roger 
Bradshaigh, first Bari. of Haigh Hall, Wigan. 
Sat for the County 1685 87. Knighted 
March, 1678-9. Succeeded his father in the 
Baronetcy 31 March, 1684. Died 17 June, 

1679. Oct. 17.- ) Charles, Earl of Ancrum. {T.) 
1680-1. Jan. 18. ( William Bankes. (Whig.) 

Earl ol Ancrum. (See Pari. 1661.) 


William Banhes, of Winstanley Hall oo Lano. 
Eldest son of William Banhes, M.P. for 
Liverpool in 1676. Was returned again in 
1689. Died 1689. 

1680-1. Mar. 21.- ) Charles, Earl of Ancrum. (T.) 
1681. March 28. V Eichard, Viscount Colchester. 
At Oxford. ) {Whig.) 

Earl of Ancrum. (See Pari. 1661.) 

EicJiard Savage (called) Viscount Colchester. 
Eldest surviving son of Thomas, third Earl 
Rivers. Sat for Liverpool 1689-94. He 
married the daughter and heiress of Roger 
Downes, of Wardley, Esq. Succeeded his 
father in the Earldom of Elvers 14 Sept., 
1694. Died 18 August, 1712. 

James IL 

1685. May 19.-1 Chaeles, Earl of Ancrum. {T.) 

1687. July 3. J Lord Chakles MtJRKAY. (Tory.) 

Earl of Ancrum. (See Pari. 1661.) 

Lord Charles Murray, second son of John, first 

Marquis of Atholl in Scotland, by Amelia, 

daughter and eventual heiress of James, 

seventh Earl of Deriy. He was created Earl 

of Dunmore in the Peerage of Scotland 

16Aug., 1686. Died 1710. Ancestor of the 

present Earl of Dunmore. Arms of Murray : 

Azure, three mullets argent within a double 

tressure flory-counterflory or. 


1688-9. Jan. 22.- ) Sir Edwakd Chisenhall, Knt. 

\ {Whig.) 
1689-90. Feb. 26. ) Williajvi Ba^nkes. {Whig.) 

Note. — A new writ was ordered vice William 
Bankes who died in 1689, but the return does not 
appear. Probably the dissolution of Parliament 
prevented the election from taking place. 

Sir Edward Chisenhall, Knt. , of Chisenhall, oo. 
Lane. Keturned for Preston in the next Par- 
liament. Died circa 1718. (See Preston 
Eep., Pari. 1690.) 
William Bankes. (See Pari. 1679.) 


William and Mart. 

1689-90. Mar. 20.- ) Peter Shakehlry. (Tory.) 
\ Sir Eichakd Stakdish, Bart. 
1695. Oct. 11. ) (Whig.) 

Peter Shalcerley. Eldest son of Sir Geoffrey 
Shakerley, of Holme and Shakerley, who re- 
presented the borough 1661-78. Was returned 
again in the next Parliament for Wigan and 
for Chester 1698 till 1714. Succeeded his 
father at Shakerley, and also as Governor of 
Chester 1696. Died 1726 s. p. 
Sir Richard Standish, first Baronet of Duxbury, 
so created 8 Feb., 1677. Eldest son and heir 
of Bichard Standish, of Duxbury, who sat for 
the county 1654-58, and for Preston 1659 and 
1660. Died before 13 Dec, 1693, when a new 
writ was ordered in his place. (Arms : See 
County Rep., Pari. 1654.) 

(1693-4. Jan. 24.)— John Btbom. 
Vice Sir Kichard Standish, Bart., deceased. 

John Byrom. The Byroms were an ancient 
Lancashire family, dating from the fourteenth 
century. In this century there were three 
branches located respectively at Byrom, near 
Leigh — the original seat of the family from 
whence the name was derived — at Salford, and 
at Kersall, in Manchester. The first failed in 
the early part of the eighteenth century, the 
Salford line became extinct in 1684, while 
that of Manchester existed down to recent 
times. It is difficult to say to which branch 
the member fi!.r Wigan belonged, but he was 
probably connected with the eldest at Byrom 
who held considerable property in the 
vicinity of Wigan. The last of this line, 
Samuel Byrom, disposed of his estate in 1710, 
and afterwards died in poverty. Arms of 
Byrom : Argent, a chevron between three por- 
cupines sable. 

1695. Nov. 22.- ( Peter Shakerley. (Tory.) 
1698. July 7. ( Sir Eoger Bkadshaigh, Bt. (T.) 
Note. — This election was contested by Alexander 
Righy, Esq. (returned for the borough in 1701), 


who on 30 Nov., 1695, petitioned against the re- 
turn of Peter Shakerley, but afterwards withdrew. 
Peter Shakerley. (See Pari. 1690 ) 
Sir Roger Bradshairjh, third baronet of TTaigh 
Hall. Eldest son of the member for the 
borough in 1679. Succeeded his father in the 
boronetcy and estate 17 June, 1687. Was 
returned to fourteen successive Parliaments 
from 1695 till his decease 25 Feb,, 1746-7. The 
baronetcy failed with his son. 

1698. Aug. 24.- 1 Sir Roger Bkabshaigh, Bt. (7'.) 
1700. Dec. 19. i Orlando Bridgeman. {Tory) 

Note. — This election was contested by Alex- 
ander Pighy, Esq^ , who petitioned against the re- 
turn of both members 24 Nov., 1699, but unsuc- 

Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
Orlando Bridgeman, of Clifton, co. Warwick. 
Youngest son of Sir John Bridgeman, second 
baronet and grandson of the Chief Baron who 
sat for the borough in the Long Parliament. 
Was re-elected to the Parliaments of 1700 and 
1702. Died Aug , 1721, aged 51, o. p. 

1700-1. Feb. 6.- ) Sir Roger Brad.shaigh, Bt. (T.) 
1701. Nov. 11. ( Orlando Bridgeman. (Tory.) 
Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
Orlando Bridgeman. (See Pari. 1698.) 

1701. Dec. 30.'- I Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bt. {T.) 
1702. July 2. i Sir Alexander Rigey, Kt. ( W.) 

Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
Sir Alexander Righy, Knt. Second son of 
Alexander Righy, of Lay ton and Burgh, and 
heir of his eldef brother. Was High Sheriff of 
the county 1691-2. Knighted 28 Nov., 1695. 
He disposed of the Burgh estate for the benefit 
of his creditors, and died a bankrupt, probably 
in the Fleet prison, 20 April, 1717, s. p.— the 
last of the line of Rigby of Burgh. Arms 
(See County Rep., ParL 1659.) 



1702. Aug 20.- ) Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bt. (T.) 
1705. April 23. ( Oklando Bmdgeman. (.Tory.) 
Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
Orlando Bridgeman. (See Pari. 1698.) 

1705. Oct. 25.- ) Sir Eoger Bradshaigh, Bt. (T.) 

1708. Apl. 15. i Kmanubl Howb. {Whig.) 

Sir Boger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 

Emanuel Howe. Fourth son of John Orubham 

Howe, Esq., hy Annabella illegitmate daughter 

but co-heir of Emanuel Scrape, Earl of Sunder- 

land, and brother of Scrope, first Viscount 

Howe in Ireland. He was brother-in-law of 

Sir Francis Molyneux, fourth baronet of 

Teversal, Notts (whose father sat for Wigan in 

1660). Was a Brigadier-General of the armies 

of Queen Anne. Sat for Morpeth 1701-1705. 

Died 26 Sept., 1709. Arms of Howe : Or, a 

fesse between three wolves heads erased 

1708. Nov. 18.- ■) Sir Rooer Brabshaigh, Bt. {T.) 
1710. Sept. 23. i Henry Brad.shaiqh. (Tory.) 
Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
Henry Bradshaigh. Younger brother of his col- 
league. Represented the borough from 1708 
till bis decease in 1713, s. p. 

1710. Nov. 25.-) Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bt. (T.) 
1713. Aug. 8. J Henry Bradshaigh. (Tory.) 
Sir Roger Bra.dshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
Henry Bradshaigh. (See Pari. 1708.) 
(1713. April 22.)— Georgb Kenyon. (Tory.) 
Vice Henry Bradshaigh, deceased. 
George Kenyon, of Peel, co. Lane, Barrister-at- 
Law. Third son and eventual heir of Roger 
Kenyon, Esq., M.P. for Clitheroe in 1690, by 
Alice, daughter and heir of George Rigly, of 
Peel. Was re-elected to the next Parliament. 
Died 4 Dec, 1728. 

1713-14. Peb. 14.- ) Sir Roger BRADSHAiGH,Bt.(2'.) 
1714-15. Jan. 13. ( George Kenyon. (Tory.) 

Poll— Bradshaigh 128 

Kenyon ]04 

Bail of Barrymore (Tory) . 87 


Note. — The unsuccessful candidate (who was 
returned at the next election) petitioned against this 
return 3 March, 1713-14. Petition dismissed. 

Sir Jioger Bradsha igh, Bart. (See Pari 1695.) 

George Kenyan. (See Pari. 1710.) 

Georgb I. 

1714-15. Mar. 17- ) SirPoGEEBBADSHAiOH, Bt.(ff) 

1721-22. Mar. 10. j James, Earl of Babrymoeb. (T) 

Sir Jioger Bradshalgh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 

James, fourth Earl of Bwrrymore in Ireland. Sat 

for Stockbridge 1710-1713 and in April, 

1714 ; for Wigan 1715 to 1727, and 1734 

to 1747. Died 5 Jan., 1748, aged 80. Arms 

of Barry, Earl of Barrymore : Argent three 

bars gemelles gules. 

1722. Oct. 9.- ■) Sir Eoobe BRADEHAian, Bt. ( W.) 

1727. July 17. j James, Earl of Barrtmorb. (T.) 

Sir Roger BradsJiaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 

James, Earl of Barrymore. (See Pari. 1715.) 

George II. 

1727-8 Jan. 23.- ■) Sir Eogbr Bradshaigh, Bt.(W^ 
1734. April 18. ) Peter Bold. {Toi-y.j 

Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari, 1695.) 
J'eter Bold, of Bold Hall. Sat for the County 
1736-1741 and 1750-1761, Died 12 Sept., 
1762. (See County Eep., Pari. 1734.) 

1734-5 Jan 14,- ) Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bt. (If) 
1741. April 2tj. i James, Earl of Barrymore. (T.) 

Sir Soger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
James, Earl of Barrymore. (See Pari. 1715.) 

1'741. Dec. 1.- I Sir Eoger Bradshaigh, Bt. ( W. ) 
1747. June 18. ( Jambs, Earl of Baegymoee. {T.) 
Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1695.) 
James, Earl of Barrymore. (See Pari. 1715.) 
(1746. March 11.)— Eichaed Clayton. (.Whig.) 
Vice Sir Eoger Bradshaigh, deceased. 
j^icJiard Clayton, of Adlington Hall, Wigan, 
Recorder of the Borough. Ee-elected to tha 
next Parliament. Was Lord Chief Jus- 
tice of Common Pleas in Ireland from 1765 till 


1770 wheu he reaigned, dying a, few week* 
afterwards, 8 July, 1770.1 

1747. Nov. 10.- ) RiciTABD Olattott. {Whig.) 
1754. April 8. ( Hon. Richard Barby. (Tory.) 

Sichard Clayton. (See Pari. 1741.) 

Hon. Eichard Barry, of Maibury, co. Chester. 
A Commander in the Royal Navy. Second 
son of James, fourth Earl of Barrymore, who 
represented the Borough in the previous Par- 
liament Was returned to this and the next 
Parliament. Died 23 Nov., 1787, a.p. 

George II. 

1754. May 31.- ( Hon. Richard Barry. {Tory.) 

1761. Mar. 20. ( Sir William Meredith, Bt. (W. ) 
Hon. Ricliard Barry. (See Pari. 1747.) 
Sir Williara Meredith, Bart. Sat for Liverpool 

1761 to 1780. Died 2 Jan. 1790, t. p. (See 

Liverpool Rep., Pari. 1761.) 

Gboeoe III. 

1761. May 19.- ) Plbtcher Norton. {Wliig.) 
1768. Mar. 12. i Simon Luttbell. (Tory,) 

Fletcher Norton, of Grantley, co. York, Bar- 
rister at law. King's Counsel, and Attorney- 
General for the County Palatine of Lancaster. 
Sat for Appleby, 1754-61 : Wigan, 1761-68 : 
Guildford, 1768-82. Was successively Solici- 
tor-General 25 Jan., 1762, when he was 
knighted : Attorney-General 16 Dec, 1763, 
till Aug., 1765 : Chief Justice in Eyre, South 
of ' the Trent, 1769 : Speaker of the House of 
Commons, Jan., 1770, till Sept., 1780. 
Created Baron Qrantley, 9 April, 1782. Died 
1 Jan. 1789, aged 72. Arms of Norton Lord 
Grantley : Azure, a maunch ermine, over all a 
hend gules. 

Simon Luttrell, of Four Oaks Hall, co. Warwick, 
and Luttrellstown, co. Dublin. Sat for St, 
Michael's, 1755-1761 : Weobley, 1768-1774 : 
Stockbridge, 1774 1780. Created Baron 
Irnham, 13 Oct., 1768, Viscount Corhampton 
9 Jan., 1781, and Earl of Oarhampton, 13 June, 


1785, all in the Peerage of Ireland. Died li 
Jan., 1785, aged 7-3. His titlea became ex- 
tinct with the third Earl in 1829. Arms of 
Luttrell : Argent, a fesse between three others 
peasant sable. 

(1762. Eeb. 1.)— Sir Fletcher Norton, Knt,, re. 
elected upon his appointment as Solicitor- 

(176.3. Deo. 24 ) — Sir Fletcher Norton, Knt , re- 
elected on appointment as Attorney-General. 

1768. May 31. f George Btng. {Wliig ) 
1774. Sept. 30. s Beaumont Hotham. ( Whig ) 

Poll— Byng 57 

Hotham 54 

J. H. Smith-Barry (T) ... 44 

George Byng, of Wrotham Park, co Middlesex. 
Afterwards sat for Middlesex 1780 85. Died 
27 Oct., 1789. He was grandson of the first 
Viscount Torrington, and father of Field Mar- 
shall, Sir John Byng, G.C.B., who was 
created Earl of Strafiord in 1847. Arms of 
Byng : Quarterly sable and argent, in the first 
quarter a lion rampant of the second. 

Beaumont Hotham, of the Middle Temple, Bar- 
rister-at-Iaw. Returned to this and the next 
Parliament. Called to the Bar May, 1758. 
Appointed a Baron of the Court of Exchequer, 
10 May, 1775 when he was knighted. Re- 
signed his judicial position in 1805 He was 
fourth son of Sir Beaumont Hotham, sixth 
Baronet of Dalton Hall, Yorkshire, and suc- 
ceeded (under a special remainder) his brother 
as second Baron Hotham in the Irish Peerage, 
2 May, 1813. Died 4 March, 1814, aged 77. 
Was great grandfather of the present Lord 
Hotham. Arms : Barry of ten Argent and 
azure, on a canton or a Cornish chough ppr. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — James Hugh Smith- 
Barry, of Marbury Hall, Cheshire, nephew of 
Hon. Richard Barry, M.P. 1747-60.) 

1774. Nov. 29. ) Georoe Btno. ( Whifj.) 
1780. Sept. 1. ( Beaumont Hotham. \Whig.) 
George Byng. (See Pari. 17-58.) 
Beaumont Hotham. (See Pari. 1763 ) 


(1775. May 23 )— John Morton. (Tory) 
Vice Sir Beaumont Hotham appointed a judge. 
John Morton, of Tackley, co. Oxford, Barrister- 
at-law and King's Counsel. Sat for Abingdon 
in the Parliaments of 1747, 1754, 1761, and 
1768, in the last of which he was unseated in 
1770, when he was returned for New Eomney, 
which he continued to represent until the 
close of that Pai'liament in 1774. 'V^as Chief 
Justice of Chester, Attorney-General to the 
Queen, and Deputy High Steward of Oxford. 
Died 25 July, 1780. 
(1780. Aug. 21 ) — Hbnet Simpson Bbidgbman. 

Vice John Morton, deceased. 
Henry Simpson Bridgenian, of Westou-under- 
Lizard, co. Stafford. Eldest son and heir- 
apparent of Sir Henry Sridgeman, fifth Baronet 
(afterwards, in 1794, created Baron Bradford.) 
Was re-elected to the next Parliament. Died 
vitapatris 26 July, 1782, uupiarried, aged 25. 

1780. Oct. 31.- > Henry SimpsonIBridoeman. (T.) 
1784. Mar. 25. ] Hon. Horatio Walpolb. ( W.) 

Poll — Bridgemaa 58 

Walpole 36 

Sir Richard Clayton, Bart. (T) 33 
Henry Simpson Bridgeman. (See Pari. 1774.) 
Hon. Horatio Walpole, eldest son of Horatio, 
second Baron Walpole, of Wolterton, co. Nor- 
folk. Became Lord Walpole (by courtesy) on his 
father's elevation to the Earldom of Oxford, 
April, 1806. Succeeded his father in the 
Earldom 24 Feb., 1809. Died 15 June, 1822, 
aged 70. Sat for Lyun 1784 till his acces- 
sion to the peerage Arms of Walpole : Or, 
on a fesse between two chevrons sable three 
cross crosslets of the first 
(1782 Sept. 7 )— John Cotes. (Whig.) 
Vice Henry Simpson Bridgeman, deceased. 
John Cotes, of Woodcote, co. Salop. Eldest son 
of the Rev. Shirley Cotes, of Woodcote, some 
time rector of Wigan. Sat for Wigan from 
1782 till 18C6, and for Shropshire from It 06 


till his death. Died 24 Aug., 1821. Arms of 
Cotes : Quarterly first and fourth ermine, 
second and third paly of six or and cfules. 
(1783 May 2.)— Hon. H. Waipole re elected on 
being appointed Secretary and Registrar to 
Chelsea Hospital. 
1784. May 18 - ) John Cotes. ( Whig.) 
1790. July 6. ) Orlando BjaiDGEMAsr. {Tory.) 

John Gotes. (SeelParl. 1782.) 

Orlando Bridgeman, of Weston-under-Lizard, 
CO. Stafford, and afterwards of Note Hall, 
Derby. Eldest surviving son of Sir Henry 
Bridgeman, fifth Baronet and brother of the 
member in 1780-82. Continued to represent 
the. borough until his accession to the peerage. 
Succeeded his father as second Baron Brad, 
ford, 5 June, 1800. Created "Viscount New- 
port and Earl of Bradford, 30 Nov., 1815. 
Died 7 Sept., 1825, aged 83. 

179X Nov. 25.- ) John Cotes. {Toty.) 
1796. May 20. ) Oblando Bridgeman. {Tory.) 
John Cotes. (See Pari. 1780.) 
Orlando Bridgeman. (See Pari. 1784.) Became 
the Hon. Orlando Bridgeman upon the eleva- 
tion of his father to the Peerage, 13 Aug., 

1796. Sept. 27.- I John Cotes. [Tory.) 
1802. June 29. \ Hon. Orlando Bridgeman. (T.) 
John Cotes. (See Pari. 1780.) 
Hon. O. Bridgeman. (See Pari. 1781.) 
(1800, June 21). — George William Gunning. (T.) 
Vice the Hon. Orlando Bridgeman succeeded to 

George William Gunning, of Horton, co. North- 
ampton. Eldest son of Sir if oieri Ounning^'Ra.vt. 
Was son-in-law of Lord Bradford, and brother- 
in-law of his predecessor. Sat for Hastings, 
1802-1806: East Grinstead, March-June 1812 
and 1812-1818. Succeeded to Baronetcy 23 
Sept, 1816. Died 7 April, 1823, aged 60. 

1802. Nov. 16.- ) Robert Holt Leigh. {Tory.) 
1806. Oct. 24. i John Hodson. {Tory.) 
Robert Hohlieigh, of Whitley, and afterwards 


of Hindley Hall, both in bcrouRh of Wigan. 
Eldest son of Holt Leigh, of Whitley, Esq., ami 
grandson of ••l/<.iiTH(?t'r Leigh, of Bretherton, 
CO. Lano , Esq., by Dorof'i/, sister and co- 
heir of Soger HoH, of Wigan, Park Hall, 
Ince, and Sherrington, Esq. Sat for the 
borough from 18ii2 till 1820 in five successive 
Parliaments. Created a Baronet 22 JI:iy. 
1815. Died 21 Jan., 184.S, s p , when his title 
became extinct. He was cousin of the Eight 
Hon. Thomas Peniberton Leigh, created 
Baron Kingsdown in 185S. Arms of Leigh of 
Whitley : Gtiles, a cross engrailed argent 
between four fusils ermine. 
John Hodson, of North Hall, Worthington, and 
of Ellerbeck within Duxbury, co. Lancaster. 
A manufacturer of Wigan. Sat for the borough 
from IS02 to 1820. Died 11 March, 1S2S, aged 

1806. Dec. 15.- j Eobekt Holt Leigh. (Tory.) 

1807. April 29. ( John Hodsos. (Tory ) 
Sohert Hott Leigh. (See Pai-l. 1802.) 
John Hodson. (See Pari. 1802.) 

1807. June 22 - ) Egbert Holt Leigh. (Tory.) 
1812. Sept. 29. J John Hodson. (Tory.) 

Sohert Holt Leigh (See Pari. 1802 ) 

John Hodson. (See Pari. 1802. ) 

1812. Nov. 24.- j Egbert Holt Letoh. (Tory.) 
1818. June 10 i John Hodson. ('Tory.) 

Sobert Holt Lchjh. Created a Bai-onet during 
this Parliament. (See Pari. 1802 ) 

John Hodson. (See Pari. 1802.) 

1S19. Jan. 24.- ) Sir Egbert Holt Leigh, Bt. (T.) 
1820. Feb. 29. ( John Hodson. (Tory.) 

Sir Robert Holt Leigh, Bart. (See Pari. 1802.) 

John Hodson. (See Pari. 1802.) 

George IV. 

1820. April 23. -) James Alexander Hodson, ( T. ) 
1820. June 2. / Lord Lindsay. (Tory.) 

Poll— Ho.lion 50 

Lindsay 43 

Viscount Newport (T) 31 


James Alexander Hodson, of "The Grove," 
within UphoUaud, oo. Lancaster. Son of the 
previous member John Hodson, who sat from 
1812-1820. Eopresented the borough from 
1820 till 1831. 

James (called) Lord Lindsay, of Haigh Hall, 
Wigan. Eldest son and heir apparent of 
Alexander, sixth Earl of Balcarres. Succeeded 
his father in the Earldom of Balcarres 27 Mar , 
1825, and was created a Peer of the United 
Kingdom by the title of Baron Wigan, of 
Haigh Hall, 5 July, 1826. Established his 
right to the Earldom of Crawford in the Scotch 
Peerage, in 1848. Died 17 Dec, 1869, aged 86. 
(1825. April 6.) — James Lindsay. (Tory.) 

Vice Lord Lindsay succeeded to the Peerage. 

James Lindsay, of Balcarres, co. Fife. Lieut. - 
Col. of the Grenadier Guards, and afterwards 
a Lieut. -General in the army. Eldest sou of 
Hon. Bobert Lindsay, next brother of Alexan- 
der, sixth Earl of Balcarres, and cousin of his 
predecessor. Returned for Wigan to this and to 
the two next Parliaments, and for Fifeshire 
1831-32. Died 5 Deo. ]855, aged 62. Was 
father of the present Sir Coutts Lindsay. Bart., 
of Balcarres. 

1826. Nov. 14.-1 James Alexander Hodson. (T.) 
1830. July 24. J James Lindsay. {Tory.) 

James A. Hodson. (See Pari. 1820.) 
James Lindsay, (See Pari, 1820 ) 

William IV. 

1830. Oct. 26.-1 James Alexander Hodson. (T.) 

1831. Apl. 22.JJAMES Lindsay. (Tory.) 

Poll — Hodson ,. 54 

Lindsay 45 

J. H. Kearsley (T) 12 

James Hardoastle (W) 7 

Eichard Potter (W) 3 

James A. Hodson. (See Pari. 1820.) 

James Lindsay. (See Pari. 1820.) 
(1831. March 1.) — John Hodson Keabsley. (T.) 

Vice James A. Hodson resigned. 


John Hodson Kearsley, of Wigan, and of Hij^her 
Hall, in the Pariah of Leigh. Was returned 
also to the next Parliament, and to that of 

18.31. June 14.- ) John Hodson Keaeslby. (T.) 
1832. Deo. 3. | Ralph Thicknessb. {_Whig.) 

Poll— Thicknesse 30 

Kearsley 24 

Hon. E. B. Wilbraham (T) ... 15 

R. Potter (W) 4 

J-ohn Hodson Kearsley. (See Pari. 1830 ) 
Ralph Thichnesse, of Beech Hall, Wigan. Sat 
from 1831 to 1834. Died 1 Nov., 1842, aged 
(tJnsuocesstul candidates.— Hon. Richard Rootle 
Wilbraham, afterwards M.P. for South Lancashire 
1835-1844. Richard Potter returned at the next 

1833. Jan. 29.--| Ralph Thicknessb. {Liberal.) 

1834. Dec. 30. J Richard Potter. {Mberal.) 
Poll— Thloknease 302 

Potter 296 

J. Whittle (L) 212 

J. H. Kearsley (C) 174 

(Reg. electors, 483.) 
Ralph Thichnesse. (See Pari. 1831.) 
Richard Potter, of Bronghton House, Manchea. 
ter, brother of Sir Thomas Potter, Knt., and 
uncle of Sir John Potter, afterwards M.P. for 
Manchester, and of Thomas Bayley Potter now 
M.P. for Rochdale. Died 13 July, 1842, aged 

1835. Feb. 19.-) John Hodson Kearsley. {Con.) 
1837. July 17. 1 Richard Potter. (Zdheral.) 

Poll— Kearsley 296 

Potter 191 

C. Standish (L) 166 

(Reg. electors, 512.) 
John Hodson Kearsley. (See Pari. 1830.) 
Richard Potter. (See Pari. 1838.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Vharles StandisJi was 
returned to the next Parliament.) 



1837. Nov. 15.- ) Richard Potter. {Lib.) 

1841, June 23. ) Charles Standish. (Lib.) 

Poll— Standish 249 

Potter 245 

J. H. Kearsley (C) 229 

P. Greenall (C) 211 

(Reg. electors, 539) 
Eichard Potter. (See Pari. 1833.) 
Charles Standish, of Standish Hall, co. Lancaster. 
Eldest son and heir of Thomas Strickland- 
Standish, Esq., of Sizergh Castle, Westmore- 
land (the representative through his mother of 
the Staudishes of Standish). Was returned for 
the borough also in the next Parliament 
having previously contested the election of 
1835. Died 10 June, J863, aged73. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — John H. Kearsley, 
the previous member. Peter Greenall member in 
the next Parliament.) 

(1839. March 19.)— William Ewart. (Lib.) 

Vice Potter resigned. 

Poll— Ewart 261 

J. H. Kearsley (C) 259 

William Ewart sat for Liverpool 1832-37. (See 
Liverpool Election, Pari. 1832.) 

1841. Aug. 19." ) Peter Gbbenall. (Cons.) 

1847. July 23. \ Thomas Bright Crosse. [Cons.) 

Poll— Greenall 273 

Crosse 268 

C. Standish (L) 264 

C. P. Grenfell (L) 263 

(Reg. electors, 565.) 
Peter Greenall, of Hardshaw-within-Windle, oo. 
Lancaster, brewer. Second son of Edward 
Greenall, of Wilderspool, near Warrington, 
and elder brother of Gilbert Greenall, who was 
returned for Warrington in 1847. Died 18 
Sept., 1845, aged 49. 
Thomas Bright Crosse, of Shaw Hill, Chorley, 
CO. Lane. Suceeded to the Shaw Hill estates 
in right of his wife, the sister and heiress of 
Riehard Townley Crosse, Esq., who died Feb., 
182S. Assumed the surname of Crosse in lieu 


of Ikin 8 Sept., 1828. Waa high sheriff of th« 
county in 1837. Arms of Crosse of Shaw Hill ; 
Quarterly gules and or, in lat and 4th a cross 
potent argent. 
(1842. April 11.) — Charles Stakdish. {Liberal.) 
Yice Thomas B. Crosse unseated on petition. 
Note. — There was no fresh election Mr. Standish 
being seated by the Election Commissioners. 

Charles Standish. (See Pari. 1837.) 
(1845. Oct. 16.) — Hon. Jambs Lindsay. {Oon».) 
Vice Peter G-reenall deceased. 

PoiL— Lindsay 274 

K. A. Thicknesse (L) 211 

Hon. James Lindsay, of Haigh Hall, Wigan. A 
captain, and afterwards lieutenant-general in 
the army. Second son of James, 24th Earl of 
Crawford and Balcarres. Created K.C.M.G. 
in 1870. Was returned from 1845 till 1857, 
and from 1859 till 1866. Died 13 Aug., 1874, 
aged 59. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — B. A. Thicknesse re- 
turned to the next Parliament.) 

1847. Nov. 18.- 1 Hon. James Lindsay. (Gong.) 
\ Ralph Anthony Thicknbssb. 
1852. July 1. ) [Lib.) 

Election uncontested. (Reg. electors, 620.) 
Hon. James Lindsay. (See Pari. 1841.) 
Ralph Anthony Thicknesse. Son of the late Salph 
Thicknesse, of Beech Hall, Wigan, who repre- 
sented the Borough 1831-34. Sat till his death 
22 August, 1854, aged 54. 

1852. Nov. 4.- ) Hon. James Lindsay. (Cons.) 
\ Ralph Anthony Thicknesse. 
1857. Mar. 21. ) {Lib.) 

Poll— Thicknesse 366 

Lindsay ... ... ... ... 356 

F. S. Powell (C) 324 

(Beg. electors, 718.) 
'Son. James Lindsay. (See Pari. 1841.) 
Salph A. Thicknesse. (See Pari. 1831.) 
(Unsuccessful caudidate.^jPVan<»g Shar^. Povxlt, 
member in- the next Parliament.) 


(1854. Oct. 3.)^JosEPH AcTosr. (M.) 

Vice Ralph A. Thiokuesse deoeasfed. 

Poll— Acton 339 

F. S. PoweU (0) 33'4 

Joseph Acton, of Wigan, solicitor. Mayor in 
1840 and 1854. Died Dec. 8, 1862, aged 59. 

1857. April 1.- ) Francis Shakp Powell. (CofiS.) 
1S59. April 23. ( Henky Woods. {Lib.) 

Poll— Powell 492 

Woods 447 

Hon. J. Lindsay (C) 309 

(Reg. electors, 863.) 
Francis Sharp Powell,ot Wigan, and since of 
Horton Old Hall, co. York. Barrister-at- 
law. Eldest son of Rev. Benjwr/an Powell, of 
Bellingham Lodge, Wigan. Sat for Wigan 
1857-59 : Cambridge, 1863-68 : N.-W.R., co. 
York, 1872-74, having unsuccessfully con- 
tested Wigan in 1852, 1854, and X859. Cam, 
bridge in 1868: Staleybiidge, 1871: N.- W.R.- 
York, 1874 and 1880. Manchester, 1876. 
Arms of Powell : Sable, three escutcheons 
argent, each charged with a boar's head erased 
of the field, all within a bordure or. 
Senry Woods, of Gilibrand Hall, Wigan, and 
since of Warntord Park, co. Hants. Eldest 
son of WiUiam Woods, of Wigan, Esq. Wag 
returned to four successive Parliaments from 
1857 till 1874. Arms of Woods : Argent, a 
chevron nebuly gales guttSe d' eau between 
three martlets sable, 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Eon. JaM^ Lindsay, 
the previous member.) 

1859. May 31.- ) Hon. James Likdsay. (Cons.) 
1865. July 6. \ Henet Woods. {Lib.) 

Poll — Lindsay 500 

Woods ... 479 

F. S. PoweU (0) 273 

(Registered electors, .) 
Hon. James Lindsay. (See Pari. 1841;) 
Henry Woods. (See Pari. 1857.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Hon. Francis Sharp 
Pouell, the previoiui- member,) 


1866. Feb. 1.- ) Hon. Jambs Lindsay. (C(m$) 

1868. Nov. 11. ( Henet Woods. (Lib.) 

Election nnoontested. (Reg. electors, 860.) 

Hon. James Lindsay. (See Pari. 1841.) 

Henry Woods. (See Pari. 1857. ) 
(1866. March 27.)— 'Nathaniel Eckeeslet. (C) 

Vice Hon. James Lindsay resigned. 

Poll— Eokersley 411 

J. Lancaster (L) 349 

Nathaniel Eokersley, of Standish Hall, Standish, 
near Wigan, and of Carlton Manor, co. York. Son 
of James Eckersley, of Hindley, Esq, and the 
descendant of a family settled there for several 
centuries. Was afterwards Mayor of Wigan. 

1868. Dec. 10.- ) Henry Woods. 
1874. Jan. 26. | John TiANCASter. 



Poll— Woods 

. 2219 


. 2166 

N. Eokersley (C) 

. 1920 

J. Pearson (C) 


(Registered electors, 4,385.) 
Henry Woods. (See Pari. 1857.) 
JoTin Lancaster, of Ashfield, Wigan, and of 
Bilton, near Rugby, co. Warwick. Chairman 
of the Lancashire Union Railway and of the 
Mining Association of Great Britain. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Nathaniel Eckersley, 
the previous member. James Pearson, of Golborne 
Park. Was High Sheriff in 1878.) 

374. March 5.- ) Lord Lindsay. 
380. March 24. \ Thomas Knowles. 



Poll — Lindsay 




J. Lancaster (L) 


W. Pickard (L) 


H. •Woods (L) 


(Registered electors. 4866.) 
James Ludovic (called) Lord Lindsay. Only son 
and heir apparent of Alexander, 25th Earl of 
Crawford and Balcarres. Returned also to the 
next Parliament. Succeeded his father in the 
peerage December, 1880. 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — John Lancaster, the 
previous member. William Pickard, of Wigan, 


minera' ageut. Henry Woods, member in previous 
Parliament. ) 

1880. \ Lord Lindsay- {Gons.) 

April 29. j Thomas Knowles. (Cons.) 

Poll— Lindsay 2,916 

Knowles 2,913 

J. Lancaster (L) 2,880 

6. MoCorquodale 2,655 

Kegistered electors, 6,120. 
Lord Lindsay. (See Pari. 1874.) 
T/iomas Knowles of D^rnhall, Winsford. Col 
liery proprietor. iMayor of Wigan 1864 66 Sat 
for the Borough 1874 80 , 1880 till decease. 
Died 3 Deo., 18S3, aged 59. 
Unsuoceasful candidates. — John Lancaster, mem- 
ber in 1868 74. George McOorqmdale, of Newton- 
le-Willows, manufacturer. ) 

(1881. Jan. 19.)— FfiANcis Sharp Powell. {Con.) 
Vice Lord Lindsay succeeded to the peerage. 

POLL-Powell 3,005 

J. Lancaster (L) 2,536 

Francis iS. Powell. (See Pari. 1857.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — John Lancaster, mem- 
ber for the Borough 1868-74) 

Note.— 1 April, 1881. F. S. Powell unseated 
for bribery through agents. — Writ suspended till 
23 Nov., 1882. 

1882. Dec. 2,)— Hon. Algernon F. EaERTON. (C) 
Vice F. S. Powell, unseated. 

POLL-Egerton 2,867 

Walter Wren (L) 2,243 

Hon. Algernon Fulke Egerlon (See Pari. 1868. 
S.E Lancashire ) 

Unsuccessful candidate. — Walter Wren, of 
Grazeley Court, Berkshire. Elected M.P. for Wal 
lingford 3880, till unseated on petition.) 
(Deo, 21, 1883.) — Nathaniel Eckeeslet. {Gon. 
Vice Thomas Knowles, deceased. 
Election uncontested, 
Nathaniel Echersley. (See Pari. 1866.) 


Clithbeob was not repreaented in Parliament till 
1 Elizabeth, 1559. Thence till the year 1832 it 
returned two members, but from the period of the 
first Reform Bill until the present has sent one 

Before.the passing of the great Act of Reform, 
thid was one of the numerous close family Boroughs 
in which the Parliamentary franchise was prac- 
tically in the hands of one or more of the leading 
families of the district. In the seventeenth 
century the representation was shared between the 
Asshetons and the Listers (since Lords Ribblesdale) , 
who were then the proprietors of the Borough The 
Assheton interest passed by marriage early ia the 
eighteenth century to the Curzona (afterwards Vis- 
counts Curzou and since Earls Howe), while later 
on Lord Ribblesdale sold his moiety of the estate 
to Oust Lord Brownlow. At first the elections for 
the Borough were disputed between the nominees 
of the rival proprietors ; but towards the middle 
of the last century a compromise was agreed to by 
which each party was to return a member. This 
arrangement lasted until.the Reform Bill practically 
put an end to theclose borough system. 

The right of election in this Borough has several 
times been disputed a .d determined upon by the 
House of Commons. In 1660 upon a contested re- 
turn between Colonel William White and William 
Hulton, Esq., the committee reported : — July 16, 
1660, "Thrat the right of election ii in the free 
burghers and not in the freemen at large," and 
Mr. Hulton, who it seems was returned by the 
former only, was declared duly elected. At the 


general election the following year the contest was 
renewed, the committee declaring : — Feb. 4, 
1661-2, '• That the right of election was in such 
freeholdei's only who held estates for life or in fee." 
Sir Ralph Assheton was unseated, and hia rival, 
Colonel Ambrosetudaey, pronounced duly elected- 

At a bye-election, which took place in 1693, the 
question was again raised, the Hon. Fittoii Gerard 
and John Weddell, Esq., being candi- 
dates. Petitions being presented, eventu- 
ally an agreement was come to on both sides, and 
sanctioned by the House :— Feb. 2, 1693-4, "That 
the right of election was in the Bailiffs, Bur- 
gesses, and Freemen of the said Borough. That 
the burgesses were such as had in any lands or 
houses in the borough, an estate of freehold or 
inheritance, and they were of two sorts — out-bui-- 
gesses, who lived out of the borough, and in bur- 
gesses, who lived in the borough, and had such 
estate in houses or land there ; and both these had 
the right of electing. The freemen were such as 
lived in the houses within the borough as tenants 5 
and they had the right of electing when the land- 
lords did not vote for these bouses, but when they 
did, the tenants had no right of electing." The 
election of Mr. Gerard was declared void, and a 
new writ ordered to issue. This agreement governed 
all after elections until 1832, when the franchise of 
Clitheroe was assimilated to that of all other 
boroughs in the kingdom. 

The freemen entitled to vote under the old 
system numbered, towards the close of the last 
century, 42. In 1826, however, they are said to 
have stood at 90. 

The Act of 1832, which reduced the members of 
Clitheroe from two to one, declared the boundaries 
of the Parliamentary Borough to comprehend " the 
respective chapelries of Downham and Clitheroe, 
and the four townships of Whalley, Wiswall, 
Pendleton, and Henthorn Little-Mitton-aiid-Cold- 
coats." By the Act of 1868, they consist of 
" Chatham, Downham, Clitheroe, Mearley, Whal- 
ley, Wiswell, Pendleton, Mitton, Henthorn, Twis- 
ton, Worston, and Coldcoats." 


The population of Clitheroe was in 1801, 1,368; 
ISll, 1,767 ; 1821, 3,213 ; 1831, 5,213 ; 1841, 
10,395 ; 1851, 11,479 ; 1861, 10,864 ; 1871. 11,780. 


1558 9 Jan. 23.- 1 Thomas Geeenacres. 
1559. May 8. | Walter Hobton. 
Thomas Greenacres. Sat for Clitheroe in this 
and the next Parliament, and for Liverpool in 
1580. (See Liverpool Eep., Pari. 1572.) 
Walter Horton. CaUed in some lists " Hooton." 
He sat for Monmouth in the next Parliament, 
and was probably of the Hortons of Derby, 
shire, a family flourishing at this period, but 
long since extinct. 

15S2-3. Jan. 11.- ) Thomas Greenacres. 
1566-7. Jan. 7. ( Jonu Jeffrey. 

Thomas Oreenacres. (See Pari. 1558-9. ) 

John Jeffrey. Probably the John Jeffrey or 
Jefirys, who represented Grinstead in 1571 and 
Sussex in 1572. He was a barrister and after- 
wards appointed serjeant-at-iaw. 
(156 — .) — John Newdigate. 

Vice Thomes Greenacres apparently resigned. 

John Newdigate. Doubtless John Newdigate, of 
Harefield, oo. Warwick, who sat for Middle- 
sex in 1553, 1 554, and 1571. He was ancestor 
of the Newdigates of Arbury, Baronets so 
created in 1677. Extinct in 1806. Arms of 
Newdigate : Gules, three lions' jambs erased 

1571. April 1 I EicHAKD Greenacres. 
May 29. t George Horsey. 

Richard Greenacres, of Worston Manor, oo. 
Lane. Elder brother of the member in pre- 
vious Parliament. Died 1578. 

George Horsey. Sat for Preston 1572 : Aid- 
borough (Yorka) 1586, 

1572. May 8. \ Sir William Wynter, Kut. 
1583. Apl 9. ) Thomas Dockwra. 

Sir nUliam Wynter, Kut. Sat for Portsmouth, 
1558 ; Liverpool, 1562-3 : Clitheroe, 1572 : 


Gloucestershire, 1586. (See Liverpool Eep,, 
Pari. 1562-3.) 
Thomaa Dockwra, or Doawray. Has not been 

15S4. Nov. 23.- ) Michael Pubefot. 
1585. Sept. 14. \ Alexander Fisher. 
Michael Purrfoy, A " Michael Purefoy or 
Purfoy," the representative of a respectable 
family long seated at Caldecott, Warwickshire, 
was contemporary at this period. 
Alexander Fisher. Described in the return as 
' ' of G-ray's Inn." Barristar-at-law. 

1586. Oct. 15. ; Edmund Polet. 
1586-7. Mar. 23. \ John Walmbslet. 
Edmund Foley, of Gray's Inn. Barrister-at law. 
Represented Knaresborough in the previous 
Parliament. He was of Badley, co. Suffolk, 
and died 13 October, 1613, s. p. His cousin. 
Sir William Foley, Knt., afterwards sat for 
Preston from 1614 till 1625. 
Johrh Walmesley, of Gray's Inn. Barrister-at - 
law. Youngest son of Thomas Walmesley, 
Esq , of Sholley, oo. Lane, and brother of Sir 
Thomas Walmesley, Knt , afterwards Justice 
of the Common Pleas, who sat for the county 
in the next Parliament. Arms : (See County 
Eep., Pari. 1588.) 

1588-9. Nov. 12.- 1. Egbert Pilkingtoit. 
1589. March 29. J John White. 

Robert Filhington, of Gray's Inn. Barrister-at- 
law. Probably related to the Pilkingtons of 
Yorkshire, and descended from the ancient 
Lancashire family of Pilkington of Pilkington. 
A Robert Pilkington, of Kirkeston, York, was 
living at this period. He succeeded his father 
in the possession of his estate in 1570. 

John White. Described as "of Temples, Esq.'' 

1592-3. Eeb. 19.- j William Twissenden. 
1593. April 10. ( John Chambbklain. 
William Tioissenden, Described in the return aa 
" Geat." He has not been identified. 


John Ghamberlav) or Chamberlayne. Described 
as " Gent." He waa probably member for 
St. Germane in the next Parliament. 

1597- Oct. 24 - j WiLUAM Holt. 

1597-8. Feb. 9 j George Roth bream. 

William ffolt, of Gray's Inn. Barrister-at-law. 
Probably connected with the Holts of Grizel- 
hurst, CO, Lane. A William Holt, the repre- 
sentative of that family, died circa 1C20. 
George Rotherham, of Luton, co. Bedford. Sat 
for Bedfordshire from 1571 till 1593. Died 
1599. Said to be descended from a brother of 
Thomas Rotlierham, Archbishop of York, 

• ■? • 
Deo. 19. S Anthony During. 

John Osbaldeston, of Osbaldeston, co. Lauo. The 
representative of that ancient family. Ho 
succeeded his father in 1590 and died 1603. 

Anthony Derinrj, of Pluokley, co. Kent. He was 
eldest son of Richard Deriiig, Esq. , of Surren- 
deu Deriug, Kent, whom he succeeded in 
1610. Was knighted 11 May, 1603. Buried 
at Pluokley 18 March, 1635, His son, Edward, 
created a Baronet in 1617, and was an- 
cestor of the present Sir Edward Oholmclcy 
Bering, of Surrenden Dering, Bart. Arms of 
Dering : Argent, a fease azure in chief three 

1603 4 Mar. 19.- ) Sir John Dormer, Kt. 
161011 Feb. 9. ( Martyn Lyster. 

James I. 


Sir John Dormer, Kt., of Dorton, co. Bucks, 
Afterwards represented Aylesbury 1620-1, 
Sheriff co. Bucks 1596. Knighted at 
Charterhouse 11 May, 16;i3. He was son of 
William Dormer, Esq., of Thame, oo. Oxford, 
who died in 1552, and grandson of Sir Michael 
Dormer, Lord Mayor of London in 1541. His 
direct male line failed in 1741 with his great- 
grandson, Robert Dormer, "Eisq^ , who bequeathed 
the Dorton estate to his cousin Sir Clemen'^ 


Cottrell, Knt., who taking the name of Dormer 
was ancestor of the Cottrell- Dormers of Dorton 
Court. Arms of Dormer : Azure, ten billets or, 
f ;ur, three, two, and one, on a chief of the second 
a deiui-liou issuaub sable, 

Martyn Lyster. Doubtless " Martin Lister of 
Loudon," the younger brother of Lawrence Lister 
of Midhope in Craven, co. York (ancestor of 
the Listers of Thornton, the elder branch of the 
Eibblesdtvle family, extinct in 1701) He was 
fathfr of Sir Martin Lister, Kt., M.P. forBracHey 
in the Long Parliament, and grandfather of Dr. 
Martin Lister, Physiciiin to Qaeen Anne and a 
Icbrated man of science. Arms of Lister : 
Ermine, on a fessn sable three mullets or. 

11)14. April 5. ^ Sir Gilbert Hoghton, Knt. 
Jaiie 5. 3 Clement Coke. 
Note. — This return is from the Kimbolton MS. 

Sir Gilbert Hoghton, Knt. [See Pari. 1620-1. 
Lancashire ) 

Clement Coke, of Lougfor^l, co. Derby. Sat for 
Ciithtroe 1614 : Dunwich, 1620-1 ; Aylesbury, 
1625-6 and 1627 8. Ho was youngest son of 
Chief Justice Sir Edward Coke, and son-in law of 
Alexander Reddish, Esq., of Reddish, co. Lane. 
Died 23 May, 1629. Jlis sou waa created a 
baronet in 1641, but the title tailed with the 
third baronet in 1727. Arms of Coke : Party per 
pale gules and azure, three eagles displayed 

1620-1. Jan. 13 | Sir Thomas Walmeslby, Kt. 

1621-2. Feb. 8 j William Fanshawb. 

Sir Thomas Walmesley. (See Pari. 1623-4. County.) 

William Faushaive afterwards of Paraloes, co. 
Essex. Auditor for the Duchy of Lancaster. 
SatforClitheroel614: Lancaster, 1620 1, 1623 4, 
aud 1625. Was second son of Thomas Fanshawe, 
Esq., of Ware Park, Herts (MP. for Arundel, 
1572;, by his second wife Jane, daaejhter of 
Thomas Smith, of Odtenhanger, dKnt. Died 

March 4, 1634, aged 51. He was ancestor of the 
Fanahawes, of Parsloes. Arms of Fanshawe : 
(See Lancaster Kep., Pari. 1640.) 

1623-4 Feb. 12. \ William Fanshawe. 

1625. March 24 J Rauh Whitfisld. 

mUam Fanshmct. (See Pari. 1620-1). 

Salph Whitfield described as " Esq." Was bar- 

riater-at-law of Gray's Iqb. Serjeant 19 Nov., 

1631-2. King's Serjeant 1635. 

Chables I. 

1525. May 17 - 1 William Fasshawe. 
Aug. 12. JEaIiPH Asshktob 

WUUam FaiishatPe. (See Pari. 1620-1.) 

Safph Asslieton. Ketnrned also to the next P.irlii«. 
ment. He was prob;\Wy the yoiinper son of Sir 
Sichai-d Ai:sheton, of Middleton, Kt., who dieil 
in 1617, and uncle of the celebrateil JSatph A$sh^ 
ton, of Middleton, the Parliament »ry general 
who represented Lancashire in the Long Parlia- 
ment. Was seated at Kirkliy, ei. York. 

1625-6. Feb. 6.- j Kalph i^ssBKTON. 
1626. June 15. ( Geokge Kiskb. 

Ealph Assheton. S.e Pari. 1625) 

Oeorge Ka-ke. ' Sir Thomas F.inshawe mored for 
a new writ for a burgess in room of Mr. George 
Kirke, who is a Soottish mau anteitatus and not 

1627-S. March 17.- (Thomas Jermyn. 

162S-9. March 10. \ William Nowell. 

Thomas Jei-mjfn, of Rushbrooke, oo. Suffolk Sat 
for Leicester 1625 : Lancaster, 1626 : Bury St 
Edmunds 1640-43, (See Lancaster Rep, Pari. 
1625 6.) 

William Xowell. Described as "gent,"' His 
identity has not been ascertained. He was 
probably connected with the Nowella of Bead 


1640. April 13.- I Richard ShuttI/Ewobth. 
May 5. \ Ralph Asshbton. 

Richard ShuttUworth. Eldest son and heir ap- 
parent of Biaho/rd Shuttleworth, Esq., of Gaw- 
thorp Hall (who sat for Preston in this Parlia- 
ment). Was returned also to the next Parlia- 
ment, but died in his father's lifetime in 1648 
"exhausted with the fatigue and anxiety of 
Parliamentary and military service " His 
eldest son Richard afterwards succeeded his 
grandfather in the Gavvthorpe Hall estate. 
Arms : (See Preston Rep., Pari, 1640). 

Ralph Aasheton. Eldest son and heir apparent of 
Sir Ralph Aasheton, 1st Bart, of Great Lever 
and Whalley. Succeeded to the baronetcy on 
his father's death 18 Oct., 1644. Died 30 Jan. 
1679-80. Represented Clitheroe in this and 
the next Parliament, and also in those of 
1678 9 and 1679-80. In all probability also 
was the same Sir Ralph Astheton who was re- 
turned for the Borough at the intervening 
elections of 1660 and 1061. 

1640. Nov. 3- ) Richard Shuttleworth. {Pari.) 
1653. April 20. ( Ralph Assheton. (Pari.) 

Note. — Mr. .'-huttleworth deceased in 1648, and 
Sir Ralph Assheton was excluded the House in 
Dec, 1648, but no record exists of any further 
returns in their place. 

Richard Shuttleworth. (See Pari. 1640.) 

Ralph AasfiCton. (See Pari. 1640.) 

Common WEALTH. 

1653. ) 

1654-55. f No Burgesses returned from Olitheroe 

1656-58. ( during this period. 

1658-59. ) 

Charles II. 

1660. April 25.- ) Sir Ralph As.sheton, Bart. 
Dec. 29. i William White. 
Note. — This election was contested by William 
Hulton, Esq., who was returned by the free 
burghers in opposition to William White elected 


by the freemen at large. Upon a petition being 

presented, the committee reported in favour of Mr. 

Hulton, who was declared duly elected. 
Sir Salph Assheton. The Sir Ralph Assheton, 
who was returned for Clitheroe in this and the 
next Parliament is usually thought to have 
been the first Baronet of Miildleton, and the 
eldest son of Col. Ralph Assheton, the cele. 
brated Parliamentary Commander, who repre 
sented the county in the Long Parliament. He 
was knighted by King Charles I., created a 
Baronet shortly after the Restoration, 17 Aug., 
1660, and died 23 April, 1665, aged 39. It is, 
however, to be observed that the Sir Ralph 
Assheton, who sat for this borough in the 
previous Parliament of 1640, as well as in the 
later ones of 1678 1 and 1679-80, was his 
namesake, the second Baronet of Whalley. 
William White. Nothing is known of this mem- 
ber save that he appears to have been a Colonel 
in the servi»e of the Commonwealth. He was 
unseated on petition shortly after the general 

(1660. July 16.)— William Hulton. 
Vice William Wlute unseated on petition. 
William Hulton, of Bulton Park, and of Farn- 
worth, CO. Lane. The representative of a 
family dating from the twelfth oeniiury. Died 
27 March, 1694, aged 69. Ancestor of William 
W. B. Hulton, Esq., now of Hulton Park. 
Arms of Uultou : Argent, a lion rampant 

1661. May 8- ) Sir Ealph Assheton. Bart. 

^JoHN Heath, Attorijuj'-treneral 
1678 9. Jan. 24. ) of the Duchy. 

Note. — Sir Ealpli Assheton's return was dis- 
puted by Ambrose Pudsey, Esq , who had con- 
tested the election and petitioned. On 4 Feb., 
1661 2, the House set aside the return. 
Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart. (See Pari. 1660 ) 
John Bcath, of Brasted, co. Kent. Attorney 
General of the Duchy of Lancaster. Knighted 
at Whitehall 27 May, 1664, He was second 
son of Sir Robert Heath, Chief Justice of the 


King's Bench, 1643-1645. His only daughter 
Olid Ingress married Charge Veriie.y, fourth 
Baron Willoiighby de Broke, and was ancestress 
of the present ivnd tenth Peer. 
(Ifi6l 2. Feb.)— Ambkosb Pudsky. 

Vice Sir Kalph Asshetou unseated ou petition. 
Ambrose J'uthn/. of Bolton Hall, in Craven, co. 
York. Colonel of a Eogiment of Foot. He 
was the representative of the ancient and 
knightly family of Pudsey, who were possessed 
of the manor of Bolton from the time of King 
Henry I. Died in April, 1675. His direct 
male line failed with his son. Arms of 
Pudsey : Vert, a, chevron between three mul- 
lets pierced Or. 
(1675. May 11.)— Sir Thomas Stringer, Knt.. 
Eecorder of Clitheroe. 
Vice Ambrose Pudsey, deceased. 
NoTK. — Sir Ralph Assheton petitioned against 
this return 1 Mai-oh, 1676, and afterwards renewed 
the same 3 1 May, 167S. The petition was referred to 
committee, but no determination is recoi ded. 
Sir Thomas Stringer, Kiit., of Enrield, co- 
Middlesex. Barrister-at law and Recorder of 
Clitheroe. 'Was returned also to the three 
following Parliaments of Hi7S 9, 1679, and 
16S1. He was called to the Bar at Gray's 
luu in Jnly, Ui5"2. Knighted at Whitehall 
6 Dec, 1669. Appointed successively Serjeant- 
at-law, July, 1677 ; King's Serjeant, 1679, and 
Justice of the King's Bench Oct , lOSS, but 
was dismissed from the last office at the Revo- 
lution in February following. He died 2 Oct., 
lliSO, aged 63. 

167S-9. Mar 6,- \ Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart. 
1679. July 12. \ Sir Thomas Stmngkr, Knt. 
Sir Salph Asslieton, Bart, of Whalley. (See 

Pari 1640.) 
Sir Thomas Stringer, Knt. (See Pari. 1661-7S.) 

1679. Oct, 17.-1 Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart. 
16S0-1. Jan. 18. \ Sir Thomas Stringer, Knt. 
Sir B&lph AsahetoH, Bart. (See Pari. 1640.) 
Sir I'homas Stnnger, Knt. (See Pari. 1661-78.) 


(1680. Nov, 30.)— Henet Mabsden 
Vice Sir Balph Assheton, Bart., deceased. 
Henry Marsden, of Giaborne Park, oo. York, and 
of Wennington, co. Lane. He married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Ambrose Pudsey, Esq., 
of Bolton, who represented the borough from 
1661 to 1675. Was returned also the next 

liiSl. Mar. 21.- ) Sir Thomas Strinoee, Knt. 
March 28. \ Hbnby Maesden. 
Sir Thomas Stringer. (See Pari. 1651-78.) 
Henry Marsden. (See Pari. 1679 -81 . ) 

James II. 

1685. May 19.- ) Hon. James Stanley. 

1687. July 2. ( Edmund Assheton. 
Hon. James Stanley. Second son of the eighth 
Earl of Derby. Sat for Preston 1689 : Lanca- 
shire 1690-1702. Died 29 Jan., 1735-6. (See 
Lancaster Rep., Pari. 169"^.) 
Edmund Assheton. The identity of this member 
is difficult to determine. In the Blue Book 
Returns he is described as " Esq.," and in the 
official notice in the "London Gazette" 
" Colonel" Edmund Assheton. So far as 
appears the only member of the Assheton 
family then living who bore the name of 
Edmund was the third Baronet of Whalley 
and Lever, who succeed«d his brother Sir 
Jlalph ;0 Jan., 1679 80, and ditd in Oct. 

{Convention Parliament.) 

1688 9. Jan 22.- I Cheistopheb Wilkinson. 

1689 90. Feb. 26. \ Anthony Paekee. 
Christopher Wilkinson. Described in the Return 

as "Esq." He was evidently a man of local 
repute, for he was " out-bailiff" of the Borough 
in 1622. 
Anthony Parker, of Bradkirk Hall, near Kirk- 
ham, CO. Lane. Returned also to the next 
Parliament till his decease. He was son of 
Christopher Parker, of Bradkirk, and son-in- 
law of Sir Thomas Stringer, who represented 


the Borough 1675-81. Died in 1693 aged 37. 
The family failed about the middle of the next 

William & Mary. 

1689-90. Mar. 2 '.- ) Anthony Parker. (Whig.) 
1695. Oct. 11. ! EoGiR Kenyon. (Tory.) 

Anthony Parker. (See Pari. 1688-9.) 
Soger Kenyan, of Park Head, Blackburn. Clerk 
of the Peace for the Co. Palatine, and 
Governor of the Isle of Man under the Earl of 
Berby. Died 16 June, 1696. Ancestor of 
Lord Kenyan 
(1693. Nov. 30.)— Hon. Fitton Gerard. (Whig.) 
Vice Anthony Parker deceased. 
Note. — A petition against this return was pre- 
sented 5 December, 1693, by John Weddall, the 
opposing candidate On 2 Feb., 1693-4, by agree- 
ment on both sides the election was declared void 
and a new writ ordered. 

(1693-4.)- Hon. Fitton Gerard. (TF.) j Double 
Christopher Lister. (Tory., \ return. 
Vice Hon. Fitton Gerard. Election void. 
Note. — Cross petitions were presented by the 
rival candidates. Oii 17 April, 1694, the House 
resolved "that Fitton Gerard, Esq., is duly elected 
a Burgess for Clitheroe, " the votes being declared 
to staud : — Gerard, 46 ; Lister, 43. 
(1694. April 17.)— Hon. Fitton Gerard. ( Whig ) 
Seated on petition. 

Hon. Fitton Gerard. Sat for Yarmouth (Isle of 
Wight 1689 90 : Clitheroe 1694-5 : Lancaster 
1697-8 : Lancashire 1698-1709. (See County 
Rep., Pari. 1698.) 

William III. 

1695. l\ov. 22.- ) Christopher Lister. (Tory.) 

1698. July 7. S Ambrose Pudsey. ( Whig ) 

NoTB.^This election was contested by Colonel 
Thomas Stringer, who polled 32 votes against 
Piidsey who had 44. Colonel Stringer petitioned 
against Mr. Pudsey's return 25 Nov., 1695, but on 
12 February, 1696, the House decided that the 
latter was duly elected. 

Christopher Lister, of , Thornton Park, in Craven, 
CO. York., Only son of Christopher who died 


in 1644 (the second son of William Lister of 
Ttiorntou) and heir of his uncle William. 
Ht died unmarried in Nov., n^Jl, the last of 
the line of Lister of Thornton. His estates 
passed to the descendants of his aunt the wife 
of Sir John Kaye, Bart., of Woodaome, York, 
and aiicestress of the Lister-Kayes, of Wood- 
some and Thornton, Baronets. 
Ambrose Pudsey of Bolton Hall, Craven, oo. 
York. Eldest son and heir of the member for 
the Borough 1661 75. He was returned also 
17UI 2 and 1702-5. Died s. p., the last of the 
long line of the Padseys of Bolton. His sister 
and eventually sole heiress married WilliaTn 
Dawsim, Esq., of Langcliffe Hall in the W. R., 
CO. York, and was ancestress of the Dawsons 
of Langcliffe and Bolton, oo. York, and of 
Hornby Castle, oo. Lancaster. 

1698. Aug. 24.- ) Christopher Lister. (Tory.) 
1700. Dec. 19. i Thomas Strimger. (Tory) 

Note. — I he previous member Ambrose Pudsey 
unsuccessful coutested this election, and on 
23 Dec , 1698, petitioned against the return of 
Thomas Stringer. The petition was referred to 
Committee, but apparently no further steps were 
taken in the matter. 
Christopher Lister. (See Pari. 1695.) ' 
7'homas Stringer. Major and Lieut.-Col. — after- 
wa ds full Colonel — of Foot. He was the 
second sou of Sir Thomas Stringer, Knt., 
Just. King's Bench (who represented the 
Borough 1675 81). Sat for the Borough from 
1698 till his decease, in five successive Parlia- 
ments, and in 1700 was also elected for Bramber 
in Sussex, but chose to sit for Clitheroe. 
Died 17 Sept., 1706, aged 47. 

1700 1 Feb 6 - 1 Christopher Lister. (Tory.) 
17(»1 Nov 11, i Thomas Strinuer. (Tory.) 

Christopher Lister. (See Pari. 1695.) 

'J homos Stringer. (See Pari. 1698. ) 

1701. Dec. 30.- j Thomas STKiuotR. (J'ory.) 

1702. July 2. i Ambrose Pudsey. ( Whig.) 
Thomas Stringer. (See Pari. 1698.) 
Ambrose Pudsey. (See Pari. 1695.) 



1702. Aug. 20.- ) Thomas Stringer. (7'ory.) 

1705. April 23. \ Ambrose Pddsby. ( Whig 

Poll— Pudsey 66 

Stringer 64 

Edward Harvey (Tory) 32 

Note— 1702, Oct. 24. Edward Harvey, Esq.. 
the unsuccessful candidate, petitioned against the 
return of Thomas Stringer and Ambrose Piidaey, 
Esqrs., alleging "undue means and unlawful prac- 
tices " The petition was renewed 10 Nov , 1703 On 
21 Dec, the House resolved : " That the sitting 
members are duly elected to serve in Parliament 
for the borough of Clitheroe." 

Thomas Stringer. (See Pari. 1698.) 

Ambrose Pudsey. (See Pari. 1695.) 

1705. Oct. 25.-) Thomas Stringer. {Tory.] 
1708. Apl. 15 i Edwakd Harvey. {Tory.) 
Thomas Stringer. (See Pari. 1698.). 
Edward Harvey, of Mitcham, co. Surrey Esq 
Eldest son of Sir Edward Harvey of Combe, 
Knt. (who was grauduephew of the celebrated 
Dr. William Harvey, the discoverer of the 
circulation of the blood) . He representeil the 
borough from 1705 to 1713 and Irom 1715 to 
1722, having previously contested the election 
of 1702. Died s. p. in 1736. 
(1706. Dec 27.1— Daniel Harvey. (Whig.) 

Christopher PARKBrt. (Whig.) 
Vice Thomas Stringer, deceased. 
Note — Double return. Cross petitions were pre 
sented bytherival oandidates,13Jan., 1706-7. Oa23 
Jan.,theHousedeoided: " That Daniel Harvey,Esq., 
is duly elected a burgess to serve for the borough 
of Clitheroe." 

(1706 7. Jan. 23.)— Danubl Harvey. ( Whig.) 
(Seated on petition.) 
Daniel Harvey, of Combe, co. Surrey. Major- 
G-eneral in the army. Youngest son of Sir 
hdward Harvey, ot Combe, and brother of his 
colleague. He afterwards sat for Dunwich, 
17('9-10 : Weymouth, 1713 (till unseatud wii 
petition), June, 1714, and from 1715-172;i. 
Appointed Major-Generai, Jan., 1704 : Lieut.- 


General, April, 1708 : General, Jan., 1700. 
Was also Governor of Guernsey. Died 
25 Sept , 1732, s. p. 

1708. Nov. 18.- ^Edward Harvey. (Tory.) 
1710. Sept. 21. s Christopher Parker. (Whig.) 
Edward Harvey. (See Pari. 1705.) 
Christopher Parker, of Bradkirk Hall, Kirkbam. 
Son of Anthonij Parker, who sat for the 
borough 1689-93. Was returned to this and 
the next Parliaments. Died 1713, «. p., leav- 
ing his sister, Katherhie, the wife ot Thomas 
Stanley, Esq., of Cross Hall, his heiress, who 
conjointly, with her uncle Alexander Parker, 
sold the Bradkirk Hall Estate in 1723. 

1710. Nov. 25.- j Edward Harvby. (Tory) 
1713. Aug. .s. (Christopher Parker. (Whig.) 

Edward Harvey. (See Pari 1705.) 

Christopher Parker. (See Pari. 1708 ) 
(1713. April 23.)— Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 

Vice Christopher Parker, deceased. 

Thomas Lister, of Gisburne Park, CO. York. 
Eldest son of Thomas Lister, of Gisburne, and 
son-in law of Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart., of 
Middleton andWhalley. Succeeded his father 
in the Gisburne Estate in 1706. Continued to 
represent the borough till his death. Died 
5 May, 1745, aged 57. Grandfather of the 
first Lord Eibblesdale. Arms of Lister : 
Ermine on a fesse sable three mullets or, 

171314. Feb. )6.-l Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 

V Hon. Ohas Zedenno Stanley. 
1714-15. Jan. 15. ) (Whig.) 

Poll— Lister 80 

Stanley 61 

Edward Harvey (Tory) 30 

Note — On 3 March, 1713-14, Edward Harvey. 
Esq., pptitioned against the return of Mr. Stanley, 
alleging " undue practices." Resolved 13 April, 
1714, "That the Hon. Charles Stanley and Edwd. 
Harvey, Esq., are not duly elected, and that the 
said election was a void election." Further orderoil 
*' That no new writ do issue this sessiou for eleot- 


ing a burgess to serve in this Parliament for the 
borough of Clitheroe.'' 

Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1710.) 
Hon. Charles Zedenno Slardey. Younger son of 
the eighth Earl of Derbii. Sat for Preston, 
1702-5 : Lancashire, 1705-13. (See County 
Rep., Pari. 1705.) 

Geokge I. 

1714-15. Mar. 17.- 1 Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 

\ Edward riABVEY (T.) (Double 
1721-2. Mar. 10. ) Thomas Pabkek. ( W. ) I return. 

Poll — Lister 71 

Harvey 45 

Parker 45 

Note. — Mr. Harvey petitioned concerning this 
double return, but on 30 March, 1715, the peti- 
tion was withdrawn, and the House ordered " the 
name of Thomas Parker, Esq., and everything 
relating to him to be erased from the return." 
Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1710.) 
Edward Harvey. (See Pari. 1705.) 
(Thomas Parlcer, whose election was thus de- 
clared void, was probably the second son of 
Alexavder Parlcer, Esq., of Bradkirk Hall, 
joint-heir with his niece, Mrs. Stanley, of his 
brother, Christopher, who sat for the borough 
1708-13. He appears to have died s.p, as did 
all his brothers, and was the last of the male 
descendants of the Parkers of Bradkirk.) 

1722. May 10.- ] Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 
1727. July 17. J Nathaniel Cukzon. (Tory.) 

Note. — This election was contested by John 
Monckton, afterwards Viscount Galway (returned 
in the next Parliament! , and by James Haldane, 
Esq. The latter petitioned, 19 October, 1722, 
against the return, and subsequently upon several ' 
occasions renewed his petition, but no determina- 
tion is upon record. 

Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1710.) 

Nathaniel Ourzon. Second son of Sir Nathaniel 

Curzon, 2nd Bart, of Kedleston, co. Derby, 

and son-in-law of Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart., 

of Middleton. He was returned for Clitheroe 


1722-27, and again in 1747. Sat for Derby 
May, 1713-1715 : Derbyshire, 1727-1754. Suc- 
ceeded his brother in the Baronetcy and 
Derbyshire estates, 7 Aug, 1727. Died 18 
Nov., 1758. Father of the first Lord Scars- 
dale. Arms of Curzon: Argent, on a bend 
sable three popinjays or collared gules. 


1727-8. Nov. 28.- ) Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 
\ JoHbf MoNCKTON, Visooant 
1734. April 17. ) Galway. (Tory.) 
Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1710.) 
Jo?m MoncUon, first Viscount Galway in the 
Peerage of Ireland. He was son of Robert 
Monchton, Esq., of Cavil and Hodroyd, co. 
York, and succeeded to the family estates in 
1722. Created to the Peerage 27 July, 1727. 
Afterwards represented Pontefract 1734-1747, 
and from January, 1749, till his death. Was 
Surveyor General of Woods and Forests in 
England and Wales from Oct., 1748. Died 
July, 1751. Arms of Monckton, Viscount 
Galway : Sable, on a chevron between three 
martlets Or as many mullets of the field. 

1734. June 13.- ) Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 
1741. Apl. 27 . i William Curzon. (Tory.) 

Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1710.) 

William Ourzon. Fourth son of Sir Nathaniel 
Curzon, 2nd Baronet of Kedleston. Was re- 
turned to this and the next Parliament. Died 
unmarried 22 June, 1749. 

1741. June 25.-') Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 
1747. June 18. j William Curzon. (Tory.) 
Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1710.) 
William Ourzon. (See Pari. 1734.) 
(1755. Oct. 29). — Thomas Lister, Junr. (Tory.) 
Vice Thomas Lister, deceased. 
Thomas Lister, Junr. Eldest son of his pre- 
decessor, whom he succeeded in the Gisburne 
Park Estate. Sat for the borough from 1745 
until his decease. Died 3 Dec, 1761, aged 39. 


1747. Aug. 13.- ) Thomas Lister. [Tory.) 
1754. April 8. \ Sir Natjianusl Cubzon, Bt. (T.) 
Thomas Lister. (See Part. 1741 ) 
Sir Nathaidd Curzoii, Bart. (See Pari 1722 ) 
He was returned ulsii and elected to sit for 
Derbyshire in this Parliament 
(1747 8 Feb. 2 )— Nathaniel Curzom. (Tory.) 
Vice Sir Nathaniel Ourzou, Bart., returned for 
CO. Derby. 

N athanicl Gurzon, Eldest son of his predecessor 
whom he succeeded as 5th Baronet, 18 Nov., 
1758. Was M.P for Derbyshire 17341761. 
Created Baron Scarsdale, of Scarsdale, co. 
Derby, 9 June. 1761. Died 5 Dec, 1804. 

1754. May 31. ) Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 
1761. Mar 20 ( Assheton Curz in. (Tory.) 

Thomas Lister (See Pari. 1741.) 

Assheton Curzon, Second sou of Sir Nathaniel 
Ciirzon, 4th Bart. Sat for the Borough 1754 
till 1780, and Feb , 1792, till elevated to the 
Peerage. Created Baron Gurzon, of Penn, oo. 
Bucks, 13 Aug , 1794, and advanced 27 Feb., 
1802, to the title of Viscouut Gurzon. Died 
20 March, 1820, aged 87. He was succeeded 
by his grandson, who in 1821 was created EarJ 
Howe, and was father of the present and 3rd 

George III. 

1761. May 19 ■) Thomas LiSTEE. {Tory.) 
1768. Mar. 11. \ Assheton Cubzon. (Tory.) 

Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1741.) 

Assheton Gurzon. (See Pari 1754.) 
(1761. Dec. 18.) — Nathaniel Lister. (Tory.) 

Vice Thomas Lister deceased. 

Nathaniel Lister, of Armitage Park, co. Stafford. 
Second son of, Thomas Lister, Esq., Oi'Giaburne 
Park (who sat for the Borough 1710 45), and 
brother of his predecessor. Was returned also 
to the next Parliament till his resignation in 
1731. Died 23 Aug., 795, aged 69. Ancestor 
of the Listers of Armitage Park. 


1768. May 10.-) Assheton Cubzon. (Tory.) 
1774. Sept. 30. ( Nathaniel Lister. {Toil/ ) 
Assheton Ciu-zon. (See Pari. 1754.) 
JiatJianiel Lister. (See Pari. 1761.) 
(1773. April 16.) — Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 
Vice Nathaniel Lister resigned. 
7'lwmas Lister of Gisburne Park Eldest son of 
Thomas Lister, member for the Borough 1741- 
6L Represented Clitheroe in four Parliaments 
1773— 17flO. High Sheriflf co. York, 1794. 
Created Baron Ribblesdale, of Gisburne Park, 
CO, York, 26 October, 1797. Died 22 Sept., 
1S26, aged 73. 

1774. Nov. 29- ) AssHETOK Coezon. (Tory.) 
1780. Sept 1. ( Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 

Assheton Ourzen. (See Pari. 1754 ) 

Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1768.) 

1780. Oct 31.- I Thomas Lister. (Tory.) 
1784. Mnr. 25. ( John Pakkhr. (Tory.) 

Poll — Lister 33- 

Parker 31 

A. (^urzon (Tory) 17 

Note.— 1780, Nov. 7. Mr. Gurzon petitioned 
against the return of Mr. Parker, charging the re- 
turning oflScers with partiality in favour of the two 
members returned, and alleging that by the undue 
practices of both the sitting members a colourable 
majority had been obtained in favour of Mr. 
Parker. The petition was referred, and on 26 
March, 1781, the committee reported that the 
sitting members were duly elected. 
Thomas Lister. (See Pari 1768.) 
John Parher, of Browsholme, co. York. Brother- 
in-law of Thomas Lister, Esq., of Gisburne 
Park, his colleague. He resigned his seat in 
March, 1782. Died 25 May, 1797. Arms of 
Parker of Browsholme : Vert, a chevron be- 
tween three stags' heads cabossed Or. 
(1782. April 20.)-JoHN I,BB. (Tory.) 
Vice John Parker resigned. 
John Lee, of Lincolns Inn, co. Middlesex, 
Solicitor- General. Sat for Clitheroe 1782-90, 
and for Higham Ferrers Dec, 1790, till his 
decease. Was Solicitor-General 18 April to 


7 Nov. 1782, and 18 April— Nov. 22, 1783. 
Attorney-Goneral 22 Nov. — 26 Deo, 1783. 
Died 5 Aug., 1793. 
(1783. April 2.3.)— John Lbe. "Re-elected after 

appointment as Solicitor-General. 

(1783. Nov. 26.)— John Lee. Re-elected after 

appointment as Attorney-General. 

1784. May 18.- ) Thomas Listeb. {Tory.) 
1790. June 11. { John Lee. {Tory.) 

Thomas Lister. (See Pari. 1768.) 
John Lee. (See Pari. 1780.) 

1790. Aug 10.- ) Sir John Aubrey, Bart. (Tory.) 
1796. May 20. ( Penn Assheton Ouezon. {Tory.) 

Sir John Auhri>)i, 6th Bart, of Llantrithyd, co. 
Glamorgan, and of Chilton, Dorton, and 
Borstal! co. Bucks. Was M.P. for Walling- 
ford 1768-74: Aylesbury, 1774-80: Walling- 
ford, 1780 84; co Bucks, 1784-90; Clitheroe, 
1790-96 : Aldeburgh, 1796-1812 : Steyning, 
1812-20 : Horsham 1820, tUl his death. Was a 
Lord; of the Admiralty July, 1782. Lord of the 
Treasury Dec, 1783— July, 1789. Joined Fox 
and the Whigs on the Regency Bill. Succeeded 
his father in title and estates 4 September, 1786- 
Died a. p. 1 March, 1826, aged 68. The 
Baronetcy failed with his nephew in 1856. 
Arms of Aubrey : Azure, a chevron between 
three eagles' heads erased Or. 

Penn Assheton Ourzon. Eldest son and heir ap- 
parent of Assheton Ourzon, who sat for the 
Borough 1754-1780. Was M.P. for Leominster 
1784-90 : Clitheroe, 1790-92, resigning the 
seat in order to contest Leicestershire, for 
which county he was returned Feb. 1792, till 
hia death. Died in 1797 in the lifetime of his 
father. His eldest son afterwards inherited 
the Curzou Peerage and was further created 
Earl Howe. 
(1792. Feb 28.)— Assheton Cubzon. {Tory.) 

Vice Penn Assheton Curzon resigned. 

Assheton Ourzon. (See Pari. 1754.) He was 
again returned for the Borough upon the 


resignation of his son, and oontiaued to repre- 
sent it until elevated to the Peerage as Baron 
Ourzon IS Aag., 1794. 
(1794. Sept. 15 ) — BiCHAED Erle Deax-Gros- 
VENOB. {Tory.) 

Vice Assheton Curzon created a Peer. 

Richard Erie Drax-Grosvenor, of Charborough 
Park, 00. Dorset. Eldest son of Thomas 
Orosvenor, Esq., of Swell Court, co. Somerset, 
and grandson of Sir Robert Orosvenor, 6th 
Bart, of Eaton Hall, Cheshire. He repre- 
sented East Looe, Sept. 1786— April, 1788 : 
Chester, December, 1802—1807 : Romney, 
1818, till his death. Died 8 Feb., 1819. 

George III. 

1796. July 12.- 1 Lord Edward Charles Cavek- 

V dish-Bentinck. (Tory.) 
1802. June 29. ) Hon. Egbert Curzon. {Tory.} 
Lord Edward O. G. Bentinch, second son of 
William, second Duke of Portland. Previously 
represented Lewes, Dec. 1766-1768 : Carlisle, 
1768-1774 : Notts, Jan. 1775 to 1796. Died 
8 Oct. 1819, aged 75. 
Hon. Robert Curzon. Second son of Assheton, 
first Lord (afterwards Viscount) Curzon, who 
sat for Clitheroe in the last Parliament. 
Represented the borough in nine successive 
Parliaments from 1796 to 1831. Died 14 May, 
1863, aged 89. He married in 1808 Harriet 
Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Cecil Bishopp 
(afterwards Baron De la Zouch), who in 1828 
succeeded her father in the peerage, and died 
in 1870. 

1802. Aug. 31.-") Hon. Robert Curzon. {Tory.) 
1806. Oct. 24. J Hon. John Oust. {Tory.) 
Hon. Robert Curzon. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Hon. John Cust. Eldest son and heir-apparent 
of the first Baron Brownlow, who had acquired 
by purchase the Lister interest in Clitheroe. 
Was returned also to the two next Parlia- 
ments until his accession to the Peerage 
25 Deo. 1807. Created Viscount Alford and 
Earl Brownlow 27 Nov. 1815. Died 15 Sept. 


1853, aged 73. Arma of Gust, Earls Brown- 
low ; Ermine on a, chevron Sahle, three foun- 
tains ppr, 

1806. Dec. 15.- ) Hon. Robbbt Ccrzon. (Tory.) 

1807. April 29. ( Hon. John Oust. {Tory.) 
Hon. Robert\Gurzon. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Hon. John Oust. (See Pari. 1802.) 

1807. June 22.- ) Hon. Robert Curzon. {Tory.) 
1812. Sept. 29. S Hon. John Gust. (Tory.) 
Hon. Robert Curzon. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Hon. John Gust. (See Pari. 1802 ) Succeeded 
his father aa second Baron Brownlow, 25 Dec.i 
(1808. Jan. 27.)— James Gordon. (Tory.) 
Vice Hon. John Gust succeeded to the Peerage. 
James Gordon, of Hill-street, Berkeley-square 
00. Middlesex, and of Moor Place, co. Herts. 
Had represented Stockbridge Jan. 1785-1790 : 
Xruro, 1790-1796. Died in 1832. 

1812. Nov. 24 - ) Hon. Egbert Curzon. (Tory.) 
1818. June 10. j Egbert, Vise. Castlereagh. (T.) 
Hon. Eohert Curzon. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Robert Stewart (called) Viscount Castlereagh. 
Secretary of State for Foreign Aifaira. Eldest 
son and heir-apparent of Robert, first Earl 
(afterwards Marquis) of Londonderry in Ire- 
land. Was M.P. CO. Down, 1802-July 1805 : 
Boroughbridge, Jan. -Oct. 1806: Plympton, 
1806-1812 : Go. Down, 1812, - April 1821 : 
Orford, April, 1821, till his death. Colonial 
Secretary, July, 1805-Jan. 1806, and April, 
1807-Sept. 1809. Foreign Secretary, June, 
1812, till decease. Succeeded his father as 
second Marquis of Londonderry in Ireland. 
8 April, 1821, K.G. Committed suicide 
12 Aug., 1822, aged 53. 
(1812. Dec. 30.) — Edward Wilbrasam-Bggtlb. 

Vice Viscount Castlereagh who elected to serve 
for CO. Down. 

Edward Wilbraham- Bootle, of Lathom House, 
CO. Lane. Eldest son of Richard Wilbraham, 


Esq., of Eode Hall, oo. Cheater, by Mary, 
daughter and heiress of Robert Booth, Esq., of 
Lathom House. Kesumed by sigu manual 
8 Dec, 1814, the surname of Wilbraham, and 
was thenceforth called "Bootle-Wilbraham." 
Sat for Westbury. Nov. 1795 1796 : New- 
castle-under-Ijyne, 1796-1812 : Olitheroe, Dee. 
1812-1818 : Dover, 1818 till elevated to the 
Peerage. Created Baron Skelmersdale, of 
Skelmersdale, co. Lane, 30 Jan. 1828. 
Died 3 April, 1853, aged 82. Arms of Bootle- 
Wilbraham, Baron Skelmersdale : First and 
lourth, Azure three bendlets wavy argent, for 
Wilbraham. Second and third. Gules on a 
chevron engrailed between three combs 
argent as many crosses pat^e-fitch^e of tbe 
field, for Bootle. 

1818. Aug. 4.- > Hon. Robert Cuezon. (Tory.) 
1820. Feb. 29. ? Hon. William Cust {Tory.) 
Hon. Robert Gurzon. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Hon. William Cust. Fourth son of the 1st 
Baron Brownlow. Represented Lincolnshire, 
Oct. 1 816-1818 : Clitheroe, 1818-1822. Was a 
Barrister-at-law and Commissioner of the 
Customs. Died 3 March, 1845, aged 68. 

George IV. 

1820. April 26.- ) Hon. Robbbt Curzow. {Tory.) 
1826. June 2. ( Hon. William Cust. {Tory.) 
Hon. Robert Curam. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Hon. William Oust. (See Pari. 1819.) 
(1822. Aug. 14.)— Hbnkt Poroher. 
Vice Hon. William Cust resigned. 
Henry Porcher, of Arlington-street, co. Middle- 
sex, and of Arborfield, oo. Berks, i^eoond son 
of Jonas De Pre Porcher, Esq., of Winslade 
House, CO Devon (M.P. for Old Sarum in this 
Parliament). Died 19 Nov. 1857. 

1826. July 25.- 1 Hon. Robert Cukzon. (Tory.) 

V Hon. Pebegrimb Francis Cust. 

1830. July 24. ) (Tory:) 

Hon. Robert Gurzon. (See Pari 1796.) 

Hon. Peregrine Francis Cust. Fifth son of the 

1st Baron Brownlow. Lieut.-Col. in the army. 


Sat for Honitou 1818-1826, and for Clitheroe 
1826-1S32. Died 15 Sept. 1873, aged 82. 

William IV. 

1830. Sept. 14.- 1 Hon. Robert Ourzon. {Tori/.) 

> Hon. Peeborine Francis Oust. 

1831. April 23. ) {Tory.) 

Hon. Eobert Ourzon. (See Pari. 1796.) 
Hon. Peregrine F. Gmt. (See Pari. 1826.) 

1831. June 14.- ) Hon. Pbregeine Francis Gust. 

\ (Tory.) 

1832. Deo. 3. ) Hon. Robert Curzon, Jun. (2'.) 
Hon. Peregrine F. Gust. (See. Pari. 1826.) 
Hon. Rshert Ourzon, Junr. Eldest son of the 

Hon. Robert Curzon, the previous memher, 
and the Baroness De la Zouche. Succeeded his 
mother in the Peerage as 14th Baron De la 
Zouche 15 May, 1870. Died 27 Aug. 187-3, 
aged 63. 

William IV. 

1833. Jan. 29.- ) . ^xt ifr.^^ fr-},\ 

1834. Deo. 29. { •^°™ ^°^^- ^^'^'^ 

Poll— Fort 157 

John Irving (0) 124 

Reg. electors, 306. 
John Fort, of Read Hall, oo. Lane. Eldest sur - 
viviug son of Richard Fort, who acquired the 
estate. Read Hall, by purchase, and who died 
in 1829. Represented Clitheroe in three Par- 
liaments 1833-1841. Died 7 April, 1842, aged 
49. Arms of B'ort of Read : Quarterly, azure 
and gules, a castle with two towers ppr, on a 
chief argent a bee volant ppr. between two 
martlets, sable. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — John Irving, was a 
calico printer, of Clitheroe.) 

lf3'7:J:iyl7:-i^°-^°- ('^^'-^ 

Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 306. 
John Fort. (See Pari 1833 ) 


Poll— Fort 164 

Wm. WhaUey (C) Iii5 

Reg. electors, 375. 
John F<yH. (See Pari. 1833. 1 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — WiOiam. WhaUey died 
in 1860. 

1847! Ju"l|' 23.'' I Maithew Wilson, Junr. (Lib.) 

Poll— Wilson 175 

Edwd. Cardwell (0) 170 

Eeg. electors, 387. 

Matthew Wilson, Junr. Eldest son of MaHheto 
WiUon, Esq., of Eshton Hall, West Riding, oo. 
York, whom he afterwards succeeded in the 
Eshton Hall estate 15 Oot., 1854. Was re- 
turned for Olitheroe to the three successive 
Parliaments of 1841, 1847, and 1852, but was 
unseated on petition in both the first and last. 
Elected for the North-West Riding, co. York> 
in 1874 and 1880. Created a baronet Marohi 
1874. Arms of Wilson of Eshton: SahU, a 
wolf rampant Or, gorged with a collar geme' 
of the field, between four mullets of six points 
three in chief and one in base of the second. 
(1842. March 21). — Edwabd Caedwbll. (Tory.) 

Seated on petition by the Election Committee. 
Vice Wilson. 

Edward Cardwell, of EUerbeck Hall, Chorley 
Sat for Olitheroe 1842-1847 : Liverpool. 1847- 
1852 : Oxford, 1853-1874. Created Viscount 
Cardwell, 1874. (See Liverpool Rep., Pari. 

^^1852^TulylV" I Matthew Wilson, Junr. (£.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. Electors, 387. 
Matthew Wilson, junr. (See Pari. 1841.) 

1857." Mfr.^2i! ! Matthew Wilson, Junr. (L.) 

Poll— 'Wilaon 221 

J. T. W. Aapinall(C) 187 

Reg. electors, 448. 


Note — Election declared void for bribery and 
treating, 28 Feb., 1853, and new writ ordered. 

Matthew Wilson. (See Pari. 1841.) 
(1853, May 28.) — John Thomas Walshman 
1 ASPINALL. (Gon.) 
Vice Matthew Wilson, unseated. 

Poll— Aspinall 215 

K. Fort(L) 208 

Note.— Election declared void 28 July, 1853, for 
treating, and new writ ordered. 

John Thomas W. Aspinall, of Standen Hall, co. 
Lane. Eldest son of John Aspinall, Esq., 
whom he succeeded in the Standen Hall 
estate. Died 12 Nov., 1865. Arms of Aspi- 
nall of Standen : Or, a chevron between three 
griffins' heads erased sable. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Richard Fort, after- 
wards member.) 

(1853, Aug. 23.) — Le Gendbe Nicholas Staekib, 
Junr. (Lib.) 

Poll— Starkie 216 

Jonathan Pell (C) 205 

Le Otndre Nicholas StctrMe, of Huntroyde, Co. 
Lane, and of Ashton Hall, Clitheroe. Eldest 
sou of Le Gendre N, Starkie, Esq., of Hunt- 
royde (M.P. for Pontefract, 1826 30), whom 
he afterwards succeeded in the Huntroyde 
estate, 15 May, 1865. High Sheriff of Lanca- 
shire, 1868. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Jonatham Peel, of 
Accrington, co. Lane, and Knowlmere, co. York, 
Barrister-at-law. Died 7 Nov., 1876, aged 64.) 

1857. April 30.- ) John Turner Hopwood. 
1859. AprU23. J (Con.) 

Election uncontested. Eeg. electors. 448. 
John Turner Hopwood, of Rock Cliffe House, 
Blackburn, co. Lane, Barrister-at-law. Son 
of Robert Hopwood, Esq., of Blackburn. Re- 
presented the borough from 1857 tiU 1865. 

1859. May 31.- / John Turner Hopwood. 
1865. July 6. ) (Gon.) 

Election uncontested. Keg. electors, 493. 

John T. Hopwood. (See Pari. 1857.) 


1868! Nov. a.' } Iii™'*^R» ^ORT. {Lib.) 

Election anconteated. Keg. electors. 472. 

Skhard Fort, of Read Hall, oo. Lane Eldest 
son of John Fort, who sat for the borough 
18321841. Contested the election of May, 1853. 
Died 2 July, 1868, aged 46. 
(1868. July 13.)— Ralph Asshbton. (Cob.) 

Vice Richard Fort, deceased. 

Election uncontested. 

Ralph AssJieton, of Downham Hall, Clitheroe. 
Eldest son of William AssJieton, Esq., of 
Downham and Cnerdale ; heir male represen- 
tative of the ancient family of Asshetou of 
Assheton and Lever. Succeeded to the repre- 
sentation of the family 8 Aug., 1858. Sat for 
Clitheroe from July, 1868, till 1880. 

Im. Pan! m! i ^^= ^««««™^- (^O"-) 

Poll— Assheton 760 

C. S. Eoundell (L) 693 

Reg. electors, 1595. 
Ealph Assheton. (See Pari. 1865.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Oliarles Savile Roim- 
deU, of Fernhurst, Haslemere, Surrey, Barrister- 
at-law. M.P. for Grantham, 1880.) 

Isso. S k \ ^^^^= ^««='^™^- (^- ) 

Poll— Assheton 896 

E. E. Kay (L) 804 

Reg. electors, 1790. 
Ralph Assheton. (See Pari. 1865.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Edward Ebenezer Kay, 
Q C. Appointed Justice of the High Court, Chan" 
eery Division, March, 1881. Knighted 2 May, 

1880 Apl. 29.— Ejchaed Fort. {Lib.) 

Poll— Fort l,098 

E. Assheton (0) 882 

Reg. electors, 2,068. 
Richard Fort, of Read Hall, co. Lane. Eldest 
son of Richard Fort, Esq., who represented 
the boi^ough 1865 68. 
(Unsuccessful candidate —Ralph Assheton, ths 
previous member.) 


Newton in the Willows or Newton-iu-Maker- 
field, in the parish of Winwick, returned for the 
first time members to Parliament in the same year 
as Clitheroe, 1 Eliz., 1559, and continued until 
disfranchised by the Reform Act, 2 William IV., 

Although possessing for so long the Parlia- 
mentary privilege Newton was never incorporated, 
nor was there any reason for supposing it to 
be a borough by prescriptive right. Until 1660 it 
had not even a corporate seal, but in that year 
Eichard Legh, Esq., then recently become Lord of 
the JUanor, supplied the defect by giving as the 
borough arms his own crest — " Out of a ducal 
coronet a ram's head holding an elm sprig in its 

Prom first to last Newton was one of the close or 
Proprietary Boroughs in which the representative 
interest, while nominally in the hands of a limited 
number of the inhabitants, practically was at the 
disposal of the Lords of the Manor, who exercised 
the sole political influence and nominated the 
members. When first enfranchised the manor was 
vested in the family of Langton, barons of Newton 
and lords of Walton, from whom in the first years 
of the seventeenth century it passed by marriage 
to the Fleetwoods of Penwortham, and later on in 
the same century, by purchase, to the Leghs of 
Lyme, who still hold it. 

The franchise of the borough being thus limited 
there were but few contested elections. Previous 
to 1797 only two petitions were presented, and 


neither of them was followed by any particular 
result, or afforded any light as to the right of 
election. But at a bye-election in Sept., 1797, the 
seat being contested between T, L. Brooke and 
Peter Patten, Esijs., the former was returned by a 
majority of 39 votes against 27. Mr. Patten and 
certain electors in his interest petitioned, and 
statements as to the right of election were delivered 
in by the contending parties. That for the pe- 
titioner asserted that "the right was exclusively 
vested in the freemen, or burgesses, of the borough 
— that is to say, in any house, building, or lands 
within the borough, of the value of 40s. a year and 
upwards ; and in case of joint tenants, or tenants 
in common, no more than one person had a right 
to vote for one and the same house or tenement.'' 

That for the sitting member, stated the right to 
be "in persons having an estate of freehold, or for 
a term, or residue of a term, of 99 years or up- 
wards, determinable on one or more life or lives, 
in any messuages, lands, or tenements within the 

On Deo. 11, 1797, the committee came to the 
resolution "That the right of election for the 
borough of Newton in the County Palatine of Lan- 
caster, is exclusively in the freemen or burgesses 
of the said borough, that is to say, in any person 
seised of a corporeal estate of freehold, in any 
house, building, or lands, within the borough, of 
the value of 40s, a year and upwards, and in case 
of joint tenants, or tenants in common, no more 
than one person had a right to vote for one and the 
same house or tenement." The sitting member 
was therefore unseated, and Peter Patten, Esq , 
declared duly elected. This decision governed all 
future elections nntill the disfranchisement of the 

Before the last-named contest the nominal 
electors of the borough numbered about 36. A 
slight increase followed upon the decision of the 
House of Commons, and when the Reform Act 
passed the number stood at about 60, 

The population of Newton prior to its dis- 
franchisement was as follows : — In 1801, 1,455 ; in 


1811, 1,589 ; in 1821, 1643 ; in 1831, 2,139. Less 
than 500 of these however inhabited what may be 
termed the Parliamentary area. In 1861 the 
population was 5,909 ; in 1871 it had risen to 
11,110, and the census of 1881 exhibits a still 
further increase to 29,189, Newton being thus one 
of the very few of the disfranchised boroughs in 
which a marked increase of population has taken 
place since the loss of the Parliamentary privilege, 


1558-9. Jan. 23.- ) Sir Geoege Hawarde, Knt. 

1559 May 8. \ Richard Chbtwoode. 
Sir George Hawarde, Kt. Given as Sir George 
Ha/z^rd in Willis. Probably Sir George 
Howard, eldest son of Lord Edmund Howard 
(third sou of the second Duke of Nor/oik) and 
brother of Catherine, fifth wife of Henry VIII. 
He sat for Winchelsea 1557 : Reigate 1562-3. 
Was knighted in Scotland 1 Edward VI., 
1547. Died s.p. 
Richard Ghetwoode. Described as "Esq." 
Possibly Richard Chetwode, third son of 
Richard Chetwode, Esq., of Oakley, co. Bed- 
ford. He married Agnes, daughter and heiress 
of Anthony WodehuU, Esq., the heir male 
representative of the Barons de WahuU or 
WodehuU. Their only sou Sir Richard Chet- 
wode, Kt., afterwards in the reign of James I. 
preferred a claim to the Barony of WahuU, but 
was unsuccessful. 

1562-3. Jan. 11.- ) Fraucis Alporthe. 

1566 7. Jan. 2. \ Ralph Brown. 
Francis Alforthe or Alford. Described as 
"gent." Represented St. Michael 1571 : 
Reading, 1572-83 j East Grinstead, 1584 : 
Lewes, 1586 : East Grinstead again, 1588 9. 
Was probably of the family of Alford of Hall 
Place in Hurley, co. Berks, seated there in 
the 16th and 17th centuries. 
Ralph Brown or Browne. Described as "gent." 

1571. AprU 2.- ) Anthony Mildmat. 
May 29. \ Thomas Stonelet. 
Anthony Mildmay, of Apthorp, co. Northamp- 


ton, Esq. Eldest son of Sir Walter Mildmay, 
K.G. Chancellor o£ the Exchequer and Privy 
Counsellor. Was afterwards Ambassador to 
the French Court in 1596. Died 2 Sept., 1617, 
s.p.m. His only daughter and heiress mai-ried 
Francis Fane, first Earl of Westmoreland, 
Thomas Stoneley. Described as " Esq." 

1572. May 8 - ) John Gresham. 

1583. April 9. \ John Saville. 

John Oresham. Probably John Gresham, Esq., 
the second son of Sir John Gresham, of Titsey, 
CO. Norfolk (Lord Mayor of Loudon in 1547)> 
who died in 1556. Represented Windsor, 
1562-3 : Horsham, 1571. He was born March 
13, 1528, and was ancestor of the Greshams of 
Fulham, Albury, and Haslemere, oo. Surrey. 

John Saville. Possibly John Saville, of Bradley 
Hall, CO. York, Esq., who sat for Lincoln in 
1586. He was a Barrister of the Middle 
Temple. Serjeant-at-Law Nov. 29, 1592. 
Baron of the Exchequer July 1, 1598. 
Knighted by James I. in 1603. Chief Justice, 
CO. Pal. Lancaster,. 1604. Died Feb. 2, 1607, 
aged 62. Ancestor of the Earls of Mexborough. 

1584. Nov. 23.- ) Egbert Langton. 

1585. Sept. 14. i Edward Savage. 

Robert Langton. Represented the Borough in 
four successive Parliaments 1584, 1586, 1587 9, 
1592 3. The representative of the Langtons 
of Hiudley, a family thought to have had a 
common origin with the Langtons of Newton. 
He was sou of Peter Langton of Hindley, 
Esq., whom he succeeded in 1573, being then 
26 years of age. Died in 1594 leaving issue. 
Kdward Savage. Doubtless Edward Savage, 
Esq , second son of Sir John Savage, of Clifton, 
CO. Chester (ancestor through his eldest son of 
the Earls Rivers). He was brother in law of 
Thomas Langton, Lord of Newton. Sat for 
the Borough in this and the next Parliament. 

1586. Oct. 15.- ) Robert Langton. 
1586 7. Mar. 23. ( Edward Savage. 

Robert Langton. (See Pari. 1584. 


Edward Savage. (See Pari. 1584.) 

1588. Nov. 12.- 'J Robert Langton, 
1588-9 Mar. 29. ) Edmund Ibajtord 
Hobert Langton. (See Pari. 1584.) 
Edmund Trafford, of Trafford, o". Lane., Esq. 
Sat in this and the next Parliament. He was 
three times digh Sheriff of theCounty. Knighted 
at York, April 17, 1603. Died May, 1620. 
Auoestorofthe present Sir Humphrey de Trafford, 

1592 3. Feb. 19.- 1 Robert Langton. 
1593. April 10. 3 Edmund Trafford. 
SobeH Langton (See Pari 1584.) 
Edmund Trafford. (See Pari. 1588-9.) 

1597. Oot24 ) r, . , . 
1597 8. Feb. 9 ( ^^'""' ^'"'- 

Note. — Browne Willis gives Robert Langton as 
one of the members, but this clearly is incorrect. 

1601. Oct. 27- I Thomas Langton. 
Deo. 12. \ Richard Ashton. 

Thomas Lani/ton of Newton and Walton, Esq. 
He was son and heir of Leonard Langton, Esq., of 
Walton, and grandson of Sir Thomas Langton, 
Kt., Lord I'f Newton, whom he succeeded in 
1569. Created K B. at the coronation of James I. 
ill 1603. Died Feb. 20, 1604, aged 42, sp., 
the last of the Langt-ma lords of Newton. The 
Barony of Newton passed under the will of his 
graudfather to Richard Fleetwood, Esq., of 
Penwurtham, he being eldest son of Thomas 
Fleetwood, and grandson oi John Fleetwood, Esq., 
of PeuworthanT, by i/bara youngest daughter of 
Sir Thomas Langton, Kt. Arms of Langton, 
Lords of Newton : Quarterly, first and fourth 
argent, three chevroni-ls gules, second and third 
argent a cross fleury sable. 
Richard Ashton Described as "of Mawdesley, 
CO. Lino , gent.," and in the next Parliament as 
" Ricliard Asslieton, geat.. Steward of Newton." 
Possibly Richard Assheton, of Middleton. Sheriff 
of Lancashire 25, 35, and 40 Elizibeth and 4 


James I, Knighted at the Coronation of King 
James ia 1603. Died Deo. 25, 1617. Ancestor 
of the Asshetons, Baronets of Middleton. 

James I. 

1603-4. Mar. 19 - ) Ricitabd Assheton or Ashton. 

1610-11. Feb. 9. 3 Sir John Luke, Kut. 

llichard Assheton or Ashton. (See Pari. 1601 ) 

Sfr John Luke, of Anables, "co. H ertford. Seconil 
son of John Luke, of Woodend, oo. Bedford, Esq , 
and uncle of the well known Sir Oliver Luke. Kt , 
the Par'iamentary leader and meinl)er for Bed- 
fordshire in the Long Parliament. He was 
knighted at Charterhouse, Miy 11, 1603. Died 
apparently s,p. Arms of Luke : Argent, a bugle 
born stringed sable. 

1614. April 5 - ) William Ashton. 
June 7. ( Roger Charnock 
Note — This return is from the Kimbolton MS- 

William Ashton or Assheton. Described in tbe 
return as "Esq." He has not been identiHed, 
but a "William Ashton, of Chadderton," was 
living at this period. 

Roger Charnock, of Grays Inn. Second son of 
Robert Charnock, ot Charnock, co. Lane. 

16201. Jan. 16.- 1 Sir George Wright,. Kt. 
1621-2. Feb. 8. ] Richard Kippax. 
Note. — These members have not been identiSed. 
They are described as being "elected with the 
consent of Sir Richard Fleetwood, Bart., Lord of 
the Borough. 

1623 4. Feb. 12.- \ Thomas Charnock. 
1625. Mar. 24. j Edmund Breres. 

llmmas Charnock, Described as "of Ashley, oo. 
Lancaster, Esq." He was the representative of 
the ancient Lancashire family of Cbarnock of 
Charnock, and was 26 years of age at the Visita 
tion of 1613. He was elder brother ot Roger 
Charnock who sat in 1614. 

Edmund Breres. Described ai "of Preston, co. 
Lancaster, Esq." ^e via,s son oi Alexander Breres 
ot Chorley, and son-in-law ot Thomas Tyldesley, 
of Tyldesley, the Attorney-General ot the eouuty. 


llecorded liis pedigree in and signed the Visita- 
tion of 1613. 

Charles I 

1625. May 17. ) Sir Miles Fleetwood, Kot. 
Aug 12 ( Henry Edmonds. 

Sir Miles Fleetwood, of Aidtvinklf, oo. North- 
ampton. Sat for Westbury, 1621 : Launoeaton, 
1523-4 : Newton, 1625 and 1625-6 : Hindoo, 
1640 and 1640 till decease. Died 8 March, 
1640 1. He was son of Sir William Fleetwood, 
of Oranford, Middlesex, and was distantly 
related to Richard Fleetwood, Esq., of Pen 
wortbam, Baron of Newton. 

Henry Edmonds Returned to this and the next 
Parliament. Knighted at the Coronation of 
Charles!., Feb., 1625-6. 

1625-6 Feb. 6 - 1 Sir Miles Fleetwood, Knt. 
1626. June 15. J Sir Henry Edmonds, Knt. 
Sir Miles Eleetwood. (See Pari. 1625.) 
Sir Henry Edmonds. (See Pail. 1625 ) 

1627-8 Mar 17.- 1 Sir Henry Holcropt, Knt. 
1628-9. Mar 10 /Sir Francis Anselob, Knt. 

Sir Htnry Holcrojt, Kat. of Ejst Ham, oo. 
Esaex. Second son of Thomas Holcrojt, of 
Batteraea, co Surrey, and grandson of Oeofrey 
Holcrojt, of Hurst, oo. Lane. He was knighted 
at Whitehall, May 1, 1622. Sat for Stockbridge 
in 1624. Died in London in 1650. 

Sir Francis Anseloe or Onslow, Knt. He wag pro- 
bably a descendant of the senior branch of the 
flnslows, seated in Shropshire, but his identity 
has not been established. 

May 5. J William Sherman. 

Note. — A new writ was ordered for Newton, 

April 16, 1640, in the place of Sir Kiohard Wynne, 

who elected to sit for Andover. But it is doubtful 

if an elect on took place before the dissolution. 

Sir Richard Wynne, Knt. and Bart, of Gwedyr, co. 

Carmarthen. Was elected also f*r Andover for 

which he sat, and in the next Parliament was 

returned for Liverpool till his decease. (See 


Liverpool Rep., Pari. 1640-53 ) 
WiUiam Sherman. Described as "of Lambeth, co- 
Sarrey, Esq." 

1640. Nov. 3 ■( Sir Roger Palmer, K. B. {EoyaUst.) 
1653. Apl 2) ) Petkb Leoh {Royalist ) 
Sir Soger Palmer, K.B Sat for Queeuborough. 
1623-4. 1625, 1625-6, and 1627 8. Made K.B. at 
the coroDation of Charles I, Feb , 1625 6- He 
was second sou of Sir Thomis Palmer, 1st Bart 
of Wingham, co Kent. Was cupbearer to Henry 
and Charles, Princes of Wales, and Master of the 
Household to King Charles L Disabled for 
following the King to Oxford, Jan. 22, 1643 4. 
Died s. p 
Peter Legh, of Lyme Hall, co. Chester, Grandson 
and heir of Sir Peter Legh, Kt (M.P for Wigau 
in 1586 and 1589), whom he succeeded 17 Feb , 
1635.6 Died s.p ,2 Feb., 1641-2, from a wound 
received in a duel. 
(1641-2. Feb.)— William Asduest. (Pari ) 
Vice Peter Leigh, deceased. Elected circa Feb. 

1641-2 New writ ordered Feb. 4 
WUUam AsMurst, of Ashhurst, co. Liroaster. 
Afterwards represented the county, 1654. (See 
County Bep., Pari. 1654.) 

(1646. Mar. } Bichard Hollai«d. 
26 ) \ Peter Brooke. 

Vice Sir Roger Palmer disabled. New writ ordered 
Dec. 30, 1645 
Note. — Double return. The election of Richard 

Holland was apparently disadowed as Peter Brooke 

certainly sat until secluded by Pride's Purge, in 

Dec. 1648. 

Bichard Holland, of Heaton and Denton, co. 
Lancaster, Esq. Sat for the county 1654 and 

1656. (See County Rep., Pari. 1654.) 

Peter Brooke. Doubtless Peter Brorke, of Mere, 
CO. Chester, Esq., the younger son of Thomas 
Brooke, of Norton, Esq He afterwards sat for 
Cheshire 1656-58. Knighted 1660 SherifiF of 
Cheshire 1669. Ancestor of the Brookes of Mere 



' Deo^ 12. ( ^° Returns from tU Boroughs. 

{Oliver Cromwell. Protector.') 

1654. Sept. 3.- I „ „ , 

1654-5. Jan. 22. \ ^° Returns from Newton. 


-8. Feb. 4. ' {-^o Returns from Newton. 

(Richard Cromwell. Protector.) 
1658-9. Jan. 27.- ) William Bberbton. 
1659. April 29. J Piees Legh. 

William Brereton. Apparently the eldest son 
and heir apparent of William second Baron 
Brereton, of Brereton Hall, co. Chester. Born 
4 May, 1631. Succeeded his father in the 
Irish Peerage in 1664. Died in 1674. The 
title failed with his sons. 
Piers Legh, of Bruche Hall, near Warrington, 
Esq. Eldest son of Peter Legh, of Bruohe, 
Esq. (who was third son of Sir Peter Legh, of 
Lyme, co. Chester, Knt., M.P. for Wigan 1586 
and 1589). Succeeded his father in the Bruche 
estate in 1642. Died June, 1672, leaving issue. 

Charles II. 


Dec. 19. i William Banks, Junr. 

Richard Legh, of Lyme Hall, co. Chester, Esq. 
Eldest son of Thomas Legh, D.D., Rector of 
Walton (second son of Sir Peter Legh, of 
Lyme, Knt,, who died in 1636), and heir of his 
uncle Francis, whom he succeeded in the Lyme 
Hall estate 2 Feb., 1643. Acquired the Manor 
of Newton by purchase from Sir Thomas Fleet- 
wood in 1661. Eepresented co. Chester in 
1656 and 1658-9 : Newton 1660 and 1661-78. 
Died 31 Aug., 1687, aged 53. 

William Banlces, Junr., of Winstanley Hall, co. 
Lane. Eldest son and heir apparent of 
William Banhes, of Winstanley, Esq., (after- 
wards M.P. for Liverpool 1675-76). He married 
Frances, sister of Piers Legh, Esq., of Bruche 
(who represented the Borough in the previous 


Parliament). Died 16CS in his father's life- 
time, aged 3i3. His eldest son WiUiam after- 
wartls succeeded his grandfather at Wiu- 
stanley, and upon the failure of the line of his 
uncle Piers Legh, of Bruohe, inherited that 

1661. May 8.- 1 Richakd Legh. 
1C7S-9. Jan. 24. j John Vafghan. 

Eidiard LajJi. (See Pari. 1660 ) 

John Vattghan, of the Inner Temple, London. 
Barrister-at-law. M.P. for Cardigan 1640-44 
and 1660. Sat in this Parliament for oo. 
Cardigan 1661 till appointed Chief Justice of 
the Common Pleas 23 May, 1668, when he was 
also Knighted. Died 10 December, 1674. 
Ancestor of the Earls of I/isbttnie. 
(1661. June 24.)— Sir Philtp Manwamkg, Kt. 

Vice John Vaughan, who elected to sit for 

Sir Philip Mftmearing, Kt , of Badiley Court, 
Chester. Apparently the member for Derby 
1627-8: Morpeth, 1640. He was fourth sou 
of Sir Sandle Manwaring, Kt., of Over Peover, 
Cheshire, and had been Secretary of Ireland 
under the lieutenancy of the Earl of Strafford. 
Died s.^). 3 August, 1661. 
(1661. Got. 24.)— EiCHAKD, Lord Gorges. 

Vice Sir Philip Manwaring deceased. 

EicJiard, second Baron Gorges, of Dundalk, in 
the Irish Peerage. Eldest son of Sir Edward 
Oorgc:!, Bart., of Langford, co "Wilts (who 
was created to the Barony of Gorges in 1620). 
Succeeded his father in the Irish Peerage and 
English Baronetcy. Died September, 1712, 
aged 94, when his titles became extinct. 

1678-9. Mar. 6.- 1 Sir John Chioheley, Knt. 

1679. July 12. ( Andrew Fountaine. 
Sir John Chicheley, of Bloomsbury, oo. Middlesex. 
Commissioner of Ordnance, 1679-81. Lord of 
the Admiralty 1681-84 and Jan.-June, 1690. 
He second son of Sir Thomas Cliichnhy, 
of Wimpole, oo. Cambridge, Kt., and brother- 


in-law of Richard Lecjh, Esq., Lord of Newton. 
Sat for the Borough in six successive Parlia- 
ments till his decease. Died May, 1691. 
Andrew Fountaine, of Bellebarre, co. Hertford, 
and of Narford, oo. Norfolk. Barrister at' 
law. Brother-in-law of Bichard Legh, Esq., 
Lord of Newton. Represented the Borough in 
three Parliaments. Died in 1706. 

1679. Oct. 17.- ( Sir John Chiohelbt, Knt. 

1680-1. Jan. 18. i Andrew PonNTAiNE. 
Sir John Chkhdey. (See Pari. 1678 9.) 
Andrew Founta'iM, (See Pari. 1678-9.) 

16S0 1. March 21.- ) Sir John Chicublby, Knt. 
1681. March 28. ( Andrew Potjntaine. 

Sir John GMcheley. (See Pari. 1678 9.) 
Andreio Fomiiahie. (See Pari. 1678-9.) 

James II. 

1685. May 19.- ) Sir John Chicheley, Knt. 
1687. July 2. J Peter Lege. 

Note. — Thomas Brotherton contested unsuoceas- 
fully this election, and 25 May, 1685, petitioned 
against the return, but no determination is on 
record. Probably because of this Petition pending 
no new writ was issued for a successor to Mr. 
Legh, who died some nine months before the 

Sir John Chicheley. (See Pari. 1678-9.) 
Peter or Piers Legh, Esq,, of Bruohe, co. Lane., 
Esquire, only son and heir of Piers Legh, 
Esq., of Bruohe, who represented Newton 
in 1658-9. Succeeded his father at Bruohe, 
June, 1672. Died Sept., 1686. His sister 
Francis Legh inherited the estate, which 
she carried in marriage in March, 1686 7, to 
her kinsman Peter Legh, of Lyme and Newton, 
Esq. (eldest son of Richard Legh, M.P., 
Newton, 1660-79). Upon her death without 
surviving issue in 1727 Bruohe passed to her 
cousin WHliam Bankes, of Winstanley. the 
eldest son of her aunt Frances, who married 
■ Wiliiam Bankes, of Winstanley, Esq., M,P. 
for Newton in 1660. 


{Convention. ) 

1688-9. Jan. 22.- ) Sir John Chicheley, Kt. (T.) 

1689-90. Feb. 26. ( Feanois Cholmondblby. (T.) 

Sir John GhicheUy. (See Pari. 1679.) 

Francis Ckolmondeley. Third son of Thomas 

Gholmondeley, of Vale Royal, oo. Chester, Esq., 

and brother of Thomas Gholmondeley, M.P- 

for Cheshire, 1669, 1678, and 1685-87. He 

appears to have died s. p. 

William and Maey. 

1689-90. Mar. 20.- f Sir John Chichelby, Kt. {T.) 
1695. Oct. 11. S Gboegb Gholmondeley. {T.) 
Note. — Sir James Forbes and Thomas Brother- 
ton contested the election, and on 25 March, 
1690, petitioned against this return. The petition 
■was renewed in October, 1691, but ultimately 
withdrawn in the December following. Sir John 
Chicheley died May, 1691, but the new writ for the 
election of his successor was not moved until De- 
cember following, owing to the petition of Sir 
James Forbes and Thomas Brotherton being un- 
Sir John Ohiclieley. (See Pari. 1679.) 
George Gholmondeley, Apparently the Hon. 
George Gholmondeley, second) son of Robert 
first Viscount Cliolmondeley in Ireland and 
brother of Hugh then second Viscount, after- 
wards created Earl of Gholmondeley in Eng- 
land. He was successively Brigadier-General 
25 Aug., 1704 : Major-Geueral 1 June, 1706 : 
Lieut.-General 1 Jan., 1709 : General 1 Mar., 
1727 : Groom of the Bedchamber to William 
III. : Governor of Gravesend and Tilbury 
1703 : Governor of Kingston-upon-HuU 1725. 
Created Baron Newburgh in Ireland 15 Mar., 
1715, and Baron NevAurgh in the English 
Peerage 2 July, 1716. Succeeded his brother, 
under special remauder, in the Earldom of 
Gholmondeley, 18 Jan., 1724-5. Died 7 May 
1733. Ancestor of the Marquis of Gholmon- 
(1691. Dec. 18. — New writ issued Dec. 2.) — John 
Vice Sir John Chicheley, deceased. 


John Bennet, of Abingdon, oo. Cambridge. Bar- 
rister at-law. Afterwards a Master in Chan- 
cery from 1717 till his decease. Died 4 Teb., 
1738 9. 

1695. Nov. 22.- | LioH Bankes. {Tory.) 
1698. July 7. ( Thomas Bkotherton. {Tory.) 

Legh Banhes, of Gray's Inn, co. Middlesex. Bar- 
rister-at-law. Fifth son of William Banhes, of 
Winatanley (M.P. Newton, 1660), by Frances, 
daughter and eventually heiress of Piers Legh, 
of Bruche. He was drowned in crossing the 
Dee, Oct. 1703. Died s p. 

Tliomas Brotherton, of Gray's Inn, oo Middle- 
sex, and of the Hey, Newton. Barrister-at- 
law. Sat for the borough in 1695, 1698, and 
1700-1. Was son of Thomas Brotherton, of the 
Hey, and of the Inner Temple, Esq. Married 
Margaret, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas 
Gunter, co. Berks, Esq. Died 11 Jan., 1701-2, 
aged 45. 

1698. Aug. 24.- I Thomas Legh. {Tory.) 
1700. Dec. 19 (Thomas Beotherton. (Tory.) 

Thomas Legh, of Eidge, co. Chester, Esq. Ee- 
turned 1698, 1700, and 1701-2. Re-elected 
Dec, 1702, till decease. Killed by a fall in 
getting out of his coach, March, 1702-3. He 
was the representative of a younger branch of 
the Leghs of Lyme, being descendedfrom John, 
second son of Sir Piers de Legh, who died 1399, 
the founder of the House of Lyme. His son, 
Francis Legh, sold the Ridge estate in 1731, 
and the family removed first to Macclesfield 
and finally to London, where the male line 
failed some few years since with Edward 
Legh, of Lewisham, Kent. 

Thomas Brotherton. (See Pari. 1695.) 

1700-1. Feb 6.- ) Thomas Legh. [Tory.) 

1701. Nov. 11. ) Thomas Brotherton. (Tory.) 

Tliomas Legh. (See Pari. 1698.) 

Thomas Brotherton. (See Pari. 1695.) 


1701. Deo. 30.- \ Thomas Leqh (of Lyme). {Tory.) 
1702. July -2 i Thomas Legh (of Kidge). {Tory.) 
Thomas Legh, of Lyme, co. Chester. In right 
of his wife, EVzaheth, daughter and heiress of 
Thomas Fleetmaod, of Bank, co. Lane , he be- 
came possessed of that estate. Represented 
Newton in five succeasiTe Parliaments from 
1701 tiU 1713. Died before 1723. His eldest 
son eventually became representative of the 
family, and succeeded his uncle iu the Lyme 
Hall and Neivton estates. 
Thomas Legh, of Eidge. (See Pari. 169S.) 


1702. Aug. 20.- 1 Rt. Hon. John Howe. (Tory.) 
1705. ApriL J Thomas Legh (of Lyme). {Tory.) 
Rt. Hon John Howe. Returned also and elected 
to sit fcr Gloucestershire. Sat for CSrenceater, 
16S8-9, 1690, 1695 : co. Gloucester, 1698, 
170 '-1, 1702 5. Sworn in the Privy Council 
21 April, 17112. Paymaster General of the 
Forces, 1703-14. Died 1731. Father of the 
fibrst Lord Chedworth. 
Thomas Legh, of Lyme. (See Pari. 1701.) 
(1702. Dec. 31.— Thomas Lbgh (of Ridge). {Tory.) 
Vice Rt. Hon. John Howe elected for Glouoas" 

Thomas Legh, of Ridge. (See Pari. 1698.) 
(1703. Dec. 7.)— John Ward. {Tory.) 
Vice Thomas Legh, of Ridge, deceased. 
John Ward, of Capesthorne, co. Chester, and of 
the Inner Temple, London. Barrister-at law. 
Sat for Newton 1703, 1705, 1708, 1710, and 
1713-15 : . Thetford, 1715-22. Was puisne 
Judge of Chester 1711-14. Died 19 March, 
1748-9, aged 79. His eldest daughter and 
eventual sole heiress married Davies Daven- 
port, of Woodford, Fsq., and was ancestress of 
the Davenports of Woodford, Cap estli erne, 
and Calveley, co. Chester. Arms of Ward : 
Azi{re a cross pat^e Or. 

1705. June 14. j Thomas Lkgh. {Tory.) 
1708. April 15. i John Ward. {Toiy ) 
Thomas Legh. (See ParL 1701.) 

John Wa/rd. (See Pari. 1702.) 

1708. July 8 ) Thomas Legh. (Tory.) 
1710 Sept. 21. i John Wabd. {Tory.) 
Thomas Legh. (See Pari 1701.) 
John Ward. (See Pari 1702.) 

1710. Nov. 25. 1 Thomas Legh. {Tory.) 
1713. Aug. 8. JJoHN Ward. {Tory.) 
Thomas Legh. (See Pari. 1701.) 
John Ward. (See Pari. 1702.) 
(1711. July 3). — John Ward reelected upon ap- 
pointment as Justice of Chester. 

1713. Nov. 12.- 1 John Ward. {Tory.) 
1714-15. Jan. 5 j Abraham Blaokmore. (Tory.) 
John Ward. (See Pari. 1702.) 
Abraham Blackmore, of the Inner Temple, Lou- 
don. -Barrister - at - law. Eepresented St. 
Michael's, 1710-13. Was afterwards a pri- 
soner in the Fleet prison, where he committed 
suicide 18 May, 1732. 

George I. 

1714-15. Mar. 17.- ) Sir Francis Leicester, Bart., 
\ {Tory.) 

1721-2. Mar 10. ) William Shippbn. {Tory.) 
Sir Francis Leicester, third Bart., of Tabley, co. 
Cheater. Sat for the Borough 1715-22 and 
1722-27. Son of Sir Robert Leicester, second 
Bart., whom he succeeded in 1684. Died 
5 Aug., 1742, when the Baronetcy became 
extinct. His only daughter and heiress was 
wife of Fleetwood Legh, Esq., of Bank Hall. 
William Shippen, of the Middle Temple, London, 
Barrister-at-Law. Sat for Bramber, Deo., 
1707-8 and 1708 till unseated on petition Jan., 
1709. Ke-eleoted 1710-13. Returned for 
Saltash and Newton, 1715, but elected to sit 
for the latter place which he continued to 
represent in the Parliaments of 1722, 1727, 
1734, and 1741 till his decease. He was second 
son of Rev. William Shippen, D.D., Kector of 
Stockport, Cheshire, and brother of Eev. 
Robert Shippen, D.D., who married a daughter 


of Bichard Legh, of Lyme. For many years 
he was the recognised leader of the Jacobite 
party in the House. Died s.p. 1 May, 1743, 
aged 60. 

1722. May 10.- ) Sir Francis Leicbsteb, Bart. 

\ {Tory.) 
1727. July 17. ) William Shippen. (Tory.) 

Sir Francis Leicester. (See Pari. 1715.) 

William Shippen. (See Pari. 1715.) 

Geoece II. 

1727. Nov. 28.- j William Shippen. {Tory.) 

1734. April 17. j Legh Mastee. {Tory.) 

William Shippen. (See Pari. 1715.) 
Legh Master, of New Hall, Ashtoa iuMacker- 
field, 00. Lano , Esq. Returned to three Par- 
liaments 1727, 1734, and 1747. He was eldest 
son and heir of Sir Streynaham Master, Knt., 
of Codnor Castle, co. Derby, by Elizabeth, 
daughter of Bichard Legh, of Lyme. Ac- 
quired the New Hall estate by marriage with 
the daughter and heiress of Launder of 
New Hall. Died 1750. He is now repre- 
sented by his descendant Charles HosUtis 
Master, Esq., of Barrow Green House, Surrey. 
Arms of Master : Azure, a fess embattled 
between three griffins' heads erased or, 

1734. June 13 - ) William Shippen. {Tory.) 

1741. April 27. ( Legh Masteb. {Tory) 

William Shippen. (See Pari. 1715.) 

Legh Master. (See Pari. 1727.) 

1741. June 25." ) William Shippen. {Tory.) 

1747. June 18. (Legh Master. {Tory.) 

William Shippea. (See Pari. 1715. 
L^h Master. (See Par]. 1727 ) 
(1743. Dec. 15).— Peter Legh, Jun. (Tory.) 

Vice William Shippen deceased, 
Peter Legh, the younger, of Oalveley, 00. Chester, 
Esq. Eldest surviving son of Thomas Legh, 
of Bank, Esq., who sat for Newton, 1701-1713. 
Succeeded to the Lyme Hall and Newton 
estates upon the decease of his uncle Peter 
Legh, of Lyme, Jan,, 1744, Hepresented 


Newton in five Parliaments from 1743 
tiU 1774. Died 20 May, 1792, aged 84, leaving 
two daughters. The present representative of 
the elder daughter is Lord Liljord, who is now 
sole heir general of the Leghs of Lyme. 

1747. Aug. 13,-) Peteb Legh. {.Tory.) 

} Sir Thomas Geet Egerton, 

1754. April 8. ) Bart. (Tory.) 

Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1741.) 

Sir Thomas Grey Egerton, sixth Bart of Bgerton, 

CO. Chester, and of Heaton Hall, co. Lane. 

He was brother-in-law of the Rev. Ashbumham 

Legh, the next brother of Peter Legh, of 

Lyme (his colleague). Succeeded to the 

Baronetcy, 1744. Died 1756. His son. Sir 

Thomas Egerton, was afterwards created Earl 

of Wilton. 

1754. May 31.- ) Peter Legh. (Tory.) 

1761. Mar. 20. J Kandlb Wilbraham. (Tory.) 

Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1741.) 

Randle Wilbraham, of Rode Hall, oo. Chester, 

Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Sat for Newcastle- 

under-Lyme, 1740, 1741-47 : Appleby, 1747- 

54 : Newton 1754 and 1761-68. Second son of 

Handle Wilbraham, Esq., of Nantwich, co. 

Chester. His mother was a grand-daughter of 

Thomas, second son of Sir Peter Legh, of 

Lyme. He died 4 Dec, 1770. Grandfather 

of the first Lord Skelmersdale. 

Geoege in. 

1761. May 19.- ) Peter Legh. (Tory.) 

1768. Mar. 11. ( Randi/B Wilbraham. (Tory.) 
Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1741.) 
RandU Wilbraham. (See Pari. 1754.) 

1768. May 10.- ) Peter Legh. (Tory.) 

1774. Sept 30. ( Anthony James Keck. {Tory.) 

Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1741.) 

Anthony Jam^ Keck, of Staughton Grange, co. 

Leicester, Esq. Sat for Leicester, 1765 68 

Newton, 1768 and 1774-80. He married 

Elizabeth second daughter and co-heiress of 


Peter Legh, of Lyme (hia colleague). Died 
Feb., 1782. His eldest sou afterwards in- 
berited the Bank EaU estate upon the decease 
of his maternal grandfather. 

1774. Nov. 29.- ) Anthony James Keck. (Tory.) 


1780. Sept. 1. ) GwiLLTM. {Tory.) 

Anthony James Keclc. (See Pari. 1768.) 
Robert Vernon Atherton Qimllym, of Atherton 
and of Bewsey, co. Lane, Esq. Eldest son of 
Robert Qwillym, Esq[., by Elizabeth, daughter 
and heiress of Richard Atherton, Esq., the last 
of the Athertons of Atherton Hall. He married 
Henrietta, elder daughter and co-heiress of 
Peter Legh, of Lyme. Assumed the additional 
surname of Atherton 9 March, 1779. Died 
9th July, 1783, aged 42. His eldest daughter 
and (upon the decease of her brother, 27 
March, 1789,) heiress married the second Lord 
Lilford, whose descendant, the present Lord, 
now represents both Atherton of Atherton and 
Legh of Lyme. 

1780. Oct. 31." j Thomas Peter Leoh, {Tory.) 
1784. Mar. 25. i Thomas Davenport. (Tory.) 

Thomas Peter Legh, of Golborne Park, co. Lane, 
Esq. Represented the Borough in four 
Parliaments, 1780 till 1802. Eldest sou of the 
Kev. J^sAftMrTjAamiegrA, of Golborne Park, and 
nephew of Peter Legh, of Lyme (M.P, Newton, 
1743-74). Succeeded to the Lyme Hall and 
Newton estates upon the decease of his uncle 
20 May, 1792. Died 7 Aug., 1797, aged 44, 
without legitimate issue. 

Thomas Davenport, of Hendon, co. Middlesex, 
Barrister-at Law. Appointed Serjeant-at Law 
25 June, 1783. Knighted 27 June, 1783. 
Was returned also to the next Parliament till 
his decease. Died 25 March, 1786. 
(1783. May 30.)— Thomas Peter Legh. Re- 
elected upon accepting a commission in the army. 


George III. 

1784. May 18.- ) Thomas Peter Legh. (Tory.) 
1790. June 11. j Sir Thomas Davenport, Kt (T.) 
Thomas Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1780.) 
Sir Thomas Davenport. (See Pari. 1780. 
(1786. April 10.)— Thomas Brooke. (Tory.) 
Vice Sir Thomas Davenport, deceased. 
Thomas Brooke, of Ashton Hayes, co. Cheater, 
Esq. Returned to five successive Parliaments, 
1786 till 1807. Second son of Sir Richard 
Brooke, fourth Baronet of Norton, co. Chester 
(who was descended from a grand-daughter of 
Legh of Lyme). He was afterwards seated at 
Norton during the minority of his nephew, the 
sixth Baronet. Died 20 June, 1820, aged 64. 

1790. Aug. 10.- I Thomas Peter Legh. {Tory.) 
1796. May 20. | Thomas Brooke. {Tory.) 

Thomas Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1780.) 

Thomas Brooke. (See Pari. 1784.) 

1796. July 12.- ) Thomas Peter Legh. {Tory.) 
1802 June 26. \ Thomas Brooke. (Tory.) 
Thomas Peter Legh. (See Pari. 1780.) 
Thomas Brooke. (See Pari. 1784.) 
(1797. Sept. 15.) — Thomas Lanoford Brooke. {T.) 
Vice Thomas P. Legh, deceased. 

Poll— T. L. Brooke 39 

P. Pattea 27 

Thomas Langjord Brooke, of Mere, co. Chester, 
Esq. Second sou of Peter Brooke, Esq., of 
Mere, High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1766 (whose 
first wife was a daughter of Fleetwood Legh, 
Esq., of Lyme). Succeeded his brother at 
Mere Hall in 1785. Died 21 Dec, 1815. Arms 
of Brooke of Mere ; Or a cross engrailed per 
pale gules and sable. 
(1797. Deo 13.)— Peter Patten, (Tory.) 
Seated on petition vice T. L. Brooke. 
Peter Fatten, of Bank Hall, near Warrington, co. 
Lane, Esq. Sat for Newton, 1797-1806: Lancas- 
ter, 1807-12 : Malmesbury, 1813-18. Colonel of 
the Koyal Lancashire Militia. Assumed the 
surname of Bold, 5 May, 1814. Died 17 Oct., 
1819, aged 55. (See Lancaster Kep., Pari. 


1812. Aug 31 - 1 Thomas Brooke. {Tory.) 
1806. Oct. 24. j Pet£b Patien. (Tory.) 

Thomas Brooke (See Pari. 1784.) 

Peter Patten. (See Pari. 1796.) 

1806. Deo. 15 j Thomas Brooke. {Tory.) 

1807. Apl. 29 ( Pbteb Heron. (Tory.) 
Tlimrns Brooke. (See Pari. 1784.) 

Peter Heron, of Moor Hall, oo. Chester, Esq. 
Eeturned 1806, 1807, 1812, till he resigned 
April, 1814. Major-General in the army. Died 
15 Nov., 1848 Arms of Heron : Gulea, a 
chevron between three herons close argent. 

1807. June 22.- ) Peter Heron. {Tory.) 
1812. Sept. 29. ( John Ireland Blaokbubnb. {T.) 
Peter Heron. (See Pari. 1806) 
John Ireland Blachbume, of Hale Hall, co. 
Lane, Esq. Sat for Newton, 1807-12 and 
1812 18 : Warrington, 1832 till 1847. Eldest 
son and heir-apparent of John Blackburne, 
Esq., of Hale, the M.P. for the county in this 
Parliament. Succeeded his father in the 
representation of the family April, 1S33 Died 
27 Jau„ 1874, aged 90. 

1812. Nov. 24. 1 Peter Heron. (Tory.) 
1818 June 10. J John Ireland Blackburne. (7".) 
Peter Heron. (See Pari. 1806.) 
John Ireland Blackburne. (See Pari. 1807). 
(1814. April 16).— Thomas Legh. {Tory.) 
Vice Major-General P=ter Heron, resigned. 
Thomas Legh, of Lyme Hall, co. Chester, Esq . 
Continued to represent the borough from 1814 
till its distranohisepient in 1832. Eldest son 
of Tliomaa Peter Legh (M.P. Newton, 1780-97), 
and his heir by special entail. Colonel of the 
Lancashire Fencible Cavalry, D.C.L , F.E, S- 
Died 8 May, 1857, aged 64. 

1818. Aug. 4.. ) Thomas Legh. (Tory.) 
18-30. Feb. 29. J Thomas Claughton. (Tory.) 

Thomas Legh. (See Pari. 1812.) 

Thomas Claughton, of Haydock Ijodge, Newton. 
Sat for the borough 1818-20 and 1820 till here- 


signed in 1825. He mariied a sister of Mr. 
Legh, of Lyme. Died 8 March, 1842. Father 
of the present Bishop of St. Albans and (late 
of) Colombo. 

George IV. 

1820. April 21. | Thomas Legh. (Tory.) 
1826. June 2. ■' Thomas Claughton. {Tory.) 
Thomas Legh. (See Pari. 1812.) 
Thomas Claughton. (See Pari. 1818.) 
(1825. Feb. 11.) — Sir Robert Townsbnd Towns- 
bnd-Faequhab, Bart. (Tory,) 
Vice Thomas Olaughton, resigned. 
^ivRobertT. Tovmsend-Farquhar,Ba,rb ,of Bruton, 
St. Berkeley Square, oo. Middlesex. Created 
Baronet 21 Aug., 1821. Sat for Newton, 
1825-6 : Hythe, 1826 till decease Had been 
Governor of Mauritius 1811 - 1822. Died 
16 March, 1830. 

1826 July 25.-1 Thomas Legh. {Tory.) 
1830. July 24 >^ Thomas Aloock. {Tory.) 
Thomas Legh. (See Pari. 1812.) 
Thomas Alcoch, of Kings wood, Warren, co 
Surrey. Sat for Newton 1826-30: Ludlow,' 
June 1839, till unseated on petition April 13, 
1840: East Surrey, 1847 till 1865. Died 20 
Aug., 1866, aged 65. Was a Tory and anti- 
Catholic in this Parliament; afterwards an 
advanced Liberal. 

William IV. 

1P30 Sept. 14- ■) Thomas Legh. (Tory.) 
1831. April 23. J Thomas Houldswokth. (Tory.) 
Thomas Legh. (See Pari. 1812.) 
Thomas Houldsworth, of Manchester. An emi- 
nent cotton spinner. Sat for Pontefract, 1818 ■ 
20, 1820 26, and 1826-30 : Newton, 1830-1, 
and 183132: North Nottinghamshire, 1832 
till 1852. Died 1 Sept., 1852, aged 80. 

1831. June 14.-) Thomas Legh. (Tory.) 
1832. Dec. 3. i Thomas Hotjldsworth. (Tory.) 
Thomas Legh (See Pari. 1812.) 
Thomas Houldsworth. (See Pari. 1830.) 
Borough Disfranchised. 


Manchester, now the third city in the kingdom, 
was one of the boroughs called into existence by 
the first Keform Bill. "The Barons of Manchester 
held seats by virtue of Writs of Summons to the 
Upper House of Parliament from 1 Edw. I. (1273) to 
the reign of Elizabeth, but the Town was never 
represented in the Commons House of Parliament 
till the year 1654 when Oromwell the Lord Pro- 
tector, desirous of strengthening the Government 
and willing to stamp a dignity upon a town to 
which the Commonwealth was so much indebted, 
issued a writ to the High Sheriff of Lancashire 
requiring the bul-gesses of Manchester to return a 
member to Parliament." (Baines' Sist. Lane. 
Vol. i., p. 323.) In obedience to this mandate 
returns were made to the CromwelUan Parliaments 
of 1654 and 1656, but the privilege ceased at the 
Restoration, and was not renewed until 1832. 

By the "Act for amending the Representation of 
the people of England and Wales," 2 William IV., 
1832, Manchester was formally constituted a 
Parliamentary Borough with the right of sending 
two representatives to Parliament'. And by the 
further " Act for settling and deciding the division 
of Counties and limits of Boroughs so far as respects 
the election of members to serve in Parliament," 
the Borough of Manchester was made to compre- 
hend "the several townships of Manchester, 
Chorlton-row otherwise called Chorlton-upon-Med- 
loek, Ardwick, Beswiok, Hulme, Cheetham, Brad- 
ford, Newton, and Harpurhey." 

On the 16th April, 1853, the Borough of Man- 
chester was by Royal Proclamation declared to be 
a City. 


By the " Representation of the People Act, 
1868," the City of Manchester received a third 
member, but no change was made in the Parlia- 
mentary boundaries. 

The population since its enfranchisement is as 
follows :— In 1831, 187,022 ; in 1841, 237,646 ; in 
1851, 316,243 ; in 1861, 357,979; in 1871, 379,374; 
in 1881, 393,358. 
(Oliver Cromwell. Prelector.) 

1655' Jan '22" i C^harles Woesley; (Pari.) 

Gharles WorsUy, of Piatt, near Withington, 00. 
Lane. Eldest son of Ralph WomUy, of Piatt, 
Esq., and grandson oi Gharles Worsley, of Man- 
chester. He was a Lieut. -Colonel afterwards 
Major-General in the Parliamentary army and 
" Commander of the Lord General's Regiment 
of Foot." Died 12 June, 1656, aged 35. The 
Worsleys of Piatt are a younger branch of the 
Worsleys of Booths, and are still represented 
in the male line by the lineal descendant of the 
member for Manchester. 

1657-8^ Eeb^I" } E.ichabd Radcliffe. (Pari.) 
Richard Radcliffe, of the Lodge, Pool Field, 
Manchester. Major in the Parliament service. 
Apparently the son of Richard Radcliffe, of 
Manchester, who died in 1645, and probably 
descended from a younger son of the Radclififes 
of Ordsall, Died 9 Oct., 1660. 

Rbtitens Disoontinued. 

Wiluam IV. 

1833. Jan. 29.- 1 Makk Philips. (Liberal.) 

\ Right Hon. CHAELBa Potjlett 

1834. Deo. 29. ) Thomson. (Liberal) 
Poll— Philips 2923 

Thomson , 2068 

SamaelJones Loyd (L) 1832 

John Thos. Hope (C) 1560 

Wm. Cobbett (E) 1305 

(Beg. Electors, 6,726.) 
Mark Philips, of Welcombe, co. Warwick, and 
of The Park, Manchester, Esq. Sat for the 


Borough 1833, 1835, 1837, 1841 47. Eldest 
son of Robert Philips, of the Park, Manchester, 
Esq., whose estates he inherited in 1844. 
Was High Sheriff of the County in 1851. 
Died 23 December, 1873, aged 73. Arms of 
Philips : Per pale argent and sable, within an 
orle of fleura-de lis argent a lion rampant 
erminois ducally crowned and holding be- 
tween the paws a masole or, a canton ermine. 
Et. Hon. Charles Poulett Thomson. Sat for 
Dover 1826-1832, and was returned also for the 
same Borough to this Parliament, but elected 
to sit for Manchester, which he continued to 
represent 1832 34, 1835 37, 1837 39. Was Vice- 
President of the Board of Trade 1830 34, 
President in 1834 and 1835-39. Sworn on the 
P.O. Nov., 1830. Appointed Governor- 
General of Canada Aug., 1839. Created Baron 
Sydenham, of Sydenham, oo Kent, and of 
Toronto, Canada, 19 Aug., 1840. Died in 
Canada 19 Sept , 1841, without having taken 
his seat in the House of Lords, when his title 
became extinct. He was the youngest son of 
John Poulett Thomson, Roehampton, co. Surrey, 
and brother of Oeorge Poulett Scrope, Esq., of 
Castle Combe, co. Wilts, who for many years 
was M.P. for Stroud. Arins of Thomson : 
Argent, a buck's head cabossed guks attired 
or on a chief amtre a, cross-oroaslet fitoh^e 
of the third between tvfo mullets of the field. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Samuel Jones Loyd, 
Esq., the eminent Banker of London, M.P. for 
Hythe 1819 26. Created Baron Overstone 5 Mar., 
1850. John Thomas Hope, Esq., eldest son of Hon. 
Sir Alexander Hope, G.C.B , and grandson of third 
Earl of ifopeiOMn. M.P. for Gatton 1830-31 and 
for Okehampton 1831-2. Contested Haddington- 
shire Jan., 1835 Died 17 April, t835, aged 28. 
William Gobbett afterwards M P. for Oldham. ) 

1835. Feb. 19.- j Mark Philips. (Liberal.) 

1837. July 17. i Bt. Hon. C. P. Thomson. (L.) 

Poll -Thomson 3355 

PMliys 3163 


Senjamin Braidley (0) 2535 

Sir Chas. Woheley (R) 583 

(Reg. Electors 8,459.) 
Mark Philips. (See Pari. 1833.) 
Rt. Hon. O. P. Thomson. (See Pari. 1833.) 
(Unsuooeasful candidates.— .Bera/omm Braidley 
contested also the next election. Sir Charles 
Wolseky also contested Stafford in this election. 
Seventh Bart, of Wolseley, co. Stafford. Died 
3 Oct., 1846, aged 77.) 

(1835. April 30.)— Et. Hon. Ohakles P. Thomson. 

Re-elected upon appointment as President of the 
Board of Trade. 

Poll— Thomson 3205 

Benjamin Braidley (C) 1839 


1837. Sept. 11.- ) Mark Philips. {Lib.) 

1841. June 23.- ( Rt. Hon. Chas. P. Thomson. (2/.) 

Poll— Thomson 4,158 

Philips 3,750 

Wm. Bwart Gladstone (0) ... 2,281 
Reg. electors, 10,123. 
Mark Philips. (See Pari. 1833.) 
Et. Hon. O. P. Thomson. (See Pari. 1833.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Wm. Ewart fflad- 
stone, Esq. Sat for Newark in this Parliament. 
See South Lancashire Rep., Pari. 1865.) 
(1839. Sept. 7).— RoBEET Hyde G-reo. {Lib.) 
Vice Rt. Hon. C. P. Thompson appointed Gover- 
nor of Canada. 
Poll. — In consequence of a dispute as to the 
Returning Officer a double poll was taken. 
Before the Borough-reeve Sept. 6. 

Greg 3,096 

Sir Geoi^e Murray (0) ... 2,969 

T. P. Thomson (R) 63 

Before the Mayor, Sept. 6. 

Greg 3,421 

Sir George Murray (0) ... 3,156 

Robert Hyde Oreg, of Norcliffe Hall, co. Chester, 

Esq. Eldest surviving son of Samuel Greg, of 

Manchester, and brother-in-law of Marh 

Philips, his colleague. Contested Macclesfield 


1837. Died in 1875, aged 80. Arms of 
Greg : Argent, a, Scotch fir out of a mount 
vert in base surmounted by a sword in bead 
proper, on a dexter canton azure a royal 
antique crown proper. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Sir George Murray, 
G.C.B. Colonial Secretary, 1828-30 : Master 
General of the Ordnance, 1834-5 and 18416. Sat 
for Perthshire 1824-32 and May Dec, 1834. Un- 
successfully contested Perthshire, 1835 : West- 
minster, 1837 : Manchester, 1839 and 1841. 
General in the army. Governor of Fort St. G'orge, 
Second son of Sir William Mm ray, fifth baronet of 
Oohtertyre, co. Perth. Died 28 July, 1846, aged 
74. — Lt. Col. Thomas Perronet Thompson, M.P. for 
Hull, 1835 37: Bradford, 1847-52 and 1857-59. 
■Unsuccessfully contested Maidstone, 1837 : Mary, 
lebone, 1838 : Hull and Cheltenham, 1841 : Sun- 
derland, 1845 : Bradford, 1852. Was Governor of 
Sierra Leone, and editor of the " Westminster 
Jieview," &o. Son oi' Thomas Thompson, Esq., 
Banker, of Hull, formerly M.P. for Midhurst. Died 
6 Sept., 1869, aged 86. The author of the " Corn 
Law Catechism.") 

1841. Aug. 19.- ) Mark Philips. {Lib.) 

1847. July 23. ( Thomas Milnbb Glbson. (L.) 

Poll.— Philips 3,695 

Gibson 3,575 

Sir George Murray (C) ... 3,115 

Wm. Entwistle (C) 2,692 

Heg. electors, 12,150. 
Marh Philips. (See Pari. 1 833.) 
Thomas Milner Gibson, of Thebertou House, 
Saxmundham, co. Suffolk, Esq. Sat for Ips- 
wich as a Conservative, 1837-39 : Manchester, 
1841-47, 1847-52, 1852-57: Ashton ■ under- 
Lyne, Dec. 1857-59, 1859-65, and 1865 68. 
Unsuccessfully contested Ipswich July, 1839 : 
Cambridge, Sept, 1839 ; Manchester, 1857 : 
Ashton.uuder-Lyne, 1868. Vice-president of 
the Board of Trade, 1846-48. President of 
Poor Law Board, 1859. President of Board 
of Trade, 1859-65. Sworn of the Privy Coun- 
cil, 1846. 


(Unauooesaful candidates. — Sir George Murray 
contested previous election. — William Entwistle, 
M.P. South Lancasliire 1844-47. See South Lanca- 
shire Rep., Pari. 1841 ) 

(1846. July 13)— Rt. Hon. Thomas Milnbb 
Gibson re-elected upon appointment as Vice-Presi- 
dent of the Board of Trade. 

1847. Sept. 21.- j Rt. Hon. T. Milner Gibson. (L.) 
1852. July 1. 5 John Bright. {Lib.) 
Election uncontested. 

Right Hon. Thomas Milrver Gibson. (See Pari, 

John Bright, of Rochdale, co. Lane, Manufac- 
turer. Sat for Durham, July 1843-47 : Man- 
chester, 1847-52 ; 1852 57 : Birmingham, Aug. 
1857 59, 1859-65, 1865-68, 1868-74, 1874-80,» 
and since 1880. Unsuccessfully contested 
Durham April 1843, and Manchester 1857. 
President of the Board of Trade, 1868-70. 
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1873-4 
and since 1880. Sworn of the Privy Council 
1868. Is son of the late Jacob Bright, Esq., 
of Greenhank, near Rochdale, and brother of 
Jacob Bright, member for Manchester since 

1852. Aug. 20.- ) Rt.Hon. T. Milner Gibson. (£.) 
1857. Mar, 21.- J John Bright. {Lib.) 

Poll— Gibson 5,762 

Bright 5,475 

George Loch (L) 4,364 

Hon, Joseph Denman (L) ... 3,969 
Reg. electors, 13,921. 
Right Hon. Thomas M. Gibson, (See Pari. 1841.) 
John Bright. (See Pari. 1847.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — George Loch, of 
Stone, CO. Stafford. Barrister-at-law, afterwards 
Q.C. Unsuccessfully contested Palkirk 1851. Was 
M.P. for Wick 1868-72. Died 18 Aug., 1877, aged 
66. Was Attorney- General to the Prince of Wales. 
— Hon. Joseph Denman, Vice Admiral R.N., 
second son of the first Lord Dewnan. Died 26 
Nov., 1874, aged 64.) 


1857. Apl. 30.- 1 Sir John Potteb, Kot. {Lib.) 
1859, Apl. 23. j Jambs Aspinau. Tornkr. (£). 

POLU-Potter 8,368 

Turner 7,8M 

Kight Hon. T, M. aibson (L) 5,688 

Jokn Bright (L) 5,458 

Reg. electors, lS,4S3 
Sir John Potter, Knt., of Build Hall, Manchea* 
ter. A merohant in Manchester, and three 
times Mayor, 1848-9, 184:9-60, and 1860- L< 
Knighted on the occasion of the Royal visit to 
Sdanchester, 10 Oct., 1851. He was son of Sir 
Thomas Potter, Knt., Mayor in 1838 40. and 
brother of T. B. Potter, member for Rochdale 
■ince 1865. Died 25 Oct., 1858, aged 43. 
James AspinM Turner, of Pendlebury House, 
Manchester, merchant. Sat for the city 
• 1857-59 and 1859-65, when he retired. Died 
28 Sept., 1867, aged 70. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — The previouB mem- 

(1838. Nov. 17.)— Thomas Bazlky. (Liberal.) 
Vice Sir John Potter, deceased. 

Election uncontested. 
Thomas Barley, of Gyford Park, Stow-in-tho-. 
Wold, 00, Lane, merchant. Continued to re-, 
present the city in six successive Parliaments 
1858-59, 185965, 1865-68, 1868 74, 1874-80. 
Chairman of the Manchester Chamber of Com> 
meroe 1845-59, and a Royal Commissioner for 
the Exhibition of 1861, Created a baronet 
30 Nov., 1868. 

1859. May 31.- ) James Aspinall Tornbr. (L.) 
1865. July 6. ( Tkomas Bazley. {Lib.) 

Poll.— Bazley , 7545 

Turner 7300 

Abel Heywood (li) 6488 

Hon. Captain Oenman (0) ... 6201 
Beg. electors, 21,878. 
James Aspinall Turner. (See Pari, 1857.) 
Thomas Bazley. (See Pari. 1857.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Abel Heywood, of 
Manoheator, wholesale bookseller. Mayor 1862-3 
and 1879-80. — Hon. Qa^t. Denman. Candidate in 


1865. Aug. 15.- ) Thomas Bazlby. (Lib.) 
1868. Mar. 11. | Bdwabd Jambs. (Lib.) 

Poll.— Bazley 7909 

James 6698 

Jacob Bright (L) 5562 

Abel Hey wood (L) 4242 

(Reg. electors, 21,542.) 
Thomas Bazley. (See Pari. 1857.) 
Edward James, of London. Queen's Counsel. 
Attorney-General of the Duchy. Died 3rd 
Nov., 1867, aged 60. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Jacob Bright re- 
turned at the next election, — Abel Heywood, 
Candidate in 1859.) 

(1867. Nov. 27 )— Jacob Beight. (Lib.) 
Vice Edward James deceased. 

Foil.— Bright 8160 

John Marsland Bennett (0)... 6420 

Mitchell Henry (L) 643 

Jacob BripH, of Grecnbank, Eochdale, manu- 
facturer. Partner iu the firm of "John Bright 
Brothers," and younger brother of Rt. Hon. 
John Briffht, who represented the City 1847- 
57. Has been returned 1867 68, 1868 74- 
Unsuccessfully contested 1874. Re elected 
Feb. 1876-80 and since 188''. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — John Marsland 
Bennett, au alderman of Manchester. — Mitchell 
Henry, brother ef John 8. Henry, M.P. for 
South-East Lancashire 1868-74. Contested Wood- 
stock 1865, and Manchester 1867 and 1868. Has 
sat for CO. Galway since 1871.) 

1868. Dec. 10.- 1 Thomas Bazlby. (Lib.) 

> Jacob Bright. (Lib.) 
1874. Jan. 26. ) Hugh Bibley. (Cons.) 

Poll.— Birley. 15,486 

Bazley 14,192 

Bright 13,514 

Joseph Hoare (0) 12,684 

Ernest Jones (L) 10,662 

Mitchell Henry (L) 5,236 

Reg. electors, 48,256. 
Thomas Bazley. (See Pari, 1857 ) Created a 

baronet shortly after this election. 
Jacob Bright. (See Pari. 1865 ) 


Hugh BirUy, of Moorland, Didsbury, co Lane, 
Esq. Third sou of Joseph Birley, Esq, of 
Ford Bank, Manchester. Has continued to 
represent the city 1868-74, 1874-80, and since 
1880. Arms of Birley : SaUe, on a fess en- 
grailed between three boars' heads couped 
argint a mascle between two cross-crosslets of 
the field. 
(Unsuccessful eandidates.-^Jbsep/t Hoare, of the 
City of London, banker, M.'P. for Hull, 1859, till 
unseated on petition. — Ernest Jones, barrister at- 
law, contested Nottingham 1857 and 1859 : Man- 
chester 1868. A leading Chartist agitator ; was 
imprisoned in 1848. Died 26 January 1869, aged 
56. — Mitchell Henry, contested the previous elec- 

1874. March 5.- ) Sir Thomas Bazlet, Bart. (2>.) 

> Hugh Birley. {Con.) 
1880. Mar. 24. ) Wm. Eomaine Callendee. (C) 

PoiL— Birley 19,984 

Callender. 19,6i9 

Hazley 19,345 

Jacob Bright (L) 18,729 

(Reg. electors, 58,795.) 
Sir Thomas Bazley, Bart. (See Pari. 1857.) 
Hugh Birley. (See Parl.;i868.) 
William Romaine Callender, of Mauldeth Hall, 
Manchester, merchant and rnanufacturer, 
F.S.A. Eldest son of W. B. Callender, 'Eaq , 
of Manchester. Died 22 Jan., 1876, ageJ 50' 
(1876. Feb. 19.)— Jacob Bmght. (Lib.) 
Vice William K. Callender deceased. 

Poll.— Bright 22,770 

F. S. Powell (C.) 20,985 

Jacob Bright. (See Pari. 1865.) 
(Unsuocessf al candidate. — Francis Sharp Powell, 
M.P. for Wigan 1857-59 and 1881. See Wigan 
Kep., Pari. 1857.) 

) Jacob Bright. (Lib.) 
1880. April 29. [ Hugh Birley. {Con ) 
) John Slagg. {Lib.) 

Poll.- Slaeg 24,959 

Bright 24,789 

Birley 20,594 

W. H. Houldsworth (C) ... 20,268 
Eeg. electors, 61,234.) 


Jacob Bright, (see Pari. 1865.) 
Hugh Birley. (See Pari. 1868.) 
John Slagg, of Hopefield, PendletoD, near Man. 

Chester, merchant. Son of the late John Slagg, 

Esq., of Manchester. Is vice-president of the 

Manchester Chamber of Commerce. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — W. H. Houldavjorth. 
Eeturned at next election. ) 

(1883. Oct. 6.) — William Henry' Hodldsworth. 


Vice Hugh Biiley deceased. 

Po L— Houldaworih 18,188 

K M. Paiikhurst (L) ... 6,216 
William Henry Houldsworth of Norbury Booths 

Hal], Cheshire, cotton spinner. Contested 

previous general election. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Richard Marsden 
Pankhurst, of St. James' Square, Manchester. 


The boundaries of the Borough of Salford were 
defined by the Act of 1832 as "from the norther- 
most point at which the boundary of the township 
of Salford meets the township of Rroughton north- 
ward, along the boundary of tne township of 
Broughton to the point at which the same meets 
the township of Pendleton ; thence westward along 
the boundary of the township of Pendleton, to the 
point at which the same meets the detached 
portion of the township of Pendlebury ; thence 
southward to the point where the same meets the 
boundary of the township of Sjltord ; Ihence west- 
ward to the point first desorib.'d." 

Between 1832 and 1868 the Borough sent one 
representative only ; since 1868 two memViers, the 
additional member having been conferred by the 
Representation of the People Act, 1867. 

The population in 1831 was, 50,813; in 1841, 
66,624; in 1851, 85,108; in 1861, 10;!,449 ; in 
1871, 124,801. 

William IV. 

1834 Deo' 29 - \ Jo^^^H Brotherton. {Radical.) 

POLL-Brotherton 712 

W. Gainett(C) ~ ... 518 

Keg. eltotora, 1,497. 

Joseph Brotherton, of Rose Hill Pendleton, Salford, 
cotton and silk manufacturer. Sat for Salford 
from 1832 till decease, in six successive Parlia- 
ments. Died 7 Jan., 1857. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — William Oarnett, of 

Quernmore Park, Lancaster, and Bleasdale Tower 

Garstang, Esq. Contested the cUctions of 1832, 


1837, and 1841. Died 30 April, 1863, aged 81. 
Father of W.J. Garnett, M.P. for Lancaster 1857- 

1835. Feb. 19 - ) t t, ,n j- „ 

1835 Julv 17 f Joseph Brotherton. (/fattjcai) 

Poll— Erotlerton 795 

J. Dugdale (C) 572 

Reg. electors, 2,340 
Joseph Brotherton. (See Pari. 1833.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — John Dugdale, of 
Dovecot, Liverpool, Esq. Died 29 July, 1855. 
Father of the late James Vugdule, of Wroxall 
Abbey, Warwick ) 


1841 ^June23'l^°®^^'' Brotherton. {Radical.) 

Foil— Brotherton 890 

W. Garnett (C) 888 

Reg. electors, 2,628. 
Joseph Brotherton. (See Pari 1833 ) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — William Garnett, can- 
didate in 1832.) 

1847 ^uf " 2^3" ! J°s^^= Brotherton. (Radical.) 

Poll— Brotherton 991 

W. Garnett (C) 873 

Reg. electors, 2,519 
Joseph Brotherton. (See Pari. 1833.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — William Garnett, can- 
didate in 1832.) 

}lil' 1^?* ^V \ Joseph Brotherton. (Radical.) 
1852. July 1. J ^ ' 

Election uncontested. Reg. electors, about 2,700. 

Joseph Brotherton. (See Pari. 1833.) 

J!?S' ^"^'uo\' \ Joseph Brotherton. {Radical.) 
1857. March 21. ( ^ ' 

Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 2,950. 
Joseph Brotherton. (See Pari. 1833.) 


(1857. Feb. 2.) — Edwakd Etlet Langworthy. 

Vice Brothertou deceased. 

Election uncontested. 
Edward Eyley Langworthy, of Victoria Park, 
Manchester, Esq. Died April 7, 1874, aged 77. 

J^Ko ^^^\ ^oV \ William Nathaniel Masset. 
Ib59. April 23. i (Liberal.) 

Poll— Massey 1,880 

Sir E. Armitage (L) 1,264 

Eeg. electors, 2,950 

William Nathaniel Massey, of Upper Wimpole- 
street, London, Esq., afterwards of Victoria- 
street, London, and of Old Basing, Basing, 
stoke, CO. Hants. Sat for Newport (I. W.) 
1852-57 : Salford 1857-59 and 1859 65 : Tiver- 
ton 1872-74, 1874 80, 1880 till decease. Un- 
successfully contested Liverpool in 1868. 
Called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1844. 
Was Keoorder of Portsmouth 1852 55 and of 
Plymouth in 1855. Under-secretary for the 
Home Department Aug., 1855, to Feb., 1858 
Finance Minister of India and member of the 
Governor-General's Council 1865 70. Chair- 
man of Committees 1859-65. Sworn on the 
Privy Council 1865 Died 24 Oct, 1881, 
aged 72. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Sir Elkanah Armitage, 
Kt., of Hope Hall, Eccles, manufacturer and cotton 
spinner. High Sheriff of Lancashire 1866. Mayor 
of Manchester 1846-7 and 1847-8. Knighted 1849. 
Died 26 Nov., 1876, aged 83.) 

U65 ^Julv V 1 William Nathaniel Mas.'^et 


Poll— Massey 1,919 

H. Aahworth (L) 1,787 

Beg electors, 5,101. 
William N. Massey. (See Pari. 1857.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Henry Ashworth, of 
the Oaks, Turton, Bolton. Died May 17, 1880, 
aged 84. 


(1865. Feb. 13.) — John Chbetham. {Liberal.) 
Vice Massey, appointed Finance Member of the 
Council of India. 

Election uncontested. 
John Oheetham, of Eastwood, Stalybridge, Esq. 
Sat for South Lancashire 1852 57 and 1857-59. 
Salford, Feb. 1865 and 1865-68. Contested 
Huddersfield 1847, South Lancashire 1859 and 
1861 ; and Salford 1868. (See S. Lancashire 
flop., Pari. 1852 ) 

1868' Nov 11 ( Jo''^^ Cheethan. (Liberal.) 
Election uneontested. Eeg. electors, 5,397. 
John Oheetham. (See Pari. 1859.) 

1868 Dec. 10.- 1 ChabliiS Edward Cawley [Con.) 
1874. Jan. 26. / William Thomas (Jhabley 


Poll— Cawley 6,312 

Chailey 6,181 

Jobn Oheetham (L) 6,141 

H. Kawson (L) 6,018 

Eeg. electors, 14,827. 
Charles Edward Cawley, of The Heath, Higher 
Broiighton, Salford, civil engineer an alderman 
and magistrate for Salford. Represented the 
borough 1868-74 and 187i till his decease. 
Bied AprU 2, 1877, aged 65. 
William Thomas Charley, of the Inner Temple. 
London, barrister-at-law ; Q.C. 1880. Returned 
for Salford 1868 74 and 1874-80. Unsucess- 
fully contested the election 1880. Elected 
Common Sergeant of the City of London 
April, 1878 ; Isnighted 18 March, 1880. 
Unsuccessful candidates. — John Oheetham, the 
previous member. Henry Rawson, of Prestwich 
Lodge, Manchester, Esq.) 

1874. March 5.- ) Charles Ed wd Cawley (Con.) 
1880. March 24. J William Thomas Charley 


Poll— Cawley 7,003 

Charley 6,987 

J. Kay, Q.C. (L) 6,827 

H. Lee(L) 6,709 

Eeg. electors, 19,197. 


C}iarlei> Edtoard Cawley. (See Pari. 1S68.) 
William Thomas C harley, afterwards kaigbted, 

(See Pari. 1868.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — JbsepJt Kay, of Fred- 
ley, Surrey, Queen's Counsel, brother of Sir James 
Kay-Shuttleworth, of Gawthorp Hall, Bart. Con- 
tested also the election of 1S>77. Died 9 Oct., 
1878, aged 57. Henry Lee, of Bolton, cotton 
manufacturer. Beturned Al.P. for Southampton 

(1877. April 19.)— OuvSR Okmeeod Walkek (C.) 
Vice Charles E. Oawley deceased. 

Poll— Walker 8.642 

J. Kay, Q.C. (L) 8,372 

Oliver Ormerod Walter, of Chesham Hall, Bury, 
Lieut.-Col. Lancashire Volunteers. High 
Sheriffof Lancashire 1876. Unsuccessfully con- 
tested Bury 1874 and Salfordin 1880. 

1880.- ) Benjamin Armitagk [Liberal.) 
April. J Robert Aethub Arnold (Liberal.) 

Poll— Armitage 11,116 

Arnold 11,110 

Sir W. T. Charley, Q.C. (C) S,400 
Col. O. O. WsUker (C) ... 8,302 
Benjamin Armitage, of Halton Park, Pendleton, 
AJanchester, manufacturer. Second son of Sir 
Klhanah Armitage, Knt., of Pope Hall, who 
contested the Borough in 1857. Is chairman 
of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce 
Bobert Arthur Arnold, of Palace Gardens, Ken- 
sington, Middlesex, civil engineer. Author of 
the " History of the Cotton Famine in Lanca. 
shire," and a large contributor to periodical 
and newspaper literature. 
(Unsuccessful caudidates. — The previous mem- 


By the Act of 1832 the Parliamentary Borough 
hf Oldham-'^theii first created — was declared tb 
Comprehend "the several townships of Oldham, 
Ohadderton, Orompton, and Koyton," and waa 
invested with the privilege of returning two mem- 
bers to Parliament. These boundaries were un- 
touched by the Act of 1667. The population ia 
1831 was 50,513 ; in 1841 ; 63,451 ; in 1851, 72,357} 
in 1861, 04,344; in 1871, 113,100. 

William IV. 

1633. Jan. 29.- j William Cobbe'i't. (Radical ) 
1834. Deo. 29. ( John Fielden. {Radical. ) 

Poll— Cobbett ... 677 

Fielden 645 

B. H. Bright (L) 1.50 

W. Surge (C) lOi 

George Stephen (B) 3 

Reg. electors, 1,131. 
Williafn Cobbett, of Normandy J'arm, near Parfi- 
ham, CO. f'urrey. The famous political writer. 
Sat for Oldham from 1833 till his decease. 
Author of " Parliamentary History of Eng- 
land," "Political Register," etc. Died 18 
June, 1835, aged 73. 
John Melden, of Todmorden, co. York , manu- 
facturer. . Sat for Oldham 1832 to 1847. Died 
28 May, 1849> 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Benjamin UeyWood 
Bright, of Bristol (brother of Henry Bright, barris- 
ter-at-law, M P. for Bristol 1820 1826), and unold 
to Richard Bright, M.P. for East Somerset 1868- 
1878 and to the Rev, /, Franlc Bright, Master of 


t/niversity College, Oxford), A well-known Shatff- 
fperian critic. Died t Aug., 1843. William Burge, 
tarriator, and formerly Attorney-General for 
JaWica. MP. for Eye I83I-1832; contested 
Wendover 183!0 f made a King's Counsel 1834, and 
Commissioner in Bankruptcy \M6. iMed la'Nov,, 
1849; aged 63. Oeerge SUplten contested Wey- 
mouth 1837. Knighted 1838. WeU'known anti- 
slavery advocate j brother of Sir Jamea Stepheiif 
and uncle ofthepresentMr.Ju8tice/8fo;)7je». Died 20 
June, 187a) 

1835. Feb. 1 9. ■■» William Cobbbtt. {Radical.) 
1837. July 17.) John Fibldbn. (Radical.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 1240. 
William Oobbett. (See Pari. 1833.) 
John Fielden. (See Pari. 1833.) 
fl835. July 8.)— John Erbdbbiok Ijsbs. (Con.) 
Vice Cbbbett deceased. 

POEL— Leeo 394 

J. M. Oobbett (L) 381 

F. O'Connor (R) 32 

Jo?m Frederick Lees, cotton spinner and manu- 
facturer. Unsuccessfully contested the next 
election. Died 18 Sept., 1867, aged 58. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — John M. Oobbett, son 
of the previous member, afterwards returned for 
tlie Borough. Feargua O'Connor, the celebrated 
Chartist agitator. M.P. co. Cork 1835. Notting- 
ham 1847-52. Died 3D Aug., 1855, aged 61.) 


1837. Sept. 11.. ) John Fieldbn. (Lib.) 

1841. June 23, | William Augustus JOHNSON (£) 

Poll— Johnson 545 

Fiolden 541 

J. Jones (0) Sir, 

J. F, Lees (0) 279 

Peg. electors, 1,372. 
John FuMen. (See Pari. 1833.) 
William Augustus Johnson, General in the Army, 
Returned also to the next Parliament. Sat 
for Boston 1821-26, Died 26 Oct,, 1863, agedl 


(Unauecesaful candidates Joseph Jones, of Ab- 

berley Hall, Stourport, Esq.. afterwards J.P. 
John F. Lees, the previous member.) 

1841. Aug. 19.- j John Piblden. {Lib.) 

1847. July 23. j William A. Johnson. (ZjJ.) 

Election uncontested. Reg, electors, 1,402. 
John Fielden. (See Pari. 1833.) 
WiUiam A. Johnson. (See Pari, 1837.) 

1847. Sept. 21.. ) William Johnson Pox. {Lib.) 
1852. July 1. J John Dcncuft (Con.) 

Poll— Fox 726 

Duncutt 696 

J. M. Cobbett (L) 624 

J. Fielden (L) 612 

Keg. electors, about 1,600. 
William Johnson Fox, of Charlotte-street, Bed- 
ford-square, CO. Middlesex, Esq. Sat for the 
Borough 1847-52 ; Dec, 1852-57 ; Oct., 1857- 
59 ; 1859-62. Unsuccessfully contested the 
general elections of 1852 and 1857. Died 3 
June, 1864, aged 78. 
Jo7m Duncujt, of Westwood House, Oldham, 
manufacturer. Returned also to the next 
Parliament till decease, 27 July, 1852. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — J. M. Cobhett, mem. 
ber in next Parliament. John Fielden, the previous 
member. ) 

1852. Aug. 20.- ) John Doncust. ((7oa.) 

1857. Mar. 21. J John Moegan Cobbett. {Lib.) 

Poll— Cobbett 957 

Doncuft 868 

W. J. Fox (L) 777 

Reg. electors, 1,890. 

John Duncujt. (See Pari. 1847.) 

John Morgan Cobbett, of Summer- terrace, Onslow 

Square, co. Middlesex, barrister-at-law. 

Second son of WiUiam Gobbeit, late M.P. for 

Oldham. Unsuccessfully contested Coventry 

' in 1833 ; Chichester in 1835 and 1837 ; Old- 

ham in July, 1835, 1847, 1865. and 1868. Sat 

as M.P. for Oldham 1852-57 and 1857-59 as a 

Liberal, 1872 74 and 1874 till decease as a 


Conservative. Was called to the tar at 
Lineolna Ian in 1830. Died IS Feb., 1877, 
aged 76. 
(Unsuccessful member.— Jf. Ji Fox, the previous 

(1852. De.c. 2.)— William Johnson Fox. {Lib.") 
Vice John Duncuft deceased. 

Poll— Fox 895 

J. Heald (0) 783 

William J. Fox. (See Pari. 1847.> 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Jwmes Heald, of Dids- 
bury, Manchester. Contested Stockport at the 
previous general election, which he represented in 
1847-52. Died 26 Otit', 1873, aged 77. 

1857. April 30.- (John M Oobbett. {Lib.) 
1859. April 23. ( James Platt. {Lib.) 

POLL-Cobbett 949 

Piatt ... 934 

W.'S.-Eoxii,)) 898 

Reg.' electors, 1;890.' 
John M. Cohhett. (See Pari.' 1852.) 
Jo7m Platt, of Hartford House, Oldham, engineer. 
Partner in the firm of "Platt and Co., 
engineers and merchants. Accidentally shot at 
Greenfield 27 Aug., 1857 aged 34. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — W. J. Fox, the pre- 
vious member.) 

(1857. Oct. 19 )— William Johnson Fox. {Lib.) 
Vice John Platt deceased. 

Election uncontested. 
William J. Fox. (See Pari. 1847.) 

1859. May 31 ■ ) William Johnson Fox. (Lib.) 
1865. July 6. J John Mokgan Coebbtt. {Lib.) 

Poll— Fox 1,039 

Oobbett 966 

J. T. Hibbert (L.) 955 

Eeg. electors, 1890. 
William J. Fox. (See Pari. 1847.) Resigned 

April, 1862. 
John M. Cohbelt. (See Pari. 1852.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — John T. Hibbert, re- 
turned at the next election.) 


(1802. Miiy 5.) — John Tomlinson Hibbeet. (L.) 
Vice William J. Pox resigned. 
John Tomlinson Hihhert,ot the Grange, Urmston, 
CO. Lancaster, barrister-at-Iaw. Sat for Oldham 
1862C5, 1865-68, 1868-74. Unsuccessfully 
contested the general elections of 1859 anil 
1874 Re-elected 1877-80 and 1880. Called to 
the bar at the Inner Temple 1849. Parlia- 
mentary Secretary of the Local Government 
Board 1872-74. Reappointed 1880. 

1865. Aug. 15.- ) John T. Hibbert {Lib.) 
1868. Nov. 11. \ John Platj. {Lib.) 

Poll— Hibbert 1,105 

Piatt 1,076 

J. M. Cobbett (0) 898 

F. L. Spinks (0) 845 

Reg. electors, 2285. 
John T. Hibbert. (See Pari. 1859.) 
John Piatt, of Werneth Park, Oldham, Esq., 
brother of James Piatt M.P. in 1857. High 
Sheriff oo. Carnarvon 1863. Represented the 
borough 1865-68 and 1868 till decease. Died 
May 18, 1872, aged 55 years. 
■ (Unsuccessful candidates. — /. M. Cdbbetl, mem- 
ber 1852-59. F. L. SpinTcs afterwards member). 

1868. Dec. 10.- 1 John T. Hibbert. (Lib.) 
1874. Jan. 26. \ John Platt. (i«6 ) 

Poll— Hibbert 6,140 

Platt 6,122 

J. M. Cobbett (C) 6,116 

F. L. Spinks (C)' 6,084 

Reg. electors, 13,454. 
John T. Hibbert. (See Pari. 1859.) 
John Platt. (See Pari. 1865.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Both returned to the 
next Parliament.) 

1872. June 4.) — John Moegan Cobbett. {Con.) 
Vice John Platt deceased. 

Poll— Cobliett: 7,278 

Hon. B. L. Stanley (L.) ... 6,984 
John Morgan Cobbett. (See Pari. 1852.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Hon. Edward L. 
Stanley. Contested also the next general election. 
Elected in 1880). 


1874. Mar. 5.- | John M. Cobbett. (Oon.) 

1880. Mar. 24. J Feedemck Lowtbn Spinks. ((7.) 

PoiL-Spinks 8,582 

Cobbett 8,541 

J. T. Hibbert(L) 8,397 

Hon. E. L. Stanley (L) ... 8,360 
Reg. electors, 19,991. 
John M. Cohbett. (See Pari. 1850.) 
Frederick Lowten Spinks, of Brenley House, 
Paversham, co. Kent, serjeant-at-law. Un. 
siicessfully contested the general elections of 
1865, 1868, and 1880. Called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1843. Appointed serjeant-at- 
law in 1862. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — J. T. Hibbert, the 
previous member, re-elected at the following elec- 
tion. Hon. E. L, Stanley, returned at the next 
general election. 

(1877. March 1.)— John Tomlinson Hibbert. (L.) 
Vice John M. Cobbett deceased. 

Poll— Hibbert 9,543 

Lieut. -Col. T. E. Lees (C) .. 8,880 
John T. Hibbert. (See Pari 1859.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Lieut. -Col. Tlwmaa 
Evans Lees, of Woodfield, Oldham, manufacturer. 
Died Jan. 13, 1879, aged 49.) 

1S80 Anril 10 } '^°™ ^' H™BEKT. {Lib.) 

1«80. April 10. ^ g-on. Edwakd Lyulph Stanley. 


Poll— Hibbert 

... 10,630 


... 10,409 

F. L. Spinks (C) ... 

... 8.282 

S. T. Whitehead ... 

... 8,593 

Reg. electors, 21,084. 

John T. Hibbert. (See Pari. 1859.) 

Hon. Edward Lyulph Stanley, brother and heir 
presumptive of the third Baron Stanley of 
Alderley, Had contested the elections of 
1872 and 1874. Called to the bar at the 
Inner Temple 1865. Member of the London 
School Board. 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — F. L.SpinJis, previous 
member. Smith Taylor Whitehead, of Manchester.) 


The Parliamentary boundaries of this trorongh, 
■which at its constitution by the Beform Act of 
1832 were coincident with the Township of Black- 
burn, were,' by the Act of 1868 extended to include 
the townships of Witton, Livesey, and Littl* 
Harwood. The population in 1831 was 27,091 j 
in 1841, 36,629 ; in 1851, 46,936 ; in 1861, 90,126 } 
in 1971, 76,337 ; in 1881, 104,012. 

William IV. 

1833. Jan. 29.- i William Fbilben. {Lib.-Ccm.) 

1834. Dec. 29. J Willum Tubneb. (ij6.) 
PcttL— FeUden 376 

Turner 347 

Dr. J. Bowring (L) 334 

J. Fowden Hindis (C) retired before polL 
Keg. electors, 627. 
William Feilden, of Feniscowles Hall, Black< 
burn, cotton merchant. Beturued to four sua* 
cessive Parlianients 18.'?3-34, 1835 37, 1837-41, 
1841 47. Third son of Joseph Feilden, Esq., 
of Witton Bark. Created a baronet 26 1 July, 
1846. Died 17 May, 1850, aged 7». Grand- 
father of Sir William Leyland Feilden, the 
present and third baronet. Arms of Feilden i 
Argent, on a fesse cottised azure, between two 
martlets in chief, sable, and a rose in base, 
gules barbed and seeded ppr, three lozenges or. 
William Turner, of Mill Hill, Blackburn, and of 
Shrigley Hall, co. Chester, calico printer. 
Represented the borough 1833-34, 1835-37, and 
1837-41, and unsuccessfully contested the 
election of 1811. Died 17 July,1842, aged 65- 


(trnsuooosafal candidate.— /o/m Boidrlncj, LL.Oi 
Contested also the next election. Was afterwards 
M.P. for Bolton. J6hn Fowden Hindis, of Wood- 
ford Park. Died 7 Feb., 1849.) 

1835. Feb. 19.-1 WiLLiAnt Fbilden. [Lib-.-Gon.) 
1834. July 17. 1 William TtJENER. [Lib.) 

Poll— Turaer 432 

Feilden 316 

Dr. J. Bowling (L) 303 

Keg. electors, G46. 
.William FeiUm. (See Pari. 1833.) 
WiViam Turner. (See Pari. 1833 ) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Dr. John Bowring. 
Contested the previous election. ) 


1837. Sept. 11.- ) William FfiiLDEisr. {Lib Oon.) 
1841. June 23. \ William Tueneb. (Lib.) 

Poll— Turner 515 

Feilden 416 

J. B. Smith (L) retired before polling d 
Beg. electors, 842. 

William Feilden. . (See Pari. .1833. ) "' 

William Turner. (See Pari. 1833.) 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — John Benjamin Smith 
of Manchester, contested Walsall Feb., 1841, 
Dundee, general election of 1841 ; sat for Stirling 
1847 1852 ; Stockport, 1852-1874. Died 15 Sept., 
1879, aged 85.) 

1841. Aug. 19.-1 William Feilden {Lib.-Con.) 
1847. July 23. J John Hornby. {Lib.-Con.) 

Poll— Feilden 441 

Hornby 427 

Wm. Turner (L) 426 

Eeg. electors, 906. 

William Feilden. (See Pari. 1833.) 

John Hornby, of Kaikes Hall, co. Lancaster, and 
of Park Crescent, co. Middlesex, Esq. Re- 
turned 1841-47 and 1847-52. Fourth son o£ 
John Hornby, of Blackburn and Eaikes Hall, 
EscL. Born 19 Aug., 1810. Arms of Hornby ; 


Argent, a chevron vert, ia base a bugle horn 
stringed sable, on a chief of the second two 
bugle horna of the field. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — William Turner, the 
previous member. 

1847. Sept. 21.. 1 John Hoenby. (Ub.-Gon.) 
1852. July 1. / James PiLKiNGTON. (Lib.) 

Poll— Hornby 649 

PUkington 602 

W. Hargreaves (L) 392 

"W. P. Eoberts (E) 68 

Reg. electors, 1,121. 

John Hornby. (See Pari. 1841.) 
James PUkington, of Park Place House, Black- 
burn, and of Swinethwaite Hall, Bedale, co. 
York, Esq. Returned to four successive Par- 
liaments, 1847-52, 1852-57, 1857-59, and 
1859-65. Eldest surviving son of James PUk- 
ington, Esq., merchant, of Blackburn, and 
brother of William PUkington, Mayor of Black- 
burn 1856-58. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — William Hargreaves, 
of the Grange, Milnthorpe. William Prowling 
Roberts, solicitor, the well-known Chartist agitator 
Died 7 Aug , 1871, aged 64. 

1852. Aug. 20.- ) Jambs Pilkington. (Lib.) 
1857. March 21 j William Ecoles. (Radical) 

Poll— Pilkington 816 

Ecoles 580 

John Hornby (C) 509 

Reg. electors, 1,258. 

James Pilkington. (See Pari. 1847.) 
William Eccles, of Spring Mount, Blackburn, 
attorney and cotton spinner. Unseated for 
bribery and corruption March, 185.3. Died 17 
June, 1853, aged 59. 
(Unsuccessful candidate, — John Hornby, the 
previous member.) 

(1853. March 24).— Montague Joseph Peilden(£) 
Vice Eccles unseated. 

Poll— FeUden 631 

W. H. Hornby;(C) 574 


Montague Joseph Feilden, of Feniscowles, Black- 
burn, Esq. Second son of Sir William Feilden, 
first Baronet of Feniscowles, who represented 
the borough 1833-47. Unsuccessfully con. 
tested the election of 1861. Born 8 May, 1816 . 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — William Henry 
Hornby, returned at the next election.) 

1857. April 30.- I James PiLKiNaioif {Lib.) 
1859. April 23. ) William Heney Horhby. (Con) 

Slectiou uncontested. Keg. electors, 1,258. 
James Pilhington. (See Pari. 1847 ) 
William Henry Hornby, of Brookhouse Lodge, 
Blackburn, and of Poole HaU, co. Chester, 
Esq. Third sou of John Hornby, Esq., of 
Blackburn, and brother of John Hornby, M.P. 
for Blackburn 1841-52. Was returned for the 
borough to four successive Parliaments, 1857- 
59, 1859-65, 1865 68, 1868 till unseated on 
petition in March, 1869. Born July 2, 1805. 

1859. May 31.-1 James PiLKiNGTON. (Li6.) 

1865. July 6. J William Henby Hornby. {Con.) 



. 832 


. 750 

J. P, Mnrrough (fi) 

. 567 

Reg. electors, 1706. 

James Pilkington. (See Pari. 1847.) 
William Henry Hornby. (See Pari. 1857.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — John Patrick Mur. 

rough, solicitor, of London, Sat for Bridport 1852- 

57. Contested Midhurst 1874 ) 

1865. Aug. 15.- 1 William Henry Hornby, {pon.) 
1868. Nov, 11. S Joseph Peildbn. (Con.) 

Poll— Hornby 1,053 

Feilden 938 

J. Pilkington (L) 744 

J. G. Potter (L) 577 

Reg. electors, 1845. 
William Henry Hornby. (See Pari. 1857.) 
Josegh Feilden, of Wittou House, Blackburn, 
Esq. Eldest son of Henry Feilden, Esq , of 
Witton, who was elder brother of Sir William 


Feilden, first Baronet of Fenisoowlea. Was 

re-eleoted to the next Parliament, till unseated 

on petition March, 1869. Died 29 Aug., 1870, 

aged 78. 

(Unsuooessful candidates.— Jomes Pilhington, the 

previous member. John Gerald Potter, of Mytton 

Hall. Contested also the elections of 1868 and 


1868. Dec. 10.- 1 William Henry Hoknby. {Con.) 
1874. Jan. 26. ( Joseph Feilden. [Oon.) 

Poll — Hornby 4 907 

Feilden '.". ".'. i'289 

J. a. Potter (L) 4,399 

M. J. Feilden (L) 4,164 

William Henry Hornby. (See Pari. 1857.) 
Joseph Feilden. (See Pari. 1865.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates.—/. Q. Potter. Con- 
tested last election. Montogue Joseph Feilden. Sat 
for the borough 1853 57. ) 

[Note. — Both members were unseated on peti- 
tion 16 March, 1869, on account of intimidation of 
voters by expulsion from factories by partizin 

1859. March 30.)— Edward KenworthyHobnby 

Henry Master Feilden (C ) 
Vice W. H. Hornby and Joseph Feilden un- 

Poll— Hornby ... 4,738 

Feilden 4,697 

J, G. Potter (L) 3,964 

John Morley (L) 3,804 

Edward Kenworthy Hornby, of Poole Hall, Nant- 
wich, Cheshire, Esij. Second son of John 
Hornby, the previous member. Born 16 June, 
Henry Master Feilden, of Witton Park, Black- 
burn, Esq. Eldest son of Joseph Feilden, the 
previous member. Was re-elected to the next 
Parliament till his decease. Died 5 Sept., 
1875, aged 57. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — /. O. Potter. Con- 
tested previous election. John Morley, Editor of 
the "Fortnightly Review." Contested Westmins- 
ter 1880 ) 


1874. March 5.- j Hbnky Master Peildbn. {Con.) 
1880. March 24 ( William Edwarb Bhiqgs. (L.) 

Poll— Fielden 5,532 

Briggs 5,338 

D. Thwaites (0) 5,223 

E. Shackleton (L) 4,851 

Keg. electors, 11,072. 
Henry Master FeiJden. (See Pari. 1868.) 
William Edward Briggs, of Beardvrood Hall, 
Blackburn, cotton manafacturer. He-elected in 
{Unsuccessful candidates. — D. Thwaites, returned 
in 1875. Richard Shakleton, of Blackburn, manu- 

(1875. Sept. 30.)— Daniel Thwaites. (Cok.) 
Vice H. M. Feilden deceased. 

Poll— Thwaites 5,792 

J. T. Hibbert (L) 4,832 

Daniel Thwaites, of Billinge Scarr, Blackburn, 
brewer. Unsuccessfully contested the General 
elections of 1874 and 1880. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — John Tomlinson Hib- 
bsrt. M.P. for Oldham 1862 74 and since 1877. 

1880. ) William Edward Briggs. (Lib.) 
April 29. J William Coddington. (Con.) 

Poll— Briggs 6,349 

Coddington 6,207 

D. Thwaites (L) 6,088 

G. B. Molesworth (L) 5,760 

Eeg. electors, 13,012 
William E. Briggs. (See Pari, 1874.) 
William Coddington, of WycoUa, near Blackburn, 
manufacturer. J. P. for co. Leicester, Mayor 
of Blackburn 1874 3. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Daniel Thwaites, the 
previous member. George Bagot Gosset Francis 
Richard Pigot Molesworth, barrister. Eldest son 
of the Rev. Robert Francis Molesworth, Rector of St. 
Mary's Church, Isle of Ely, and nephew of the 
late Viscountess Molesworth, Born 23 Jan., 1853)- 


The Parliamentary boundaries of the borough of 
Bolton were by the Act. of 1832 defined to be " the 
townships of Great Bolton, Little Bolton and the 
adjoining township of Haulgh, except that detached 
part of the township of Little Bolton which is 
situated to the north of the town of Bolton.'' 
By the Act of 1867 these boundaries wt re extended 
by the inclusion of Little Bolton Higher End, 
Astley Bridge, and part of Halliwell. The popula- 
tion in 1831 was 43,396; 1841, 49,747; 1851, 
61,172; 1861, 70,395; 1871,92,658. 

William IV. 

1833. Jan, 29.- } Eobebt Torrens- (Lib.) 

1834. Dec. 29. j William BoLLiNa. (Gon.) 
Poll — Torrens 627 

Boiling 492 

J. A. Yatea (L) 482 

W. Eagle (B) 107 

Reg. electors, 1,040. 
Robert Torrens, of Stonehouse, Co. Devon, Lieut. - 
Ool. of the Eoyal Marines, Unsuccessfully 
contested the next general election. Sat 
for Ipswich 18261827; Ashburton 1831-1832. 
Died May 27, 1864, aged 84. Father of Sir 
Robert B. Torrens, K.C.M.G., formerly Chief 
Secretary for South Australia, and M,P. for 
Cambridge 1868 1874. 
WiWam Boiling, of Bolton, cotton spinner. 
Partner in the firm of Boiling Brothers, and 
son of Mr. Edward Boiling, of Bolton, surgeon. 
Represented the borough 1833-34, 1835-37, 


1837 41, 1847 till decease. Unsnooeasfully 

contested the election of 1841. He died 30 

Angast, 1»18. 

Unsnccessfal candidates. — John Ashton Yates, 

of the Park, Manchester,] Sat for co. Carlow 

1837 41, and unsuccessfully contested the same in 

1841. Died 1 Nov., 1863, aged 82. William 

Eagle. UnsucoeasfuUy contested ^Nottingham in 

July, 1834.) 

1835. Feb. IS.-] WiLLiAit Eollino. (Con.) 
1837. July 17. j Petek Ainswoeth. (Lib.) 

Poll— Boiling 633 

Ainsworth .. ... ... 590 

CoL E. Torrens (L) 343 

Beg. electors, 1,020. 
William Boiling. (See Pari. 18.33.) 
Peter Ainsworth, of SmithillsHall, manufacturer. 
Represented the borough in ths Parliaments of 
1835-37. 1837 41, and 1841 47. C'^ntested the 
1852. Died 18 Jan., 1870, aged 79. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Col, Robert Torrens, 
the previous member.) 


1837. Sept. 11.- "J William Bolling. (Con.) 
1841. June 23.3 Peter Ainsworth. {Lib.) 

Poll— Ainsworth 615 

Boiling 607 

A. Knowles (L) 538 

Keg. electors, 1,340. 

William Bolling. (See Pari. 1833.) 

Peter Ainmorth. (See Pari. 1835.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Andrew Knowles, of 
Eagley Bank, Bolton, coalmaster. Father of Jas. 
Knowles, who contested,the election of 1874.) 

1841. Aug. 19.-") Peter Ainsworth. (Lib.) 
1847. July 23. 3 John BovraiNG. (Lib.) 

Poll - Ainsworth 669 

Bowring .,. ... 614 

P. Kcthwell (C)... 536 

W. BoUinglO.) 4il 

Reg. electors, 1,442. 
Peter Ainsworth. (See Pari. 1835.) 


John Bowring, of Claremont, Exeter, LL.D. Sat 

for Kilmarnock 1835-37 ; Bolton 1841-47 ; 1847- 

49 ; contested Blackburn 1832 and 1835 ; KU- 

marnock 1837 ; Kirkcaldy 1841 ; was editor of 

the Westminster Eevieio ; appointed British 

Consul at Canton 1849 ; Plenipotentary to 

China ; and Governor of Hong-Kong 1854-59. 

Knighted Feb. 16, 1854. Died 23 Nov., 1872, 

aged 82. 

(Unsuooeaaful candidates. — Peter Eothwell, of 

Bolton, ironfounder. Died Feb. 27, 1849, aged 56, 

William Boiling, the previous member.) 

1847. Sept. 21.- ■) William BoLLma {Oon.'^ 
1852. July 1. j John BowiHNG, LL. D. (ij5.) 

Poll— Boiling 714 

Bowring 652 

J. Brooks (L) 644 

Reg. electors, 1,531. 
William Boiling. (See Pari. 1833.) 
John Bowring. (See Pari. 1841.) 
(1848. Sept. 12.)— Stephen Blaib. (Con.) 

Vice William Boiling deceased. 
Election uncontested. {Joseph Barker, the Chartist, 
was a candidate, but withdrew before polling.) 
Stephen Blair, of Mill Mill, Bolton, bleacher. 
Unsuccessfully contested the next general 
election. Died 4 July, 1870. 
(1849. Feb. 9.)— Sir Joshua Walmsley, Knt. (£.) 
Vice John Bowring, appointed Consul at Canton. 

Poll— Walmsley 621 

T. K. Bridaon 568 

Sir Joshua Walmesley, Knt., of Westbourne- 
terrace, Hyde Park, oo. Middlesex. Contested 
Liverpool in 1841 ; Sat for Leicester 1847, tiU 
unseated Aug., 1848, and 1852-57 ; unsuccess- 
fully contested the same in 1857 ; was Mayor of 
Liverpool 1839-40. Knighted upon the occa- 
sion of the Qaeen's marriage. Died 17 Nov., 
1871, aged 77. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — nomas Eidgeway 
Bridson, of Bolton, bleacher. Mayor of Bolton 
1847-8. Died 24 Jan., 1863.) 


1852. Aug. 20.-") Thomas Barnes. (ii5.) 
1857. Mar. 21. ) Joseph Ckook. (Lib.) 

Poll— Barnes 745 

Crook 727 

S. Blair (0) 717 

P. Ainaworth (L) 346 

Keg. electors, 1671. 
Thomas Barnes, of Farnworthj near Bolton, cot- 
ton manufacturer. Represented the borough 
1852-57, 1881.65, and 1865 68. Contested the 
elections of 1857 and 1868. Chairman of the 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. 
Joseph Crook, of Whitebank, near Bjlton, cot - 
ton spinner. Represented the borough 1852- 
57, 1857-59, 1859 till resigned in 1861. 
(Unsuccessfal candidate?.--— S*epAe« Blair, the 
previous member. Peter Ainsworih, member in 

1857. April 80.-') Joseph Geook. {Lib) 
1859. April 23. j William Gbat. ((7o».) 

Poll— Gray 930 

Crook 895 

T. Barnes 832 

Beg. electors, 1,933. 
Joseph Grooh. (See Pari. 1852.) 
William Gray, of Wheatfield in Bolton, after- 
wards of JJarcy Lever Hall, manufacturer. 
Captain of Fourth Lancashire Militia. Repre 
sented the borough lb57-59, 1859-65, 1865-68 
1868-74. UnsucessfuUy contested the election 
of 1874. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — TJiomas Barnes, the 
previous member.; 

1859. May 31.-") Joseph Ceook. (Lib.) 
1865. July 6. ] William Gbat. (Gon.) 

Election uacontested. Reg. electors, 1,933. 
Joseph Grooh. (See Pari. 1852.) 
William Gray. (See Par]. 1857.) 
(1861. Feb. 11-)— Thomas Barnes. (Lib.) 
Vice Joseph Crook resigned. 

Election uncontested. 
Thomas Barnes. (See Pari. 1852.) 


1865. A,ug. 15.-") William Gbat. (Gon.) 
1868. Nov. 11. 3 Thomas Babnes. (Lib.) 

Poll— Gray 1,022 

Barnes 979 

S. Pope (L) ■ 866 

■W. Gibb(C) 727 

Keg. electors, 2,075. 
William Gray. (See Pari. 1857.) 
Thomas Barnes. (See Pari. 1852.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Samuel Pope, after- 
wards Q.C., and Kecorder of BoUon. Contested 
Stoke in 1859 and Bolton 1865 and 1868. William 
Qibh. Contested Stockport 1857 and 1859.) 

1868. Dec. 10.-") William Geat. {Cm.) 
1874. Jan. 26. j John Hick. (Core.) 

Poll— Hick 6,062 

Gray 5,848 

T. Barnes (L) 5,451 

S. Pope (L) 5,436 

Reg. electors, 12,667. 
William Gray. (See Pari. 1857.) 
John Hick, of Hill Top, Sharpies, and of Mytton 
Hall, Whalley, co. Lane, civil engineer. Ke- 
presented the Borough 1868 74 and 1874-80. 
(Unsuccessful candidates.— y^omas Barnes, the 
previous member. Samuel Pope, candidate at 
previous election ) 

1874. Mar. 5.- \ John Hick. {Oon.) 

1880. Mar.24. ) John Ktnaston Cross. {Lib.) 

Poll— Hick 5,987 

Cross 5,782 

Col. W. Gray (C) 5,630 

J. Knowles (L) 5,440 

Keg. electors, 12,689. 
John Hick. (See Pari. 1868.) 
John Kynaston Cross, of Fernclough, near Bolton, 
cotton spinner. Re-elected at the general 
election of 1880.) 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — Col. William Oray, 
the previous member. Jaanes Knowles, of Eagley 
Bank Bolton, son of the candidate in 1837.) 


1880. April 29- H°™' Kynaston Cboss. (M.) 
'^ '^^' J John Pennington Thomasson. 


Poll— Cross 6,965 

Thomasson 6,673 

T. L. Uushton (C) 6,539 

Hon. F. 0. Biidgeman (C) ... 6,415 
Keg. electors, 13,956. 
John Kynaston Cross. (See Pari. 1874.) 
John Pennington Thomasson, of Woodside, near 
Bolton^ cotton spinner. Executor of the will 
of the late Bicliard Oobden and long his 
personal friend. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — Thomas Lever Rush- 
ton, an aldarman, of Bolton. Hon. M-ancis Oharks 
Bndgeman, son of Earl of Bradfrn-d.) 


This Borough has returned one member to Parlia- 
ment since its creation in 1832, Its boundaries, 
which include the whole of the township of Bury, 
and part of that of Elton, were not altered by 
the Act of 1867. The population in 1831 was 
15,086 ; in 1841, 20,710 ; in 1851, 31,262 ; in 1861, 
87,563 ; and in 1871, 41,517. 

William IV. 

Ill dTc.!: I »^<^=^° w^'^^^- <^^*-) 

Poll— Walker 306 

E. Grundy (L) 153 

Reg. electors, 535. 
Richard Walker, of Woodhill. Represented the 
Borough in the five successive Parliaments of 
1833-34, 1835-7, 1837-41, 1841-47, and 1847-52. 
Died 1 Feb. 1855, aged 70. 
(Unsuccessful candidate.— ^ciwarci Chnmdy, of 

fm. Junea's: I ^°«^«° ^^^^- f^^^-> 

Election uncontested, Reg. electors, 539. 

Richard Walker, (See Pari. 1833.) 


1837 ^Jul" n.' I ^^°=^^° Walkbe. (ii&.) 

POLIi— Walker 251 

J. P. Cobbett (L) 96 

K.Spankie(0) 87 

Beg. electors, 546. 


Richard Walker. (See Pari. 1833.) 

(Unsuccessful candidates. — James Paul Cobhett, 
son of William Gobbett, M.P. for Oldham, 1832-35, 
and brother otj. M. Gobbett, M.P. forOldham, 1852, 
Mohert Spamhk, M.P., for Pinsbury 1832-35, aer- 
jeant-at'law. Died 2 November, 1842, aged 6S. 

1847. "Vuly^ls" I li'iCHAED Walker. (Ub.) 

Poui-Walker 325 

H. Hardman(C) 288 

Reg. electors, 767. 
Sichard Walker. (See Pari. 1833.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Henry Hardman, of 
Chamber Hall, Bury, J.P. 

1I52 ^Jul/ ul ^OHABD Walker (Lib.) 
Election uncontested. Reg, electors, 790. 
Richard Walker. (See Pari. 1833.) 

Isi: i^^^eh'2i: ! ^^^^^^^^ p^^^- n^-) 

Poll— Peel ... ... ... ... 472 

' Viscount Dnncan ■ (L) 410 

Reg. electors, 959. 
Frederick Peel, of Whitehall Gardens, West- 
minster, Esq. Sat for Leom^nst^r Feb , 1849- 
52 ; Bury, 1852-57, 1859-65 ; contested Bury 
1857 and 1865 ; South-East Lancashire, 1868. 
Second son of the Eight Hon. Sir Robert Peel, 
Bart. Called to the Bar of the Inner Temple 
1849. Was Under-Secretary of Stats for €he 
Colonies Nov., i85ll52 and 1852-55 ; Under- 
Secretary for War 1855S7 ; Financial Secretary 
to the Treaauiy 1860-66 ; Knighted 1869 ; 
sworn on the Privy- Council 1857 ; Commis- 
sioner of Railways since 1873. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Adanf, Viscount Dun- 
can, eldest son of the first Earl of Camperdowrk 
M.P. for Southampton 1837 41 ; Ba,th, 1841-47 and 
1847-52; ,60. Forfafi' 1854-59,; succeeded as second 
Earl of damperdawn 22 Dec, 1859. Died 30 Jan. 
1867, aged 55. y-r^ 


1859! April 1*3.' | ^0^^^^ Nbedham Philips. (L) 

Pon— Philips 565 

F. Peel(L) ... 53Q 

Reg. eleotora, 959. 

Robert Needham Philips, of Prestwich Park, 
Manchester, merchant and manufacturer. 
Brother of Mark PhiUps, M.P. for Manchester 
1832-47. Sat for Bury 1857-59, 1865-68, 1868- 
74, 1874-80, and since 1880. High Sheriff 
Lancashire 1857. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Frederick Peel, the 
previous member.) 

1865! ^ufy^V I ^'^- ^°^' ^B^DEl'lf"^ ^^'^L. (i.) 

Poll— Peel 641 

T. Barnes (L) 478 

Eeg. electors, 1313. 
Et. Hon. Frederick Peel. (See Pari 1852.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Thomas Barnes, M.P. 
for Bolton 1852-57 and 1861-68. 

^o' li' ( ^°^^^''^ Nbedham Philips, (L.) 


Poll— Philips 695 

Kt. Hon. F. Peel (L) 573 

Reg. electors, 1,259 
Robert Needham Philips. (See Pari. 1857.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — The previous mem- 

^an ^26" { ^°^^^'' Needham Philips, (i.) 

1868. Dec, 10.- 

Poll— Philips 2,830 

Vitoount Chelsea (0) 2,264 

Reg. electors, 5,583. 
Robert .Needham Philips. (See Pari. 1857. ) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — George Henry Gadogan 
Viscount Ohelsea, eldest son of the fourth Earl Gado- 
gan. Was afterwards M.P. for Bath May-June, 
1873. Succeeded as Earl Gadogan 8 June, 1873.) 

IssaM^rchi |»°^^«^ N^^"«^^ ^=^^^«- (^'J 


Poll— Philips 3,061 

O, O. Walker (0) 2,580 

Reg. electors, 6,349. 
Robert Needham Philips. (See Pari. 1857.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Major O. O. WaHc^", 
M.P. for Salford, 1877-80.) 

1880. April. — Robeet Needham Philips. (Idb.) 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 6,866. 
Bobert Needham PhiUps, (See Pari. 1857.) 


The Parliamentary Borough of Eoohdale as 
created by theEefortn Act of 1832, extended "to 
the whole space within three-quarters of a mile 
computed in a straight line in every direction from 
the old marketplace," being thus almost con- 
terminous with Koohdale town. By the Act of 
1867 these boundaries were enlarged by the addi- 
tion of the townships of Wardleworth and Spot- 
!; .id, and the hamlets of Wuerdale, Belfield, New- 
bold, BuersLll, and Marland. The population in 
1831 was 20,166; in 1841, 24,091; in 1851, 
29,195 ; in 1861, 38,184 ; in 1871, 63,473. 

William IV. 

1833. Jan, 29.-) , -w, /r-n 

1834. Dec. 29. \ J°=^ Fenton. (Ub ) 

Poll— Fenton 277 

John Entwistle (0) 246 

James Taylor (E) 109 

Reg. electors, 687. 
John Fenton, of Crimble, co. Lancaster, banker, 
Elected 1833-34 ; April, 1837 ; and 1837-41. 
Unsuccessfully 'contested the general election 
of 1835. Died July 25, 1863, aged 72. Arms 
of Fenton: Argent a cross between four 
flenrs-de-liSj sable. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — John Entwistle re- 
turned to the next Parliament. Ja/mea Taylor, of 
Todmorden HaU, co. Lane, and Culverlands, co. 
Berks. Died in 1872, aged 70.) 

iS; ■jSyn." 1 *^°=*' Entwistle. (Cm.) 


Poll— Entwistle 369 

John Fentou (L) 326 

Reg. electors, 798. 
John Eniwistle, of Foxholes, Kochdale, Esq, 
High Sheriff of Lancashire 1824, Contested 
Knaresborough Dec, 1830, and Rochdale at 
the previous general election. Died 5 April, 
• 1837, aged 53. Arms of Entwistle : Argent 
on a liend engrailed sahle three mullets of the 

(1837. April 18.)— John Fenton. {Lib.) 

Vice John Entwistle deceased. 

Poll— Fenton 333 

0. Eoyds (0) 339 

John Fenton. (See Pari. 1833.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Clement Boyds, of 
Falinge in Rochdale, Banker. High Sheriff of the 
County, 1851. Died in 1854.) 


1837. Sept. 11..) ^ _, ,..,^ 

1841. June 23. { ^°^^ Fenton. {Lib.-) 

POLL-Fenton ... 374 

Alex. Eamsay (0) 349 

Reg. electors, 857. 

JoTin Fenton. (See Pari. 1833.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Captain Alexander 
Ramsay, afterwards baronet, M.P. for the borough 

1841. Aug. 19.- ) William Sharman-Crawtord. 
1847. July 23 \ {Lib.) 

Poll— Crawford 397 

James Fentom (C) 333 

Reg. electors, 965. 
WUlicmi Sliarman-Ora/wford, of Crawfordsbnrn, 
CO. Down, Esq. Sat for DundaJk, 1835-37; 
Rochdale, 1841-47 and 1847-52 ; unsuooosafuUy 
contested Belfast in 1832 and co. Down in 
1852. Was eldest son of WiUiomi Sharmom, 
of Moira Castle, co. Down, Esq , and assumed 
the additional name of Graviford upon his 
marriage with Mabel Fridiswid, sister and 


heiress of Arthur Crawjord of Crawfordsburn, 
Esq. Served as High Sheriff for County 
Down in 1811. Died October 16, 1861. Arms 
of Crawford of Crawfordsburn : QuUb, on a 
f ess ermine between three mullets, mgmt, two 
crescents interlaced of the field. 
{Unsuccessful caxid.idi3,te.—James-Fenton,oi Barn- 
ford Hall, brother of the late member. Died 8 
Dec, 1857, aged 64. 

1847. Sept. 21.- 1 William Sharman-Ceawmed. 
1852. July 1. I {Lib.) 

Election uncontested. Keg. electors, 1,100. 
William Sha/rman-Crawford. (See Pari. 1841.) 

fm.}^''^^^'' ^'^^^- (^*) 

Poll— Miall • 529 

A. Eamsay (0) 375 

Beg, Electors, 1,160 
Edward Miall, of Sydenham Park, eo. Kent. 
Sat for Eoohdale 1852 57; Bradford, March, 
1869-74 ; unsuccessfully contested Southwark, 
September, 1845 ; Halifax, 1847 ; Rochdale, 
March, 1857 ; Tavistock, Aug., 1857; Banburyi 
Feb., 1859; Bradford, Oetober, 1867 a<nd 1868. 
Was originally an Independent minister for 
three years at Ware, Herts , and for six years 
at Leiceister. Subsequently for many years 
the proprietor and editor of the "Honcon- 
formist" newspaper, and author of various 
political and ecclesiastical tracts. A member 
of the Koyal Commision on Educaition, 1858 60. 
Died 29 April, 1881, aged 71. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Captain A. Samsay, 
returned at the next election.) 

1857. April 30. ") Sir Alexander Ramsey, Bart 
1852. AprU 23 j {Gon.) 

Poll— Kamsay 532 

E. MiaU 488 

Begistered electors, 1,160. 
Sir Alexwnder Raimiay, of Balmain, co. Kincar- 
dine, Bart, Eldest son of Sir Akxamder 
RaTimey, second baronet — whom he succeeded 


in the baronetcy 26 April, 1852'and aon-ia- 
law of John Entwistle, Esq., o} Foxholes (M.P. 
for Bochdale, 1835-37>) Unsuccessfully con- 
tested the elections of 1837 and 1852. Was 
lieutenant of the 8dth Foot and Captain of 
the 14th Gloucester Yolunteers. Died 3 March, 
1875, aged 61. Arms of Eamaay of Balmaiu : 
Argent an eagle displayed, sahle, charged on 
the breast with a rose of the field barbed and 

lies: JuJe^6.>'"=^ ^"^''"^ ^^^-^ 
Election uncontested. Reg, electors, 1424. 
Richard Cobden,, of Midhttrst, co Essex, and of 
Clitheroe, co. Lane, cotton spinner. Un- 
successfully contested Stockport in 1837 ; was 
returnedfor that borough 1841 -47, and re elected 
in 1847, but being chosen also for the West Rid- 
ing of Yorkshire elected to sit for the latter- 
which he represented 1847-52 and 1852-57 ; un, 
successfully contested Huddersfield in 1857. 
Returnedfor Rochdale 1859 tillhis decease. Was 
a director of the Manchester Chamber of Com- 
merce, and a leading member of the Anti-Corn 
Law League. Offered a baronetcy and the 
rank of Privy Councillor for his efforts in 
effecting the Treaty of Commerce with France 
in 1860, but declined both honours. Died 2 
April, 1865, aged 61. 

(1865. April 15.) — Thomas Baylby Pottbb. (iift.) 
Vice Richard Cobden deceased. 

POIL-Potter 646 

W. B. Brett (0) 496 

ThmiMi BayUy Potter, of Buile Hill, Pendleton, 
Manchester, merchant. Re-elected 1865-63, 
1868-74, 1874-80, and since 1880. Is second 
son of the late Sir Thomas Potter, Ent., 
brother of Sir John Potter, M.P. for Manches- 
ter 1857-8, and nephew of Richard Potter, 
M P. for Wigan 1832-39. 


(Unsuccessful candidate. — TfiKJom BaUol Brett, 

M.P. for Helston 1866-68 ; Solicitor-General 1868 ; 

Justice Common Fleas 1868 ; Lord Justice of 

Appeal 1876.) 

1865. Aug. 15- ) _ _ „ ,r., , 

1868. Nov. 11. ( Thomas Batley Potteb, (iw.) 

Election uncontested. Beg electors, 1,358. 
Thomas B. Potter. (See Pari. 1859.) 

1868. Dec. 10..)^ ,, _ ,,.!,> 

1874. Jan. 26 /Thomas Baylet Potter. (Lm.) 

Poll— Potter 4455 

W. "W. Sohofield (0) 3270 

Reg. electors, 9,280. 
Thomas B. Potter. (See Pari. 1859 ) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — William WhitwortJi 
Schofield, Esq., of Buckley, Rochdale, J. P. Died 
7 Dec, 1873, aged 55.) 

lllo. Mar! 24!} Thomas Bayley Potteb. (i».) 

POLL-Potter 4498 

R. W. Gamble (0) .3998 

Reg. electors, 10,513. 
Thomas B. Potter. (See Pari. 1859.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Richard WilsonGa/mble, 
Q.C. Unsuccessfully contested Rochdale in 1874 
and 1880 ; Halifax in Feb.. 1877.) 

1880. April. — Thomas Bayley Potter. (Lib.) 

P9LL— Potter 5614 

K. "W. Gamble (0) 3716 

Reg. electors, 11,172. 
Thomas B. Potter. (See Pari. 1859.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate.— iJ. W. Qamhle, Q.O. 
Contested last election.) 


Warrington has returaed one member since 1832- 
Tlie Parliamentary Borough comprehends the town- 
ships of Warrington and Latchf ord, and that por- 
tion of the township of Thelwall lying between 
Latchford and the Kivery Mersey. These boun- 
daries were undisturbed by the Act of 1867> The 
population of the Borough in 1831 was 18,184 ; in 
1841, 21,116; in 1851, 23,363; 1861,26,947; and 
in 1871, 33,494, 

William IV. 

1 8^^ Jan 29 ) 

1834 Deo' 29 } -Edmund Georob Hornby. {Lib.) 

Pom,— Hornby 203 

J. I. Blackbume (0) 176 

BiCg. electors, 456. 
Edmund Oeorge ffornby, of Dalton Hall, oo. 
Westmorland, Esq. Only ^on of Edmund 
Hornby, Esq., who sat for Preston inl812-26. 
Was Constable of Lancaster Castle. Died 
27 Feb., 1865, aged 66. Arms : Or, a chevron 
between three bugle horns sahh. 
Unsuccessful candidate. — John Irekmd-Black- ■ 
hume. Returned at the next general election. 

1837 ^uiy^rr' I ^°^^ Ireland-Blaokborne. ((7) 

Poll— Blackbume 148 

0. Hindley (L) 130 

Eeg. electors, 502. 
John Ireland-Blackbume, of Orford Hall and 
Hale, CO. Lancaster, Esq. Sat for Newton 


180M2 and 1812-11 ; WamBgton, 183S-37, 
1837-41, and 1841-47 ; unsaccessfttUy con- 
tested the previotis general election. Died 
27 Jan., 1874, aged 91. Arms (see South 
Lancashire elections, Pari. 1874.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate.— Oterfes Hiiidley, after- 
wards M.P. for Ashton.) 


1841 ' June 23". ( ^"'^^ Irbi,and-Blackbuenb.(C') 

Poll— Blackburn ... 278 

B. D. Davenport (L) 254 

Keg. Electors, 635. 

John Ireland-Blackbume. (See Pari. 1835.) 
(Ungueeeasf ul candidate. — Edward Davies Daven- 
port, of Capesthorne, co Chester, Esq. Sat for 
Shaftesbury 1826-30; contested Lincoln 1820; 
Chester May, 18S2 ; Stockport Dec, 1832 and 
1835. Died 9 Sept., 1847, aged 69.) 

1847 jSV 23" { J°H^ Iebland-Blacebuene. (C) 
Eledtion uncontested. Reg. electors, 633. 
John Ireland-Blaekburne. (See Pari. 1835.) 

llli' ^^^ralyV, I CHlbbrt Grbbnall. (Con.) 

Poll— Greenall 327 

W. AUcard (L) 298 

Eeg. electors, 656. 

Gilbert GreenaM, of Walton Hall, Warrington, 
brewer. Sat for Warrington 1847 52, 1852 57. 
1867 59, 1859-65, 1865-68. and 1874-80. Un- 
sncoessfully contested the elections of 1868 
and 1880. Was High Sheriff of Lancashire 
1873, Chairman t>l the St. Helens Kailway, and 
is J.P. for Lancashire and Cheshire. Created 3 
Baronet 22 Feb ,.1876... Arms : Or, on a bend 
nebuly plain ootised vert, three bugle horns 
stringed of the first, 


(Unsuccessful candidate, — William Allcard, of 
Burton Close, co. Derby.) 

1857. Marih 21 1 Gilbert Gebbnall. (Ooii.) 

Election ancontested. Keg. electors, 701. 
OilbeH Cfreenall. (See Pari. 1847.) 

1859! April 23* ( ^^ii'^^R'^ Gebbstail. (Oon) 
Election uncontested. Eeg. electors, 701. 
Gilbert Cfreenall. (See Pari. 1847.) 

1865! ^uly^ e! ( CHi^SKT Geeenall. {Con.) 
Election uncontested. Keg. election, 783. 
Oilbcft Gfremall. (See Pari 1847.) ' 

lies' Nov '^fi! 1 CiiMSiKT Gebbnall. {Gon.) 

Election uncontested. Keg. Electors, 768. 
OineH Qreenall. (See Pari. 1847.) 

ml! j'a^".'26!il'"™«^^''^™^(^) 

Poll— Eylanda 1984 

G. Greenall 1957 

Reg. electors, 4,471. 

Peter EyUmds, of Bewsey House. Warrington* 
and since of Massey Hall, Thelwall, iron- 
master and manufacturer. Kepresented War- 
rington, 1868-74 ; Burnley 1876-80 and since 
1880 ; unsuccessfully contested Warrington in 
1874, and South-East Lancashire in 1874, 
Mayor of Warrington 1853-4, and J.P. 
for the county. Arms of Ky lands : Quarterly, 
first and fourth per fesse dancette or and gules ; 
second and third a/rgent ; on an inescooheon of 
the first a gryphon passant-regardant veH. 

' Msa ii \ ^^ GiLBEET Geeenall, Bart. (0) 

1874. Mar. 5. 

Poll— Greenall 2381 

P.Eylands(L) 2201 

Beg. electors, 5,243, 


Sir Gilbert Oreenall, Bart. (See Pari. 1847.) 
(Unsaccessful candidate. — Peter SyUtnds, the 
previous member.) 
1880. April. — Johj* GfoRDON McMinnibs. (Lib.) 

Poll— MoMimiiea 3002 

Sir G. GreenaU, Bart 2473 

Beg. electors, 5,892. 
John Gordon McMinnies, of Hope House, War. 
rington, cotton manufacturer. Partner in the 
firm of W. Bashall <fe Oo., of Parington. Was 
formerly an alderman of Warrington. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Sir CHlhert GreenaU, 
Bart., the previous member.) 


Ashton-nnder Lyne has returned one member to 
Parliament since its enfranchisement by the Bef orm 
Act of 1832. Its original boundaries, which com- 
prised the whole of Ashton Town, were enlarged 
in 1867 by the addition of Hurst, parts of Anden- 
shaw, and Dukinfield. Xhe population in 1831 
14,673; in 1841, 22,678 ; in 1851, 29,791 ; in 1861, 
33,917 J in 1871, 37,420. 

William IV. 

1834' Dee 29 ( ^^°K**^ Williams {Radical) 

Poll— 'Williams 176 

C. ffindley(L) 163 

T. W. Helps (C) 33 

Beg. electors, 433. 
George Williams, of Little Woolton, oo. Lanoas. 
ter, Lieut. -Colonel. Unsuccessfully contested 
Liverpool in 1830 and Ashton in 1835. Died 
19 Dec , 1850, aged 87. 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — OliarUi Hindl^f, 
afterwards M.P. Thomas Williams Helps, barris- 
ter-at-law. Contested also the next election. > 

1837' /ul'v 17 I Charles Hindlbt. (Lib.) 

Poll— Hindley 212 

T. W. Helps (0) 105 

Geo. Williams (E) 63 

Beg. Electors, 471. 


Cluailes. HiadBey, ol Dakenfleid liodge, co» Ches- 
ter, Esq. Sat for the Borough ia thS' Parlia ■ 
menta of 1835-37, 1837-41, 1841 47, 1847-52, 
1852-57, and 1857 till deoeaae. UnauoeesstuUy 
conteated the election of 1832. Died 1 Bee, 
1857, aged 57. 
(Unsuccessful candidaiies. — Thomas Williams 
Hdps. Contested the pievioos election. iiieut.-CoL 
George Willmns, the previous member.) 


iiI:^jSne"3:jo=^«^^^^«^^^^- c^*-) 

Poll— Hindley 237 

James ■WoodtO) 201 

J. E. Stephens (R) 19 

Reg. electors, 603. 
OharUs Hindley. (See Pari. 1835.) 
(Unsuccessful candidates. — James Wood, of 
Manchester. Joseph Sayner Stephens, the well- 
known lecturer and ex- Wesleyan minister. Died 10 
Feb., 1879, aged 73.) 

1847: I-Ul/Is!}*^^^^''^^ HlNDLBT. (£».) 

Poll— Hindley 303 

J. Harrop (C) 254 

Keg. electors, 617. 7 

Charles Hindley. (See Pari. 1835.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Jonah Harrop, of 
Bardsley Hall. Died 9 Sept., 1866, aged 67.) 

1852" ^^ai^Vl^^"'''^^ Hindley. {Lib.} 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 671. 
Cha/rles Hindley. (See Pari. 1835.) 

1857' "mS ^21' ( Chakles Hindlbt. {Lib.) -. - 
Election uncontested. Reg. electors, 937. 
Charles Hindley. (See Pari. 1835.) 

lig. A^p^'^:]CHAKLES hindley. (Lib.) 


Election uncontested, Eeg. electoiB, 937. ' 
Charles Hindley. (See Farl. 1835.) 
(1857. Dec. 14.)— Bight Hon. Thoiuas Milnek 
Gibson. {Lib.) 
Vice Charles Hindley deeeased. 

Pon— Gibson 522 

B. Mason (C) 390 

Bight Hon. Thomas MiVaer Q^son. (See Man- 
chester Bepresentation, Farl. 1841.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Booth Mason, of 
Ashton, brother of Hugh Mason, afterwards M.P. 

1859. May 31.- ") Eight Hon. Thomas Milneb 
1865. July 6. j Gibson. (Lib.) 

Election uncontested. Beg. electors, 937- 
Bight Hon. Thomas Milmr Oibson. (See Pari. 

Note.— Ba-elected 27 June, 1859, and 9 July, 
1859, on appointment to the o£Sces of President of 
the Poor-law Board and President of the Board of 

1865. Aug. 18.-') Bight Hon. Thomas Milner 
1868. Nov. U.) Gibson. (ii6.) 

Election uncontested. Beg. electors, 1,140. 
Bight Hon. Thomas Milner Cfibson. (See Pari. 

ilw ^an.^ae.l''^^"'^^ Walton Mbllor. (0.) 

Poll— Mellor 2318 

Kight Hon. T. M. Gibson {L).. 2109 
Beg. electors, 4,822. 
Thomas Walton Mellor, of The Beyners, Ashtou' 
under-Lyne, Esq. Bepresented the Borough 
in 1868-74 and 1874. SO. Is J P. of cos. Chea- 
ter and Lancaster. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — The previous member. 

188o! UM:'.2i.]'^°^^ ^^^°^ ^^^^^- (^-J 

Poll— Mellor 2612 

A, Buckley ., 2432 

Beg. electors, 5657. 
Thomas W. Mellor. (See Pari. 1868.) 


(Unsaccesafol candidate,— vl&eZ Buckley, of Moss 
Lodge, Aahton-undei-Lyne, Esq., J.F.) 

1880. April.— HtraH Mason. {Lib.) 

Poll— MaBon 2966 

J. E. CoTilthard(0) 2586 

Reg. electors, 5,901. 
Hugh Mason, of Groby Hall, Ashton-under- 
Lyne, merchant and manufacturer. A Magis- 
trate for cos. Lancaster and Chester, and 
Deputy-Lieutenant for the County Palatine of 
(Unsuccessful candidate — John Boss OouWmrt, of 
Croft House, Ashton-under-Lyne, Esq., J.P.) 


This Borough was created by the Reform Act of 
1S67. It consists of the town of Stalybridge in 
Lancashire and the adjoining township of Dukin- 
field in Cheshire, and returns one member. The 
population in 1871 was SStlli. 


1874. ^jtk^26.] •'^^^ SiDBBOTTOM. (Oo».) 

Poll— Sidebottom 2405 

N. Baokley 2078 

Beg. electors, 5,388. 
James Sidebottom, of Acres Bank, Stalybridge, 
manufacturer. Mayor of Stalybridge for three 
continuous years and J.F. for the county. 
Died U Feb., 1871, aged 47. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Nathaniel BvMey, 
afterwards M.F, for the Borough.) 
(1871. Feb. 28.)— Nathaniel BucKLEr. {Lib) 
Vice James Sidebottom deceased. 

Poll— BuoHey ... 2198 

F. S. Powell (0) 2033 

Nathaniel Bucleley, of Eyecroft, Ashton-under- 

Lyne, manufacturer and cotton spinner. J.P. 

CO. Lane. Contested the general elections of 

ef 1868 and 1874. 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — Pra/iuia Sharp Powell 

— See Wigan election, Pari. 1857.) 

1880.' ^'.2^-]'^°^ Harrop Sidebottom. (C) 


Poll— Sidebottom 2378 

N. Buckley (L) 2229 

Reg. electors, 5,171, 
Tom Hmvop Sidebottom, of Etherow House, 
Hadfield, Manchester, merchant and mannfac. 
turer. J.P. cos. Chester and Derby. Unsuc- 
cessfully contested the eleetion of 1880. 
(Unsuccessful candidate — Natlianiel BucJcky, the 
previous member.) 

1880. April. — William Sttmmbes. (Zi5.) 

Poll— Summers 2706 

T. H. Sidebottom (0) 2542, 

Keg, electors, 5,606. 

William Summers, of Sunnyside, Ashtoa-under- 
Lyne, barrister-at-law, M.A, (Lend.) Called 
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 
(Unsuccessful candidate,— Tom H. SidehoUomn 
the previous member.) 


,By the Reform Bill of 1887 the, township of 
"Burhley aflcLpart jof the.townslup of Babergham 
'Eaves were erected into a'PatUanienta'Ty'.Borongb 
to return one member. " The popfllation iir 1871 was 
• 44^107. 


W4 ^jln.\°6:!K'«H^«« Shaw. (iiJ.) 

Poll— Shaw 2620 

Sir J, Y. Scarlett (C) 2238 

Beg. electors, 5,860. 
Richard Shaw, of Holme Lodge, Burnley, mei . 
charat. Represented the Borough 1868-74, 
and 1874 till decease. Died 19 Jan., 1876, 
aged 50. 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Hon. Sir Tomes Yorke 
Scarlett, G.C.B., iae«!eiid„.,son of the first Lord 
Abinger. Sat for Qaildford in 1837-41, and un- 
successfully contested the same borough in 1841. 
Died 6 Dec, 1871, aged 72.) 

1874 Mar 5 - ) 

1880- Mar! 24. \ J^chard Shaw. {Lib.) 

Poll— Shaw 3066 

W. A. Lindsay (0) 2490 

Reg. electors, 7,037. 

Richard Shaw. (See Pari 1868.) 

(Unsuccessful candidate. — William, Alexander 

Lindsay, of Deer Park, Devon, Esq. Eldest son of 

the Hon. Oolin Lindsay, who was the fourth son of 


James twenty-fourth Earl of Orawford and Bah 
Carres. Contested Burnley in 1874 and 1876, and 
Hnddersfield in 1880.) 
(1876. Feb.)— Pbtbe Rylands. {Lib.) 

Vice Eichard Shaw deceased. 

Poll— Ey lands 3523 

W. A. Lindsay (C) 3077 

Peter Bylcmds. (See Warrington Elections^ 
Pari. 1868.) 

(1880. April.)— Peter Eylands. {Lib.) 

Poll— Kylands 3943 

Lord B. Talbot (C) 2217 

Eeg. electors, 7,621. 
Peter Bylands. (See Warrington Elections, 

Pari 1868.) 
(Unsuccessful candidate. — Lord Edmund Bernard 

Talbot, second son of Henry fourteenth Duke of 

Norfolk. Assumed the name of Talbot in lieu of 

Howard in 1876.) 


The greater part of the returns to Henry VIII's 
last Parliament have been discovered since the pub- 
lication of the official Blue Book. From these we 
learn that several boroughs, thought to have been 
enfranchised or restored in the first Parliament of 
Edward VI., 1547, received that privilege at a 
somewhat earlier date, among the number being 
Liverpoul and Wigan. Neither of these buronghs 
^ appears in the list of Parliament of 1529-36, pre- 
; served amongst L^rd Beubigh's papers, but both 
made returns to Henry's last Parliament. It ia 
clear, therefore, that the date of their restoration 
to the Parliamentary privilege must be fixed at 
circa 1540 4S. 

The following were the Lancashire returns to the 
Parliament summoned to meet at Westminster 30 
Jan., 1544-5, and dissolved in consequence of the 
King's death 31 Jan., 1546 7 :— 

Tu n„„„™„ > Sir Thomas Holorow, Knt. 
The County. I j^^j^ Keohtn, Esq.. 

Sir Tliomas Htikroft, Knt., was of Vale Boyal, Co. 
Chester. He uas the sesond son of John Hol- 
croft, of Holcroft, Co. Lane, Esq., and repre- 
sented Cheshire in 1547-52 and 1553, and Arundel 
in 1S54, Was Recorder of the Duchy of 
Lancaster under Edward VI., and K-bight 
Marshall to Queen Mary. Died 31 July, 15S8. 
John Kechyn or Kihlien, Esq., was re-elected to 
the next Parliament. (See Pari. 1547-52). 
T 1 Sir John Baker, Knt. 

LAN0.4STEB. | Sir NlCHOI,AS Haeb, Knt, 


Sir John Baker, Kat., was of Sisiaghurst, co Kent, 
and a lawyer of eminence. Was IM.F. for Guild- 
ford 1541-2 : CO Huntingdon 1547-52 and 1553 : 
Kent, 1534 5, 1555 and 1557. Becorder of 
London 1529 35. Attorney-General 1536-40 ; 
Chancellor of the Exchequer 1545 ; Speaker 
of the Houae of Commons 1547-52 ; Chancellor of 
the First Fruits and Privy Couusellor Died in 

Sir Nicholas Ho/re was another eminent lawjer, 
and eldest son of John Hare, (i ilomersfield, co 
Sufiolk, £aq. He was called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple, and received the honour of kpight- 
hpod in 1539 M.P. for Norfolk in 1540 and 
Speaker of the House of Commons Afterwards 
euccessively . Mastirr of . the Requests, Chief 
Justice of Chester, Prjvy Counsellor, and Master 
of the Rolls, in which last office he died 31 Oct., 



Liverpool, | q^^^^^^^ q^rp.^b 

.'Kicftolas CvUyer. Not idtntiii>d. 

OilJ>ert Gerard was afterwards the well-koown Sir 
Gilbert Gerard, Knt , Master of the Rolls, who 
represented Wigan and LaDcashire in several 
Parliaments. (See Pari. 1585. Lancashire ) , 

PRKwnw ] ^''' Ralph Sadler, Knt. 

Sir £alph Sadler, Kot., uas the celebrated Secie- 
tary of State. He M.P. for Hertfordshire 
in 1529-36, 1553, 1559, 1562-3, 1571. 1572-83, 
1584 and 1586, and was enccessively Private 
Secretary to Cromwell and Earl of Essex : Knvoy 
to Scotland,.] 537 : >ecretary of State, 1540: 
Knight Banneret, 1547 : Ambassador to Scotland, 
1559 : Chancellor of the Duchy Df Lancaster 1568, 
.and Privy Counsellor Died 3) March. 1587, ' 
aged 80^ 

John Bourne. Not identified. 

•rar,«.m 1 Thomas Chalanor. 

WlOAN.|j^jj E^TON. , 

Neither of these members has been identified. 


Page 72. Date of return of Mc/tard Hogkton, 
April 6, 1646. 

,, 81..Z)efe'idfentif5caMoB of Bichwrd Fleetwood, 
and substitute Biehard Fleetwood, of 
Boaaall Co. , -IialieasteF, ' Only son of 
Framck Fleetwood, af- 'Haokensall, by 
Mary, daugMer of Charles Foster, 
of Preesal. He married Margaret, 
■daughter of Edward Fleetwood, of 
Leyland, Esq.,'and''died inl7D9)>aged 
56. His only son, Edward, the last 
of the FleetwOodSj of RosBall^ ' ilef t a 
daughter, M'angaret, who carried 
Eossall in marriage to Roger -Besleeth, 
Esq , aiiceBtor of the Hesketh-Fleet- 
wuods, of Rossall and North MeQls. 

,, 86. The age af the' 12th Earl- of Derby at 
deodaae should read "82," 
87. Date of return of Thomas Stanley — Feb. 
22, 1780. 

, , 96. Second Baron Skelmersdale created Earl 

of Lathom in 1880. 
. 117. Paris. 1624, 1625, 1626, Sir Humphrey 
May, For (see Pari. 1614), read (see 
Pari. 1620 1.) 

„ 118. For date of return of Sir Robert Bindlosse, 
read Jan, 6, 1645-6. 

,, 132. William Rathbone Oreg died 15 Nov., 

,, 142 Thomas Fleetwood, of the Vaohe, died 
1 Nov., 1570, aged 52. 

„ 164. Date i.f return of Sir 'Peler Leicester, 
M.woh 11, 1767. ^ , 

,, 194. William Clayton, M.P. for Liverpool, 
169d-1708 and 171315, should be 
described as a Tory all through his 
political career. 

,, 207. John Bolton, candidate for Liverpool in 
1826, died I*eb. 24, 1837, aged 81. 

,, 225. Poll at election for Wigan, April, 1640 : 

O. Bridgeman, 112 ; A. Righy, 104; 

Robert Gardner, 72; Sir Anthony S. 

John, 4 ; Edward Prescote, 1 ; Simon 

' Every, 1. 


,, 226. Poll for Wigan at general eleotion, Nor. 

1640 : 'A. Righy, 136^; O. Bridgeman, 

126 ; Robert Qardner, 57 ; John 

Stamdish, i ; Ralph Standish, 2 ; Sir 

Dudley Oarleton, 1. 
„ 228. Cha/rha, second Earl of Ancrnm, died 

in Sep., 1690. 
„ 235. Poll tor Wigan, Dec , 1763 : Sii Fletcher 

Norton. 71 ; Oeorge Byng, 39. 
„ 243. Henry Woods, ex-M.P. Wigan, died 16 

May. 1882. 
,, 244. John Lancaster, ex-M P. Wigan, died 

April, 1884. 
„ 257. Poll for Olitheroe, Nov., 1693 : Hon. F. 

Oerrard, 45 ; John Wedddl, 43 ; 

Ambrose Pindsey, 1. 
„ 264-5, Thojnas Lister, John Parker, John 

Lee, and Sir John Aubrey should be 
- described as Whigs. 



Names of Unsuccessful Candidates in Italics. 

Acton, Joseph, Z43 
Agnew, William, 102 
Ainsworth, Peter, 322, 324 
Alcock, Thomas, 293 
Alford, Francis, 275 

„ Roger, 144 
Alington, Giles, 180. 
Allcard, William, 337 
Ancram, Earl of, 228, 229 
Anderson, Edward, 185 
Annesley, Francis, 160, 161 
Anseloe, Francis, 279 
Armitage, Elkanah, 306 

,, Benjamin, 308 
Armstrong, John, 132, 133 

„ Robert B., 132, 133 
Arnold, Robert A., 308 
Arundell, John, 143 
Ascham, Roger, 144 ' 
Ashhurst, William, 73> 280 
' „ Henry, 159 

,, Thomas, 198 
Askmorth,, Henry, 306 ' 
Aspinall, JohnB., 205. 

,, John T. W., 270, 271 
Assheton, Edmund, 356 

John, 39, 43, 44, 47, 49. 57 _ 

„ Ralph, ^l, 80, 180, 191, 252, 253, 
2S4, 255, 272 

„ Richard, 81, 277, 278 
- „ William, 53, 278 
Aston, Thqmas, 198 
Atherton, John, 65, 67, 114 

,, Nicholas, 45 

„ Richard, 191 

„ William, 36, 39 
Atye, Arthur, 183 
Aubrey, John, 265 

Audley, John, 114 
Avery, Thomas, 182 

Bacon, Francis, 184 
Bahri George W., 175' 
Baker, Richard, 109 

„ John, 349 
Banastre (or Banaster), Adam, 23 

,, Henry, 140,1148, 150 

,, Richard, 139 

,, Thomas, 16 

,, William,' 13 
Bankes, Legh, 285 

,, William, 191, 228, 229, 281 
, Barker, Joseph, 323 
Barlow, Alexander, 218, 219, 220 
Barnes, John, 249 

„ . Thomas, 324, 325, 329 
Barrie, Robert, 170 
Barry, Richard, 234 
Barrymore, Earl of, 232, 233 
Barlow, Andrew, 59 

,, Ralph, 220 

,, William, 205 
Bashe, Edward, 144 
Bazley, Thomas, 300, 301, 302 
Beaumont, John, 181 
Bennett, John, 284 

,, John M., 301 
Benger, Thomas, in. 
Benson, Ralph, 205 
Bentinck, Edward, C.C., 266 
Berners, William, 142, 219 
Betham, Thomas, 14 
Bickerstafif, Henry; 27 

„ Ralph, 16 
Bindlosse, Francis, 117 
Bindlosse, Robert, 77, 118 

Birch, Joseph, 203 

„ Thomas, 189 

„ Thomas B., 211 
Biri, Adam, 139 
Birley, Hugh, 301, 302 
Billisthorpe, Robert, 26 
Blackburne, John, 87, 88, 89 

,, John Ireland, loi, 292, 336, 337 
Blackmore, Abraham, 287 

,, Thomas, 189 
Blair, Stephen, 323, 324 
Bland, John, 83 
Blundell, Nicholas, 49 
Bocher, Henry, 2i8 
Bold, Peter, 78, 84, 85, 233 

,, Richard, 181 
Boiling, William, 321, 322, 323 
Bolroun, Robert, loS- 

,, William, 106 
Bolton, John, 205, 207 
Bonham, Samuel G., 213 
I'ooth, George, 75 

., Langham, 197 
Bootle, Edward Wilbraham, 267 

,, Thomas, 196, 197, 198 
Boteler, Henry le, n 

John, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 43, 44, 52, 56 

,, Nicholas, 2g, 50, 52 

,, Thomas, 62, 65 

,, William, 47 
Bothe, "John del, 47. 51 
Bourne, John, 350 
Bowes, Jerome, 115 
Bowring, John, 315, 316, 322, 323 
Braddyll, Dodding, 123 

,, Wilson, 127 
Bradshaigh, Henry, 232 

Roger, 77, 78, >9, 228, 230, 231, 232, 


,, William, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23 
Braidley, Benjamin, 297 
Brandon, Viscount, 79, 80 
Bredkirk Adam de, 29 
Breres, Edmund, 278 
Brereton, Thomas, 197, 198 

„ William', 281 
Brett, William B.f'i'H 
Bridgman, Edward, 186, 224, 225 

„ Francis C, 326 

„ Henry S., 236 

„ Orlando, 225, 226, 231, 232, 237 
Bridson, Thomas R., 323 
Briggs, William E., 320 

Bright, Benjamin H., 319 

„ Jacob, 301, 302 
John, 299, 300 
Brockholes, Roger de, 37 

,, John, 106 
Brograve, John, 146, 147 
Bromley, Thomas, 220 

WiUiam, 180, 181 
Brooke, Giles, 185 

,, Peter, 280 

,, Thomas, 291, 292 

,, Thomas Langford, 291 
Brotherton, Joseph, 304, 305 

,, Thomas, 285 
Brougham, Henry, 204 
Brown, Anthony, 141, 142 

,, Ralph, 181, 27s 

,, William, 97, 98 
Buckley, Abel, 342 

„ Nathaniel, 344, 345 
Buckwell, .William, 190 
Bulbeck, Thomas, 147 
Bulk, Lawrence N., io5 

,, John, 106 
Burge, William, 309 
Burgess, Henry, 106 
Burgoyne, John, 165, 166, 167 
Byng, George, 235 
Byron, John le, 51, S3 
Byrcjm, John, 230 

Caine, William S., 214, 215 
Callender, William R., 302^ 
Calverley, Hugh, 185 
Canning, George, 204, 205, 206 
Cardwell, Edward, 211, 212, 270 
Carles, William, 31 
Carr, Robert, 151, 15S 
Carus, Thomas, 108, no, 218 
Caryll, John, 108 
Castlereagh, Viscount, 267 
Cave, Francis, 179 
Cavendish, -Lord, 92 

, , Zord Sdwatgi, 94 

,, Lord Richard, 126 

,, William, 183 
Cawley, Charles E., 307 
Cawthorne, John F., 128, 129, 130, 131 
Clialmer, Francis, 203 
Chaloner, Thomas, 107, 350 
Chamberlain, John, 249 
Charley, William T., 307, 308 
Charnock, Roger, 278 

Charnock. Thomas, 278 
Charteris, Col. Francis, 125 y 
Chaunter, William le, 104, 105 
Cheetham, John, 98, 99, 307 
Chelsea, Viscount, 329 
Chelwode, Richard,. 275 
Chicheley, John, 282, 283, 284 

,, Thomas, 156 
Chissenhall, Edward, 158, 229 
Cholmondeley, Francis, 284 

„ George, 284 
Clayton, Ralph 167 

„ liichard, 233, 234, 236 

,, William, 194, 195, 196 
Claughton, Thomas, 292, 293 
Cleveland, John, 195 

,, William, 196 
Clifton, John Talbot, 91, 175 
Robert, 39, 40 

,, Thomas II., 93 

,, William, 13 
Clyderhow, Gilbert de, 106 

„ John 27, 29 

,, Robert, 27 
Cobbett,/aw« P., 327 

John M., 310, 311, 312, 3n, 314 

„ William. 170, 295, 309, 310 
Cobden, Richard, 334 
Coddington, William, 320 
Cockayne, John, 29 
Qoke, Clemeiit, 251 
Colchester, Viscount, 192, 193, 229 
Cooke, Richard, 144 

,, William, 223 
Cort, John, io5 
Cotes, John, 236, 237 
Cotesworih William,. \c^ 
Coultharii,John R., 343 
Cranfield, Lord, 108 
Crawford, John, 172 

William S., 332, 333 
Cresswell, Cresswell, 209, 210 
Creevey, Ihomas. 204. 
Crispe, Henry, 121 
Croft, John de, 43, 44 
Cromwell, Thomas,, J4S 
Cromfton, Charles iji 
Crompton, P., 2.Q& 
Crook, Jpseph, 324 
Cross, John R., 325, 326 

Richard A., lOO, loi, 174, 175 
Crosse, Thomas B., 241 
Cunliffe, Ellis, 199, 200 

Cunliffe, Foster, 198 

„ Robert, 72 
Curzon, Assheton, 263, 264, 265 

,, Nathaniel, 261, 263 

,, Penn Assheton, 265 

,, Robert, 266, 267, 268, 269 

,, William, 262 
Cust, John, 266, 267 

,, Peregrine F., 268, 269 
WiUiam 268 

Dacre, Edmund de, 15 
Dale, Matthew, 183 
Dalling, William, 106 
Dalton, James, 147 
jfohn, 28, 35 

,, Robert, 23, 24, 28 

,, Roger, 114 
Davenport, Edward D. 337 
Davenport, Thomas, 290, 291 
Denison, John Evelyn, 207, 208 

,, William J., 204 

Denman, Joseph, 299, 300 
Dent, John, 127, 128, 129 
Denyas, John, 12 
Dering, Anthony, 250 
Despencer, Lambert le, 104 
Dockura, Thomas, 248 
Dormer, John, 250 
Doughtie, Michael, 146, 184 
Douglas, Howard, j-209, 210 

,, Marquis of 128 
Doveton, Gabriel, 129, 130 
Downes, Francis, 224* 

Roger, 223, 224 
Dubois, John, 191, 192 
Dugdale. John, 305 
Duncan, Viscount, 328 
Duncuft, John, 311 

Eagle,. William, 321 

Eccles, William, 317 

Eckersley, Nathaniel, 244 

Ecroyd, William F., 94, 175 

Edmunds, Henry, 279 

Egerton, Algernon F„ 98, 99, loi, 102 

,, Lord Francis, 95, 96, 97 

„ Thomas, 86, 87 

,, Thomas Grey, 289 
Ellis. John, 133 
Elphinstone, Howard, 2oq 
Elrington, Edward, 221 
Elwes, Gervaise, 155 

Entwistle, John, 331 

„ William, 97, 298 
Eston, John,- 350 
Evyas, tohn de, 1 1 
Ewart, Joseph C, 212, 213 
Ewart, William, 207, 208, 209, 241 
Fanshaw, Thomas, 115, 116, 117, 118, 150 

„ William, 116, 251, 252 
Farington, Henry, 59 
Roger, 32 

,, William, 71 
Farquhar, Robert T. T., 293 
Fazakerley, Nicholas, 163, 164 
Fegherby, Henry de, 16 
Fielden, Joseph, 318, 319 

Montagu J., 317, 319 
William, 315, 316 
Fell, Thomas, 118 
Felton, George, 109 
I'enion, James, 332 
Fenton, John, 166, 331, 332 
Fenton, William, 93 
Fenwick, Edward M., 134 

,, Robert, 125 
Fielden, John, 309, 310, 311 

„ RandleJ.,93 
Fisher, Alexander, 249 
Fitton, Edward, 221 
Fitz-Galfred, John, 140 
Fitz-John, William, 140 
Fitz-Nicholas, Ralph, 52 
Fitz-Paul, William, 139, 140 
Fitz-Ralph, Adam, 139 
Fitz-Richard, Adam,.l79 
Fitz-Roger, Robert, 139, 
Fitz-Simon, Adam, 106 
Fitz-Thomas, Ralph, 105 
Fleetwood, Edward, 153, 156 

,, Henry, 160, 161, 162 

,, Miles, 279 

,, Peter Hesketh, 171, 172, 173 

,, Richard, 81 

,, Thomas, 141 

„ William, III, 112, 145 
Forbes, J., 171 

Fortescue, Richard (or John), 220 
Fort, John, 269, 270, 271 

,, Richard, 272 
Forth, Hugh, 227 
Fountaine, Andrew, 282, 283 
Fox, William J., 311, 312 
Frevill, George, 141, 
Fyfe, William, 154 

Galway, Viscount, 261, 262 
Gamble, R. W., 335 
Gardiner, William, 227 
Garnett, William, 304, 305 
Garnetf, William J., 133, 134 
Gascoyne, Bamber, 201, 202 

,, Isaac. 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208 
Gascoyne, Frederick, 207 
Gen til, William le, 14 
Gerard,' Charles, 78 

,, Fitton, 80, 81, 122, 257 
George, 150, 151, 224 

,, Gilbert, 66, 119, 219, 220, 224, 349 
John, 52 . .„ / 

„ Thomas. 40, 43, 44, 65, 68, 69, 114, 
184, 186, 224 

,, William, 142, 220, 221, 222 
German, fames, 174 
Gernet, William, 53 
Gibb, William, 325 

Gibson, Thomas M., 298, 299, 300, 342 
Gildart, Richard, 198, 199 
Gladstone, John, 130 

,, William E., 99, 100, 297 
Gordon, James, 267 
Georges, Lord, 282 
Grafton, Frederick W., 94 
Graistock, William de, 139 
Graves, Samuel R., 213, 214 
Gray, WiUiam, 324, 325 
Greene, Thomas, 130, 131, 132, 133 
Grjaenacres, Richard, 248 

,, Thomas, 183, 24S 
Greenall, Gilbert, 337, 338, 339 
■ ,, Peter, 241 
Greenfield, Christopher, 157, 158 
Gregson, .Samuel, 132, 133, 134 
Grenfell, Charles, P., 174, 175, 241 
Grenjell, Henry R., \oo 
Gresham, John, 276 
Greg, Robert, H., 131, 297 
Greg, William R., 131 
Grimsditch, Thomas, 221 
Grosvenor, Richard E. D., 266 
Grundy, Edward, 327 
Gunning, George W., 237 
Gwillyra, R. V. Athertoii, 290 

Haldane, James, 261 
Haldane, Major, _ 163 
Halesj John, 112, 141 


Halsall, Cuthbert,-6g 
Henry, SS. 57 

„ Otho, 30 
Hamilton, Archibald, 85 

„ Claud J., 215 
Hamilton, Thomas, :i25 
Hanburg, Robert IV.,'IJ6 
Sanson, Edward, 169 

„ Joseph, 169 
Hardcastle, Edward, 102 
Hardcastk, /ames, 239 
Hardman, John, .199 
Hardman, Henry, 328 
Hare, Nicholas, 349 
Hargreaves, William, 317 
Harrison, Allen, 135 
Harrison, John, 118, I20 

„ Richard, 121 
Harrop, J^onah, 341 
Hartington, Marquis'of, 92, 94 
Harrington, James, 46, 57, 58 

,, Richard, 56, 57 

,, Robert, 57 

Thomas, S3. 54. 55. 5^ 

,, William, 57 
Harvey, Edward, 259, 260, 261 

, , Daniel, 259 

,, William, 149, 150 
Haveiington, John de, 25, 31, 32 

„ Michael, 21 

Nicholas, 36, 38, 43, 46 
Hawarde, George, 275 
Haydock, Christopher, 140 

,, Gilbertde, 19, 20 

„ Henry, 22, 24, 25, 26, 106, 140 

„ Robert, 12 
Heald, James, 312 
Heath, John, 254 
Heigham, Clement, no 
Helps, Thomas W., 340, 341 
Heneage, Michael, 222 
Henry, Alexander, 98 

,. John's., loi 

„ Michell, 301 
Herle, John, 143 
'Hermon, Edward, 175 
Heron, Peter, 292 
Hesketh, Robert, 68 

Thomas, 69, 95, 115, 146, 162 

„ Thomas G., 175, 176 

„ WiUiam, 32 
Heysham, Robert, 122, 123 

„ William, 123, 124 

Heywood, Abel, 300, 301 
Arthur, 205 
Benjamin, 89 
James, 91, 99 
John, 109 
John P., 99 
Hibbert, John T., 312, 313, 314, 320 
Hick, John, 325 
Hindle, John F., 314 
Hindley, Charles, 337, 340, 341 
Hoare, Joseph, 301 
Hodson, James A., 238, 239 

John, 237, 238 
Hodgkinson, James, 145 
Hoghton, Adam de, 17, 29, 34, 35 
,, Charles, "J^ 80 
„ Gilbert, 69, 70, 71, 251 
-„ , Henry, .45, 46, 83, 161, 162, 163, 165, 

166, 167 
,, Henry Philip, 167, 168 
,, Richard, 20, 21, 26, 40, 46, 62, 68, 

69, 72, 75 
Holcroft, Henry, 279 

,, John, 36, 40, 64, 65, 188, 226 

,, Thomas, 349 
Holker, John, 176, 175 
HoUind, Richard, 67, 73, 75, 280 
Holt, James, 79 

,, James M., 93, 94 

., William, 147, 250 
Hope, John T., 295 
Hopwood, John T., 271 
Hornby; Edmund, 169, 170 

,, Edward G., 336 

,, Edward R., 319 

,, John, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 316, 


,, Robert 32 

,, William H., 317, 318 
Horrocks, John, 168 

,, Samuel, 168, 169, 170 
Horsey, George, 248 
Horsfall, Thomas B., 212, 21.3 
Horton, Walter, 248 
Hotham, Beaumont, 235 
Houldsworth, Thomas, 293 

,, William H., 302, 303 
Howard Edward G. F., 176 
Howard, Thomas, 116 
Howe, Emanuel, 232 

,, John, 286 
Hubbard, Edward, 115 
Hulme, Nicholas de, 27 

Hulton, William, 254 
Hungate, Thomas, no 
Hunt, Henry, 170, 171 
, Huskisson, William, 206, 207 

Ipres, John de, 35, 36 

„ Ralph, 38, 44 
Ireland, George, 186 

„ Gilbert, 73, 75, 189, 193 

,, Robert, 26 

,, Thomas, 185 
Irving, John, 269 

James, Edward, 301 

Jeflrey, John, 248 

Jermyn, Henry, 187 
„ Thomas, 117, 252 

Johnson, Thomas, 194, 1 95, 196 
„ William, i8i5 
;, William A., 310, 311 

Jones, Ej-nest, 301 
Jostph, 310 

Kay, Ebenezer E., 272 

„ Joseph, 307, 308 
Kearsley, John H., 239, 240, 241 
Kechyn, John, 61, 349 
Keck, Anthony J., 289, 290 
Keighley, Henry le, 11, 12 
Ken, John le, io5 
Kenyon, George, 233 

„ Roger, 257 
Kippax, Richard, 278 
Kirkby, Richard, 120, 121 

,, Roger, 71, 118, 121, 122 
Kirke, George, .252 
Kyrkestyle, Henry del, 139 
Knowles, Andrew, 322 
„ James, 325 
,, Thomas, 244, 245 

Lancaster, John, 17, 105, 244 

,, Nicholaade, io5 
■Larigton, Robert, 276, 277 

,, Thomas, 63, 277 

,, ^ William, 152 
Langworthy, Edward R., 306 
Latham, Thomas de, 20 
Lawrence, Edmund. 33 

,, Edward, 134 
John, 50, loj 
Robert, 46, 47, 50, S3 

,, Thomas. 54 

Lawrence, William, 21, 22, lofr 
Leake, Robert, 102 
Lee, John, 264, 265 

„ Henry, 307 
Lease, John F., 176, 310 
Leicester, Peter, 164, 165 

., William, 222, 287, 288 
Legh, Edward, 223 

,, Peter, 222, 280, 283, 288, 289 

,, Piers, 281 

,, Richard, 281, 282 

,, Thomas, 192, 285, 286, 287, 292, 293 

., Thontas Peter, 290, 291 

,, William J., 98, 99 
Leigh, Robert H., 237, 238 
Lcyland, Thomas, 205, 206 
Liddell, Henry S., 212 
Lindsey, James, 289, 242, 243, 244 

„ Lord, 238, 244, 24s . 

„ William A., 346, 347 
Lloyd, Edward, 199 ^ 
Loch, George, 299 
Lowther, John, 127 

,, Thomas, 124, 125 

,, . William, 123 
Lovd, Samuel Jones, 295 
Luke, John, 278 
Luttrell, Simon, 234 
Lyster (or Lister), Christopher, 257, 258 

,, Martin, 250 

,, Nathaniel, 263, 264 

,, Thomas, 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265 

Mackenzie, William Forbes, 212 
McMinnies, John G., 339 
Mackwo'rth, Digbv, 212 
Mannering, Arthur, l6o, l6t 

,, Philip, 282 
Manners, Lord John, 211 
Markland, Robert, -227 
Marsden, Henry, 256 , 

Marton, Edward, 125, 126 '■ 

„ George, 131, 132 ;; 
Mason, Booth, 342 ' 

,, Hugh, 343 
Massey, William N., 214, 306 
Master, Legh, 288 
Maudit, Jasper, 193 
May, Humphrey, 116, 117 

,, Thomas, i85 
MelloFf Thomas W., 342 
Melly, George, 175 
Meredith, William, 200, 201, 202, 234 


Merser, Johnle, 218 
Miall, Edward, -333 
Mildmay, Anthony, 275 
MoUsworth, George B. G. F., 320 
Molyneux, Henry H., loi 
Molyneux, John, 183, 227 

,, Lord, 207 

,, Richard, 15, 44, 66, 68, 69, 70, 182 

„ Thomas, 158, IS9 

„ Viscount, 85, 95 
Morley, John, S3, 3I9 
More, Cleave, 194 
More, Edward, 186 

„ John, 178, 188 

,, JoHn B., 212 

,, Richard de la, 179 
Morris, James, 209 
Morton, John, 236 
Moreton, Gilbert, 144 
Mosley, Edward, 148, 149 
Mottershead, Thomas, 175 
Murray, Lord Charles, 229 

,, George, 2on, 298 
Murrough, John /"., 318 

Nevill, Edmund de, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26 
Newdegate, John, 187, 248 
Newport, Andrew, 156 

„ Viscount, 238 
NichoUs, Francis, 149 
Norreys, Edward, 196 

,, Nicholas, 20, 22 

,, Richard, 195 

,, Thomas, 192, 193 

William, 181, 193, 194 
Norton, Fletcher, 234, 235 
Nowell, Richard, 31 
WilUam, 252 

O'Connor, Fergus, 172, 310 
Osbaldeston, John, 250 ■ ; 

Otway, John, 155 >"- • ■ 

PalmeK, Roger, 280 - 
Palmerston, Viscount. 210 _ 
Parker, Anthony, 256, 257 

„ Christopher, 259, 260 

„ John, 264 

„ Robert S., 172. "73. i74. 202 

„ Thomas, 261 
Patten, Peter, 129, 29 1, 292 

„ Thomas, 136, IS7 
Payer, Simon, 218 

Pearson, James, 244 

Peel, Frederick, loi, 328, 329 

,, Jonathan, 271 
Penn, Richard, 127, 128 
Pennant, Richard, 200, 201 
Penrhyn, Lord, 202 
Pernaunt, Richard, 105 
Perry, Thomas E.,2.\z -.\ 

Philhps, Mark, 295, 296, 297, 298 

„ Robert N., 329, 330 
Pickard, William, 204 
Pilkington, James, 317, 318 

,, John, 18 y-j 

,, Robert, 249 

Roger, 18, 34, 35, 38, 39, 40 
Piatt, James, 312, 313 
Plesington, Robert de, 30 
Plimsoll, Samuel, 215 
Pole, Charles, 200 
Poley, William, 149, 225 
Poole, John, 183 
Pope, Samuel, 325 
Porter, Henry, 119 

,, ' ,, Junior, 119 
Potter, John, 300 

„ John G.. 318, 319 

„ Richard, 239, 240, 241 
Thomas B., 334, 335 
Powell, Francis S., 242, 243, 245 302, 344 
Prescot, Robert de, 27, 30 
Preston, John, 114 

,, Jficholas, 140 

,, Robert, 139 

,, Thomas, 78, 121, 122 
Proby, Peter, 184 

Pudsey, Ambrose, 255, 257, 258, 259 
Poulteney (or Poultney), Daniel, 162, 163 

John, 223 
Purefoy, Michell 219 
Pynklowe, Robert, 179 

Radcliffe, Alexander, 56, 70 

„ John, 28, 66, 69, 70, 221 ; 

,, Owen, 221 

„ Ralph, 44, 45, 49, 52, S3 

„ Richard, 52, 295 

,, Robert, 24, 26, 28 
Roger, 3S 

,, Thomas, 42, 44, SI. 52. 55 
William, 29, 30, 33, 35 
Raikes, Henry C, 176 
Ramsey, Alexander, 332, 333 

;, Lord, 215 


Ratcliffe, Humphrey, 182 
Rathbone, William, loi, 214, 215 
Rawlinson, Abraham, 127 

,, Curwen, 121 
Jiawson. Henry, 307 
Redman, JSIatthew de, II, 14 
Remchinge, Thomas, 1 85 
Reynell, Carew, 115 
Reynolds, Francis, 125, 126, 127, 163 
Risiby, Alexander, 75, 153, 225, 226, 231 

Edward, 153, 154, 155, 157, iS9. 160 
Rigmayden, John, 63 
Rishton, Geoffrey, 154 
Rixton, Matthew de, 33 
Hoberls, WiUtam P., 317 
Roscoe, William, 203, 204 
Rotheram, George, 250 
Rothiuell, Piter, 322 
Moundell, Charles S., 2Ti 
Hoyds, Clement, 332 
Rushtoii, Thomas /,., 320 
Russell, Adam, 139 
Ruthall, Thomas, 142 , 

Ryce, William, 1 10 
Rylands, Peter, 102, 338, 347 

Sadlier, Henry, 112, 113, 114 

„ Ralph, 350 

,, Thomas, 113 
Salisbury, Edward D., 132 
Salisbury, aide Brereton, 
.Sandon, Viscount, 208, 209, 210, 214, 215 
, Sandys, Miles, 112 
Saperton, William de, 22 ' 
Saunders, IV. A. F., 134 
Savage, Edward, 276 
Savill, John, 276 
Sawry, John, 72 
Scarlett, James Y , 346 
Schneider, Henry W., 134 
Schofield, William W., 335 
Sekerston, Ralph, 182, 183 
Sefton, Earl of, 305 

Selden, John, 117 . ^ 

Shackleton, Richard, 320 
Shakerley, Geoffrey, 228 

,, Peter, 230 
Shaw, Richard, 346 
Shawe, William C, 167 
Sherburne, Jphn de, 25 

„ Richard, 51, 63, 143, 144, i8l 

,, Robert, 25 
Sherman, William, 279 

Shippen, William, 287, 288 
Shuttleworth, James, 85, 163, 164 

„ James Kay, 94 

„ Richard, 82, 83, 84, 151, 152, 153 253 

„ Ughtred J . K., ^z 
Sidebottom, James, 344 

Tom H., 344, 345 
Simmons, William, 345 
Simpson, William S., 176, 215 
Singleton, Gilbert de, 12, 13, 14, 20 

„ Robert, 32 
Skynner, Vincent, 147 
Slagg, John, 302 

Slene, William de, 16, 19, 20, 105 
Smith, Barry J. H., 235 
Smith, Thomas, 172, 181 
Smyth, John Benjamin, 316 

,, Nicholas, 223 

,, Thomas, 220 
Southwell, Edward, r6i 
, ,, Robert, 144 
Southworth, John, 65 

„ Richard, 107 

„ Thomas, 38, 39 
Spankie, Robert, 328 
Spencer, William, 78, 120, 121 
Spinks, Frederick L., 313, 314 
St. John, Anthony, 224, 225 
Standish, Charles, 240, 241, 242 

,, Frank, 165 

Richard, 73, 75, 153, 230 

,, Thonias, 151, 152, 186 
Stanhope, [ohn, 147 
Stanley, CharlesZ., 82, 83, 160, 260 

,, Edward, 78, 84, 96 

,, Edward Geoffrey, 90, .170, 171 

,, Ed-ward Henry, 132 

„ Edward L., 313, 314 

Frederick A., 92, 93, 175 

„ George, 58 

,, Henry Thomas, 171, 172 

,, James, 80, 81, 156, 256 

„ John, 49, so 

„ Lord, 86, 88, 89, 91, 168, I69 

,, Robert, 70 

„ Thomas, S3. S5. S6. 63. 64, 65, 87, 
88, IS.8, 179 

„ William, 6s, 190 
Stansfield, Oliver ije, 23 
Starkie (or Starky), Edmund, 164 

,, John, 140 

„ John P. C, 93,-94 

„ Lawrence, ro7 . , , 

Starkie, Le Gendre N., 271 
Staveley, Ralph de, 46, 47 
Stephen, George, 309 
Stephens, Joseph Ji., 341 
Stewart, Patrick M., 131 
Stoneley, Thomas, 275 
Stopforth, William, iSi 
Storey, Thomas, 93 
Stoughton, Roger,,227 
Strange, Lord, 84, 85, 186 
Strickland, George, 173, 174 
Stringer, Thomas, 255, 256, 258, 259 
Swainson, Charles, 173 

Talbot, Edmund B., 347 

, , Thomas, 65 
Tarleton, Banastre, 202, 203 

„ John, 203 
Taylor, James, 331 
',, John £., I02 

,, Michael A., 167 
Teinterer, William le, 218 ' 

Thicknesse, Ralph, 240 

,, Ralph A., 242 
Thomason, John P , 326 
Thomson, Charles P , 295, 296, 297 
Ihotnpson, Henrv Y., 99, loi, 175 

,, T. Perronet, 172, 297 

Thornley, Thomas, 208, 209 
Thornton, Thomas de, 16, 19, 22 
Thwakes, Daniel, 320 
Tomlinson, W. E. M., 176 
Torr, John, 214, 215 
Torrens, Robert, 321, 322 
Tower, Christopher, 124 
Townley, Charles, 97 

„ Richard, 33, 36 
Townhende, Henry del, 139 
TrafFord, Edmund, 66, 277 

Henry, 15 
Travers, John, 14 

,, Lawrence, 139 

,, Thomas, 12 
Tresham, Thomas, 108 
Tunstall, William de, 41 
Turner, James A., 300 

,, Charles, 99, 100, toi, 212, 213 

,, William, 315, 316 
Twissenden, William, 249 
Tyldesley, Thurston, 61 

Ungoun, John, 28 

Urswick, Robert de, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, 45 
,, Thomas, 51, 52 
,, Walter, 40 

Vaughan, John, 282 

,, Stephen, 107 
Villiers, Charles P., 97 

Wade, William, 147 
Walker, Ohver O., 308. 330 

,, Richard, 327, 328 
Walmesley, John, 249 

Joshua, 210, 323 

,, Thomas, 68, 70, 251 
Walpole, Horatio, 236 
Walton, Adam de, 106 

,, James, 140 

,, William, 17, 19 
Werd, John, 286, 287 
Warren, Edward, 184 

',, George, 126, 127 
West, William, 72, 119 
Weston, Richard, 109 
Wentworth, Ruishe, 191, 192 
Whalley, William, T]a 
White, George, 181 

,, John, 249 

,, William, 253 
Whitehead, Smith [ ., 314 
Whitfield, Ralph, 252 
Whitley, Edward, 215 
Whittle J., 240 
Wilbraham, Randle, 289 

„ Richard B., 95, 96, 97, 240 
Wilkinson, Christopher, 256 
Williams, George, 205, 207, 340 
John, 170 

,, Reginald, 144 
Willoughby de Eresby, Lord, 157 
Wilson, Matthew, 270 
Wilson-Patten, John, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93 
Wolseley, Charles, 297 
Wood, George W., 95 

„ James, 341 

,, John, 170, 171 
Woods, Henry, 243, 244 
Workesley (or Worsley), Robert de, 43, 44 
Worsley, Charles, 295 

,, Robert, 62, 65 
Wright, George, 278 

,, John, 207 
Wrothe, John, 184 
Wyche, Cyril, 160